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Hi Robert,

First off, Mr. W was my dad. Me, I’m just Bo. Second, I’ve got both a Big Dot & a Std Dot for the SP101, headed your way. The LC9 front sights are still out having tritium fitted, should be back in a week to ten days time.

There is a lot of internet babble out there about how inaccurate the Big Dot is at any distance beyond 15 yards. The reality is if you tell yourself that it won’t be accurate, guess what it won’t. Accuracy is all about keeping the sights aligned while you trip the trigger . . .

Yes, in a pure target environment like Camp Perry, these wouldn’t be my choice of sights, but then again most folks aren’t attacked by sheets of paper with black bull’s eyes on them either. We keep the Standard Dot around for these folks that just can’t bring themselves to understand this, because while it isn’t as good as the Big Dot, it is a HUGE improvement over the factory sights.

I’d also like to clarify something I said during our phone conversation, that you put on the site which isn’t in the right context. And that has to do with the number of rounds fired during LE shootings.

The average number of rounds fired in the majority of LE shooting incidents is still down in the 3-5 rounds fired. What I said was that in many cases if after firing the first couple of rounds, the officer doesn’t see/achieve the expected results, then one of the things likely to happen is they start upping the trigger pace, which hardly ever results hitting anything. This is especially true if the more officers involved at the scene, that phenomena is known as “contagious or sympathetic fire”.

[Note: TTAG text amended.]

This is a big topic with lots of ground to cover.  That and things are being discovered each day which give us a better understanding of what actually does go on in a gunfight.  The increasing number of security cameras & dashboard car cameras have opened up a whole avenue to analyzing incidents.

In the Detroit Police station shooting I didn’t see any of the officers shooting to slide lock.  Yup, there are several times when pistols were just lifted over the top of a desk/counter and a couple of rounds hosed off in the suspects general direction.  The thing there was they all pretty much got caught on the wrong side of the decision cycle curve.  Have you read any on John Boyd and the OODA loop?



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  1. I love those sights. The very first article I wrote for TTAG was about my ridiculously accurate “cheapo” 1911 that wears Big Dots proudly. Any doubters should check out the pic of my 5 shot grouping in that article. They take a little getting used to, but once you figure them out they are phenomenal.

  2. I was taught to shoot with the tip of the sight covering the target, and I was extremely accurate. It took me a long time to adjust my sight picture to the six o’clock hold, and with my old-timer eyes it works okay. I’d love to try this sight to see if it improves my accuracy to something approaching what I could achieve in my youth.

  3. When it come to guns or gun related items, I do a lot of research before I buy anything. I don’t have a lot of money to dedicate to this…interest/hobby/sickness, so I have to be careful how I spend my limited funds. Like most gun accessories, there are plenty of opinions for or against any particular product for various reasons. So, when I started my search for replacement night sights about a year ago, I spent countless hours crossing off one top name manufacture after another based on my limited opinions until I came across XS. All of the negatives reviews that I had read about XS Sight’s unconventional design vanished as soon I watched the attached video above. It was love at first sight (sorry). I knew they were the sights for me and I couldn’t be happier with the decision.


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