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Trayvon Martin nativity scene (courtesy


“The Claremont church has a long history of politically motivated Christmas scenery,” reports, “but this one really shows how they’re willing to literally deify their political icons. Obama the Father, Trayvon the son (if Obama had one), and… Nelson Mandela the spirit? The Church of Liberalism’s politically correct doctrine is pretty simple: if anyone says anything you don’t like, take offense at it – but don’t ever worry about offending those you disagree with… like Christians. It would be nice if we could unite in the true spirit of Christmas and promote understanding in an America where everyone respected one another’s beliefs. You can’t do that pulling stunts like this.” No I ‘spose not.

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  1. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”

    Don’t remember where I heard this one, but I can’t wait to use this against the anti’s when the topic become relevant to the discussion.

  2. I missed the part in Christian tradition where the infant Christ jumped a man and beat his head into a paved sidewalk. Was that in the Catechism, maybe?

    • Well, there was that whole nasty business involving money lenders in the temple … but to my knowledge, Mr. Zimmerman isn’t in the banking and finance industry.

  3. Trey V should have been BLEEDING on the Smashed in Head of George Z..
    Everyone should call the Church & express opinion ….

  4. African Americans idolizing a violent delinquent thug who assaulted someone is not good for your image.

    • Oh, So I guess you wouldnt mind if I made a statue of George Zimmerman holding a smoking keltec and standing over a lifeless corpse, then would you?

      Freedom of speech, right?

      • I couldn’t give two tin shits what you do, but acting like Zimmerman is some sort of hero for ending a fight he started by using deadly force is pretty stupid, as far as I’m concerned.

        • Were you there? You don’t know shit, yet most of what I see from my fellow People Of The Gun seems to be wishful thinking about how they hoped it went down ow how the think it should have gone down had they been poor ol righteous GZ.

          It’s bullshit.

        • I didnt have to be there. GZ was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Thats how justice in America works. I think the poutrage is coming from you my friend.

        • Trayvon Martin represented much of what is wrong with America today. He was a punk-ass thug, he was a delinquent, he was an expelled student, a drug user, violent, foul-mouthed, professed a desire for thuggery, low intellect, etc. etc. etc. I’m done playing this sickening game. Multiculturalism is a Goddamned disaster! I don’t care what some here will say. Hitler came to power with 93% of the popular vote in Germany & Austria. After WWII was over the allies took a survey throughout the region. They asked over 10,000 people one question: “Did you or your family ever support Hitler?” Guess how many people said “Yes”?…..Not one. Not a single person. They all agreed with the 93% number, they just said, “But I never supported him!” That is human nature. I mention this because it directly relates to the sickness of the mind called political correctness. I truly hope I live long enough to see the day when Americans realize the disaster that is multiculturalism. Fools so quick to call their neighbors “Racist” yet wood be scared to even associate with someone who uses a racial slang term. It’s cowardice. But often evil hurts itself and we already see how this thing is turning all Americans against one another. Idiots and cowards too afraid to say what we all know in our hearts is true. Multiculturalism Is A Disaster!!

        • “I couldn’t give two tin shits what you do, but acting like Zimmerman is some sort of hero for ending a fight he started…”

          Aside from the gunshot wound to the heart, Trayvon had no injuries. If Zimmerman had started a fight, where are Trayvon’s injuries, like bruises to the face or a broken nose? Zimmerman was the one with the injuries. And don’t say Trayvon caused Zimmerman’s injuries after he took a bullet to the heart, okay? That’s just silly.

    • None of us were there, okay?

      But there was a trial, and GZ was found not guilty. In the absence of any other information (not opinion, not should or shouldn’t haves, information), I’m led to conclude that GZ wasn’t the bad guy.

      End of story as far as I’m concerned, unless there’s a retrial. In which case, if additional facts come out, I’m willing to change my opinion.

  5. We certainly can’t expect race-baiting demagogues to accurately depict Martin straddling a supine Zimmerman while pounding his head into the pavement. And we certainly can’t expect them to add a dialogue bubble spelling out some of Martin’s last words, “Creepy-Ass Cracker.”

    This is so much more inflammatory, but they might as well put Martin directly on the crucifix while they’re at it, with the inscription “INRI” above his head and a chubby post-trial Zimmerman pushing a Kel-Tec PF9 into his side.

  6. I’m shocked – SHOCKED! – that the scene didn’t have George “Dylan” Zimmerman as the Devil, standing over him. It would have been so “perfect”…

    • Zimmerman, hell… if they’d made the devil Wayne Lapierre, their congregation would have swooned in righteous ecstasy.

      • Orgasms everywhere. They’d have had to call for volunteers to help the custodian mop the floors.

        Crap…should not be commenting while drunk…but it’s Dry Fly Whiskey, and on New Year’s Eve…so fuck it all. Most of you all have already seen the ball drop (heh…balls), but out here in the Pacific Time Zone, we’ve still a few minutes left to fuck up what’s left of 2012.

        Happy New Year’s!

  7. Keep in mind that the national media did everything they could to paint Trayvon Martin as a scared 10 year old, and most of the liberals out there have embraced this version of the story. What scares me more is that a large number of people probably supported this extremely offensive nativity scene.

    The most appalling part is that a Christian Church would completely miss how offensive this is to the majority of Christian people (regardless of denomination).

  8. I’m not a Christian, so I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with the Bible, but I don’t recall the part where Jesus committed felonious assault and was shot in self-defense by his victim.

    Must be a lesser known passage.

    • “but I don’t recall the part where Jesus committed felonious assault and was shot in self-defense by his victim.”

      While suspended from school.

    • Couldn’t find the self defense bit, but the non-canonical and controversial (for obvious reasons) Thomas Infancy Gospel says:

      1 I, Thomas the Israelite, am reporting to you, all my non-Jewish brothers and sisters, to make known the extraordinary childhood deeds of our Lord Jesus Christ – what he did after his birth in my region. This is how it all started:

      2 When this boy, Jesus, was five years old, he was playing at the ford of a rushing stream. (2) He was collecting the flowing water into ponds and made the water instantly pure. He did this with a single command. (3) He then made soft clay and shaped it into twelve sparrows. He did this on the sabbath day, and many other boys were playing with him.
      (4)But when a Jew saw what Jesus was doing while playing on the sabbath day, he immediately went off and told Joseph, Jesus’ father: “See here, your boy is at the ford and has taken mud and fashioned twelve birds with it, and so has violated the sabbath.”
      (5)So Joseph went there, and as soon as he spotted him he shouted, “Why are you doing what’s not permitted on the sabbath?”
      (6)But Jesus simply clapped his hands and shouted to the sparrows: “Be off, fly away, and remembe’ me, you who are now alive!” And the sparrows took off and flew away noisily.
      (7)The Jews watched with amazement, then left the scene to report to their leaders what they had seen Jesus doing.

      3 The son of Annas the scholar, standing there with Jesus, took a willow branch and drained the water Jesus had collected. (2)Jesus, however, saw what had happened and became angry, saying to him, “Damn you, you irreverent fool! What harm did the ponds of water do to you? From this moment you, too, will dry up like a tree, and you’ll never produce leaves or root or bear fruit.”
      (3) In an instant the boy had completely withered away. Then Jesus departed and left for the house of Joseph. (4)The parents of the boy who had withered away picked him up and were carrying him out, sad because he was so young. And they came to Joseph and accused him: “It’s your fault – your boy did this.”

      4 Later he was going through the village again when a boy ran and bumped him on the shoulder. Jesus got angry and said to him, “You won’t continue your journey.” (2)And all of a sudden, he fell down and died.
      (3)Some people saw what had happened and said, “Where has this boy come from? Everything he says happens instantly!”
      (4)The parents of the dead boy came to Joseph and blamed him saying, “Because you have such a boy, you can’t live with us in the village, or else teach him to bless and not curse. He’s killing our children!”

      Personally I don’t believe this account, but I have issues with most holy texts, so YMMV.

      • WHOA! Someone was named “Thomas Infancy” and didn’t change his name to Big John Studd?

        By the way, I once saw the late WWF rassler Big John Studd coaching his son’s ice hockey team, from DC.

  9. Talk about selective outrage by the writers on this site and it looks like a great deal o the commentators.

    I find it hard to understand the mindset of people who try to make zimmerman and martin saints and not just recognize the situation as an extreme tragedy to move on from.

    Fact is no one knows what happened besides the two people involved and the one alive had every reason to make sure everything he said was in his own favor.

    You would think by now the politicizing of the event would be over atleast by those of you who claim you know better and won’t be misled.

      • Its a nativity scene at a church that does outragoues things to get attention. giving them attention is giving them what they want, no different than the Westboro Church loving it when people put them in the press for protesting or celebrating someone’s death.

    • Strangely, everything his neighbors, dispatch, responding police and even Trayvons best friend said were also in his favor. I dont know you, but god forbid if you were ever in that situation and under those circumstances i would go ahead and saint you also.

      • No neighbors, dispatch, or the Martin witnesses know how the altercation started, so I really don’t know what you are talking about.

        Like a lot of people though, you seem to have an idea of what you want to have happened because of a political investment you have in seeing a certain result.

        • David. I know, probably, what you think someone’s “desired” outcome is, but you may not be a right as you like to imagine yourself to be. Not being disrespectful, but you seem to have brought a certain attitude to the table to counter something you have perceived here.

          There are lots of attitudes (let’s call them “shrouds” – no, too death-linked – how about “cloaks”, like your avatar is sporting). It happens here. I don’t know how I can say it’s “a lot”, but it manifests itself at different times, and in various ways. I don’t definitely know your position on the slaying of Trayvon Martin.

          It doesn’t even matter. Your response to Tominator: “Your daughter wasn’t taken by a culture, she was taken by a real person. I’m sorry for your loss, but it simply needs to be said.,” sort of took me aback.

          Tominator’s daughter was indeed taken by a culture. Say it again. Again. His daughter was NOT taken by the “Totality of Black Culture” you evidently, stupidly, arrogantly, thought he was “embracingly” condemning, you fool. He was talking about; we have been talking about; everyone should be talking about; a PARASITIC VIOLENT THUG CULTURE, inspired by media music, media mind-control, CULTURE. You reactive fool.

          YOU SHOULD BE SCREAMING TO THE GODDAMN HEAVENS about this; for it is a False Culture, expressly designed to destroy what is left of American BLACK Culture.

          If you cannot, or WILL NOT, find your inner, rational American Citizen, if you cannot give Tominator the apology he would give you, for what you said, then GOD HELP BLACK CULTURE, and those who are supposed to be guiding it into the future. In this Happy New Year, 2014.

          “I’m sorry for your loss, but it simply needs to be said.” In this eleven-word manifesto, you managed to blow my mind in a way I never even thought possible.

          Did I close my parenthesis? Sorry, must have been thinking out loud. I think it safe to say everyone here believes, at one level or another, that the stopgap to crime – VIOLENT crime – is the armed citizen, and the manners in which he can respond, reset, or elect not to respond. And all the myriad shit that comes with that domain.

          (apologia): my final re-edit placed the few last paragraphs in an order I would change, if I thought I might express my thoughts at this late… no, EARLY, 2014.

        • William you sound positively unhinged.
          I’m sorry for you that you can not understand that people are responsible for their actions, not abstract creations like culture, ideology, and etc.

          A person killed his/her daughter and they should remember that and not try to take the responsibility of that act from the person who did it of their own volition for whatever reason.

          As for arguing to the heavens and the other non-sense, I don’t believe in a heaven or hell or an afterlife. Right here and now is all we have and we need to make the best of it by treating others how we would like to be treated ie respecting people and their property and not aggressing against those who have no aggressed against us.

          That isn’t to say trying to change the mindset of people isn’t a noble cause that has real benefit, but even then a person isn’t ever a “victim” of a mindset or culture, they choose to embrace a mindset and they choose to act in certain manner and their they in the end are solely responsible for their choices and their actions.

          I hope the best for you in 2014 though, hope you find that peace you are looking for.

    • “Fact is no one knows what happened besides the two people involved and the one alive had every reason to make sure everything he said was in his own favor.”

      Actually, we do know something of what happened on the night Trayvon was killed, from the evidence that came out at the trial. The physical evidence was consistent with Zimmerman’s story of being assaulted by Trayvon. There is no evidence that Zimmerman so much as tried to attack Trayvon, aside from the fatal gunshot wound. Trayvon did not get shot to death, and then attack Zimmerman(common sense), Zimmerman must have received his injuries from Trayvon before shooting Trayvon.

  10. Not particularly religious but maybe a church should just have a traditional nativity scene instead of trying to make a statement. That’s what the Christmas message is right?

    • That’s what the Christmas message is right?

      Apparently, the Christmas message is “50% off with free shipping.”

  11. “So it is, that in 2013, the message that cried out to John Zachary—set designer and artistic director in LA who is a member of our congregation—and the Creative Peace-Making Committee is that violence never is the answer. In the days when the world is mourning the death of Nelson Mandela, that message should be loud and clear! Gun violence in our nation is killing our children—sons and daughters—everyday! We believe, as followers of the babe at Bethlehem that assault weapons and huge magazines of bullets have no place in the hands of civilians. So long as we allow persons with serious anger issues and persons who are mentally unstable or ill to have these weapons, the killing will go on unchecked! This is not the way of peace that Jesus Christ calls us to walk.”

    I must have heard a different version of history, I thought Mandela was arrested and imprisoned by an unjust government, and held in prison for refusing to reject the position that violence is sometimes necessary to protect life and liberty.

  12. Maybe KelTec should do a Trayvon nativity scene like this, blood and all, in front of their facility…

  13. I’d like to see liberals equate Trayvon Martin with the Prophet Muhammad. I’m sure the Religion of Peace ™ wouldn’t object.

    • +1

      Oh my don’t equate Da Prophet Mohammed as one of the FL Gangsta’s. Islams Wrath will fall upon ya-all in torrents.

  14. At first glance it looks like he’s getting ready to take a dump in Jesus’s cradle. An apt summation of this congregation’s understanding and respect for the religion they claim to espouse.

    Unintentional symbolism FTW.

    • At first glance it looks like he’s getting ready to take a dump in Jesus’s cradle.


      The Lord wrath shall ensue. aka be dumped upon TM Oups preceededthe act

  15. It’s so sad. Trayvon was about to graduate high school, stay off drugs, accept a full academic scholarship to Florida State, major in science or business, graduate magna cum laude, start a business, go back to school for an MBA, enter into the institution of marriage, buy a home, have children in wedlock, attend and join a church, stay employed, pay taxes, raise his children, cast informed and responsible votes… one per election… join the PTA.

    All that was about to happen. Not jail. Not jail.

      • PhD from… Dude, stop *right* there. There are already far too many honorary degrees given out, no need for them to also be granted posthumously, eh?

        Don’t. Give. Them. Ideas.

  16. Martin was a thug who, I believe, was practicing some of the “knockout game” when he ran afoul of Zimmerman. The race hucksters and gun haters need to stop lionizing him. He doesn’t deserve it.

    • He was stoned, most likely had paranoia from abusing synthetic codeine and his girlfriend told him he’d be a pussy if he didn’t beat down Zimmerman. I don’t know if it was racial in Martins mind or not.

      • Airplane glue? Pig’s feet?

        (As an aside, I once watched a fairly young black woman – in front of me in line – buy two jars of pickled pig’s feet and the biggest loaf of sliced white bread I’ve ever seen. THAT’S ALL.
        Her ankles were the size of my thighs. The horror…

        • Never mind the thighs…er, ankles… Pickled pig’s feet? For fuck’s sake, not even a pig would eat those.

  17. Oh grow up and stop it with this Trayvon Martin horseshit. Not you Farago, these race baiting idiots who don’t understand the word “evidence.”

  18. My daughter was taken by this ‘Culture.’ You know. The one we are supposed to embrace and not ‘judge.’

    She was brought up by me to be ‘color blind’… judge people on their deeds and not by sight.

    She was murdered in circumstances I cannot imagine.

    I fight with all of this every day. I just refuse to hate anyone.

    Now I just found out that one of the suspects has been released from prison over a year ago, My family is stunned to say the least……and they want want to talk about this?

    I am speechless….

    • I can’t imagine your devastation. I’m at a loss for words.

      I think it should have been understood by both of you as, “embrace, but sometimes a judgement also warranted.”

      “Warranted” strikes me as an ugly word with which to address this; yet I can find no more appropriate word. I’m so sorry.

      • Thank you sir. Justice is fleeting. Revenge is evil.

        My daughter left two precious little daughters on this earth.

        The person no longer incarcerated has children(and after release) I assume is with them now.

        I know how hard it is to lose a mother…my grandchildren are the poster child.

        How then does one seek ‘justice’ when you know other children will lose their mother?

        Possibly I have in some way influenced you and others to at least try to understand what goes on for those that are a victim of violence. Rarely do we get all the facts through the media.

        Zimmerman could be you or I. Trayvon was a victim of his culture. You know that! Most Blacks agree!

        Treat others as you wish to be treated! Heard that somewhere…Happy New Year

        • Thanks. Most people cannot face the simple fact that justice is many-dimensional. “Justice” meted on Earth has no comparison to the “Justice” that echoes forward and backward throughout existence.

          Please excuse me, but I was raised Christian, but am now Tibetan Buddhist Bon, the longest surviving Buddhist tradition – a form that pre-dates Buddhism in Tibet by over 16,000 years.

          However, we all believe in the Law of Karma. You may beat the rap, but you’ll never beat the Ride. Justice in Eternity is unjudgementally fair, and not subject to any bias.

    • Your daughter wasn’t taken by a culture, she was taken by a real person.

      I’m sorry for your loss, but it simply needs to be said.

        • Then your ship has no compass, but follows the clouds, instead of the constellations. Can you say “back-asswards?”

        • Yes Mr. Burke. I can identify with your presumption…

          However. There is something in me, supplanted by a Christian upbringing that looks for the good in all human beings.

          For myself I will look for the good in all people…..and not be afraid but instead be armed and prepared. We live a complicated life. Do good in all your efforts. One must remember that true safety remains the task of the individual!

        • I don’t understand what all sides you argue with and about what you argue.
          That said it isn’t even philosophical.
          You daughter was killed by a very real person committing a very real physical act, not a culture, idea, or mindset, a person in action did it.

          It serves no point in trying to take the blame off the person who actually did it and spread it to anyone else but the responsible party.

  19. WOW! Here we are with a New Year! How shall we spend it? Spend is what we do! Life is fleeting…so are Freedoms….do we become morose? Satisfied with hard gotten gains involving our rights?

    YOU decide!

    The Left never rests!

  20. Wonder if Al and Jesse have visited this mockery yet ? Probably not as it appears there is no money to be made there for them ! As the likeness appears it looks like it is waiting for something to be inserted into its posterior , wonder what that could be ? Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  21. “Nothing Suceeds Like Success.” Anyone here ever hear that term? If multiculturalism was working, if it was a success that made all Americans quality of life better, then we wouldn’t even be having these conversations. The news wouldn’t be one continuous cycle of racial conflict. Black Americans would be happy, healthy, and prosperous. Every street would have a white living next to a black next to an oriental next to a Hispanic next to a gay next to a jew next to a Muslim next to an atheist. A neighborhood like that would be unpleasant for most Americans. It just wouldn’t improve your overall happiness. Americans have tried it harder than any other people’s. we should know, we’re the experts. The sad truth, the terrible truth, is that multiculturalism is a utter and total disaster! Our nation is in a death spiral. Don’t believe me? Ask the Europeans or the Russians or the Chinese or the Martians. Everyone sees it but we still won’t admit it. Nothing Suceeds Like Success! And multiculturalism is a disaster. Ask Trayvon Martin.

  22. …..and before some coward calls me a racist then sits back to lick his whiskers and wait for people to tell him how righteous he is, I say this. Black Americans have lost the most in this equation. Their happiness was the first to go! And they don’t even realize it is because multiculturalism is a disaster. They aren’t inferior to whites. They’re just different than whites. They are stronger. They are faster. They have better teeth! In many ways they are superior to other races…but we are all different! And if it could work it would be getting better each generation instead of worse. Any sociologist will tell you in private company that blacks are less intelligent than whites. They have reams of data supporting this. It’s not even a “maybe”….it’s truth. Truth doesn’t come in racist or non-racist flavors … comes in one flavor, Truth. Orientals are better with their hands. Persian women are the most beautiful, native Americans are exceeding uncontrolled around alcohol….we are just different folks. Now for several generations blacks have been thrown into the education system right next to whites. They have had trouble keeping up to say the least. The entire “bar” has slowly lowered to try to create equalibrium but it has put the entire educational system out of balance. Why? Because multiculturalism is a goddamned disaster and instead of admitting this and finding a solution we call people racist and then wait for someone to tell us how morally superior we are because we’re not like that “hater” over there on TTAG. Wake up America! Multiculturalism is leading us to a disasterous end and I fear for the once great USA.

    • This whole ‘Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness’ thing lead to multiculturalism. For the most part it is working out pretty well. Yeah there are a few rough spots and nasty spots along the way. Just do not take this safety and security of America for granted.

    • Food for thought………

      The dumbing down of our nation’s youth is the catalyst of our demise. The ignorance and stupidity is boundless, these clueless entitlement minded nitwits are being molded into a new cultural wave. Over time, this manipulated mentally deficient wave will grow larger in numbers. So large, it will then be considered the social norm and will ultimately control the direction of this country. The intelligence and critical thinking process possessed by a large amount of the prior (current) culture will be out of vogue and simply dismissed as a waste of time. The overall intelligence of a culture will ultimately determine their fate.

      Should I live long enough to witness such an outcome, as I witness my thoughts turn into reality, I will certainly weep while my homeland slips away into the dark abyss of failure.

      Could MULTICULTURALISM be a NWO designed tool (virus)? To be used as a societal rein, slowly pulling in all cultures / countries toward a perceived perfect utopian world society. .

      • Every time I hear the “multiculturalism will destroy America” I have two reactions – One, You are exactly right but the American Indians just called and they want their country back so you and I have to leave ASAP. We are no longer welcome here. Two, You are exactly right and we should kill those in our society that we do not want. I suggest we start with the Jews snce their numbers are small and should be easy to take out.

        Honestly, which one of these two paths do you want to go down?

        • The indigenous people inhabited the land mass, which is currently known as The United States. The word country and it’s definition had no meaning or merit. They might want the land returned but they will have to take it…….History,,,,,,,right or wrong is just that………..HISTORY….can’t change it! Move forward and help shape a culture that could create some good history.

  23. Just about everything has been used in a nativity scene. Big whoop.

    Want one done where they’re all Dallas Cowboys legends and wearing Cowboys jerseys? Its available….

    If some idiots want to use Thug-von Martin in one, whoop-di-freakin-doo.

  24. When they’re done with their monument to whatever, it will be disassembled and thrown in the trash where it should have gone to begin with.

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