Illinois Prepares to Be Sued Over New Law Banning Ads Allegedly Targeted at Children, ‘Militants’

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Illinois will soon outlaw advertising for firearms that officials determine produces a public safety threat or appeals to children, militants or others who might later use the weapons illegally, as the state continues its quest to curb mass shootings.

Gun-rights advocates say the plan, which Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker has pledged to sign into law, is an unreasonably vague decree that violates not only the constitutionally protected right to own guns, but also free speech.

The prime exhibit in Democratic Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s effort is the JR-15, a smaller, lighter version of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle advertised with the tag line, “Get ’em One Like Yours.” The maker says it is deliberately made smaller, with added safety features, to fit younger shooters as they learn from adults how to safely maneuver such a weapon. Raoul says it’s marketed to children and potentially entices them to skip the adult supervision and start firing. …

Illinois would be the eighth state to approve legislation that allows such lawsuits against firearms manufacturers or distributors. The legislation comes after the deadliest six months of mass killings recorded since at least 2006 — all but one of which involved guns.

Raoul finds precedent in the 25-year-old settlement with large tobacco companies and more recently with advertising for vaping.

“We’ve gone after the marketing that has historically driven up the consumption by minors for those products that are harmful to them,” Raoul said. “The firearms industry shouldn’t be immune to the standards that we put on other industries.”

Except that other industries don’t produce constitutionally protected products, counters the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an industry trade association that has filed federal lawsuits in nearly every state that has approved a similar law.

“They’re infringing on your Second Amendment rights by taking away your First Amendment rights,” foundation spokesperson Mark Oliva said.

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    • “or appeals to children, militants or others who might later use the weapons illegally, as the state continues its quest to curb mass shootings.”

      Guns Save Life is expecting a visit from the Illinois State Police as these radicals running IL won’t hesitate for a moment to use this new law against those that don’t share their world view on civilian disarmament.

      Militants (in their minds, that’s us) and others who *MIGHT* use weapons illegally (see aforementioned)… Yeah.

      As it is, they’ve already investigated us over our printed primers on how to bury guns to avoid government confiscations. Unfortunately (for them) they couldn’t gig us for anything… but they’ll no doubt keep trying.

    • I’m beginning to wonder if what’s really needed is to put all civil rights lawsuits at the ‘head-of-the-line’ in the court system.

      Change my mind, please…

      • They try to hide the Rat with democratic. Like trying to hide the Racism and Genocide Rooted in Gun Control with Gun Safety, Gun Responsibility, Gun Regulation, Gun Pancakes, etc.

  1. Smoking is bad for the body, and alcohol as well. While a gun can be used criminally, they are more often used for plinking, practice, training, hunting, collecting, modifying, competing, educating, bonding, and even winning scholarships. I like to say I’m biased by reality. Just sayin’…

    • Assuming basic safety rules are followed the biggest danger is lead exposure………which isn’t particularly hard to mitigate either.

    • “I like to say I’m biased by reality. Just sayin’…”

      Careful, the trannie population wold like a word with you… 🙂

  2. Violating 1A in order to deny 2A. Next thing you know, Gov. Prickster is going to demand that you give room & board (at your own expense) to a state trooper and let him record any & all conversations in your home, search & save your internet browser history, and conduct random p!ss tests. At this point, George III is looking good again!

  3. Where are gun ads targeting kids?
    Boys Life is all Pfizer and puberty blocker adds now.
    Video games maybe? Let’s see them go after Fortnite.

    • The advertisement mentioned, in my opinion, is aimed at the parents. My son didn’t need advertising to get him interested in guns and shooting. Movies, TV, video games, and watching me compete made him interested. He has been competing for 2 years and is well respected at the range.

  4. This is the new Land of Lincoln where all citizens today exercising their 2A Right are being subjected to the mentality of bigoted pre and post Civil War democRats. The insanity that fueled the democRat Party back then to trample the Rights of Black Americans is alive and well today and sitting on your doorsteps …History Repeating Itself.

  5. oldshtheadgeoff…No LE worth their salt would ever advise inviting trouble by posting contact information…Only an ignorant fraud trying to look tough would post contact information. If gadsdenfag comes up missing it won’t be by my hands because I value what you two diaper rash gasbags have to say like I value yesterday’s TP.

    • “…because I value what you two diaper rash gasbags have to say like I value yesterday’s TP.”


      If that was true, you wouldn’t have said anything. But you did, proving you care very deeply.

      He’s done that before in the past with the Possum. What you fail to realize is that he can take care of himself just fine, unlike a bitter aging shrew like yourself.

      You have no idea how much fun it is to be living in your head rent-free… 😉

      • oldshtbreathgeoff…I just gave it to you in black and white yet you see what you want to see. Don’t let little me interrupt your lunch date with gadsdenfag…But which one of you perverts plays the woman? How does that work?

      • Southern,

        If you can find a way to put Debbie Dimwit in a time out, I will immediately start a write-in campaign to make you the Sheriff of TTAG!!!! Make it happen, Cap’n!

        • I tend to glance over her posts. Sometimes she does post something of interest.

          She reminds me of a story from history of an ancient Roman who always ended his speeches, regardless of the topic, “and Carthage must be destroyed”. Eventually Rome did destroy Carthage.

  6. The purpose is the same as school indoctrination.

    Adults cannot be changed easily.

    Socialists want to top kids from learning guns and archery are normal and make the tools to be feared.

    Socialists started the process 30 years ago. They will wait another 25 years to take complete control if we let them.

    • Liberal Democrats started the indoctrination of children in the late 70s as I was leaving Public
      Education. It was being pointed out by a couple of my teachers (history/government). Who both said that We (students), would see the day when the United states would become more like the Soviet Union. Through the use of the use of the education system to steer the beliefs of students toward socialism. They both used the example of how the Nazi’s used the education system to transform German society to accept fascism, with the creation of the Hitler Youth. Liberals and now Progressive Democrats always have and always will play the long game to attain the Transformative society. A society that Obama spoke about on numerous occasions. Along with the same intimidation tactics used by the Nazi’s against parents. By turning children against their parents wishes. As well as through the use of buying support through programs that give away Free things. As the Nazi’s did in the 1930s. What we are witnessing today is nothing new in the history of humanity. It has simply a history that has not been taught and will be repeated unless those who understand it’s dangerous implications Stand Against it as the Greatest Generation did and destroy it before it destroys Our once Great Nation. The choice is Yours. what will you leave for your children and their children’s children. The nation we were raised in and taught to protect and defend. Or the nation We all see on the horizon where Freedom and Liberty are something only whispered about in the dark of the night. Choose wisely.

      • Ironic that many children are rejecting the radicalism and leaning towards conservatism. They see the reality and are seeing through the doublethink.

        Unfortunately the radicals are the ones getting the attention.

    • “Socialists want to top kids from learning guns and archery are normal and make the tools to be feared.”

      That’s why ‘Bruen’ gives us a golden opportunity – To use the Left’s own words against them. The first step is to get actual gun safety into the schools, first in the states we control, then expand it into their states later. The NCAA is ideal for bringing back the archery and shooting teams…

  7. The vast majority of advertising, that I see at least, is targeted at SPORTSMEN! The fact that some sportsmen are minors has little to do with targeting children. Gun ads aren’t found in children’s coloring books, cartoons, Disney movies, at McDonalds, or any of the places where you commonly expect to find young children. Sportsmen’s advertisements are commonly found in sporting venues. If a kid is old enough to have a genuine interest in sporting gear, then he should have access to all the gear relevant to his chosen sport.

    I think that I want to see a ban on advertising basketballs to children. It seems to me that an overwhelming number of criminals play basketball. You always see basketball being played in jails and prisons. Basketballs shouldn’t be outlawed, but we can stop advertising basketballs to children, can’t we?

  8. Well it’s ILL annoy. Where a billionaire buys judges. Where the absolute worst run Chiraq & the state. My only response: Do you Dimscum© think you can block the interwebz & the torrent of information on smart TV vis a vis YouTube? Or GAMING?? Airsoft??? Paintball???? Ghetto rappers????? A phone?!? Duh🙄 I do enjoy the random advertising for gunshops I see on the highway in Indiana(a safer state)!

  9. I truly don’t understand what this is all about (other than anti-2A). Who is advertising guns to miners? I mean there is Nerf but those aren’t firearms. Who is doing this? In all this talk and huggamugga, I still don’t see any ads for children. If there is anything that exists it’s from the 50’s/60’s. Sears doesn’t sell guns anymore. They don’t even print those thick heavy catalogs anymore.

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  11. so i used term gadsdenfag and that is ok. the people who run this site can go suck start a glock. i am sure their sucking response is quite advanced.

    • They can do one thing you’re incapable of doing, simple capitalization and punctuation, moron.

  12. Gun haters always try to justify their hate as existing to protect children but they’re the ones supporting the Democrats whom conduct at least 98.999% of the mass shootings. Now that they’ve branched out to suppress the 1st. Amendment in order to succeed in their ultimate goal of succeeding in eliminating the 2nd. Amendment. All this in belief they will be rewarded by the UN – Useless Nations with world domination and riches of they aid in the success of the Agenda 2030, spearheaded of course by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). All Democrats vying for office are avid participants in achieving this goal. TRAITORS THE LOT OF THEM THAT SHOULD BE HANGED FOR TREASON.

  13. Larry Keane is upset about the NSSF’s ability to advertise itself but they are totally OK with Redflag and Safe-storage laws and the recent Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act.

    Fudds gonna Fudd.

    • The “safe storage” laws are bullshit. Simply put; if you secure your weapon in a locked car, room, or house then you’ve properly secured a weapon. Using further locking devices such as safes and lock boxes are entirely discretional and advised only if you have children. Otherwise your firearms are secured as forks aren’t supposed to break and enter a locked piece of property.

  14. Big surprise here – “Kwame” isn’t too sharp about grammar. The ad line is “Get (th)’em one like yours”, so ‘them’ is obviously referring to a third party. You cannot make an ‘appeal to’ a third party in a statement being made to a second party. But these concepts tend to get overlooked while using Ebonics.

  15. The Liberals don’t want children to learn about guns. But they do want children to learn about oral and @n@l sez. They want children to be able to have sex with adults at the age of 8 years old.
    They want the kids to be able to vote when they’re 12 years old.

    They don’t want the kids to be smoking tobacco. But they do want 10 year olds to be able to smoke marijuana.

  16. I think if you swap around the letters in that DAs’ name you can spell Rahm Emanuel. The rot is in the center and both coasts of our country. Won’t be long before it’s too late. I wanna puke.

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