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UT professor Lisa Moore says the Texas Tech shooter's illegally carried gun was "encouraged by Texas legislators"

“I think it’s really important not to let our awareness of the loss and sorrow and grief that an event like this causes to distract us from the fact that it is preventable. Of course, this student had a gun with him because the idea that guns belong on college has been encouraged by our legislators.” – UT Austin English professor Lisa Moore in Texas Tech Shooting Renews Debate About Guns on Campus [via]

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  1. Well, of course.

    Surely no student would ever do anything except what a respected authority figure told him to do.

    • This egghead is doing what liberals always do in the wake of a tragedy: (1) politicizing the tragedy to advance their anti-freedom, liberal agenda, (2) shifting responsible for the crime from the criminal to either an inanimate object or a third party, and (3) advancing causal connection that is fictitious. In this case, it’s patently absurd to think that this college student took his inspiration from the Texas legislature. I dare say that no college student in America looks to a state legislature for guidance in their personal life. Just another example of how out-of-touch these ivory towered eggheads really are when it comes to life and human nature. And why colleges pose a grave threat to young people in this country.

    • He has a constitutional right to put whatever poison in his body he wants and to make a buck (or a hundred) making sure his drug-buddies can experience the same mind-opening experience for themselves…

      Uhm, right???

      • Has nothing to do with the “constitution.” Each human being owns their body and life, just exactly as they have the right to self defense, by any means necessary. What a person does or does not do with their own life and body is none of your business. If they are a credible threat to your life or body, then you may exercise self defense, of course. Otherwise, MYOB.

        • So, you would have no problem with him living next door to you running his ‘business endeavor’ while you are raising curious children?

          (Remember – according to our last president, they are children until age 26…)

          • No, I have no problem with whatever my neighbor does on his own property (or rental). I am the only one responsible for my children and their safety.

            Passing “laws” against drug use or sales is no more effective for keeping me or my children safe than the laws against guns keeps the criminals from committing crime. You can’t have it both ways.

        • Don’t forget, this kid wasn’t of age to legally own a handgun. He was a criminal on multiple counts.

    • And when victims of a mass murderer at a college campus run for their lives from a murderer performing illegal murder at an illegal venue with firearms while trying to harm people illegally after illegally brandishing his firearms did legislators encourage that too?

  2. I’d agree with her, that this murder was entirely preventable, and openly encouraged by our legislators, and other smug, pretentious, like-minded assholes to her, and the BLM-rabid anti-Trump-type.

  3. She’s a professor of creative writing. Using conjecture as a persuasive literary device is how she rolls (and how she roles…see what I did right there?)

      • Well, unless he snagged it from his parents’ house, it kinda had to be since he could not legally purchase one, being only 19 years old. And I am assuming that he did not have a CCW either. So the legalization of firearms on campuses, which is not unlimited, and may not have applied in dorms either, had nothing to do with this case. Yes, she must be a creative writer, because her logic certainly is “creative.”

    • Something about that smug look, isn’t she one of the professors who were protesting the carry law in the first place?

    • It’s true. See her latest published piece, an article titled “Practicing Peace on a Weaponized Campus” in the 2017 spring/summer newsletter of something called the Association of American Colleges amd Universities. In it, this Canadian, lesbian, professor reveals that she felt “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” the day that campus carry went into effect.

      After raising the issue with that first class, three student walked out class, and the others sat in fear, shock, and horror. So now she starts every class with five minutes of meditation.

      By my calculations, that’s more than 33 hours of class time across her whole teaching load this semester that she’ll waste on breathing exercises to “let ourselves get soft and vulnerable alongside each other.”

      • Wordsworth’s spontaneous flow of powerful feelings produced poetry, but from this maudlin pretender, it seems the only product is a mandatory period of meditation inflicted on a captive audience. Behold the modern academic.

      • I don’t care about the lesbian part but, as someone born in Canada (now a US citizen), I find her to be an embarrasment
        to my native country. The late science fiction author, Robert Heinlein, held professors of creative writing in contempt. One can see why.

        • In her case, the lesbian part isn’t just some innocuous personal trait. It’s a life defining aspect that also serves as the foundation for her entire career.

          From her aerie in the UT-Austin Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, she has for years swooped down and churned out book after book, article after article, on historical and cultural topics. Each one views, interprets, and redefines events and issues through the prism of her sexual orientation.

          Insofar as these liberals continually castigate firearms owners in the most offensively sexual terms, it’s entirely relevant to mention the source of their sexual obsessions. It can help place their comments in the proper context.

        • Back in the late ’50s I wrote a story about layering light until it was strong enough to cut through things. My Creative Writing teacher was disgusted and told me that SF wasn’t a “Real” genre. She said other stupid things as well.

        • @Dave in Fairfax–

          I remember getting the same line. We were also taught that no sentence should be longer than twenty-five words.
          I told her that cramped my creativity and made me feel oppressed. 🙂

      • @Dave in Fairfax–

        I remember getting the same line. We were also taught that no sentence should be longer than twenty-five words.

  4. Ok. Let us pick this apart shall we?
    1. He was underage. He couldn’t legally acquire a CHL in Texas.
    2.He had to be 21 to buy a handgun from an FFL in Texas. (Think that’s federal and it doesn’t mention being gifted a handgun.)
    3.He had said handgun on him in the police station. (Big No No).
    4.He was a known drug dealer if other comments on this post are to be believed.
    So he had already broken a few laws by the time the campus cops got him to the station and he broke a few more when he shot said campus cops in their own station house. Obviously one could deduce that laws did not prevent this crime nor do they prevent any other crime. Laws punish the perpetrators AFTER they are caught and AFTER they are convicted of crimes by a jury of their peers. I don’t know where this thought that laws prevent crime came from but it needs to go away as anyone with a modicum of common sense knows no law can prevent a crime it just codifies actions that are criminal and outlines punishment for said actions.

    • “I don’t know where this thought that laws prevent crime came from ”

      From their mythology professors…..

    • “3.He had said handgun on him in the police station. (Big No No).”

      As of last night, he somehow acquired the weapon while he was being ‘questioned’ in the station…

      • That’s the police narrative, to cover up the fact that they neglected to properly search him before bringing him in.

        The slain officer’s gun was not taken, and police stations don’t just have loaded guns lying about.

    • 21 to buy from an FFL, but he only has to be 18+ to buy from a private seller in Texas. 22 is the mimimum for a license to carry, unless he’s also in the military, in which case it’s 18. I haven’t seen anything reported about his having a carry license, though.

      Murdering a police officer is a capital offense here and subject to the death penalty.

  5. McFly…..McFly! Guns on college campuses are not “encouraged” by the legislature. The legislature and the governor only created a law allowing for the lawful carry of firearms for self-defense purposes. That’s a more strict exercise of the use of firearms than that of the university’s own armed police force, which you apparently have no problem with.

    How do you explain the killer’s acts of drug possession and criminal homicide when those are expressly prohibited by the legislature?

    Quit trying to blame victims, exonerate criminals, and ridicule others whose only interest is peaceful coexistence backed by the capacity for self-defense.

  6. Ya, he was encouraged by evil POS (D) legislators that made that ahole shooter think he could F up and enslave other people’s kids by selling them drugs. The same drugs that made him open to chucking Societal Agreement, when confronted with his illegality, in shooting the campus cop.

    (R) is sucking pretty hard right now, but the PROBLEM is still the POS evil (D).

    Fix the problem.

  7. Drug dealing illegal gun toting murderous 19year old…sound like a certain large midwestern Southside?!? Encouraged? “The gun was calling out me”😫😡

  8. She’s just taking advantage of a convenient opportunity to make a connection between an event by cherry-picking a cause that suits her agenda. Standard Progressive Liberal procedure. And, of course, the National Broadcasting Communists News had to jump on it because it suits their agenda. Standard Fake News Network procedure.

  9. The laws only encourage people when it’s to do something you don’t like. Otherwise it’s ludicrous to suggest that laws could be changing our behavior.

    • Seriously? I got a flame deleted for that comment? There was nothing derogatory or ad hominem targeted at the picture.

  10. “Of course, this student had a gun with him because the idea that guns belong on college has been encouraged by our legislators.”
    Yeah, professor, you have a point. The legislature was wrong b/c they didn’t encourage the idea that guns belong EVERYWHERE.

  11. Perfect example of how well Laws work against illegal drugs and dealers. Just like all the Laws about illegal ownership of a gun. But he was a good kid.

  12. There is a type of insanity that seems to infect college instructors. This woman is also a carrier.

    Symptoms include delusions, mental lapses and liberalism.
    Maybe some cops also suffer from such maladies, assuming that a law protects them too. It seems that some cops assume college campuses are safe and young people are not dangerous.

    It wasn’t legal “campus carry” that the college laws caused, but the idea that drug use and immorality are “just free speech.”

  13. Another lock step liberal moron posing as an educator. No surprise though. These “Educated idiots” have taken over the “Education establishment.” A sad comment on our society of today.

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