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Connecticut Assault Weapon Certificate Application courtesy

By Pascal

All the great firearm manufacturing greats and founding fathers, including Eli Whitney, cried a little today as they rolled over in their graves to see what has become of the once great Gun Valley. The same area the Russians once time targeted with ICBMs because of the threat they thought it posed. Instead, today we have this mockery of the Constitution. A state with $1 billion in debt that only made this past quarter’s budget numbers because enough people died to fill the gap with death tax proceeds. The state motto is “He who is transplanted still sustains.” That will no doubt be true for the gun makers and their their employees who are destined to leave the state for friendlier locations.

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  1. Whoa…did you just reveal the real reason for the gun-confiscation laws? So that more defenseless people will die and therefore the state will collect more death taxes? Brilliant. Cruel, heartless, and typically Democrat.

    • It is actually sad, but the state did just meet its quarter do to “death taxes” they collected. The media made a big stink that the state did well, glossing over the fact that the windfall was from death taxes.

      • By ‘death tax’ you of course mean Estate Taxes. A tax on really really really rich f&%k$ who die.

        A tax, keep in mind that runs deep into the heart of America. It was a Tax designed to prevent America from developing an Aristocracy. The very thing that the Founding Fathers fought to be free of.


        • Yes, estate taxes. But no, you do not have to be really rich to get hit with them at the state level.

          I had a family member pass a few years ago. He was an auto mechanic and still got hit by state level estate tax.

        • RE, your comment: “… A tax on really really really rich f&%k$ who die. …”
          ALL forms of taxation are first and foremost a moral issue. Just for fun, assume you are correct that death taxes only affect the “very rich”. SO WHAT? Estate taxes are an epic moral outrage because they amount to an attack on property rights — the right to give your property to anyone for any reason without artificial interference by the State. Property rights are the very foundation of ANY sustainable society. If this outrage can be done to anyone, it can be done to everyone — and it will be. It’s only a matter of time.

        • By “founding fathers,” I assume you mean patriots that fought to gain independence from an overbearing, overreaching government. Patriots such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams who were so in favor of taxes they staged and participated in the Boston Tea Party over a 3% tax. Patriots who didn’t fight against aristocracy, they fought to exercise their natural rights as free men.

          Statists need to continue waving their flags high, it’ll be easier to identify targets that way.

        • Oh, you mean money that has already been taxed, sometimes several times over.

          But it needs to be taxed again, so the dead persons’ heirs can’t get it.

          I see. Or…. not.

        • P.S. If you think America doesn’t have an enormously wealthy aristocracy….. you poor, deluded fool….

        • “It was a Tax designed to prevent America from developing an Aristocracy”

          Nonsense. The Constitution already forbids the awarding of titles of nobility for that reason. The Estate Tax is just another socialist scheme to redistribute wealth to welfare deadbeats, special interests and meddlesome bureaucrats. And it taxes wealth which was already taxed anyway as income, capital gains, property taxes, etc.

          In case you haven’t noticed we live in a country run by tax dodging oligarchs anyway. You don’t really think “really really really rich f&%k$” are threatened by Estate Taxes do you? The Kennedy’s, Rockefellers and their ilk have used tax evading trusts and foundations to skirt Estate Taxes for decades. The real victims of these punitive Death Taxes are successful middle and upper middle class families, usually small business owners. Hardly the aristocrats you mention.

        • PavePusher is right on with this one…

          “Oh, you mean money that has already been taxed, sometimes several times over. ”

          The amount of triple, quadruple, and quintuple dipping by the government amazes me sometimes. Take the new truck I purchased in 2009 as an example.

          First they taxed my income when I earned the money at work. Then they required sales and road use tax to purchase the truck. Every year, I have to pay property tax on its value, even though that value had (as of the first year) already been taxed twice. In my opinion, each year counts, so that’s 4 times and counting so far, plus the original income tax, plus the original sales/road use tax.

          Total at this point: That money has been taxed 6 times.

          Should I sell the truck, I’ll have to pay income tax (AGAIN) on whatever I get for it. That would make 6 taxations of those dollars if I sold this year (I will not).

          So to recap:

          – Income tax, road use/sales tax, annual property tax if you keep it forever


          – Income tax, road use/sales tax, property tax times X years, then income tax again at resale.

          Explain to me again why this would need to be taxed once more should I die and try to pass it on to a family member?

        • Like most of the taxes on “the really really rich”, the truly rich charitably foundate and irrevocably trust their way out of it and the death tax actually falls on the upper part of middle class. To make damn sure that they stay that way.

          The real goal of progressive taxation is to protect the already rich from their lessors joining them.

  2. It breaks my heart that this is happening in my home state. Yes, our firearms industry has been in decline for many years (Colt’s steep decline, Ruger relocating) but this feels like the last nail in the coffin. The days when we could claim our state armed our nation and led the way in innovation are gone and they will never return.

      • I intend to join and donate, but I don’t think they’re likely to win if they plan to use the Heller decision. It’s just too narrow to apply to the new law.

        • It would be bad to discuss in public the case, but if you keep tabs on the CCDL blog and website you will see the suite that was filed and you can read what is being said.

    • Registration is free.

      Better question. How many criminals will be following this law and registering their AW and Magazines?

      Even BETTER question. How would this have stopped the person show shot up Sandy Hook School?

  3. If there was one great failing you could attribute to the founding fathers it was that while the constitution is quite difficult to change, it is quite easy to ignore.

  4. @Pascal, who else is leaving Connecticut aside from PTR? I love their rifles, but they’re a small company with limited economic impact.

    • Any individual company has a limited economic impact to the state as a whole but a large impact to the community in which they are based often being the largest tax payer.

      As a whole, the industry within CT as reported by the state does about $1 billion in economic activity. You have to consider all the small suppliers, molders, machine shops, parts suppliers etc. If companies move, and also change suppliers, there is a trickle down impact that nobody not even the state considers. At one of the hearings, someone presented a slide impact with economic impact, of which it received large yawns from the democrats. The impact will not be felt until jobs are lost and anger is thrown at those elected officials.

      Stag is considering leaving. They are working with NC & TX and have had a few trips to a few factory sites as they have reported.

      Colt, Stag, Charter, Traditions and others have started to incrementally relocate. They are not doing a wholesale move. They have started looking at, or have begun making parts out of state and will slowly move operations out of CT over time. CT has a lot of great machinist that will be hard to replace because we have a lot of aerospace companies in the state. Unless those people move as well or replacements are trained, it will be hard to move. And since companies like Mossberg are family run and loyal to their employees it makes it harder.

      We know the least about Mossberg’s plans.

      Other really small operations like Dewey (they make cleaning equipment) probably will stay because they are very small.

      Ruger still has a headquarters in CT. The only reason I can see this still true is due to some past good will they got from the state.

      Marlin actually still has buildings with their name on them but probably just a warehouse.

  5. According to CCDL, they are demanding people’s social security numbers which is a federal crime since they are not compliant with Section 7 of the Privacy Act.

    I would like for non-residents to submit this form for a couple of magazines and for one evil featured long arm, we should send in these certificates on the last day allowed and have the state police get hundreds of thousands of forms without social security numbers.

    • It is not a crime, BUT they must state in writing WHAT the SSN will be used for and HOW as well as any privacy statements.

      The state does not require it by their own new law. The law states SSN “OR” drivers license. The issue is the form MUST specify that it is REQUIRED or OPTIONAL by law. They form is fracked in many other ways too.

      • Incorrect, the state police are violating federal law, they have claimed that they REFUSE to process and accept forms without SSN’s.

        And they can’t require it since if does not fall into an exception so even if they acknowledge the privacy act, they are STILL violating the law by not stating that its optional.

  6. Connecticut gun owners are fools if they register their banned weapons. Remember history, registration eventually leads to confiscation. Refuse and resist.

    • Lets make a deal in writing. The CT gun owners will not register, and you pay the court fees for all those who end up going to jail?

      Deal? kay?

      This will go down in the courts. If you want to be helpful, send some money to CCDL or send some money to pro-gun candidates some of whom are already stumping

    • If you bought your gun retail or via an FFL in CT then it is already registered at the state and with your town, so they could easily troll through the DPS-3 forms on file to find all the un-re-registered “assault weps”.

    • Refusing to register will quickly lead to imprisonment and confiscation of any firearms. As someone who grew up in Newtown, CT I have no doubt they would love to make an example out of me.

      But why not put your money where your mouth is? Move to my state, or NY or CA and defy the law. Make a stand.

  7. A large FOAD across the form and the next time you are at a funeral try to get the middle finger print of the guest of honor.

  8. If I were foolish enough to live in that Slave state.
    This would be my 1st act of civil disobedience.
    I wouldn’t fill out that form come hell or high water.

    I do however wonder what will be what, when my Non Resident CCW permit is due for renewal will be??
    As an ex resident of NY.
    Ive had my Connecticut CCW for over 25 years.
    With my current address on it of course.

  9. The wife and I were gonna vacation in some of the Northern states,to check out historical areas of the First American Revolutionary War,but with all of the leftist laws being put in place,we decided not to,because we both ccw.Woudn’t want to get put into one of their gulags up North.Don’t know about a lot of folks,but maybe some others are keeping their tourism dollars away also,I hate it for the private business owners,but the states aren’t going to get my money in sales taxes and fees.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  10. so the state of Connecticut just gave me a new paper target????

    Trying to dot the i’s with my .45 should be interesting. and i wonder if signing with buckshot will work…

  11. coming next: Revolver Certificate Application..then double shotgun certification application..and finally Airgun Certification Application.


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