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That’s 200,000 active concealed carry permits in total since the Copper State started issuing on September 8, 1994. Obviously, those stats are not incendiary for The People of the Gun. But they’re like a red rag to a bull to the forces of civilian disarmament. In 2011, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership Violence rated Arizona second to last. (Rating system provided here, deconstructed here.) So the gun grabbers can’t be happy with those stats. Happily, it’s actually better/worse than that. In 2010, Arizona enacted Constitutional Carry (no permit required for state residents). So even though permit holders have privileges (e.g. restaurant carry), the actual number or Arizonans carrying could be even greater. And just so you know, Arizona has 6.5m residents, excluding undocumented inhabitants.

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      • I just computed it out for PA according to the most recent data which is 2011. Our LTCF lasts 5 years, and they only report the number issued per year, so if you sum up 5 years worth that’s how many active LTCF there are presently. I got population 21 and older from the census:

        PA: 792,317/9331047 = 8.5%

    • Via.…..See.first.source.for.sources.and.dates.(





    • As noted in the OP, we here in AZ can CC without a permit. And anecdotally, lots of people do. So the numbers are certainly far higher than indicated and, in my estimation, almost certainly exceed those of states where permits are required.


  1. As an Arizona resident, This article makes me proud. You are correct that a great many people carry without getting the cc permit. Open carry is quite common as well. Feels good to be in a state that still values the bill of rights.

      • I got mine soon as I was of age. I still encourage AZ citizens to get theirs, if not for a reduction in pain at your local FFL then for bar carry. Most decent restaurants serve booze of one kind or other and I like to eat out. Little known fact, even if the AZ no weapons sign is posted, you man still carry if you receive permission from the proprietor or a representative entitled legally to act on their behalf. Most managers aren’t aware of what the actual regulations are regarding posting of the sign, some I’ve talked to about it were even told by the government reps that they had to post it as a requirement for obtaining their liquer license. I take whatever opportunity I can to educate these buisnesses on what the state laws are with regard to concealed carry. IMO we all should, there are so many owners who simply don’t know.

    • Congrats, If you are pulled(traffic stop) over hand the cop your DL & CC license at the same time. There is a good chance you will just get a warning, ax me how I know, Randy

    • Me too WI
      Mine #109*** exactly 1 year ago. so 109k in first 7 months
      80k in the last 12. out of 4 million adults 20-75 years 2 million men 2 million women
      4.7% of the above age group are CCW.
      Schools, courts, police stations, prisons off-limits. Bars OK if not drinking.
      State employees/contractors can carry concealed on the job in state office buildings.
      Open carry without CCW, either way with, no problem if the wind blows your cover.
      Not too shabby.

      While Chicago- where most poor people ride the bus or train for transport, $300 fee and eliminating public transportation is such blatant racism.

        • Correct. Sometime you’ll see separate ‘white/non-latino” and “white/latino”, but racially they are the same group.

        • So white latinos are lumped with white. Does that mean indigenous latinos, i.e. the “typical” latinos, are under indian?

        • The instructor for my last class in Arizona told the Latinos to pick white if they are light skinned and black if they are dark skinned. There were a bunch of Latinos there, probably about half of the group… and they were visibly puzzled by that statement. The instructor told them that he knew it was silly, but that’s how it had to be done.

          I would have thought Indian would have been more appropriate too for the people asked to select “black,” but that’s not what he said to do. If other Latinos were selecting Indian for their race, I would expect to see a LOT more permits under that category.

  2. <— Is an Az CC gal… Thanks for posting this info & yep, Bloomberg calls us "Valley of the Gun" & that's just fine with us. We wear the label proudly. 🙂

  3. I wear a shoulder holster, open dress shirt over it…..

    No need to worry if I print or not….

    Constitutional Carry – – – – – PRICELESS!

  4. I would like you folks to pay particular attention to the 50 – 70 age group. I will no longer accept being labeled OFWG. I must now be referred to as OFWDG, the “D” is for dangerous. This applies to OFBG’s too. We are to be feared and treated with great respect and I’m also thinking that small cash donations sent periodically as an offering or appeasement would be a wise thing to do.

  5. The only thing incendiary about those data is the fact that they’re broken down by race and sex. The only question that matters is whether the person is a citizen or permanent resident in good standing.

  6. those stats don’t give any real data. I don’t know a single person with a CCW permit. it’s completely useless here. the only merit is a quicker BG check. you see people carrying EVERYWHERE here and no one gives a single fuq. if anything, local LEOs seem happy to see fellow armed civilians. I’ve never experienced another state that allows such freedom.

    • The only real benefit to getting a ccw is if you travel out of state. The people I know that have a ccw, only got it to benefit from the reciprocity laws in other states.

      • hmmm.. didn’t know that was a requirement for reciprocity. after my recent trip to CO, I don’t think I want to leave AZ for any reason. haha

    • AZ CCW benefits over permitless carry

      1 – reciprocity
      2 – restaurant/bar carry
      3 – gun free school zone carry (automobile only)
      4 – no NICS check on purchase
      5 – national park concealed carry

      • my understanding is I can carry anywhere without permit that does not specifically state otherwise with a state issued sign in the window. which is basically limited to bars, which is reasonable if alcohol is involved. I’ve even had a run in with DPS while shooting (not just carrying) in tonto national park with some friends. they said they didn’t mind, but just don’t get caught by the feds. I thought I was on BLM land..

        I had no knowledge of any of these CCW stipulations. I’ve always just carried anywhere and everywhere without issue. then again, everyone seems to bend the law in AZ and the authorities don’t seem to mind as long as you’re being reasonable and responsible. example: speed limit.. as long as you’re not changing lanes and tailgating, 80 seems to be the actual speed limit enforced.

        • Arizona alcohol statutes require a CCW permit to carry in a place licensed to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises provided that a no-guns isn’t posted. And consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

          Check out this PDF file which contains a detailed look at Arizona gun laws: DEFENSIVE FIREARMS USE IN ARIZONA – LEGAL GUIDE provided as a public service by the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association.

    • As SAS mentioned, another benefit of a state-issued CCW permit is that you don’t risk 5 years in a federal prison whenever you knowingly drive within 1000 feet of the grounds of a school with a loaded firearm in your vehicle.

      18 USC 922(q)(2)
      18 USC 921(a)(25)
      18 USC 924(a)

    • that would be awesome of there was like 500 people in that age group. we need ccw increase with females and elderly.

  7. I am relocating to Arizona this Fall. I am happy like a refugee being granted asylum in a free country after a lifetime of oppression.

    • I want to move out there as well. I need to start looking for job openings out there. I am only in the next state over so it wouldn’t be a hard move. I think the drive time from ABQ to PHX is about 6 hours.

      BTW those of you that live in AZ what county or part do you recommend I move to? I am in the IT field. I prefer a more laid back life style, not into the city or night life scene. I wish AZ had more mountains like we do here in NM. It would be the ultimate State and there would never be a need to leave.

      • Hey Leo, I can’t quite speak to the IT job field, but I can give you a feel for certain areas out here. Phoenix and it’s surrounding suburbs are not really laid back. It is like any big city in that regard. However there are some very good areas around Phoenix if that’s where the job takes you (but remember it is HOT in the summer). Tucson is much more “progressive” overall and personally I’ve never liked the city for a number of reasons. Up north, Prescott is a very nice place; it’s cooler than Phoenix by about 10 – 15 degrees and it’s got a lot of out door things to do. Flagstaff is where I call home now after living in several parts of Phoenix for over 12 years. I love it up here as far as the scenery and outdoor activities go (skiing is 15 minutes from my house), but there are a lot more progs up here. Either because of the college (NAU) or because we’re so close to the Sedona crystal crunchers. Hope that helps Leo. I always welcome more pro 2A people out here to counter all the Kalifornia people.

  8. Did not expect Asians to be 2nd; well done, ladies and gents. I’m guessing that “Indians” refers to Native Americans?

    • I was surprised by that too…. I do not believe Indians (people from or descending from India) are in a unique category, and I think the preferred nomenclature is “native people” for American Indians.

    • You must not hang with the same Asian folks that I do… LOL.

      That being said, it makes sense. A lot of Asian American business owners have permits, along with friends who are current/former military & LE. Then you have folks that live in “urban” areas, that have permits as a matter of protection.

  9. i love arizona. its nice here. im not treated like a criminal for being a veteran or for owning firearms. it seems as though everyone here has several firearms here.

    • No, I do not think anyone can assuming they are truthful and loyal to the founding principles of this country.

      • Be careful with that. The founding principals of this country initially stated that blacks were property and women couldn’t vote. If you’re going to make an argument for your point of view, make an argument, don’t state something is “just because”.

        • You don’t seem to want to give the Founders much credit. That’s why there is a little thing called “Constitutional Amendments”. The stipulations for voting was defined by each individual states (and technically still is) so the idea that only “white males are allowed to vote” is moot since even white males had to own actual land to vote in several states. Also, looking at the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, no where does it say “blacks are property”. Ah there was the “3/5 compromise”, but in reality that was an unfortunate necessary political arrangement and the compromise had no relation to the individual worth of a slave.

    • This discussion is already raging elsewhere, but in short: It isn’t ideal, but in states with proper shall-issue (in NH it’s $10, 14 day max turn around, no finger prints/photos) and no restrictions on buying/possessing/open carry, I would prefer to focus on more pressing issues (Federal restrictions, kicking out anti-liberty politicians). Furthermore, permits have many benefits that are often forgotten. In Texas, CC holders don’t have to submit to NICS background checks, and they can provide private sellers from liability issues.

  10. Everybody in AZ is going around to every black woman over 80 and asking “Are you The One?”. I kid, but for real… 1?

  11. It should be noted that AZ DPS does not track resident and non-resident permits. In fact there is no such thing as a “resident” or “non-resident” permit, it’s just a permit.

    With the new law change, anyone with a valid out of state permit, a DD-214, or proof of active military service is exempt from the training requirement and can get their AZ permit for simply the cost of the permit.

    AZ also recognizes all other out of state permits.

  12. Slightly off topic: I’m going to Williamsburg Va on Monday and want to observe my constitutional rkba for my first time ever. It’s ok to just walk around Va with my XDm on my hip?

    • You probably want to investigate the laws regarding non-residents, but open carry appears to be legal there. If you really want a trip just go up to Vermont… anyone and their mother can legally CC so long as their over 18.

      • I only go there to ski, board and drink. None of which would work well while carrying but thanks for the heads up lol

  13. You misspelled “illegal immigrants” in your last sentence. You don’t use PC language for disarmament, don’t do it for this one either, call it what it is.


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