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Piers Morgan is out of work. But he’s not out of animus. The unemployed chat show host has taken to the Twitterverse to tweak the National Rifle Association while the tweaking’s good. Mr. Morgan later apologized for his “intemperate language” – in his own special way (i.e. “Wayne LaPierre makes me puke”). Make the jump to read that piece of purple prose. Or not. If a Piers Morgan falls in the forest and no one blogs it, did it make any difference to anyone?  . . .

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      • That wimptard would be right at home tweaking nipples. It would go right along with his set of lycra dungeon wear and mink covered bondage gear. The SOB might try growing some testicles at some point and rejoin the human race ……….. on second thought, nah, he’s better off trying to make his point to the Oprah crowd.

  1. It must feel good for Piers to throw 5 million americans collectively under the bus. Inflammatory language like calling NRA members “assassins” is just ridiculous.

    • Add to that the way he defined “decent” as “agreeing with him.”

      So, if I happen to think WLP does in fact “represent” me, by Piers’ logic and definition, I am indecent. Wordplay … one of the many tools they use.

  2. Nipple-twisting purple prose? Guess that makes it a “purple nurple”.

    If I remember my Jr. High escalation of pain chart, that makes it worse than a “Texas Titty Twister,” but not quite a “Bohemian Ball-buster”. 😀

  3. Kinda well I wish Piers Morgan had ran up and tweaked my nipple. Last time someone did that I flattened their nose.

  4. Piers Morgan is like an ant at a picnic. After you flick him away there’s no more need to pay attention to him. Somehow he believes he’s the most important thing there, which is odd when you’re half an inch.

  5. Assassins? I’m an NRA member and haven’t done any “wet work” …………..that I can remember, that the best you can come up with Morgan?

    • No, we’re not. We will be when we repeat puppet-headed slogans and conform to the learned helplessness that the government (No, TTAG’ers, not just the “Left”) wants for us.

  6. Piers is just ticked that his latest brainchild, Moms Demand Action With Bitter Limeys, somehow never took off.

  7. I’m a constitutionalists as well as a second amendment supporter. With this said based on the 10th amendment I am against a universal conceal carry law. But, I am pulled. 🙂

    • If you use the 10th as a reason to not have a universal conceal carry permit, then you would have to take that further and say that your driver’s license should not be valid outside of the issuing state.

      • Under Massachusetts law, only ID issued by Mass is legal as proof of age to buy alcoholic beverages. Bars and package stores must break this law tens of thousands of times every day when people are carded and produce an out of state ID. Is anyone ever prosecuted? I don’t know. I do wonder why such a ridiculous law is on the books even though it is a perfect example of state’s rights in action.

      • I have always thought of the driver’s license issue being covered under “Interstate Commerce.” I know Interstate Commerce gets abused, but it seems to make sense for this…especially commercial licensing.

    • Sorry, that don’t fly. Universal concealed carry is based on the SECOND Amendment, which in fact mandates universal constitutional (unlicensed) carry right now! A state requiring a license is obvious infringement and therefore unconstitutional, the very least we should be able to expect is universal (Federal) concealed or unconcealed carry with an unconstitutional licensing requirement.

  8. “If a Piers Morgan falls in the forest and no one blogs it, did it make any difference to anyone?”

    — Wait for some PC anti-gun-nut to start calling the above sentence a veiled threat.

  9. Why does anyone give a damn what he says anymore?… or is it like a clown show where we get to see how ever more stupid he makes himself appear?

  10. The interesting thing about his first tweet, the one about “stopping the assassins”, is the way it’s worded. Typical Brit. “I won’t do it, but someone needs to, and I’m going to scream about it until someone does! What, no, of course I won’t do it, are you crazy? But I won’t hesitate to scream at others to do it.”

  11. Wow, I mean…

    If we took a poll of Americans, asked them all if they believed Mr LaPierre represented their interests then asked those same folks if they believed Mr. Morgan represented their interest, I wonder what the numbers would be like?

    Based upon the current membership of the NRA and Mr Morgans last ratings numbers (about 5million vs 39,000) I have a good guess. So Mr Morgan is advocating for the 1% and everyone else is just indecent?

    I mean he could just be another twit jockeying for attention, either way…wow.

  12. If it wasn’t for America and our GUNS, you would be speaking German.


      • oh please. They did much of the heavy dying. And they were on the side of the Germans until Operation Barbarossa. The US pushed across all of North Africa, Italy, and Western Europe as well as the entire Pacific in the time it took the Soviets to push back from Stalingrad to Berlin. Please spare the USSR hype. We did all the lifting in the Pacific and a majority in the European theater and we turned the tide of the war, or did you forget that there were two major theaters and the Soviets were only a player in one?

      • No. Though you are correct about Russia in WW2, the majority of the wehrmact met its fate at the hands of 200 soviet divisions, the Revolutionary War on the other hand was hardly “A French rescue” of the American Colonies. France provided no military assistance until very late in the war. Once they did it was very important, but more so the financial support, as opposed to the military side. By that time, the Revolution was on full blast and the British could never have succeeded in completely squashing it out. They could annihilate the Continental army over, and over again, as they had already done a few times, but it would rise up, and be there to fight again. The French Naval support at Yorktown was a key to defeating Cornwallis- and winning the war, but had that not happened, the war would have hardly been lost. It would’ve dragged on, but an American victory by that point was inevitable.

        And to counter such a statement with the “murican” bashing is certainly a sign of ignorance on the subject. Perhaps you need to do some more in-depth research on more than just simply the battles that occur in war. Though the “US back to back World War Champs” slogan is quite misleading, it is in fact true that the US gained the most out of both the world wars, compared to every other nation. Following WW2, the wealth and power of the US expanded to unseen levels in all of human history, even Stalin with all his military might, was no match to the supremacy the US had achieved. And had the US not been such a major factor, Nazi Germany even if defeated, we would have seen all of Europe dominated by the Soviet Union, save for Britain.

        • @NCA, thank you for the post. I get so tired of the America bashing from uneducated idiots/trolls….

        • No America-bashing; I was “bashing” the “America #1 World Champions of the World” set. The fact that that has to be explained speaks volumes about you and others here.

        • @Fler, your disdain of American explains your comments here as well. Speaks volumes about you.

  13. “If a Piers Morgan falls in the forest and no one blogs it, did it make any difference to anyone? . . .”

    It WOULD help if TTAG stops mentioning this @ssholes name…

  14. I have more respect for anyone in the NRA then one sorry reporter
    who fled the UK and then lost his job at one of the most liberal Pro-Obama
    media companies in the US.

  15. I love Piers Morgan. Love him. Love. Love. Love. He shows the true, ugly, hateful, intolerant face of the gun control movement line no one else. His idiotic pronouncements utterly destroy their claims of “common sense” and “common ground.”

    Keep tweeting, Piers, keep tweeting. We’ll keep handing you more rope.

  16. I saw Pierce on Fox Sports 1, talking soccer. I thought it was a good fit for him. I know, Pierce, it’s hard to recognize a decent human being from where your defective genes fit into the grand order of things.

  17. Indeed, who will stop the NRA from pushing for such an asinine federal law. standardizing conceal carry with a federal license? Great, Fed decides to make NJ’s CCW law the standard. NRA should be pushing for the one thing that truly is the very definition of the amendment they say they defend. Constitutional carry for all 50 states. Anything less is well, pointless. I’ll be hammering

    Jim Porter
    Wayne LaPierre
    Chris Cox
    Andrew Arulanandam

    every day with emails and phone calls if need be. Such a terrible idea.

  18. Last I checked, it looks like Piers took a job as a consultant for a political party back in the UK. I don’t even think he is in the US anymore. Quit blogging his tweets and giving a him another place for people to see the filth he spews. He is like any other bully, he just wants to get a rise out of us. Posting his stuff is giving him what he wants, ignore him and he will eventually give up.


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