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“Two teenage brothers are in police custody on suspicion that they killed their parents and three siblings, ranging in ages from 5 to 12 years old, in their Oklahoma home Wednesday night, police said.” Wait. Five people murdered? That was the day before the Lafayette theater shooting in which the psychotic murderer only killed two (pardon us if we don’t count his suicide). As reader Scott L. wrote to us . . .

“Why was this not nationwide breaking news last Thursday? Easy…no gun was involved. It was a 5-victim, mass murder knife-crime.”

It’s almost as if knife control isn’t nearly the priority of those in media and government that gun control is. The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex isn’t geared up to ban blades (as they are in the UK). Yet.

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  1. The same reason the signs and t-shirts that say “Stop gun violence” don’t just say “Stop the violence”. It’s not about the killing it’s about the guns. We all know that without guns people are too lazy to murder each other, at least as often.

    • The story isn’t the murders by knives. The story is the media and political leadership’s disparate treatment of this story and the theater shooting. Obama chimed in all the way from Africa on the theater event. Yet, this case had received scant attention outside of OK.

    • Exactly!

      …and with the gun confiscation crowd, it’s always anti-gunism “ueber alles”; no matter what else happens, it’s always the gun.

      Gotta stay on message…to brainwash the uninformed sheeple, and the easily enlisted emotin’ low information meddlesome types, of course.

  2. We all know the answer is: ‘because guns’.

    The real question is why doesn’t any one call out the media for this on a national level and force them have to make excuses about their obvious agenda.

  3. Maybe because it wasn’t a random attack? If it had been a random attack at a mall or something, that would be different. But domestic crimes almost always get less attention than random acts of violence because by definition they don’t affect the rest of us. But nice trying to blame it on the gun. CSGV would be proud.

    • While it’s true that domestic violence tends to get less press coverage, I say if he shot them instead of stabbing them, the MSM would have sensationalized it just like any other shooting.

      • Even when there are multiple victims in fatal domestic shootings, those stories rarely get airtime outside the region. It happens a fair bit, but it’s not plastered all over the national news because it’s domestic, which doesn’t help advance the narrative for the gun banners, and is only marginally exciting for the voyeurs. People just aren’t all that concerned for their own safety when some loser across the country offs his family. They’re not thinking “OMG what if the killer becomes my child next and then wants to kill me???” But people can relate to going to see a movie. Some losers killing their family just isn’t all that much to get concerned about.

        Blaming everything on gun politics, when it’s not about gun politics, is kinda like calling everyone racist because you don’t agree with their politics. After a while it’ll just result in eye rolls regardless of which side said it.

    • Most spree shooters have some connection to their target location. The shooting may seem random to the victims, but there’s usually a connection and not truly random.

      The media ignores this story because it doesn’t fit their narrative or advance their agenda. Namely, guns are bad. That’s why they fail, too, to play up knife murders out there that are random attacks.

  4. Because it’s just common for family members to murder each other. Parent and children in suicidal custody battles. Psychotic children, etc.

    Everyone knows families are dangerous.

    Same with crime on crime violence. Normal. Expected.

    It’s when the crazies go out murdering complete strangers. That’s what brings The Fear.

    Guns, knives, bathtubs, nothing to do with it.

    • My family’s reunions look like that first melee in the Gangs of New York, only not so well dressed and there are no sides.

      • I had to laugh out loud because not only was it w as brilliant visual, but it’s a similar scenario with my family. There are occasionally sides with my clan, however.

      • Yes they are! Just look at the mess dumped on the parents that allowed their 10 year old to walk his little sister three whole blocks to the park. Oh horrors, free range children! They would have been horrified when my parents left me alone at age 15 at their summer cabin for three weeks. I can tell you that those three weeks of going sailing or swimming or reading a book when I felt like it were truly wonderful!

    • I’m tempted to say you are on to something there, Will. But as someone upstream noted, I can’t help but think if some kids killed five other family members with a gun, we would all be hearing about it as another “shooting rampage”.

    • “Because it’s just common for family members to murder each other. Parent and children in suicidal custody battles. Psychotic children, etc.”

      “Psychotic children” is rather harsh.

      The PC term shall be “Misunderstood Youth”

      They were just getting their lives back together, for crying out loud!

      (The inconvenient truth is, some family members need killin…)


    • @Will: Yes, of course, “Ban Families” should be the new rallying cry. Why didn’t our politicians think of that. Gad those folks are dense.

    • Could just be another case of blue (D) & media but word here is that the attack hinged on a “large” delivery of ammo to the house (presumably) people are attempting to characterize it as a failed mass gun killing predicated on two perps offing their families first. Calls for Ban on internet ammo sales in 3, 2..,

  5. Some dude wrote in to the Eugene rag (Register guard) today, saying we should only have single shot weapons! I guess you could put a bayonet on the barrel, and just stab to death anybody else you wanted to take out, after you have used up your single shot.
    He didn’t say anything about limiting the ammo you could carry with you though.

    • That’s par for the course from the Red Guard cage liner. What morons like that don’t understand is criminals will still have multi shot weapons. We the law abiding people will be relegated to single shot weapons.

    • It’s all the same – worthless blue-state “I’m in charge here” poo from the mass media. More unintended consequences. More “We cannot protect you until you’ve surrendered the means with which you can protect yourself” bs. Like the environmental argument: More of “the environment was harmed” (according to environmental “harmists”) by protection of the environment [i.e., forest fires aided in non-forest-control/cutting and burning measures; and (my favorite) more gas consumed by muffler-equipped vehicles, in order to protect from noise pollution].

    • Edward Teach was limited to single shot muzzleloading weapons. He just carried a half dozen of ’em and a cutlass.

        • AKA, that guy with the beard who looked scary but ultimately was disappointing (through no fault of Ian McShane) in the similarly disappointing Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie.

  6. Well, the story of the five slayings did make the national news, and then disappeared. It went away so quickly because (i) no guns were used, so the politicians and the MSM had little interest, and (ii) it was a family matter, so the public had little interest.

    If the five had been shot, it might have been a bigger story. ‘Memba Isla Vista? Me too. ‘Memba that half the murdered victims were killed with a knife? Me too, but the MSM and the low intelligence voters (which is damn near all of them) are happy to forget it.

  7. Knives don’t kill people, guns do.
    What looked like knife wounds were actually gunshot wounds that somebody pulled the bullets from. And what looked like a bloody knife next to the bodies was actually a deformed large caliber bullet that someone dropped after extraction. Police are still looking for the gun that killed these people.

    There! Now it’s newsworthy!

  8. Wow. Stabbing people to death seems way more psychotic. That’s up close and very personal.
    And really, really messy.

    • Not just people, your family. Including 13 year old sister. Honestly, knowing the Broken Arrow area, I am surprised it wasn’t done at least with hunting shotguns.

  9. Gunz. I think the kids murdering their family was treated more as a local thing-like the near daily murders in Chiraq. And knives aren’t( as) regulated…

  10. MSM is primarily anti-2A. Why people would be interested to return to British-like gov’t control I have no answer. Positive ad campaigns are needed to offset the unfounded fear campaigns. It’s easy to place cause on the object which can’t defend itself nor function without outside input.

  11. “… psychotic murderer only killed two (pardon us if we don’t count his suicide)”. The perps suicide should never be counted as one of the dead, unless you want to artificially raise the number of victims. Isn’t that the reason the media counts it?

  12. Guns are bad, knives are used by liberal Chefs on TV and housewives so they are okay.

  13. While I agree with your point, this is a poor example. I read about this on CNN and Fox last week. The link in your post is to an NBC story dated 7/23. I generally read the news instead of watching it, so maybe you are referencing an absence of this story on the news channels.

  14. Because “in the news there is no truth, and in the truth there is no news”

    (translated from common-man slang about Pravda (Truth), and Izvestia (News), the two government run organs in pre-glasnost Soviet Union of the 70s.)

    We are approaching that same place, as to mass media credibility, after running the left narrative in ends justify the means support of left-progtard politicians for the last 30 years or so.

    Much as the liberal Pew Center would like to ‘splain it, the simple fact is most people who use their brain dont trust the mainstream press anymore.

    Gallup doesnt have to sugar coat it.

    Bottomline is reflected in the money. Falling subscriptions, eyeballs, ad revenue, nielson ratings- MSNBC, CNN, CBS (Fast and Furious suppression, Brian Williams lies). Its no mystery to anyone thats been paying attention, except the Elite Who Know Whats Best for The Little People, and teh chattering class who serve them in NY, DC, LA, SF…

  15. Where is the outrage from meathead mike or whatever his name is.
    oh thats right……….this news story is not about guns.
    nothing to see here ………move along.

  16. Speaking about truth about guns from the LameStream Media, or rather lack of it, and the real world consequences…

    from 2014:
    and again, in 2015:

    ironically- no LameStreamMedia is reporting on this poll, hosted at MSNBC, up for three days-still
    (guess they need the pageviews anyway they can these days…;)

    “Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public” – YES, @ 92% of 345, 000 total votes.

    Oddly enough, thats 345 times the number of votes on that equally scientific Quinnipac poll the Journolistas tout every so often, about background checks, commissioned just before the 2012 POTUS election.

    Inconvenient truths, eh?

  17. Well, of 2006:

    UK- 60 million people, 163,000 knife crimes. 1 for every 374 people.
    USA- 300 million people, 400,000 firearm crimes. 1 for every 750 people.
    So you are twice as likely to be harmed by a knife in the UK than by a gun in the US.

  18. Without cool sound effects and an awesome visual display, the media has no use for edged weapons.

  19. These murders did make national headlines. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times, Reuters, Associated Press and it was even on Drudge Report the day after it happened.

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