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    • It was a tragic paddle-boarding accident, sir.

      . . .

      I know it’s February, sir, but I really just had the urge to get out on the water, and of course I always bring all my assault rifles.

      . . .

      Yes sir, all 17 of them at the same time.

    • Oh, come on – we’re just paranoid thinking anyone wants to confiscate our guns. I mean, there’s so many it would be impossible – that’s what all the libs say! Well, when they’re not saying our guns should be banned and confiscated, which they’ll be the first to tell you isn’t what they’re saying…

    • They’ll argue that they’re not confiscating anything, since you can sell it to an in-state dealer, sell it to anyone outside the state, or store it out of state.

      See? Options! What are you complaining about?

  1. So, owners just have to declare they have complied with the demands of the letter?

    Or is the state going to conduct house-to-house searches?

    Should we bring in some Ukrainians to help us learn how to deal with tyrants?

    • That’s were we are headed. Did you see the police who were captured? You need to be on the right side. Killing Americans will not go well for you.

        • This was already brought to SCOTUS as Haynes v US (1968). You’re still going to get charged with breaking the law(s), you just have the right to plead the 5th about it (ex: Police ask you if you failed to register your firearms or purchased them after the ban, you can’t be forced to answer). If they catch you with banned arms, you’re still going to get charged and based on the evidence collected, most likely convicted (or if you’re as lucky as all the actual career criminals, you might be able to plea to a lesser charge).

        • Being that the ‘edit feature’ isn’t working for me, I’ll also add this one thing: Per the above ruling, the state won’t charge you for failing to register, but they will charge you for having the banned arms.

        • @NYC2AZ

          No, this is a monstrously fat clusterf**%. The Supreme Court has held since 1968 that “a proper claim of the constitutional privilege against self-incrimination provides a full defense to prosecutions either for failure to register a firearm [required by statute] or for possession of an unregistered firearm [under such a statute].” Haynes v. United States, 390 US 85, 100 (1968)

          They also cannot just seize them without just compensation — they are property, lawfully acquired. Contraband is the only dodge they have. And that can only apply prospectively. To make such things contraband retroactively — they have a much bigger hurdle to overcome. This is an ex post facto law if applied retroactively … and moreover because the article ITSELF is NOT CONTRABAND. If registered it is unobjectionable — so that is not contraband in which there can be no right of possession at all.

          The registration of them has been commanded — and refusal of the command is not grounds to seize property that is not in itself contraband — the refusal to register may be an independent crime — but see Haynes above.

          What a effing train wreck …!

        • Are we really talking about taking the 5th while they stick a knife in the 2nd and twist it? The constitution didnt give you those rights it enumerated them. Either way the state has no respect for any of your supposed rights so dont count on them when you need them just be ready to stand up and defend them .

  2. This Connecticut crisis Will not end it confiscation or blood I can’t see the govenor or ag pursuing it even they know it is just too dangerous to give an order like that. That said if they do go through with confiscation this will end horribly

    • A few high profile media circus felony arrests of “lawbreakers” and the tone will be set. You see, the law abiding will lose sleep at night knowing the govt has branded them felons, the anxiety will achieve the compliance the tyrants want without a messy backlash. The broken subjects will relinquish their contraband and find solace that they still have their shotgun. For now.

      • The next spree killing is all the justification they’ll need, just as it was all the justification they needed to create these laws in the first place.

      • The real, huge danger is the taking away of the “law abiding” descriptor we like to throw around. By the stroke of a pen, they can claim that they are not law abiding gun owners, they are felons.

        It’s a pretty devious trick, and it has tendrils that extend far beyond just CT.

        • I don’t consider myself a ‘law abiding gun owner’. I am a virtuous man, a peaceful man, but I am not ‘law abiding’ anymore.

          So be it.

        • Well said Brenton Adams. Well said. We have evolved into 2 groups- those sheeple that blindly follow government and their commands to “make our life better” and we Americans who believe in, live by and enforce our Constitution. If we continue on this path, a revolution is coming. Anyone can see that. I am beyond tired of some namby pamby Congressman sitting in DC and deciding what is best for me. These oxygen-sucking parasites (i.e. Congressmen) either slept through history class or held Hilter as their hero since they wore Underoo’s. Call me crazy, but I am preparing for STHF sooner rather than later. Realistically though, we will likely limp along losing Liberties left and right for another 50 years or so until finally people get so fed up and oppressed, SOMETHING meaningful is done.

        • “If we continue on this path, a revolution is coming. Anyone can see that. ”

          In point of fact, many people cannot, because they are in severe denial, or they suffer from normalcy bias, a very dangerous condition.

          But yes, something very big and unpredictable is around the corner. The various think tanks have gamed the different permutations out. I imagine FEMA also. But sometimes the unpredictable will happen.

          Will it be revolution, or counter-revolution? It’s the old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times.”

      • I’m really beginning to think this is more about driving out undesirable voters than driving out undesirable firearms. Do you think people who take the 2nd Amendment seriously are going to be the type to support the Dem political machine?

    • Perhaps not, but the very existence of the law allows for capricious, arbitrary, and selective prosecution (or the threat thereof) against non-complying gun owners.

      There may never be mass arrests or confiscations, but they will happen one at a time, starting with people accused of ANY other transgression.

      When gun ownership records start showing up as part of the drivers license check for traffic stops, the number of confiscations will grow exponentially.

      Mass door to door raids would arouse resistance. Count on our “rulers” to use a one at a time strategy.

  3. the letter should have ended with a P.S.

    “P.S. – How much do you love your family dog? Think about Fido when we show up. Just sayin . . . .”

      • And yet they keep doing it every chance they get. Pretty sure they don’t care about that backlash. Wonder at what point they will feel bold enough to go for grandpa or Junior instead of/in addition to the dog.

        • Stop whining and start preparing the battlefield.

          Uniformed enforcers will only trample freedoms if they think they will have a safe home to go back to at the end of their shift. Make it your business to know where every local cop lives, and who his loved ones are.

          We dodged nuclear anihilation for decades because the Soviets knew that they could maybe kill a lot of us, but when the dust settled their homes and families would be gone too.

        • I think that if there’s anything we can depend upon, it’s that police officers will follow orders.

          That said, I don’t think your local cops would be the ones called upon to do gun confiscation. In rough order, it would be:

          1) Foreign troops, with Polish, Czech and Russians the most likely candidates

          2) National Guard, not duty troops

          3) Police officers from other cities, with a nod to close-in cities (for budget reasons, meaning transportation costs

      • Perhaps, but NC currently has a Constitutional Carry bill in committee. S410, for those playing at home.

        NC made some good steps in 2013, too. Our momentum is in the right direction.

        And that, of course, can change at any time.

    • First they came for the Drug Users, and I did not speak out–
      Because I was not a Drug User.

      Then they came for the Politically Incorrect, and I did not speak out–
      Because I was not Politically Incorrect.

      Then they came for the Gun Owners in Connecticut, and I did not speak out–
      Because I was not a Gun Owner in Connecticut,.

      Then they came for me–and there was no one left but a gun to speak for me…..

      • Definitely parallels with the words of Herr Niemöller. I’ve been saying for years that we’re basically living in early ’30s Germany now in the US, with so much of the populace refusing to see where we’re headed.

      • Great post.

        It’s nice that Texas is safe but I want the constitution to apply to all people, including the one’s who don’t respect it.

  4. I’ll buy any gun that doesn’t meet the ban demand for a dollar, however, because I have limited space in my house in NV and I don’t want to pay shipping costs, I would like you to hold on to those guns until I can drive over there and pick them up… sometime in 2025 ok for you? I’ll pay you a dollar per gun to rent the space.

  5. This whole administration is lies and so on the right. I purchased a mail box in FL for 100. Then send in a Declaration of Domicile. No state tax and none of this. Yes it is that easy.

    • Because of thinking like this the door to door no knockers will have a dude with a metal detector to sweep walls, under the house and yards. Best bet would be putting them under your anti-gun neighbors yard!!!

      • “When you think it’s time to bury your guns, it’s actually time to dig them up”.

        -seen previously on TTAG but I don’t remember what post so it’s difficult to provide credit where credit is due. If onna you editors remembers or can find out easily and fix this for me – it would be appreciated.

        What, when the MIB shows up you’re gonna say “Hang on there gentlemen – I need to go dig some holes real quick. Be right back.” ?

      • “I swear, I don’t know how that got there”

        Allyou would haveto do is burry it underneath/near a cable box or or near a metal light post. You could also bury it underneath a red herring, some other metal object and hope they don’t double check the hole.

  6. Letter from Der Staat: “Your application wasn’t postmarked before January 1, 2014; Your property is hereby forfeited.”

    Letter dated January 2, 2014.


  7. Did anyone determine when the FOIA requests regarding the “Sandy Hook” event will be replied to? There are a lot of interesting unanswered questions about that day, and this gun-grabbing action (one thin slice at a time) hinges on that tall tale. Listen to what Wolfgang Halbig, who has investigated past school shootings, has to say about Sandy Hook:

    No medi-vac helicopters summoned?
    Porta-potties in place within hours?
    A FEMA simulation of the exact scenario taking place twenty minutes away?
    No wounded kids, all killed, all within 10 minutes?

    It’s worth listening to. Especially given that the story was followed by a well-prepared gun-grabbing campaign. Which, happily, has largely fallen on its face.

    • The number of people smelling a very large Sandy Hook rat is growing exponentially.

      You forgot (just to name but one): Parents “identified” they dead kids by PHOTOGRAPH; none were allowed to to identify the body of their child!

      If you think REAL parents of REAL dead kids would put up with that, I don’t know what to say. The reasonable conclusion is they knew their kids didn’t die… IOW, they were in on the hoax.

      Additionally, a number of these “families” moved to SH shortly before the “shooting”, and left town shortly thereafter.

  8. Seems like a business opportunity for anyone just across the border in a neighboring state to provide firearm self-storage units. Is there anything in the law that says you can’t bring an out of state gun in-state for a weekend visit?

    • I am not a lawyer, but as I understand it, it’s against the law to posses, literally to have with you, any of the prohibited items in the state, unless passing through in such a way as would be covered in the peaceable journey law.

      • So there are no 3 Gun, High Power (Service) Rifle and similar competitions in CT?

        I wonder if some enterprising private entity could sponsor such a match and if State Law forbids use of the tools to compete, challenge said law on the basis of Interstate Commerce?

        That might sound hokey as hell…it’s just an off-the-cuff thought.

        • Bell City Gun Club is warm up for Camp Perry High-power matches. They get everyone from Maine to FL to attend the warm-up matches. Good question, I will have to find out.

  9. If the state really wanted people to turn in their guns they would buy them. Point number four where it says to relinquish the firearm to the police makes it obvious this is about disarmament to anyone who doesn’t already know.

    • Yup. It came out 1st week in January. If was official then, it was pending some bureaucratic approval before mailing them out. However, I haven’t seen any confirmation of that anywhere. Just a rehash of an old urban legend.

      • As someone who lives in CT, yes, it has been blogged before. And no, it is not Urban Legend.

        The only think at issue and that has been resolved is that they state will be taking the applications they previously said were void. Read the letter, they have basically reversed their decision.

        • Read the date it was written. Jan 2. It is also the exact same letter. You are in CT, do you know someone who received this letter?

  10. I was actually thinking about starting a business to provide secure out-of-state storage for CT gun owners until this nonsense goes away.

    • You need an FFL. The guns would need to be sold to you. No gun owner would do that unless there was an iron clad way for them to get those guns back.

      • If you’re not buying or selling, just renting out storage space in a safe, I’m pretty sure no FFL is necessary. And I am fairly certain it is illegal to sell a firearm to a resident of another state without going through an FFL.

        IANAL, but I hear there’s a retired one around here somewhere. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll chime in.

    • Nothing in the law requires that the sale out of state be reported. What would be interesting is if there are few raids for supposed illegal gun owners and few dogs or people killed and then only to find out that the guns have been sold out of state per the law.

      That would pretty much turn the state upside down.

    • Interesting idea. Set up a gunvault business in Vermont where ppl from New York and Connecticut pay you to store their firearms.

    • This sounds like a pretty good idea. It would really be no different than any other bonded/insured high-value storage. Maybe find an old bank branch somewhere?

      • How “viable” is this idea if it doesn’t “go away” for five years? Ten? Twenty?

        Did you bring your crystal ball?

  11. Someone should coordinate a maritime event, coinciding with the Blessing of the Fleet in Southport or Stonington (usually in June or July) and call it the “Great Long Island Sound Boating Disaster Flotilla” and go out and dump [empty?] cardboard boxes (biodegradable and recycled, of course) …

    I suspect the fishermen have no more love for the government than do we…

  12. Prediction: Guns will be confiscated, gun owners will be beaten and thrown in prison, pets will be shot to death, families will be threatened and not 1 round will be fired by our side in anger against the tyrants. Why do I say this you ask?? People are too worried about house payments, soccer games and Dancing with the Stars. Our priories do not include dying for freedom and liberty on our own soil.

  13. It should be ridiculously easy to avoid prosecution for this. The amount of resources necessary to track down all the “sold” and “gifted” guns will be astronomical.

  14. Write a letter to Lt. Eric Cooke and demand that he resign immediately and turn himself into proper authorities for treason, File a warrant for his arrest and the arrest of any or all supervisors who gave him such an order to confiscate.

    Furthermore, the Special Licensing & Firearms Unit is to be dismantled asap because this unit has no purpose under the Constitution of the United States.

    Give them 48 hours to comply.

    Remind that Lt. Eric Cooke is an American and he is threatening to take property from other Americans unjustly and without due process.

    Remind them this is a right and is protected and that he took an oath to protect that right.

    Remind him that he is malfunctioning as a police officer and a citizen of the United States and that he needs to turn to his superiors and bring them to justice.

    If People do not let you in their house, will you force your way in? If you do, and they do not cooperate and shots are fired, Is this worth life liberty and pursuit of happiness?

    These are Law Abiding Citizens and You are about to Provoke them to Violence without justification.

    Think this thru and read this letter twice.

    • But they are NOT law abiding people anymore…fiat legislation is a dangerous thing. It’s even more dangerous when it becomes “normalized” and people don’t fight it tooth and nail EVERY time it happens.

      Crimes against paperwork … wrong date on your form? You are now a felon.

      That should piss off every American, R or D, lib or con. There is just no place for that, or there shouldn’t be.

    • What would happen if folks formed their own citizens militia and arrested the evil doer’s for treasonable offenses. That’s what they are worried about.

      • I think it would be for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” instead. The term “Treason” is being flung around like a dead cat by the ignorant.

      • A Sovereign Citizen PR train-wreck and a Waco-style shoot out with media cover-up is what you will end up with. Use the courts and appeal this seizure, they’re working in California now. If that fails ratchet up to an economic boycott.

  15. Isn’t it amazing how fast registration has turned into confiscation. Were the government and were here to help you!

  16. Ok… how many people do we think actually submitted applications AFTER the deadline? Those will be the only people they can even target/question/confiscate/etc.

    • This post leaves out a lot of information.

      The image is of a letter sent specifically to gun owners who tried to register but missed the deadline.

      From the article in the CT Journal Inquirer:

      The state is sending letters to 106 rifle owners and 108 residents with high-capacity magazines saying they can destroy the guns and ammunition, sell them to a federally licensed gun dealer, move the items out of state or sell them to somebody out of state, or make arrangements to turn them over to local or state police.

      Guns save life originally posted the story, then picked up by Sipsey Street and finally Bearing Arms posted the image of the letter today.

  17. To every AR owner inCT!! I’ll give you $100 each, $10 for mags and with signed contract to be sold back to you, unfired, as soon as CT lawmakers drop this petty bullshit unconstitutional law!! Hell I’ll even drive up there and meet you at the state line!! Anyone up for a road trip??

  18. They’re not taking away our guns, they’re making it unlawful to refuse to relinquish your firearm to your local police department. Isn’t that better?

  19. sounds like someone needs to create highly secure out of state gun storage solutions for those in need…then Colorado like political repercussions need to take place against the unconstitutional legislators of their states.

    • There’s a pretty good chance that the GOP can take the governorship (likely a RINO of course) but little to no chance of flipping both houses of the Assembly.

      Help us Justice Anthony Kennedy, you’re our only hope!

      [we’re frakked].

    • What makes you believe this will “be over” anytime soon? Or within your lifetime? This is sad, but laughable. IT. IS. NOT. GOING. TO. CHANGE. They won. You lost.

      Now deal with it like a rational human being. LEAVE.

  20. Funny, I used to miss living in Connecticut, but it’s amazing how little the fresh air, beautiful countryside and charming, small-town folksiness really amount to when stacked against my inalienable rights.

    Sorry, CT, but you picked the clowns behind this legislation, and I doubt that I’m alone in saying I’ll never spend any of my money there again unless you wake up and get rid of them.

  21. Ok 106 rifle owners and 108 mag owners. Can we find enough people here to pay the FFL fee and have them transferred out of state till CT gets rid of these ignorant politicians. When the political pussies are gone the owners can pay the FFL Transfer fee to get them back!!
    They don’t lose their weapons and CT government doesn’t get to keep or “destroy” the “illegal weapons/mags”!!

  22. I wouldn’t stop to piss in Connecticut. I’m still having trouble accepting that this is happening in the home of Nathan Hale.

      • Ok so say they’ve been of average popularity since 1975. That’s 39yrs give or take that they have been a “firearm in common use”!! Hmm sounds like the CT State LEO’s are in need of new “assault weapons” for their troopers and too piss poor to buy their own!!

    • AK 47’s should be curio and relic eligible now and the AR shouldn’t be far behind – EXCEPT the ATF will never add either of those to the approved list.

      • Firearms don’t need to be on the C&R list to be C&R. That is only one of the ways a gun can qualify as C&R.

        Any gun that is 50 years old is automatically C&R.

    • Yes they do!! And using it as such they are actually saying that you must turn in your Fully Automatic Rifles! Only assault weapons I know of! And we know the hoops you have to jump through to own on of those nasty things(sarc)!!

  23. …and why does the Police need a separate department dedicated to “Public Protection”?….
    I know….. Warren….. but still……..

  24. Pretty sure the one’s who didn’t register are using this letter for practical uses. Making paper planes or Origami, starting a fire in a fireplace, or just using a shredder.

  25. Behold the visage of naked totalitarianism! Note the letter says nothing about “confiscation”, but who wants to be the first person the government goes after? Who wants to be the first to be shot down like a dog (your dog probably went first in the raid {obligatory TTAG sarcasm}), your wife arrested and children taken by Social Services for daring to resist?
    Enforcement of these laws would have to result in raids to seize “illegal” guns and magazines from non-complying arms owners who are identified by the record of their denied application. They only need to kill/arrest a few resisting arms owners to put sufficient fear into the majority and get them to comply “peaceably”. And to think this is happening in one of the original Colonies/States…there are no words adequate to condemning this situation…no words.

  26. There’s a whole lot of people who think people who are for the Second Amendment just want to intimidate and kill them, and that the whole “Second Amendment thing” is just a smokescreen to put them in their place. They vote in mass and support the “tyrants” that take your weapons, because they are afraid that you have bad intentions for them. Those feelings are a big reason a very unpopular Obama won a second term. If those people are wrong about your intentions, there are not very many people telling them so.

  27. The letter is bogus.

    Anyone even notice the date of the letter?

    It’s dated 1/2/2014.

    So for this to be a real letter a couple of things had to happen:
    1) The addressee would have had to mailed the letter 1/2/2014.
    2) CT Police would have to receive the letter 1/2/2014.
    3) Lt Cooke would have to write the above letter 1/2/2014.

    None of that happened because that would require government to move at warp speed. And we know the Post Office and the Police don’t move that fast.

    Also a buddy of mine called CT and spoke to Lt Cooke. He is a real person.

    • It’s a form letter, addressed to “Dear Sir/Madam,” and would have been printed before Jan. 2, in anticipation of late applications.

      Yes, governments really do anticipate that certain people will miss deadlines and they prepare their response. It’s pretty standard stuff.

      I don’t know if the letter is real or not, but the date alone doesn’t make me suspect its authenticity.

  28. At least one poster on the TTAG Facebook page has made the allegation that this letter is fake. At first I was about to argue that point going so far as to google the document and found at least three news/blog sources confirming the existence of the letter BUT… I noticed that the date on the letter is January 2, 2014. Would they have been able to have these letters ready to mail one day after the holidays? Just want to confirm this thing before I put my “I’m Outraged” hat on.

    • Better yet just start our own letter writing campaign. Use the CT form and fill it out. First name: Nancy Lanza, address: 36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, CT 06482, gun to be registered : Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle, etc.
      Use her name because we all know that Adam Lanza used the “kill your mom loop hole” to get his gun used that terrible day. Registration of rifles wouldn’t have changed that day because she would have got hers registered in her name and he would have still taken it.
      If enough people mailed one a day for a month it would make the news and then take on a life of it’s own. Then they would find out what the rest if the country thinks of this.

  29. Here’s an angle… As I understand it the Con law is based on how many features an AR has… Would it fall within the guidelines of illegal if the upper and lower of a “featured” AR were seperated?
    Maybe even completely stripped down to a stripped lower + parts kits? Hard to count features without a complete firearm… Not only that but the stripped lower is the part that defines the firearm and yet has no features so is not illegal to own nor require registration. The unassembled parts are not illegal to possess (I don’t think) unliess the are assembled into a complete firearm. What I’m getting at is where is that threshold between featureless and featured that crosses over to registration?
    Mags.. different story – I don’t think there is any wiggle room there.

    • Matt, welcome to semi-auto weapon ban interpretation Kommiefornia style. Since the laws are trying to define something that doesn’t really exist, it becomes easier to break them down. We have been dealing with it for years. We have bullet buttons and featureless rifles. It all depends on how the law is written. check out to see how we deal with this crap in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Kaliforniastan.

      In your violence free utopia, are magazine parts illegal? Can you use magblocks to restrict capacity? Is your rifle ban written around semi-autos? On AR-15’s once you remove the gas tube and turn the gas block around to block the gas port, it is no longer semi-auto. Just get creative.

    • I don’t recall the exact wording of the law off hand, but it has the semi-standard language which covers possession of the part necessary to complete an “asault weapon” as they define it. In theory you might be ok if you had what was, prior to April 2013, a “post-ban”, CT legal AR (i.e. no bayonet lug, no folding stock and a pinned “approved” muzzle brake), AND THEN you removed the pistol grip (and any forward grips, which were previously not named/banned features, but now are) and then legally disposed of them so that they were no longer actually or constructively in your possession.

      Of course, the rumor is that Maloy threatened Stag Arms that if they came up with a CT-legal AR (via a funky grip or something) he would just get the law changed again, so no FFL in the state wants to touch so much as a stipped lower.

  30. Never thought about something as simple as spinning the gas block! I fortunately live in Michigan so can own a full featured AR. 5 round mag block for hunting but otherwise no other issues.

    How do the folks in Cali interpret a unpinned featured AR – anybody been challenged by the “authorities” on that yet?

  31. So let me get this straight.
    Someone tried to comply after a certain date and the application was rejected anyway? So it’s really not about registration, it’s really about elimination. They are going to encourage non-compliant to say screw it and just keep quiet.

  32. I’m reading between the lines here. The ones who didn’t meet the deadline have given LEO a list of the illegal items, an address where to search and probable cause. So will it be two uniforms knocking OR SWAT boys a’rockin’? Or does LEO just wait to see who responds…very interesting, but dangerous.

    • I’m going out on a limb and saying no to SWAT teams. They are going to have a high, permanent turnover rate, and there just aren’t enough SWAT officers in any one city or locality.

  33. The date on the letter is not a postmark so it may have been written ahead of time and “predated; to actually be mailed once they had a list of noncomplying applications. What we need is proof of receipt.

    • The rest of the country is behind you Mr. Burke . I am already seeing plans made for convoys to CT to help our fellow Americans . Things like ,” If the stand must be made in Connecticut , here we come”

  34. Hold Fast Patriots. The eyes of every freedom loving American across this great nation are focused squarely on our Brothers in Conn. The Govt should fear us yet they systematically strip us of rights , force unwanted burdens upon our shoulders and do as they please without listening to the people . The men and women who will uphold our constitutional rights on our own soil have kept quiet . We have been mistaken as weak ,mistaken as unorganized and mistaken as timid however we are none of these. We are smart , we are brave and we are strong . The talking heads have been building steam under the disillusion of all these things they think we are , they see we are not standing and as of late , the corruption is growing so fast that we can no longer even keep daily track of the scandals and atrocities that plague our offices on high. However they have only succeeded in lulling themselves into a false sense of security , perhaps the same way the Japanese thought of this great country as weak before they bombed Pearl Harbor . However they will surely see , with eyes wide open that we are anything but weak. Get out of the cities , away from the urban sprawl . Walk into a coffee shop , a gun store or anyplace where MEN meet in small town USA . Listen to the murmur , it is the same across the country . We are fed up , and tired of the political disobedience from our elected officials. The meek shall inherit the earth , sound familiar ? Its the truth . The harder you tear at our constitution , the louder that murmur gets . Soon it will be a yell , then an inevitable war cry and you will find yourselves with backs against the wall . You see , your plans of using our military against us is not going to work . Those are our Brothers , Sister , Sons and Daughters. We have sat on tailgates around campfires together , Hung deer stands in the timber and sighted rifles side by side. We were the ones that hugged them when they left , and the ones that teared up when we saw them return , not you. They are not your lapdog servants . They are our FAMILY . So again , Hold Fast Patriots , Hold Fast Connecticut , Hold Fast New York . You are the first , you ARE the threshold , you are ………..the breaking point . To everyone reading this , you are not alone , you and your friends conversations and thoughts are shared , we are united with an unspoken bond . To the puppet masters pulling the strings , this is not a threat , it is not a warning , It is a plea . A plea to stop abusing your power and the people of this great nation . No one WANTS this . Don’t put us in a position where we NEED this.

  35. Basically they’re exploiting the list of gun owners who attempted to comply but failed due to a variety of reasons. That list identifies the individual, where they live, and what they own that is in violation and that’s who is basically receiving the notices. Funny that it’s almost the exact same letter that folks in NYC received. Question is where do they in CT go from there? Home to home door-knocks demanding search? It is unlikely there will be some violent standoff but it defiantly sets a tense standoff. Here’s an excerpt from my article…

    “So earlier I wrote how Connecticut was considering its alternatives following the abysmal turnout to its gun and high-capacity magazine registration effective 1 January 2014. But it appears that lawmakers in Connecticut are doubling down and willing to make an example of a small minority within the gun community in the hopes it will intimidate the rest to follow-thru with the state’s gun registration laws. The law itself is but one of several examples into the anti-gun lobby’s larger efforts of state implemented registration and the ultimate goal of confiscation…”

  36. Why University students (and kids) need to be armed in Conneticut or ANOTHER libtard pedarast. Good that he is a professor.

    In July, the University of Connecticut placed the music professor Robert Miller on leave and barred him from campus, amid allegations that he had committed sex crimes with minors while working at a camp, and had had inappropriate interactions with UConn students. The allegations concerned conduct that had apparently gone on for years, prompting the university to commission an outside law firm to determine whether the university had failed in its responsibilities.

    Read more:
    Inside Higher Ed

    • Of course, this had to be widely known to the authorities. For a long time. Word of things like this gets around fast in certain circles.


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