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Yup. It’s real. Iran’s “supreme leader” tweeted this graphic Saturday. Quite why President Obama is depicted committing suicide with a hammer-fired compact pistol of some sort is anyone’s guess. At the risk of alienating [both of] our left-leaning readers, President Obama doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who’d be troubled by failure of any sort. The idea that he would off himself after launching an unsuccessful war against Iran is laughable, on several levels. Anyway, this tweet tells us more about Iran’s belligerence than Obama’s psyche. Trusting them in a nuclear proliferation deal is like trusting the ATF to respect the Second Amendment. If you know what I mean.

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      • No, looks more like a Browning Hi Power with a spur hammer, or like a Tokarev with a spur hammer rather than round.

        Before the image loaded and I just saw the text, I thought it was a PPK. So far, the Walther PPK has eliminated the world’s worst dictator and a PPK would be a good pistol to use to make a Hitler/Barry comparison.

      • I also thought CZ82, maybe because I have one. I don’t have a Beretta/1911/High-Power.

  1. What’s incendiary about this image again? I do agree that our so called dear leader would not be bothered by failure. I also think he wouldn’t have any reason to instigate with Iran, and really could see the Israeli’s putting something like this out.

    • This is not my first encounter with this tweet, however, why does everyone assume the man in the poster is Obama? Notice the U.S. Flag lapel pin? THAT is definitely NOT Obama.

      Also, the ear is too small.

  2. “Do you know that in the restaurants of New York, they have an inspection system. You can surprise any restaurant without notice that you can walk in and inspect them… So we are protected in this city from a bad tuna fish. We’re not protected from a bomb but we’re protected from a bad quality of a tuna fish.”

    — Jackie Mason on the Iran deal

    • I think, based on the places I live and eat in, I’m in more danger from bad Tuna than an Iran bomb.

      • Probably. Anyway, no matter what agreement we have you’ll still have to enforce it. More sanctions and eventually they get the Bomb, regardless. Unless we want to mount a full scale WWII type invasion. Ha.

        • I think if Iran wanted a nuclear weapon, they would have a nuclear weapon. They’ve had an ample number of opportunities to acquirer them and they’ve “been months away from a nuclear weapons” for over a decade now.

      • “Bad Tuna”

        Is this sashimi/sushi tuna, or canned tuna sandwich that we are talking about?
        I like both, but prefer the first.


  3. I think he’s using Obama as a metaphor for all of America. I think he’s saying that if America tries to mess with Iran, it would be equivalent to committing suicide. Because, you know, Iran is such a military super power…..

  4. How could ANYONE sanction any deal with Iran if this is going up on their official feed?

    • You’d think their open desire to destroy a country would have been reason enough to not sanction a deal.

      • Apparently you can’t read, because the first line in the poster says Iran does not want war.

        On the other hand, numerous American politicians have openly stated their desire to commit genocide on the Iranian people.

        • Lots of people say lots of things. The Iranians say they do not want a war. Pelosi says she respects the second amendment. I wouldn’t take either to be telling the truth.

        • Then let’s look at actions.

          The Persian people have not started a war in hundreds of years.

          The US government started a half dozen wars in the last two decades alone.

        • Yes, let’s look at actions.

          Iran started a war with the USA on November 4th, 1979.

          So much for your claim Iran hasn’t started a war in ‘hundreds’ of years…

        • So when a rabble of students unaffiliated with the puppet ruler the US government installed takes over an embassy, that’s really a declaration of war? Even after the new government released the hostages? Oh my, what a novel re-definition of the word “war”.

          Did the US declare war on China when the USAF obliterated the Chinese embassy in Belgrade? Of course not, the US government apologist takes double standards to new heights.

        • >> Yes, let’s look at actions. Iran started a war with the USA on November 4th, 1979.

          If I were an Iranian, my response to that would be that USA started a war with Iran on August 19th, 1953.

  5. Considering that Iran was chanting “death to America” while they were signing the deal I have a theory that explains the image. Perhaps the image represents their perceived end result and consequences of the nuke deal?

      • Part Manchurian candidate(s), part Revelation. . .
        Part Kerry now stumping for a Noble Peace Prize and substitute evil for a failed Hillary run

        Part fulfillment of “Dreams from my father.”

        Part vii of the intro to the next civil war.

  6. Sorry guys, but Obama speaks with forked tongue. His actions, from bowing in obeisance to the Saudi King to supporting every fundamentalist Islamic sect. especially in Iran, just look at the Iran treaty. says he would have no problem with Iran getting a nuke. He wouldn’t commit suicide if Iran got a nuke, he would celebrate.

    He hates America. He would have no problem with america being “transformed” into a third world hell hole. Just like his home city of Chicago.

    • Very True. Obozo is filled with third world liberation theology and hates the USA. Goddam America!

      • Yep. You don’t sit for twenty? years in Reverend Jeramiah Rights pews without agreeing with most of what he spews.

        “Goddam America”.

  7. “…Obama doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who’d be troubled by failure of any sort.”

    Of course he’s not troubled. He’s in his last term, has plenty more golfing to do, and it’s always someone else’s fault because nobody has his common sense approaches to things. Now I guess MDA will say he’s a victim of gun violence because of this picture.

    • “Of course he’s not troubled. He’s in his last term, ” … as democratically elected president. Like Bill Clinton’s last term, be ready for suggestions to repeal the prohibition for a 3rd term so he can “finish [us off] his ‘work’.”

      • That would take a Constitutional amendment, and those require three quarters of the states to ratify. I think we’re safe.

        • Those only require a head-fake, with the threat of a nuclear Iran, response from Israel, nuclear demand from the remainder of the middle east, China and Russia and Europe with flagging economies, additional widespread drought and famine forecast in sub-Saharan Africa, a huge amount of illegals crossing the U.S. border, unrest in every other part of the free world, Operation Jade Helm 2015, a few strategically “closed” WalMarts, a silent media.

          What, you thought you needed a coup? Turd hits the fan, your only possible response is to f-up as much sh_t as you are humanly possible to slow them down. Pick your targets.

        • If I say it three times you might remember. If I use all caps three times the text stands out and your brain will read it even if you dont want to. If I use ALL CAPS,
          B U T – S P R E A D – T H E M – O U T, your brain is even more inclined to the uptake. If I could use all blue colored text, you would feel comforted by them and even more accepting. All pink colored text, angered, and rejecting of the message. SO, you can go back and re-read my texts to find out what software i might have installed in your brain, OR, you can just go with me on this, and I’ll get to use sentence-case. And, thanks for noticing. I’ve been called a troll here, but regardless of my rants, or lousy sense of humor, my message is consistent and solid. I’m on your side. TTAG, i want everyone (who would care to have one) ESPECIALLY AMERICANS, to have as many as they would like, and generally use them at their self-governed will. Most importantly, i want people to tell people that i believe the prevention is impossible, but the steps towards it are even more dangerous.

        • Doesn’t matter. Barack Saddam Insane Hussein 0bama does whatever he wants, since he has a pen, a phone, and copies of the Constitution that he keeps in the bathroom on the toilet paper holder. And nobody in Congress has the spheres to stand up to him, for some reason.

  8. Well, fortunately, this “deal” is not worth he paper it is printed on as the Senate will never ratify.

    • Unfortunately Mitch McConnal already convinced the Senate that this is not to be considered a treatl under the Constitution so it does not need to be ratified by the Senate. Any action the Senate or House take on this deal can be vetoed by POTUS and needs a super-majority to over-ride.

      • That’s not actually the truth. It’s no a treaty UNTILL it’s ratified. As such, Obama can’t implement it prior to the ratification, which he will never get. Note that the majority of sanctions on Iran would need to be lifted by congressional action as they are written into the US Code. If Obama starts ignoring black letter law, he’s on a cruising for a long stay in an orange jumpsuit. (Or hopefully, a firing squad.)

        • You need the UN (OBama gave them the particulars before the US Congress and Senate) and Europe (those thst brought you the Iraqi “Oil For Food” program) to enforce them.

  9. It’s inevitable that we will be at war with Iran. The only real question is if it will be conventional or nuclear.

    • Really? Are you a sage? The only way this is certain is if Israel does in fact control American foreign policy.

    • It’s only inevitable if chicken hawks like Lindsey Graham keep pushing the US into a war.

      The Iranian people want peace and prosperity. The politicians want to stay in power. Iran is not a group of crazies who want to die for the dream of a world caliphate like ISIS, far from it.

      • This is distinctly different from chickenhawk American politicians whose continual parasitism depends on instigating new war crimes as means of dispensing welfare to buy votes.

        • I remembered, a moment ago, why were not blogging in your country, it’s because, as nice as the conversation might be ~ , the internet ain’t worth living there. If it was equal to what we have here in America, you wouldn’t need to argue the point, and if it was better, the world would be kicking down your door to get some of the recipe (not to do room clearing/mout, etc., etc., etc.). America haters here can’t make America the hole they came from anymore than they could make that hole America. If any of those are here legally, behave until your visa expires, or if your Our-GOD Blessed enough to be a permenant resident or naturalized citizen BE AMERICAN (we know it’s hard for you, they didn’t like you where you came from, blah, blah, blah). If your not here legally, find the door quietly.

      • It doesn’t matter what the Iranian people want. It’s what the Ayotollahs want. The Iranian people have already demonstrated what they want — the end of the Islamic Republic.

        • Then why is the US government so hellbent on the annihilation of the Iranian people?

          Oh right, the soldiers need hazard pay and Lockheed needs a bailout.

        • They voted in moderates recently. The way things are going, the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the Republic of Iran within the decade.

        • Iran has several factions that are fighting for control. Ayatollahs are one of them, and while powerful, they do not control everything. On the Iranian side, this deal has been engineered by the reformists and moderates, and its success (and the economic uptake that will result from gradual removal of sanctions, which would translate to visible quality of life improvement for the average Iranian citizen) will provide an enormous popularity boost to that faction – so ayatollahs might lose even more of their power, and who knows? we might even see truly free elections in Iran in a decade.

          That’s precisely why ayatollahs are trying to use the means available to them – which at this point is mainly inflammatory rhetoric – to sink the deal. These are the guys who want the confrontation, because playing on it lets them maintain their power. In other words, they’re the Iranian equivalent of the Republican chickenhawks, and Netanyahu in Israel.

          “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.” – Herman Goering

        • Iran has oil and -iums. The main iums being Uranium, and Titanium. The US has a habit of paying for such things. Russia, (WWI/WWII) Japan, and Persians typically are not in that habit. Rather they go for control by conquest. You could say that the US does that but you would be a suck-a_ _ POS, and wrong. And the proof of that can be found in the notion that, if persons from any such targeted area really believed that, they would first kill their families, then themselves, before allowing either to suffer the way the US could do it if we felt like it.
          Current events says:
          Need is being defined at a razors edge lately over these resources.

  10. It’s good that the president, his administration, and the evil blue state house of (D) have been pushing for us to accept Iran’s leader’s overtures.

    If he took them up on their scenario, however, would that make the UN an accomplice or an accessory?

  11. That’s not Obama since the figure is wearing a flag pin and the flag doesn’t have a crescent on it.

  12. “Anyway, this tweet tells us more about Iran’s belligerence than Obama’s psyche.”

    Weird how this “belligerent” hasn’t started any wars in centuries while the US government has been slaughtering people all over the world in the past few decades.

    • Iran is currently involved in three conflicts; its involvement is voluntary. The Iranian intervention in Iraq, its intervention in the Syrian Civil War, and the conflict in Yemen. It is also involved in lesser known, much smaller power building efforts.

      What’s weird is how you blame America for everything.

      • Did Iran start those wars, or are they just defending themselves?

        – The US invasion and abortive attempt at “nation-building” created ISIS and Iran is forced to defend its border
        – US/European meddling against Syria for non-petrodollar oil trade instigated the Syrian civil war (which also allowed ISIS to thrive)
        – Continual US support of a dictator in Yemen triggered yet another civil war

        See how that works?

        • Iran has been an agitator since the radical Shiite Muslims came to power in 1979. I know we had a coup back during WWII but they were going to join the Axis camp anyway.

        • Somehow the US overthrowing a democratically elected Iranian government and installing their puppet on a throne doesn’t count as “agitation” or “radical”.

          And by joining the Axis, do you mean trying to stay neutral? Just like the invasion of Iceland by the Brits.

        • Muslims, Arabs, Persians, and the like, have always (always) been marauders (not our label, from your own history books). Travelers through your lands, traders, passers-by traveling too near your coasts are, to this day, sacked by your kin that are too lazy to do anything for themselves (like a job). Your used to dominating every culture you come across, and enslaving it, that’s where your laziness comes from. It is beneath an Arab or Muslim to occupy any position lower (more subservient) then a cab driver. It is more likely that you are not from there if you have a job that requires ‘tasks’ if you live in Dubai. You raille against liberalism, but you travel here, and everywhere else in the world and take part in every debauchery under the sun, st such a pace so as to keep the vice permanently available. You subjugate women and children as third class citizens, use men for sexual pleasure and women for procreation (only), and you start in on the kids at an early age (we used to joke that the muezzin’s ~10pm prayer call wss to cover the screaming).
          You killed off your own intelligentsia (which is bad and wrong) but you waited until after they gave us Algebra (kidding, we’re better for it, and we’ll explain it to you later). Thankfully, you also waited until they gave us other theoretical mathematical principles like “tiling”. You gave some of the wonders of Astronomy, and phyics, some Chemistry. But you promoted illiteracy amongst your own as a means of rule. Now, when we throw a “chem-stick” light into a hole to mark a possible IED on a road in your country, your citizens hand- carry it back to us and ask us if we can make it light up again so they can give it to their kids. Your young shepherds flee us fearing some evil spirit, when we give them a bottle of ice-cold water in the 140 degree desert [alchemy].
          But War with you? Mass muder of you, enjoy killing you? FU STUPID
          You’re a grenade trying to pull your own pin, we’re trying to establish minimum safe distance, and yes we’ll work to keep you there.

          • >> Arabs, Persians, and the like

            The amount of ignorance packed into these five words alone is outstanding.

        • Ok, so I threw in “like.” It was a white lie, I was trying to be kind. Good on the other stuff though, right? [that was rhetorical]

          • You need to figure out whether you’re speaking about Muslims in general, or Arabs or Persians in particular (and then also which one of the two, because they are not only different, but in many ways opposite), before the rest of what you said could be judged by any standard.

        • No, BUSTED.

          I knew it wouldn’t take anything to get you to say that the rest of them (all the others that you are not) Suck, and that you don’t want to be equated with them either. Thank you case closed. But we can’t help you differentiate yourself. Like my dad always says, “I’d like to help you out, but I don’t know how you got in.”

      • Says the United States government in its official media outlet.

        In other news, Michael Bloomberg disses the NRA and Michael Moore eats 10 hot dogs.

        • “We don’t aspire to be any other nation in the world, we don’t aspire to be any other people in the world, we don’t need anyone to come to our country who doesn’t aspire to be American.” [TERMS, J.M, Thomas R., 2012]

  13. Trusting them in a nuclear proliferation deal is like trusting the ATF to respect the Second Amendment. If you know what I mean.

    Do you have any evidence of that, or should you rename the site to “The Truth About Guns and Some Lies About Iran”? Iran has been a signatory to the NPT (the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty) since day one of the treaty.

    As part of that, UN inspectors get to go inspect Iranian facilities. They had some compliance issues, right after Bush II called them part of the axis of evil, but have since gone back to full compliance (the new moderate, western-friendly Iranian president has improved the situation vastly over his nut-job predecessor). No intelligence agency has ever found that Iran has a weapons grade enrichment program. The worst they’ve said is that the Iranian program could develop into a weapons program…which is true of any power-generation nuclear program.

    One huge benefit of this treaty (if ratified), is that sanctions will go away. Even if only the Europeans ratify it, the increase in trade and communication with the west should work to help the moderates keep up their momentum, moving Iran into the 21st century culturally and economically. And maybe it will reduce the sense of doom that keeps getting the fear mongers elected in Israel. If Israeli foreign policy changes to accept the idea of trying to befriend Iran, US policy will follow as soon as the AIPAC campaign donations clear the bank.

    • UN inspectors get to go inspect Iranian facilities

      The UN inspectors will do a good job, but they can’t inspect all facilities, and they have to give 24 day notice. There are secret UN protocols in effect that might be helpful, but we don’t know what those agreements are because they’re, well, you know, secret,

      • Ready or not, here we come.
        You move the left nukes in.
        You move the right nukes out.
        You do the nukey pokey and you shake your missiles out.
        And that’s what the nukey pokey is all about.

      • Inspections are not the ultimate solution, but their purpose is not to prevent the hypothetical nuclear program completely. It’s to make it that much more complicated to conduct, and hence slow it down. If it takes them 20 years under the new monitoring regime to get enough enriched material for a single nuke, that’s 20 years that we can use to use economic and political leverage (including the immediate benefits that common Iranians will get from the deal) to bolster the internal factions that are less confrontational and more pragmatic.

        There’s no geopolitical reason for Iran to be an enemy of US. If anything, the current situation, where US supports much crazier and more fanatical regimes (notably, Saudis) against Iran is really stupid for long-term US interests. Iran can easily be a developed secular country if given the opportunity (hell, they were one for a good half of 20th century) – and in such capacity, it could actually be the guarantor of stability and security in neighboring states, most notably Iraq and Syria, against ISIS and other such filth.

    • The old Paulbot “countries that trade don’t fight.” Somebody forgot to tell the leaders of Europe that about 100 years ago. Trade doesn’t prevent wars, complete economic and political isolation prevent wars since no one interacts. Wars are a direct result of political and economic interactions.

      Let’s get down to brass tacks. Support for Iran is nothing more than poorly disguised antisemitism. You are betting that Iran will stop after they wipeout another 6 million Jews and a couple of million Palestinians as collateral damage. Good luck with that.

      Before you pull out theJew card you should know that I am s German Lutheran.

      • “Somebody forgot to tell the leaders of Europe that about 100 years ago.”

        European “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) placed their own glory over the economic interests of the regular people. That is how wars start. The American Empire is the same way today.

        Also LOL @ anti-semitism.

      • German Lutherans are interesting as well, but I seem to hang out with them a lot as well as German Catholics. Good entertainment. But I have relatives who are Mennonite and friends who are Apostolic Christian.

      • Support for Iran is nothing more than poorly disguised antisemitism.
        That’s a lot of wrong for one sentence. First you assume I support Iran. I support peace and would rather get along with Iran peacefully than go to war. Most Iranians would like the same. As I said earlier, Iran is not ISIS. Iranians are not crazy jihadist who want to kill infidels and establish the caliphate. If ISIS managed to conquer the Arab world, they’d likely attack Iran next for following a different denomination of Islam (and for being Persian). Iran is actually helping the Lebanese Shia fight ISIS.

        Second, Iran is not an antisemitic country. According to Wikipedia: “Most Iranian Jews say that they view Iran as their home and are allowed to practice Judaism freely.” Iran has had a history of tolerance for Jews and Christians that you would never find on the opposite side of the Persian Gulf. In the gulf states that the US military defends, practicing Judaism or Christianity is a crime punishable with prison or even death.

        In Tehran, there are 11 synagogues. Jews practice Judaism openly and freely. In Riyadh, there are 0 synagogues. During the build up for the first Iraq war, the Saudis reluctantly gave the US military permission to conduct Christian services on Saudi soil. US military jews, risking their lives to defend Saudi soil, had to go onto a naval ship in international water to pray legally.

        Jews, whether Iranian or not, may travel freely to and from Iran. (Someone with a US or Israeli passport will probably get more scrutiny, but that’s for political, not religious, reasons). People entering Saudi Arabia used to have to sign a declaration that they were not Jewish. Anyone openly Jewish was denied entry.

    • As part of that, UN inspectors get to go inspect Iranian facilities.

      I think we should get some UN personnel from other countries and have them come over here and inspect our facilities. See how everyone likes that.

      • We have inspections, we invented the safety standards, uner SALT and SALT II we even have Russia doing the turn and cough on us at random.

        And… Don’t say “ours” like it’s ours dude.

  14. Oh, for fucks sake. Has nobody figured out yet that Middle Eastern politics is 90% macho chest thumping bullshit?

    They KNOW that in a conventional war they lose. Even with the US military stretched as thin as it is, with low morale and girls in the infantry, DC will win. The tactics are better, the training is better, the equipment is better. They will most certainly put up a MUCH better fight than the Iraqis, but in the end they will lose.

    It doesn’t change the fact that they are right about DC. DC is as bad as they say it is, much worse than their regime, which is saying something. Tel Aviv isn’t any better.

    When it comes to governments and trying to figure out which is the evil, the answer is always YES.

  15. Well…didn’t W go to war because Saddam tried to kill pops? BTW Props Joe R.-you nailed it today…

  16. I am sure our air fleet of unaffordable and unattainable F-35s will bring the Iranian leaders to their knees.

  17. Iran chants “Death to America” Then turns around saying they are not welcoming war, can’t get more hypocritical than that….. Unless your last name is Obama.

    • You do realize that there are many millions of people in Iran, with different political views and such, that don’t necessarily agree on all things? And even their politicians are often at odds.

      You know, kinda like US.

  18. “President Obama doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who’d be troubled by failure of any sort.”

    Sure he is.

    Just a couple of articles ago we learned how troubled he is by his failures on gun control.

      • Wait. It’s ok for you to hope for the murder of Americans. Advocate the torture and murder of American pow’s. But when I suggest the Isreali’s have a right to defend themselves I’m the dumb animal?

        Troll and a hypocrit you are. But I never expected different from jihad jane.

      • Because wholesale nuclear genocide of an entire sovereign nation on a hunch is “self-defense”, but American soldiers getting killed by the native resistance during an invasion based on false pretenses is “murder”.

        Yep, confirm that dumb military animals are also batshit crazy.

        • Oh the irony. Dumb troll animal says black is white and white is black. Batshit crazy in dumb troll talk must mean normal and sane.

          You mad, brah. 🙂

        • It is really cute when the crazy animal who jerks off to the thought of nuclear apocalypse calls other people crazy.

          Time for a trip to the VA psych ward, brah. Maybe they’ll let you push the easy button and tell you you just wiped out Tehran. 🙂

        • It’s really cute when you get all twisted and angry cause someone called you on your bs. Dumb troll animal needs to check into the free clinic and get his meds adjusted. You got mad, brosef. 🙂

        • Cute? Brosef? Come on, at least *try* to be original.

          Oh well, the military isn’t for people with any sort of intellectual capacity. Yes sir. Right away sir. 🙂

        • Dumb troll animal is getting pissed. And you have done nothing but repeat the same tired old lies since you started posting here, like all the other dumb, unoriginal trolls.

          I’m rubber. You’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

          Dumb troll animal needs to unknot its panties and get a life. Brosef. 🙂

        • Excellent. Let the anger flow through you. An entire lifetime as a welfare queen and government animal is sure to build up plenty of impotent rage, to be directed at whichever enemy your master designate from week to week. 🙂

        • Dumb troll animal is showing his lack of iq points. I work in the private sector. Next time you play “Master” with your boyfriend make sure you have a safe word.

          And I don’t recall you copyrighted brosef, brah or the smiley face icon. Try not to let your building anger over ride your judgement, brah. 🙂

        • Once a dumb government animal, always a dumb government animal. You’re tainted for life, broski. 🙂

        • Oh, see. Now you’re all mad and sh*t cause you can’t keep up. It’s the meds, dumb troll animal. They started you on ritalin and then it’s been downhill since.

          Don’t step up if you can’t keep up. But you know what they say. Once a dumb troll animal, always a dumb troll animal. Braski. 🙂

        • I had friends, dumb troll animal. If yo mama hadn’t bought you a guppy you would have had a lonely existence. And this all started because you attacked me for stating Isreal should shoot first. And here you are gloating over dead men. Dumb troll animal truly is dumb.

          And yes you can dance all night. Welfare queens with their ebt cards don’t have schedules or responsibility. We productive members of society have to work to support you disabled and lazy types. So I’ll leave you now. Remember, don’t let your rage boil over and cause you to get a visit by the cops. Have a night, brosef. 🙂

        • Observe the dumb military animal who doesn’t see a difference between nuclear annihilation of millions of civilians, versus soldiers of an invading army killed on a battlefield. Its moral bankruptcy is plainly obvious.

          More dead soldiers please. 🙂

        • More dead jihadis and their supporters, please. Dumb troll animal proves his moral bankruptcy by wishing for dead people while chiding others for wishing for dead people. 🙂

        • Dead invaders? Yes please.

          Dead civilians? No thanks.

          Dumb animals like you aren’t people, bro. 😉

        • Dumb troll animal and welfare queen speaks like a true nazi. Only those he designates are people. All others are sub human and deserve death. Brudder. 🙂

        • You willingly signed your life over to politicians, brah. It’s part of the deal.

          Pro-tip: Don’t want to get killed? Don’t invade other countries for feckless politicians.

        • And you willingly signed your life over to your jihadi brothers. Are you one of the 72 virgins they’ll get in heaven, brokenski? 🙂

        • Notice how the dumb animal defends his politician masters. If you criticize them, you’re a jihadi, but not a freedom fighter like when they killed Soviets.

          But we were always at war with Eurasia. 🙂

        • Wow, Dumb troll animal actually read a book. You remind me of a girl I dated decades ago. She didn’t care what gibberish she spouted, she just had to have the last word. Congrats, sweetheart, you got the last word. Goodbye, brosette. 🙂

        • Don’t be jelly, intellectual pursuits are actually encouraged outside the government world of dumb animals who serve politicians. 🙂

        • See, I can be a gentleman. I let the little lady get the last word. Good night, Brosina. 🙂

        • You just can’t resist getting the last word, brosefina. Looks like your memories are all jogged up.

          Come on admit it, she ditched you while you were murdering in Vietnam for some protesting hippie and made you the cuckold. No wonder you’re mad. 🙂

        • Wow, be polite and give a girl the last word and she goes all pms on me. You’ll die a virgin with an attitude like that, Brosetta. 🙂

        • Did you at least have the human decency to say “Thank you for your servicing my girlfriend”? 🙂

        • Full of human decency. Always left a 20 dollar bill on the pillow next to your mother when I left. 🙂

        • Ah, yet more projection! Don’t you know military animals breed in packs? The $10-an-hour whores who hang around bases spawn future government killers. That’s where you came from, a STD infested meathole. 🙂

    • If Israel were to “exercise the nuclear option”, it would get attacked by pretty much every single Muslim state on Earth – and it would get zero assistance from any Western country this time. And to remind, some of them – notably, Pakistan – also have nukes and delivery systems. Now there are 8 million people in Israel, and almost 80 million in Iran. Who do you think would suffer more from a nuclear exchange if it were to come to that?

  19. Barry’s negotiating position with iran must have been the same as the Australian’s in the TPP talks.

    Trousers down, grabbing the ankles.

    Or Barry is practising his art of cowtowism for when the Chinese take over.

  20. Does that ancient, medieval Mullah really tweet?

    I’m putting on my tinfoil hat and taking the, cough, CIA, on this one……

    Hilarious, either way.

  21. Barry is a lefty (in every imaginable sense of the word) and has massive dumbo ears.
    Even if this was a depiction of him, after seeing his clay shooting form, he’d probably miss from that range.

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