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The Answer to Domestic Violence (courtesy Chip Kerr for The Truth About Guns)

And once again a TTAG reader has taken it upon himself to fight fire with fire. “If they can make up their own statistics,” Chip K writes, referring to the unattributed anti-gun agit-prop propagated by Demand Action to End Gun Violence, “then there is no reason I can’t do the same.” Ah but—readers familiar with Foucault’s Pendulum will wonder if the stat is as made up as Agent K thinks it is. Anyway, “Because a restraining order is just a piece of paper” is genius. Nice work Chip.

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  1. I see our photoshopper-in-arms is not a Glock fan…

    I’m still not a fan of just making shit up rather than specifically calling out those that do, but well done regardless.

  2. Nice; broadcasts a more favorable fact based message than the “Demand Action” poster does.

    Now if only we were able to benefit from the same distribution support the grabbers have at their disposal compliments of Bloomberg and the MSM.

    • Its a twitter hashtag. If you have a twitter account you can broadcast anything you want and when you include the hashtag anyone else on twitter will see it when they follow that tag. We can basically hijack their message with a more appropriate and/or factual message.

      Yes, that is a lot of hash in one sentence…..

  3. I would change the first part to:
    “State that encourage concealed carry with every handgun sale”
    By saying states that have concealed carry laws, seems to lean towards place like CA where concealed carry permits are difficult, and expensive.

      • A gun! That got me really excited, but then I remembered I live in NY State. If it has <10 round "clips" and no evil features, I'm in.

        I'm thinking it would be unique to let the masses decide. I'm not sure what your hosting capabilities are, but some sort of blog type layout with voting buttons would be slick. You would have to control for those unscrupulous individuals who would rapid click on their own voting page (like a google ad words intern) to stack the odds in their favor though.

        You could also use facebook as a host and count the likes, although that would alienate those who do not care for facebook.

        • Also, there are many services that sell Facebook likes for very low prices. It’s not hard to find 20,000 likes for $5.

      • RF, I have an idea for a video, based on the quote from this picture, but I do not have the equipment or talent to create it:

        A ballistics gel female head and torso, fully clothed, complete with simulated blood, taking a shot from a 9mm or .45 pistol, followed by a similar torso but with an arm outstretched in front holding a restraining order. Pistol fires through the RO and then compare the wound cavities. To graphic?

        As for a photo, once again I do not have the facilities to create this, but how about a close up of the restraining order but printed on paper with a standard square range target? I’ll see if I can mock one up and e-mail it to you.

  4. I think you need some changes to the punctuation…

    ” In states that have concealed carry laws for every gun sale, ”
    … which states tie a gun sale to concealed carry by law? it almost sounds like you HAVE to obtain or have CC to buy a gun… or that if you buy a gun you’re required to obtain CC status somehow.

    ” In states that have concealed carry laws; for every gun sale, ”
    … this makes the ccl ‘fact’ of the state merely a preamble for the statistic about to be quoted.

    dropping the semi-colon makes it unclear, regardless of the font used.

  5. .38 is a nice caliber, but if you’re going to fabricate statistics, I’d be more impressed with 44% or 45%. Just sayin’…..

  6. Good job!! The only way to win is to change the game to one we want to play, not to play the game that the women against gun control invite us to play (and control the rules, the audience, the media, etc. etc. etc.)

    This guy has the right idea. More of this, please!

  7. Bull, you don’t make up stats because when someone finds out, the entire pro gun standing looses legitimacy. Solid arguments don’t need fake stats.


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