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I know that headline’s a little Inside Baseball but I reckon The People of the Gun should never miss an opportunity to denigrate those who denigrate their natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. To be clear, Mark Kelly is point man for Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun control organization with a name only a Nazi could love. It’s good to see the husband of former Congresswoman turned professional victim Gabrielle Giffords on his own and off-message; the rest of the antis are busy exploiting Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Perhaps Mark is a loose cannon. Unregistered, of course.


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      • actually, that appears to be inside the Hart Senate Bldg in DC. . . . . . wonder which senator they were going to blackmail, I mean lobby?

        • He had probably stopped in to use the private restroom facilities in Chuck U or DiFi’s office. . .although he looks a little anxious. Maybe he hadn’t been there yet and the coffee was catching up to him.

    • Why have you enclosed the word “filmed” in single quotation marks? Are you meaning to suggest that perhaps the video clip wasn’t in fact filmed? What’s your point, here?

      • I agree, it a problem with the officer corp. Navy enlisted don’t have their heads so far up their fourth point of contact.

        • NAVAL Officer Corps, if there actually IS such a thing once you make it past the cocktail parties, volleyball games and private dining rooms. The navy has a despicable officer culture where leaders think they are too good to share a meal with their sailors. That is what happens when officers cease to be warriors.

          The Army used to be this way but that type of bullshit was already well on the decline by the time I got in. There are still remnants of that attitude lingering around (West Point). However, generally speaking an army officer acting that way nowadays will get canned pretty quickly. We stand at the back of the chow line, the way it should be.

    • FDR did not serve in the military at all, although he was Assistant Secretary of the Navy. And you left off George Bush 41, who was at one point the youngest US Naval aviator in WW2. Also, Ronald Reagan was in the Naval Reserve for a period of time.

  1. I wonder if he ever got himself the AR he wanted before they were “banned”..I am sure he managed to get everything he wanted.

    • No doubt he managed to quietly acquire what he wanted.

      Guns for me but none for thee.

      Slick talking biggot, he is. Another snake oil salesman doing Bloomies bidding.

  2. I was able to refute every goal they have on their website in less than 500 characters:

    We already HAVE background checks. Anything more is an invasion of privacy or unproductive for the police to do. Stopping private sales is physically impossible.

    The size of a magazine does nothing to deter crime ans statistics show that most guns used in crimes are small low cap pocket pistols.

    Assault Weapons are responsible for a statistical ZERO number of shootings in the US

    Trafficking laws are already near the reasonable limits. Anything more just affects the law abiding.

    Get on there and back me up before they close the comments section.

  3. Must be great to be The ruler of the Earth and soooo much better then us uneducated low class folks. We don’t understand that having to work 14hrs a day and have your kids medicated so they can’t think on their own. And the food has so much bad stuff in it your family needs medical treatment you can’t get. It’s not the guns, it’s the rich that rule us.

    • 14 hours??? I’ve heard that, thanks to Obamacare, there is a shortage of jobs where you can even put in a full eight!

  4. I read “baseball” in the first sentence and saw the Youtube screenshot and was wondering if someone did some batting practice on him. This guy has a weird face.


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