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Detroit anti-gunner's pro-gun sign (courtesy

“It’s about accountability for 200,000 children living in a war zone and nobody doing nothing,” the doubly negative Andre Ventura tells “I put this sign up here because as Detroiters we’re sick of staring down the barrel of a gun. So I figured if I put it by 8 Mile maybe someone will notice.” Well the media sure did. A lot more than noticed Mr. Ventura’s previous effort, advising drivers to “Save Detroit. Adopt a crackhead.” The reporter says “everyone has their opinion” on the sign. Mine: replace “Welcome to Detroit” with “Criminal Advisory” and we’re good to go.

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  1. Sounds like someone that’s just trying to stir up trouble and create drama. And I don’t have a lot of patience for such things.

    • There have only been very recent positive developments in the gun laws of Michigan. Detroit’s Chief of Police has apparently had a change of heart somewhere along the line in the past few years and has been encouraging everybody to tool up for a while now.

      I’m not sure of the specifics. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could assist us.

    • I don’t know what you mean by “decent,” they’re definitely not the worst. Michigan has state preemption, is open carry, shall issue.

      I think it’s more a bug than a feature, but with a CPL you can open carry into any of the state’s pistol free zones.

      Michigan DOES have handgun registration. Though somewhere around two years ago they removed the requirement that you ask permission BEFORE buying the handgun. So progress, I guess.

      And, within the last couple of months, they repealed the ban on SBRs and SBSs.

  2. Someone should put up a sign a little further down the road. “If you don’t want to depend on luck, the Chief of Police recommends carrying your own ordnance.”

  3. You know… I suddenly realized that I can’t say that really is an anti-gun sigh… given the statements in the article it does sound like what the man that created it was ‘aiming’ for. But the statement of the sign itself could go either way. It could be taken as a pro CCW sign… if a rather crass on.

  4. I would rank Michigan in barely in the upper half of 2A friendly states, and yes, we do have preemption.

    Michigan can either be excellent for non-residents or completely horrible to the point that you can’t even possess a handgun in the state.

    for example, if you are 18 years old and reside in Indiana and possess an IN LTC, you are golden and can carry just about anywhere in Michigan.

    If you reside in Vermont, you are cut off from concealed/vehicle carry completely and could only possess (and open carry on foot) if you have an out of state license. But like I said, vehicle carry and concealed carry are completely contingent on possessing a home state carry license.

    • I agree. In order to approach the top, Michigan would have to eliminate its handgun registry, eliminate most/all “pistol free zones” for concealed carry licensees (I believe there are 10 such places), and stop criminalizing uncased rifles in cars/trucks.

      • Wait, what? Even California allows me to have in my car a longgun, uncased, on my front seat as if it were a passenger. Heck for that matter, our school zone law exempts CCW holders and doesn’t even mention longguns (off campus but with the zone). It is only because of federal GFSZA that we have to ever lock up longguns or lock them on a gun rack.

        Every so often, in the midst of our convoluted laws, I learn that such stupidity sometimes skips us and leaps into an otherwise better state….

        • In Michigan you can open carry in a school with a CPL, that is the only way for a resident to comply with MCL 750.237a and 28.425o

      • Which means you don’t have a piece of paper from VERMONT that tells everyone that you can carry. Which is his point.

  5. I say we fix Detroit using Lt. Ellen Ripley’s advice – nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

    • Or, take control of it away from the corrupt Democrats that have been running it into the ground for the last 60 years or so. But since they just seem to keep doubling down on the policies that turned them into a third world city in the first place, I guess your idea might be better.

  6. I was just down to 9 mile in Warren yesterday, I would have driven by this sign If I had known it was there ahead of time.

    I don’t go looking for trouble so I try to stay as far north as I can.

    • I don’t go looking for trouble so I try to stay as far north as I can.

      Me too. That’s why I moved to Cadillac.

  7. Children living in a war zone and nobody doing nothing. She’s right, you know. A sign will practically make the problem go away.

    • Someone in that article is trying to pull a fast one. It says the officers have warrants out for their arrest, but it insists they’re for things like parking violations and moving violations, and “None of these were criminal offenses”. Now I’m no lawyer, but the last time I checked they don’t issue arrest warrants for things that aren’t criminal offenses.

      • Depends on the jurisdiction. My dad got bagged in 1976 for outstanding tickets in Chicago. Since there were no cell phones at the time, he couldn’t call my mom to get me so I ended up sitting in the cell next to him until he got bailed out.

        • Under Michigan Compiled Laws Section 257.321a, failing to answer a citation or pay fines is a misdemeanor, and therefore a criminal offense:

          (1) A person who fails to answer a citation, or a notice to appear in court for a violation reportable to the secretary of state under section 732 or a local ordinance substantially corresponding to a violation of a law of this state reportable to the secretary of state under section 732, or for any matter pending, or who fails to comply with an order or judgment of the court, including, but not limited to, paying all fines, costs, fees, and assessments, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment for not more than 93 days or a fine of not more than $100.00, or both.

  8. Yeah, those forced vacations are a bitch, but they don’t need to use their vacation leave. Good thing, because I’m almost crying for them right now. /sarc

  9. Position, Perspective, References, and of course…Opinion.

    Seems reasonable to infer that a person skilled enough to construct and erect a billboard, talented enough to paint a recognizable image on it and knowledgeable enough to use language and fashion a question,( frivolous as it unarguably is ):- would also be quite capable of actually doing something provably useful — such as perhaps, say, keeping and bearing a Fire-Arm for defense of self and others?

    Certainly more than a few among the TTAG AI noticed the American Flag displayed upside down signifying distress — unsurprisingly the reporter didn’t.

  10. I used to have a sign with the business end of a revolver like that, read “We don’t call 911.” hanging by the door.

  11. I’d hardly call MI gun laws overly restrictive when compared to other states. I can walk in to any gun shop, and take my purchase home that day. Shall issue CPL, open carry, supressors, machine guns, SBR/SBS are all ok. I’d like to see them do away with the restricted zones, but compared to places with magazine capacity restriction, or only being able to carry the pistol that’s listed on your license.(that was next to impossible to obtain, and cost over $300) I’d say we are pretty well off. (Not that we can’t do better)

  12. Bumper sticker from 1980s Miami:

    Yellow smiley face surrounded by simulated bullet holes:

    “Come back to Miami. We weren’t shooting at YOU!”


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