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TTAG’s sources tells us the Land of Lincoln’s poised on the brink of legalized concealed concealed carry. And that includes Mayor Daley’s Chicago, which will NOT get any kind of carve-out or local control over the permitting process. The news is set to break next week. So what’s changed? The Supreme Court’s McDonald decision. The Tea Party. Democrats who need something to offer conservative voters. The usual. And one more crucial factor: cops. To their credit, the Illinois Sheriff’s Association is negotiating on a concealed carry bill. We also hear that Chicago cops may break ranks with their higher ups to support the legislation. Watch this space . . .

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  1. I’m amazed that they are finally coming to their senses in the land of Lincoln. I hope that this will include nonresident permits because Illinois is one the ten states that continue to violate my constitutional rights. Now we need the NRA to force all these other commie states to obey the law as set forth by our fore.fathers. My goal is to be able to carry in all 50 states. ( I’m at 40 and counting)

  2. Illinois hasn’t been the “Land of Lincoln” for a very long time. It’s the Land of King Richard Daley and his addle-pated putz of a son, the Land of Blagojavich, the Land of Barack Obama, yadayadayada. If Lincoln was resurrected in Illinois, he’d run away screaming.

    • Lincoln was a lawyer and politician and he exemplified the big government advocate. He would surely approve of the modern Illinois.

    • Amen Brother Ralph. Once again your quick wit hits the nail on the head. Glad to see things changing for the better in Illinois. We can only hope that this catches on in other more gun unfriendly areas.

  3. I would LOVE IT if this actually happened. And I have no doubt that such a bill might be introduced in the legislature. But realisticly there is no conceivable way that such a act would become law, if for no other reason than the govenor has already stated that he would not sign such a bill. 🙁


  4. Color me skeptical. Maybe it’s the Missouri show me ethos, but I’ll believe it when I see it. If it does happen, though, I’ll be one of the first to drive across the bridge packing heat just to enjoy the change in the political winds.

  5. Regarding Ralph’s comment about Abe Lincoln; I’m related to the guy and firmly believe he’d be right there in bed with Daley, Obama and Blago. He waged war against those who did not support the all-powerful Central government. Otherwise we would have 2 nations here, the United States in the north and the Confederate states in the South.

    Concerning “Shall Issue” in Illinois, I’ll believe it when I see it…


  6. There are several states that have been lost for the foreseeable future with Hawaii lost permanently. I’ll believe shall issue in Illinois when I see it.

  7. We will see a carry law here in Illinois as soon as I buy a Volt or Prius. Neither is ever likely to happen.

  8. RecoveringAtheist:

    I hate to break this to you, but you best start shopping around for your Volt or Prius. This concealed carry law that is being pushed through Illinois legislature has significant support. Although there will be strict requirements to obtain a permit from your local sheriff, I see it going through by end of 2011.

    I recommend a blue Prius; blue goes with pretty much anything

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