Incendiary Image of the Day: 12 Gague [sic] Armor Piercing Rounds Edition

From “This awesome round houses enough power to penetrate the thickest car doors, commercial steel doors and most objects up to 1/4” steel plate. This slug has a steel penetrator button, boosted by a very hot charge, has an unbelievable velocity to slice through metal like a hot knife slices through butter. 2 3/4 round.”


  1. avatar BLAMMO says:

    This ammo is restricted in the following cities and/or states: All of Alaska; All of CA; All of HI; All of IL; All of MA; All of NY; Staten Island, NY; Queens, NY; Washington D.C., APO & FPO Addresses, No PO boxes.

    ‘Everybody in New York; especially you people in Queens and Staten Island. If you didn’t know you were from NY, you do now. So, stop trying to order ammo from us.’

  2. avatar Dave says:

    $3.50 a round? Yeah, that’s pretty incendiary, especially since a regular deer slug should do all the same things. For something even more incendiary, and probably fraudulent, click the link for ‘Devastator Ammo’. Six rounds of .22lr snake oil claiming one shot stops for $15? Insane.

  3. avatar TTACer says:

    Cars doors will not stop a .22.

  4. avatar Ben Eli says:

    I can’t believe they don’t ship to Alaska. What if armored bears attack?

    1. avatar Pwrtrip99 says:

      All shipments have been diverted to Yellowstone to combat the armored anti-personnel bears roaming the countryside with their spawn.

    2. avatar William says:

      We have our own tricks for dealing with armored bears here. Cyborg and zombie bears are a known threat as well.

  5. avatar I_Like_Pie says:

    Yes, but how many school buses will it go though?

    1. avatar Todd S says:

      I’m more worried if it shoots through schools. And the trees behind the school. Like my .88 magnum. (movie reference)

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Johnny Dangerously. Very funny.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Where can I get me some of them gagues? I don’t need all twelve, maybe just a handful.

    1. avatar Rudy says:

      New singer emerges – Lady Gagua…

  7. avatar Bob H says:

    When I was researching handloads for S&W .500 Magnum I ran across this quote: “had 87% weight retention even after going through a railroad tie and hitting a .25″ thick steel plate at 50 yards”

    I believe THAT is sufficient penetration for anyone.

  8. avatar LC Judas says:

    Well…I actually bought a box of 25 of this about a year ago. Back when I was going through my tacticool phase with my Mossberg 590 Mariner it sounded like an awesome idea. Now I wish I had went in for just about anything else.

    I figured it likely could crack an engine block. That would be enough for me as that’s the only tactical value I can imagine anyway.

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