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Click here to read the text and check the bill’s status.

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  1. Why don’t they just make the FOID a carry permit and recognize all other state permits? This way the state doesn’t have to do anything new. Then of course down the road the entire FOID scheme, which is profoundly tyrannical, can be nuked.

  2. While this bill does allow businesses to post their property as a no carry zone, there is this interesting portion of the bill:
    “(c) Any owner, business or commercial lessee, manager of a
    15 private business enterprise, or any other organization,
    16 entity, or person that prohibits persons holding a permit for
    17 concealed firearms from carrying concealed firearms on the
    18 premises shall be civilly liable for any injury from a criminal
    19 act upon a person holding a permit for carrying a concealed
    20 firearm who was prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm on
    21 the premises. ”
    I’ll bet that section isn’t in the final bill!

  3. Two chances of this bill passing, slim and none. And unfortunetly slim has left the state. Even if it did pass Gov Quinn would veto it. 🙁


  4. Is this “Mark Walsh” insane? He just made a statement that sounded so stupid I can’t comprehend it. He said “putting more guns on the streets and not knowing who has those”, typical anti gun rhetoric, what does he think they will do, just hand out concealed carry licenses and not even know who has them, maybe put them in cracker jack boxes. Nothing like manipulating the truth to try to get your way.

  5. I know this thread old but still I gotta post. Does anyone wanna buy my house F these Chicago mayors that think they need to run the whole state. and 71 votes instead of the majority is nothing more than bull shit anyone wanna buy my house? f this illinois constitution. Im sick of Chicago finding it’s way down here. I’m movin out of this shit hole state. Maybe Mr. Daley if you read this you can buy my house and move your ass to this state after all your’e the one who fucked it up you should have to live in it.

  6. At 17 years old I entered the military service for this country,Viet Nam era.I was trained to use firearms and to kill to protect the rights of the citizens of this country,now at 64 years old I realize I cannot carry a weapon to defend myself and my family,this is the great state of Illinois,why is this state so much run by Chicago,If mayor Daley did such a great job,why is the city in such financial disaster,why do we have the most expensive gasoline,why can I move to a southern state and pay only one third the real estate taxes I pay now, why isn’t the Feds checking out the corrupt Chicago.I can’t wait to get out of Illinois,and I will never ever look back!


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