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Another day, another college kid at The University of North Carolina who thinks that a self-defense firearm escalates violence rather than protects the innocent from greater harm. First Foote. Now Scheidt. (No scatological jokes please.) The thing is, a lot non-firearm folk think of a gun as an all or nothing deal. Of the force level continuum they know not. As Emile Chartier put it, “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea when it is the only one you have.” And if that’s too elliptical for a college-trained mind, try an elliptical trainer. Kidding. Try this one: “There are only two kinds of scholars; those who love ideas and those who hate them.” Or just go visit the NC State Rifle Team, SVP. So here’s the letter . . .


After reading the letters and reports concerning the robbery at Morrison, I’m at a loss as to how someone could argue adding concealed weapons to the situation would have made things “safer.” Unless the residents of Morrison were ready to shoot to kill, any kind of escalation might have resulted in a firefight instead of a robbery.

Look, I’ve been mugged at gunpoint before. Was it scary? Did it make me feel helpless? Was I frustrated and furious? Of course. But in the end the guy got my wallet and I got my life. Even if I’d been armed, I’m still fairly sure the worst thing I could have done was pull another gun on someone sick and desperate enough to hold me up in the first place.

Some may argue the mere presence of concealed weapons on campus is enough to deter crime. DPShas a whole bunch of them about 100 feet from Morrison.

I would argue locking your doors and windows (to prevent Chapel Hill creeping), not letting armed, convicted felons into your residence hall (a.k.a. Morrison) and not walking alone late at night (thanks SafeWalk) are probably safer and more effective strategies than allowing concealed weapons on campus.

Spencer Scheidt
Biology Major

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  1. I think it is funny that the typical democrat is saying campus carry is not a good idea because college kids are basically not mature or “ready” enough, yet they have become a large part of the democratic voting base.

    • You’re right, I’ve never thought about that. Hilarious. But naturally they are mature enough to get an abortion at any age. Pretty sick.

  2. Minimum age for CCW in NC is 21 so this doesn’t affect him at all, except to remove him from the “it’s safe to shoot here” area that most gun-free zones are. Typical Chapel Hill dumba$$.

  3. What really ticks me off is their insistence in accepting a social “contract” with a criminal is justified. “But in the end the guy got my wallet and I got my life.” Since when is it OK for him to impose his feelings on someone else that they should accept this as the best option?

  4. i go to this school and most of the students here are spoiled privileged brats that never worked a real day in their entire life. doesnt surprise me that they talk about health care rights and worker rights all day but when it comes to right to self preservation they dont give a dam.

  5. As an NC State grad, I had no idea that state had(s) a rifle team. One more reason I am proud of the Red and White.

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