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Ya know, even through it was written more than two centuries ago by a bunch of white guys, most of whom were born in England, the language of the bill of rights – and the Second Amendment in particular – is pretty clear. Even today. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Does anyone see anything about registration in that sentence? How about a reference as to the kinds of weapons Americans can own? No, we didn’t think so. Which makes you wonder how the publishers of the text book reportedly being used at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois got those ideas (h/t The school says the book was written by two of its former teachers. Maybe the first order of business at Grant should be some remedial lessons on reading comprehension.

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    • Make infringements of the constitution by any Public Servant a criminal offence, big personal fines and or jail time, isolate rogue millionaires and politicians.

    • They don’t need to rewrite it. Federal judges routinely issue fantasy opinions to further “regulate” our constitutional freedoms.

  1. Parents: Take an interest in your child’s education. The responsibility for teaching the most important concepts in life (including freedom, morality, and good judgment) cannot be abdicated to others.

    • Exactly. Be involved in your child’s education. Even if you can’t help them with calculus, pay attention to the humanities and history parts, because that’s where stuff like this is taught.

  2. At some point this generation of school children are going to figure out that their teachers are lying to them and the public school system will be so thoroughly discredited it will likely not survive. It’s not just the out and out lies like this, but when they see kids get suspended for making finger guns and then go home and watch TV they must think that everyone in the school system is just insane.

  3. Low information textbooks are perfectly calculated to produce the next crop of low information voters — more commonly known as Democrats.

    • The first amendment would be “you can only say nice things approved of by the government. Anything considered racist will result in mandatory life sentences, trashing Islam will be condemned, even from the platform of atheism, but exclusively Christ-bashing is encouraged. Dissent and criticism of the government will not be tolerated”.

  4. Actually not all those who were involved with the bill of rights and constitution were born in England. In fact I don’t think any of them were.

    • Thank you, glad I wasn’t the only one who caught that. It’s not like the colonists had just got off the boat and starting knocking over tables.

  5. I’m sure that there’s some IL parents on this board with school-age kids. Time to start making some calls, people.

    • Make some calls? Get mad. GET HOPPING MAD! Go to the School Board and yell at people about ignorance! And deceit! Those are YOUR children they’re indoctrinating!

  6. I’d like to see some verification (from other source) that this is a true story.

    But, I like Spicoli’s explanation:

    “What Jefferson was saying was, Hey! You know, we left this England place ’cause it was bogus; so if we don’t get some cool rules ourselves – pronto – we’ll just be bogus too! Get it?” – Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

  7. So, the founders wrote the 2nd A to protect the citizens from gun confiscation at the hands of gov’t… Makes sense, logical.

    But, you only have a right to weapons if the weapons are registered with the gov’t… Um, what?

  8. The right answer is to send your kids to private school or home school. It is impossible to debrief your kids every day after school. Govt. should not even be in the “education” business.

    • There are plenty of private schools in the business of brainwashing children as well. You just get to pay more for the privilege.

      • “There are plenty of private schools in the business of brainwashing children as well. You just get to pay more for the privilege.”

        But with private schools, if they don’t teach your kids the truth, you can stop paying them. With govrnment propaganda mills, you don’t get that option.

        Government is evil and should be abolished entirely.

  9. I believe this is fully planned brainwashing. Force tiny pieces of liberalism on small children. Force that thought process.
    I went into one of our local schools for an on duty walk thru a few years ago. Plastered on the walls in three places were 3 posters about 8x11in each. One was a “Is there guns in your home” thing. One was a Tell your parents if you see a gun in a friends house”. And the last was a “Parents don’t let your kids play at a house with guns.”

    All three were produced by a group associated with the American Society of Pediatric Physicans, an EXTEMELY anti gun group.

    I showed them to the principal. She had no idea who put them there. I went to the superintendant of schools and more were found in 8 elementary and three middle schools. All were removed. Nobody in the school system approved the signs being posted. Without a doubt some POS liberal put them up while in the schools.They suspected a school employee due to so many schools being involved. I never found out if they determined who it was.

    • This has been the plan from the very beginning of the American public school system. The Prussian model we use was NEVER intended to produce intelligent, creative and critical thinkers. It was built to churn out obedient workers for factories who were just barely smart enough to do their jobs, and who could be swapped out on a whim if something went wrong. We have been bred for generations now to be disposable resources for a few very large corporations and an increasingly large government to use and then use up.

  10. Anyone else catch this:

    “This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison.”

    Those textbook writers need to see a professor of English grammar ASAP.

    The way that sentence is structured: The “have not been in prison” part could be either referring to “the people”, or to “the weapons”.

    The Founding Fathers would have tarred and feathered the writers of that textbook for the crime of bad grammar alone.

    • It is indicative of the shabby shape that education is in today that “lifelong educators’ cannot form a simple sentence. This is what is schooling our children. We as a nation are doomed if we don’t improve this.

    • Too bad they didn’t mention that most people who have been in prison are exempt from the registration of any guns they possess, if the law forbids them to possess guns. They are protected from this self-incrimination by the 5th Amendment.

  11. Very thankful my son is out of the .gov public school system. It took years to counteract the indoctrination attempts on his mind. During his senior year they covered WWII (start to finish), in 4 days. The last day and a half were spent reflecting on how the Japanese suffered after “we” dropped the bomb on them.
    My son, who is a history scholar, and WWII buff, attempted to “balance” the whole reasoning and was excused.

    Unacceptable on so many levels.

  12. It’s Illinois; the two teachers who wrote that probably think that’s the truth. Odds are, they know nothing at all about guns or gun laws, so they probably think Illinois is the norm. I grew up in Illinois, and I know lots of people back there who think that way. They’re absolutely shocked to discover that most states don’t have FOID cards, waiting periods, and all the other BS that Illinois gun owners are subjected to.

    Whether it’s out of ignorance or malice, though, doesn’t matter. The school needs to stop teaching this garbage immediately, and have a discussion with their students about the real meaning of the 2A.

  13. Rewriting the first amendment:
    “a privilege granted to certain subjects to say almost whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t go against what the government says.”

    Rewriting the fourth amendment:
    “you have the right to say ‘please don’t shoot my dog’ but thats as much as that amendment covers.”

  14. So… As long as my weapons haven’t been in prison, I’m good to go? Those teachers not only need a refresher on the Bill of Rights, they need remediation in Grammar.

    • “What determines a “well-regulated militia”?”

      A well-armed populace. That way, when the militia get too big for their britches, the people are supposed to say, “Think again, bucko!”

      • It was more of a dig statement to people who think the law need be rewritten due to the Supreme Court technically rewriting the law already saying the right to own and bear was vested in individuals and not collective militias.

  15. This is what is called indoctrination. It works very well. Many years ago I went North Korea for work. I still have a book, a history book, written in N. Korea. It has a lot of terms like “imperialist yankee aggressors” and the description of the Korean War is totally opposite of what really happened. But ask any N Korean, and they will tell you that their version of history is the truth. They really believe it because that’s what they are taught. The same applies here. Of all the things I see here, these kinds of brainwashing and indoctrination efforts are the worst. You can’t fight this very easily because it’s coming from an authority figure (a teacher) when they are very young and impressionable. This kind of indoctrination cements itself into the subconscious and becomes almost impossible to remove or fix.

    Makes me sad – this really is becoming a battle for hearts and minds. We may be wining on many fronts but it’s tactics like these that make me realize we still have a long way to go.

  16. One wonders how it was decided that these two teachers were qualified to write the material which they would normally regurgitate.

  17. “well regulated” was that it ran like an up-to-date clock… it had the latest in technology, unlimited movement, and total freedom of expression. That is what Constitutional experts
    have opined. The civilian rifled hunting musket was capable of accurate fire at 3-4 times distance beyond the military smoothbore!

    I insist that there should never be any infringement upon our Rights to own any and all weapons.

    I know that a fully automatic machine gun was offered up to many armies, in the early 11770’s.

    The officers who knew the tradition of war at that time, were a bit offended.
    Rows of soldiers stood and fired at opposing rows of soldiers, and machine guns changed all that, finally, after mass deaths in trenchs in WWI.

    There were no limits to the armament that Americans could possess, and use…up to about the late 20th Century.

    Anyone who says silly nonsense like “Well, there weren’t firearms like we have today, so individuals shouldn’t possess them.” is an enemy of my Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

    I polished the big red button that launched all nuclear weapons in the free world, in my
    military career. What I did was maintain the World Wide Launch Notification and Control System which the President’s “football” controls.

    I had access to the real codes and buttons, and though there are “safeguards”, because I maintained that system, I was trained on all the aspects and techniques to override it!

    We haven’ seen a purposeful attempted Nuclear event by terrorists or whackos, in the
    68 years we’ve had nuclear arms! Same with Howitzers, cannon, missiles, rockets!

    But, there is a probability that parts or entire weapons are in the hands of private persons or subversive groups! We know gangs try and do succeed in acquiring military rockts, missiles, grenades, and etc. So, I want to have the possibility to possess equal lethal force!

    That is to keep my government in fear, to protect my home and life, from stupid politicians,
    who bus illegals to the polls, and who ensure that the dead walk to the polls and vote!

      • Nope. That’s the Original Error. Once the force has been neutralized, then any further action on your part is aggression, which only perpetuates the evil.

        You can’t get rid of evil by killing people, even bad people, because it is the killing of people that is the evil.

  18. We need a new amendment to the Constitution that states:

    “Any reference to this document or its contents shall be made by direct quote only. Those violating this amendment are guilty of treason.”

    The end.


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