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Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker issued an executive order last week requiring residents to wear masks in public effective May 1st. However, the order puts gun owners in jeopardy with Illinois firearms laws.

From the May 1, 2020 executive order . . .

“Wearing a face covering in public places or when working. Any individual who is over age two and able to medically tolerate a face-covering (a mask or cloth face- covering) shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a face-covering when in a public place and unable to maintain a six-foot social distance. Face-coverings are required in public indoor spaces such as stores.” [Emphasis added.]

Pritzker’s new order requiring masks poses a real risk for good guy gun owners and here’s why: wearing a mask while in possession of a firearm puts gun owners in dangerous territory under Illinois law.

Sec. 24-1. Unlawful use of weapons.

(a) A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons when he knowingly:

(9) Carries or possesses in a vehicle or on or about his or her person any pistol, revolver, stun gun or taser or firearm or ballistic knife, when he or she is hooded, robed or masked in such manner as to conceal his or her identity[Emphasis added]

Violation of Section 24-1(a)(9) is a Class 4 felony in the Land of Lincoln. And a felony conviction makes one a “prohibited person” under both federal and state law. Prohibited as in felons can’t (lawfully) possess firearms in most circumstances.

Looking at this practically, it seems that the reasonable person doctrine would suggest that someone seeking to comply with the governor’s order by wearing a medical mask during this pandemic would have no intent “to conceal his or her identity.”

Sadly, though, sometimes a “reasonable” interpretation can prove as elusive as “common sense” when it comes to government officials with an agenda.

Regrettably, not every police officer and prosecutor in Illinois shares our views on the proven benefits of good guys with guns at home, much less carrying them in public.   Someone like Cook County’s State’s Attorney Kim Foxx might well use the mask prohibition statute to pursue a prosecution against a card-carrying good guy (or gal).  Because Kim Foxx seems to have plenty of spare time given her tendency to give career criminals and wife beaters a free pass.

Clearly, the Governor and his advisors are supposed to be the wizards of smart when it comes to the rule of law and his job as chief executive. It’s a shame the Governor failed to contemplate this potential risk to gun owners.

Or maybe he did. Because plenty of skeptical people think the Governor has no problem creating a legal bear trap for gun owners. “Let no crisis go to waste,” some of Pritzker’s political pals are famous for saying.

And it’s not just concealed carry licensees carrying in public who could be in jeopardy. The same law applies to people possessing firearms at their fixed places of business for security. Or even carrying guns on their own private property for personal safety.

Gun owners shouldn’t need to rely on an officer’s discretion to avoid a felony charge.


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  1. That is very ambiguous. I wouldn’t want to be the one who tests it but the question is would it be the intention to conceal one’s face or the actual act thereof? You can’t tell reading it. Maybe a lawyer will chime in and say which it is?

    That said it does give a free pass to crooks if they’re carrying and have a mask on potentially. Then again though I doubt they’d be prosecuted that way anyways.

    • Aaah but it says “…able to medically tolerate a mask”. Anyone who’s worn a mask in the heat and humidity knows that you can’t walk and breathe with it snuggly in place.
      This is my “out”. I’ve worn one in a hot office (air conditioning quit). It’s truly unbearable, even when worn loosely. (i.e. improperly)

      • Sorry to disagree, but I live in Fla and have no problem wearing a mask. We have had a very warm spring, with temps already in the high eighties. It may not be as comfortable as not wearing a mask, but it tolerable. This applies to both paper/cloth mask and N95 mask.

        • You do you.
          You are not him and he is not you.
          You are not the standard.
          Nobody wants that kind of precedent set for everyone else regardless of the issue.

      • Cute story but there’s no world where “it’s uncomfortable for me” is the same as “I medically can’t”.

        • hypersensitive epidermal pancreatic eczemardial lingonberries is a way of saying just that.
          they handed me a tyndale fire retarded cloth mask this marnin’. gotta breakout the big black crayon.

      • Anyone that has ever worn an SCBA or Protective (Gas) Mask for hours/days is going to throw the BS towel on that whining nonsense.

        • Cant say I have worn the medical n95 masks however several workplaces I had to wear a P2 mask for dust etc….. I barely have to be doing anything no matter the conditions and I feel as though I cant breathe in them yet I have worn a silicone rubber half mask for asbestos removal day in day out without any issues. In the end in those workplaces I ended up getting my own silicone rubber mask and supplying my own filters. They did not like it but as i said to them, it will end up torn off if I feel like I am suffocating and the silicone mask is far more effective anyway yet I dont end up feeling like I am sufficating. your choice! They let me wear what i was most comfortable with. Each to their own

        • Dev: C’mon man… how naive are you. “But police said…” what a stupid fucken reach.

          Brain Surgeons operate just fine.

        • Yuup, NBC/CBR/CRBN equipment, or whatever the term in vogue is these days. Running drills on the damned equator in late July, off the horn of Africa a few decades ago. Hateful, sweaty as hell, but not intolerable, as long as you stay hydrated.

    • We have been getting a lot of questions regarding Concealed Carry Permits and wearing protective masks. Here is the answer we got from the Illinois State Police;

      “The Governor’s Executive Order regarding the wearing of masks or protective facial coverings in public settings during this serious global pandemic was not intended to negatively impact permit holders under the Illinois Concealed Carry Act while legally carrying firearms. The Executive Order does not require or suggest that law enforcement should arrest or criminally charge conceal carry license permit holders for wearing protective masks while in public as long as they are complying with the other provisions of the Illinois Concealed Carry Act and are not committing any other violations of Illinois law. ISP has confidence that law enforcement officers across the state will use appropriate judgment and that elected State’s Attorneys will likewise exercise sound prosecutorial discretion.”

      Illinois State Police
      Firearms Services Bureau

      • “ISP has confidence that law enforcement officers across the state will use appropriate judgment and that elected State’s Attorneys will likewise exercise sound prosecutorial discretion.”

        In Illinois and Chiraq. SURRRRE. Bet on it.

      • Thank you, Hippi, from an Ex-Hippy. Illinois STILL SUCKS, but the attitude is changing at the top. Let’s hope for goo-gobs of “Trickle-down”.

      • AS long as a Permitted firearm carrier keeps – said weapon CONCEALED – why not carry ? If you are a Peaceful American Citizen And Using Your Permit Along with Your NATURAL RIGHT TO SELF PRESERVATION- And your NOT breaking any laws while carrying — It shouldn’t be a problem… Not that we live in MISSISSIPPI ! where they have a tyrannical Governor . Along with Virginia’s Hitler type Governor. I would say – Pritzker Isn’t so bad !! But we all know the the leftist – liberal demos running states and cities have the same AGENDA! If they can find a way to take our Constitutional Right’s ( and they are slowly doing so ) they WILL DO IT !

    • I carry concealed 24/7. I ride my ancient Honda CB500 whenever possible. If I’m riding, I’m wearing a skull saver, and carrying. It’s been the law in Illinois for quite a few years that helmets are mandatory. They also hide one’s face. Not one of my fellow riders has been busted for riding while legally carrying concealed. We all wear skull savers.
      This is a non-issue (so far). I’ve personally known Pritzker for over 20 years, and he’s always been a “What you see is what you get” kind of guy ( used to fix their copiers, typewriter, and computers). I was ready to vote for him until he came out with his proposals that would have increased firearm ownership beyond the range of the average po’ folk like me. I called his campaign manager and told him that I in good conscience could not assist in his campaign because of that one reason. Not only has there been no increase, but he was also the first governor (or close to it) to declare gun-related businesses as essential.
      I think his bad rap is because he is a Democratic governor in the cursed state of Illinois. Just remember one other thing, before you lynch him. The previous governor, a Republican, robbed the $26 million that was supposed to go to the state police for processing FOID and concealed carry permits. Pritzker put it back.

        • ILLINOIS does not have a HELMET LAW — This has been FOUGHT many times in our state Courts — And this should be the same way for carrying ( there should Be NO LAW -that you cant carry ) if YOU wipe out on your Motor Cycle without Wearing a helmet ( THAT WAS – YOUR CHOICE !!) — And carrying a weapon for protection should BE A INDIVIDUAL’S CHOICE ! Just as a HELMET!!

  2. at least we won’t have to witness his fat ass visage for a while… mask up, bitch.
    i refuse.

  3. Simple – Will the state attorney general sign a statement stating carriers are legal for the duration of the emergency, or not?

    If he-she-it doesn’t, that’s called a *clue*…

  4. Illinois law is null and void. The Second Amendment MUST be executed coast to coast.
    It’s going to take some aggression, but we can do it.

    • EXACTLY —- This is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC !!! COUNTRY !!! And the Nay sayers are trying to ABOLISH OUR BILL OF RIGHTS !!!!!!

  5. Clear face shield. Or one of those eerie masks printed with the lower half of your face on it.

  6. i love the clear pot and pan lids fastened inside of the hoodie- total droplet guard with a 100% identifiable view.
    a friend of one of my kids came over masked with one that depicted a nose and mouth secreting and shedding mucous etc. pretty funny.
    does this mean that muzlins with full face garb are unarmed? hmmm…
    time to head down to devon and western and grab a hadjib or whatever. now what are they gonna say? it’ll be a hate arrest and religous persecution.
    gray and ambiguous, these observations are further muddied by the fact that many/ most places where a mask will now be required are no carry zones anyhow, as well as many of the public spaces where they will not be mandatory.
    that’s illinois baby.

    • “a friend of one of my kids came over masked with one that depicted a nose and mouth secreting and shedding mucous etc. pretty funny.”

      You have such a delightfully twisted sense of humor.

      I have a bandanna on order made up like a skull… 🙂

        • yeah, we brainstormed a good half dozen clever (seeming, at the time) messages for masks the other night.
          the next night we couldn’t remember any of them.
          security theater is great.
          will not comply could work. i’m with stupid. i’m not wearing a mask.
          endless possibilities really.

        • Lol Geoff you shit stirrer you 🙂 love it. dont you just love power trippers no matter where they are. Must be compensating for something

      • evil bay search printed cloth mask, then stipulate u.s. only. scroll to the balaclavas; quite the array of facial distortion skulls to fiends. pretty much all sold out.
        they’ll make more.

    • YEP — And where do Criminals go ? Gun FREE ZONES !!! You would think the Left — would have Common Sense About this — Most Mass shootins were ? GUN FREE ZONES !!! why? duhhhhh — Because The Criminals Know they are SAFER THERE! And they are the only ONES CARRYING !!!! for a reason of course !

  7. I am in a essential position and I am in a risk group for the wuhan flu. I work in hospitals and clinics. I wear a mask not from paranoia or dictate, but because I take calculated risks and consider my personal options. I have determined by risk assessment what I need to do. That same risk assessment dictates I carry my firearm. Life is a risk, how we approach the risks is what matters.

    There are enough pro 2A attorneys in Illinois who would like to defend such a case.

    • This….. And the Governor has no Constitutional basis to order folks to wear masks or anything else. What is next, you must wear an official government approval mark?

      People should calculate and make their own risk assessments and based upon that their own risk perceptions. A decision on if to go out or not, if to wear a mask, etc. This is the basic tenant and right enshrined that we may pursue life, liberty, happiness, etc.

      The Constitution does not allow government to restrict the People in case of “XYZ” emergency be the emergency real or not. It is amazing how easily we are willing some 230 yrs later to allow the tenants of a police state to be imposed and nary a whimper. If we supposed gun folk are okay with this then we also no longer deserve our 2A rights.

      • Exactly spot on. All any of this BS and i dont care whether in the US or any other part of the world is nothing more than police state BS…. Yes quarantine the sick… the healthy should still be out keeping society running….otherwise we will end up with a situation like Ukraine under Stalin. Know which I would rather
        As for the asses that would inflict such on people…. our forefathers had ways of dealing with those…. shame most seem to think those methods too uncivilized these days

    • FORMER— Exactly right,,, Everyone in this country Has a Individual Right — in any circumstance! we all have a choice — every day is a Gamble — Or RISK — driving is a risk ;; going for a Walk (risk);; Parachuting from a plane ( choice /risk) ie… but then you got all these lib’s/lefty’s telling us what we Can Or Cannot DO !!! It’s getting out of CONTROL— Back in my childhood — we Never worried about being ABDUCTED ! Run over by a Drunk Driver — Someone stealing our Bike– Keys were left in our cars — Homes were never LOCKED ,,,, what happened ? TOO many THINGS happened — And I blame THAT on the Governments !!!!!!

  8. There is no medical reason to wear a face mask. Numerous doctors have pointed out that face masks do not stop the spread of COVID and actually spread it more because the mask is contaminated quickly (This is why PPE gear in hospitals is gone through quickly). The face mask mandate is just more of the hysteria and panic that seems to be sweeping across the US.

      • All the doctors on tv 2 months ago saying “Masks don’t protect you unless they’re N95” Where did all those doctors go??

        • They’re still around, saying the same thing about masks, because it’s pretty much true. I talked to a doctor yesterday and got the truth from someone whose job it is to know this.

          Wearing a fabric mask isn’t for your own safety; it’s meant to protect everyone else from *you.*

          It reduces the dispersion of your respiratory droplets out into the air, making it less likely that others breathe them in and get the Wuhan virus from you. Given that the illness can be transmitted during its 2 week incubation period and that half the people who have it may never have significant symptoms (while half the people with risk factors end up in the hospital), it’s a reasonable public health precaution.

          Contradictory and confusing information can be laid at the feet of two factors:
          1. The media, as usual, which does the stupidest and most unhelpful thing possible, confusing the issue and sowing FUD. They can’t help themselves.
          2. Nobody knew what the virus was really up to until a week or two ago, when data started coming together; that’s why you started hearing more about wearing masks just recently.

          So… as Westley said about masks in the Princess Bride, “They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

      • This is a comment section. There are no footnotes. If it’s of interest to you, google it.

      • @ Templar :Yes anything that comes out if your mouth is pure BS.

        Let’s hope the Police start arresting each other for wearing masks. This whole thing has gotten out of control between the media and useful idiots like Templar the Government has successfully begun to arrest and imprison people for basic fundamental rights.

        Where is the ACLU on all this? Things like this show you who the true friends of Liberty are.

        • Another constitutional scholar here. There are mountains of case law supporting quarantine during pandemics. You can be highly infectious for days while being asymptomatic/presymptomatic with COVID. This is fact.This is what makes it so dangerous. By contrast, with SARS you wouldnt be very infectious until after 5-6 days of illness, in which case you were already being placed in isolation. The quarantine has been absolutely life-saving. That’s the easy part. Exiting the quarantine is what will be tricky and requires a great deal of caution or else we’ll be thrown back to square 1. It’s not a violation of civil rights to restrict movement when people are unknowingly spreading a very dangerous virus. That meets strict scrutiny. If you disagree seek legal remedy as is your right.

        • The key here is how dangerous is Wuhan flu. It’s turning out to be not nearly as deadly, or even noticed, by most of the infected. This isn’t ebola after all.

          Wiping out half the economy will turn out to be a lot more dangerous.

    • Masks are security theater. Nothing more. I was in a small town convenience store in IL just yesterday. No masks in sight.

      The way the statute is written, one could get in trouble for carrying in winter while wearing a hood and scarf, or riding a motorcycle/ATV/snowmobile with a full face helmet. You’d think legislators (mostly lawyers) could write better law. But you’d be wrong.

      • i’d druther a gs650g than an st1100. it’s twice as bad as a cx500.
        i kid, i kid. enjoy your rheostat power.

        • I sold the ST1100 after 101k miles. Sad to see it go, but I’ve had a pair of FJR1300s since. The only thing I really miss about the ST is its extra fuel and longer range. That and probably better quality paint on the Honda.

        • The GS650G is one of the most balanced and best tuned bikes ever made. I’ve known so many people who have or had one and they all praised it’s qualities. Had mine over 2 decades so far.

      • Proper masks are effective at blocking viruses and pollution. They are not security theater. Go work at a biolab without a mask — you will learn real fast.

        Not wearing a mask when you are sick is very disrespectful to others. Refusing to wear a mask does not follow the “golden rule.” Imagine the virus was from a bio weapon lab and it was extremely deadly, it would have been very dumb and immoral to refuse to wear a mask just because. You do not have a human right to knowingly/intentionally infect people with a deadly bio weapon, that is no different than shooting them with your gun.

        When you are sick your boss will send you home because they do not want you to infect others with your virus. If you wore a mask you could continue to work and not infect others. Doesn’t that sound smart? Would you rather be sent home until you get better?

        If you wore as mask, the government wouldn’t have much of a case for communistic control over the economy. Refusing to integrate mask wearing into your culture empowers the government via public safety and promoting the general welfare, which they will abuse. If you are not personally responsible the government will do it for you with the support of the majority.

        • If you are sick, you don’t tell your boss. If you don’t have sick days (vacation days, insurance) you don’t want to go home. I did that when I was young and single. I’d stuff Kleenix in my mask when my nose was running. I’m guessing people are still doing that. Lots of people on the no workee=no payee plan. There was no “renter protection” back then.

        • Chief —- well I am WAITING FOR WHEN THEY TELL US ALL THE TRUTH about this – wuhan china flu !! And who the s.o.b. “s Are that did THIS TO THE WHOLE WORLD !!! And I hope they do a Public Hanging on their butts!!

    • Are you suggesting that everyone with a mask isn’t handling it in a sterile manner and thoroughly washing it on a daily basis? Are you suggesting that people are going out, touching everything in sight, and then grabbing their mask with their dirty hands, pulling it to their grimy chins, picking their noses, and the putting the mask back on more-or-less? Are you suggesting that this entire thing is an exercise in security theater, demanded by people who don’t know any better and mandated by the politicians who want their votes?

      Call the department of truthiness, boys; it looks like we got one of them reason-and-logic types over here. Let’s show ‘im the feelz.

      • A friend of mine commented on the average person’s glove wearing: Speaking with 22 years in nuclear power, most of you might as well just get down on your hands and knees and lick the floor at Walmart for all the good those gloves are doing you.

        • Gloves are not so useful for this situation. American’s are not educated on the use.

          If you touched a surface with the virus then touched a receptor region it won’t matter if you had gloves on. People think the gloves protect them from transferring the virus to their face. They are better off simply not touching their face in public until they sanitize their hands.

          Masks protect 2 out of 3 receptor regions. You would then have to wear glasses to protect all 3. Masks are the most important, which is why Asia has been using them for many years to prevent pandemics/epidemics and cancer from pollution.

          Europeans should learn from their mistakes instead of repeating them. A lot of Asians have adjusted some of their culture towards cleanliness: no outside shoes inside, no handshakes, no kissing of non family, wear masks during virus season, etc.

    • It isn’t gone through quickly right now. We are issued one gown and mask for the day and we keep a face shield until it physically falls apart.

      Masks do help stop the spread if used correctly. They protect you from some amount of exposure and if you are infected they contain some amount of your exhaled material. They aren’t perfect. Especially the disposable ones. But they are better than nothing.

      • At this point masks are not needed for most people. Way too late for that. At the initial outbreak Americans should have worn masks and the government should have tested the population to figure out what to do.

        The government failed so bad it had to be intentional. There is no way all those government experts, doctors and scientists would fail at something they have spent decades studying and writing about. They even got an early warning and very good advice from Korea and Taiwan.

    • The masks are pretty redundant if you are outside in the sunlight. If you are in a building without sky windows, then yeah, maybe mask up.

      • This is incorrect. COVID is not a vampire that will erupt in flames at the mere touch of sunlight.

        • He could simply inject disinfectant rather than relying on the UV rays from the sun to save him.

          At this point, the virus has proven itself no more dangerous than other corona viruses, but the government will continue as planned. Masks were necessary in the beginning, now it doesn’t make much sense for people who are not in contact with high risk people.

          America should be back to work by now. The evidence has proven the government failed from beginning to end. They should have advised Americans to wear masks at the initial outbreak (so the economy can remain functional) and informed high risk people to stay home if needed. Instead the federal and state governments decided to grab all the money and power.

    • How about next Shot Show people wear masks to see how much they reduce the Shot Show flu? I bet a lot less people will go home sick.

    • The masks aren’t to protect you. They’re to protect other people, which makes N95 masks with exhaust valves and cartridge respirators useless since they only filter the inhale and not a cough or exhale.

  9. Quit spreading this load of guano Boch! This ILL resident will believe you when I see a CCL holder busted for wearing a MANDATED mask! It will be holy hell for whomever does the busting…

    • I don’t think a bust would happen outside Chicagoland, and a jury wouldn’t convict. Certainly not south of I-72.

      • I assume that this law was passed with no thought given to CCW holders. I doubt even Ill would want to cause a chilling effect on mask compliance. OTOH, it is absolutely smart and clever to point out this contradiction in the law and seek clarification. I would never put anything past Chicago.

      • “a jury wouldn’t convict”

        One thing we’ve learned about Americans in the last few weeks is that they will do exactly what they are told. And then they will bend over and ask for more.

        So yeah, a jury will convict.

    • As an Illinois resident I envy you your steadfast trust in common sense of ALL our law enforcement at state, county and local levels.

  10. This sounds dangerously close to 5th amendment double jeopardy to me.

    As for masks themself:
    N95 masks might provide an adequate barrier against this virus but most of what’s being used has little to no medical value. You wear these reusable cloth masks because your required to have a face covering by decree. You also wear them to make yourself and everyone around you feel better and keep calm. This is especially for bandanas. Face shields do a better job at actually stopping the spread of germs. One does not need to have a batchlers degree in medicine to understand this. It’s not any different from the fact that window screens are for keeping bugs out but they can’t stop dust.

    We do not live in the sterile environment of hospital operating rooms. Where all those that are there scrub first and are very conscious of every little thing they might touch.

    Everyone does the best they can. But staying home when sick, not being too physically close to people, and keeping your hands clean with proper hygiene has always been the best advise in this whole thing.

  11. Past time to charge, try and carry out sentencing on these tryanical B@stards and Witches.

  12. So write my name on my mask, that way not even the most anti-carry prosecutor could claim you were “masked in such a way as to conceal” your identity.

    • Winner winner chicken dinner! Back in my checkered past, whenever we did CBRN exercises, our name and rank went on a strip of tape (originally masking tape, then OD green duct tape, you know, to stay all camouflag-ey 😉 ) then the tape on your chem suit and helmet, so if that works for AMC and ACC IG inspectors it’s good enough for Illinois state and local Nutzis.

  13. Other states also have a law that increases jail time for people whom commit crimes while wearing a mask. There are other laws for wearing a mask while armed and committing crimes while wearing bodyarmor.

    These laws are something the Republicans wanted so they could increase the amount of time a criminal can be put away for when minimum mandatory sentences aren’t good enough or exist. So, when a person is armed while robbing they could get addition years for wearing a mask and even more time for wearing bodryarmor too.

    This was very dumb for Republicans to have supported and used. What goes around… See, when the law is applied to all it really sucks, but when you have privilege it’s a non issue. Bad people hate when the law applies to them too.

    Republicans didn’t care when a Democrat woman got arrested for wearing a mask during the Virginia human rights rally. A lot of them were happy, the others didn’t care.

    • “These laws are something the Republicans wanted so they could increase the amount of time a criminal can be put away for when minimum mandatory sentences aren’t good enough or exist.”

      They sure come in handy for arresting masked ‘antifa’ goons assaulting peaceful protesters…

    • There is a difference. Wearing a mask in public isn’t a crime nor wearing one while peacefully protesting. The cops don’t have permission to video tape protestors against government so they can harass them later. Laws against wearing a mask in public are laughable since a man with a beard and sunglasses is all but concealed. A shave and no glasses later and he’s good to go.

      Donning Guy Fawkes masks and throwing bottles at cops while breaking a storefront crosses a line unless your are in Portland in which it’s OK

    • and WHO started the — ATF ? ( demos) — Gun Bans ?( demos) —- Changed the immigration laws in the beginning ?(demos) — Took away the gold standard ?(demos) etc ,, etc ,, It’s ALL COMING TO A HEAD !! And soon we ALL WILL SEE THE TRUTH – But not soon Enough—- I fear that People WILL RIOT if this Wuhan Strikes again —– And IMO– This was ORCHESTRATED BY ? ( demos / deep state / Cabal / Soros / Clintons!
      World elites / china !)

  14. I would surmise the current state mask order would would invalidate the face coverings law. If such law was applied broadly, it would be unconstitutional.
    The argument to be made to Sec. 24-1. Unlawful use of weapons masked in such manner as to conceal his or her identity is that when laws are ambiguous then courts end up using the plain language of the law and the intent of legislature. Clearly legislative intent was quite different as envisioned when the statue was written. Legislative intent was to provide charges against people committing crimes, not to ensnare law abiding gun owners who are otherwise complying with emergency orders.

    • The mask clause was ill conceived for an environment where it’s so cold face masks are a necessity in the winter. A better law would leave it open to interpretation or tied to a crime as in adding another 2 years to concealing ones’ identity WHILE COMMITTING A FIREARMS CRIME. Instead they have made wearing a face covering while armed a crime without victim or action against anyone.

      Lawmakers are not known for thinking things through as a rule.

      • You seem to operate under the notion that lawmakers make laws to fight crime and not to suppress behavior they don’t like, like ownership and carry of firearms.

  15. I believe all of Gov. Prickster’s orders have been put on hold due to a court ruling. For what it’s worth. Hopefully everyone has learned the folly of allowing the courts to decide about Freedoms and Rights. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  16. Hey Pritzger: Kiss my backside. You don’t have the Constitutional authority to issue orders that put me in legal jeopardy if I exercise my rights as gun owner and concealed carrier. My county at last look only had 16 confirmed cases of covid-19, all of which are out of Chicago. You’ve already screwed us on taxes, and a bunch of other stuff, and now you’re trying to destroy this state by forcing us into a complete economic collapse.

  17. Only a liberal could think of something so totally stupid beyond belief. A law can’t be made that if you do or if you don’t your breaking the law. They tried that once in Nev. but the Republican AG shut it down real quick!

    I think I’d go without the mask…..They can’t arrest you for NOT breaking the law!

    • They could arrest you for not wearing a mask. At least they will trespass you from public transport and businesses. I have seen that already.

      The cops are excited to have the opportunity to put you in a cage. This makes you kneel to them to retain your freedom. It strokes their egos. They love it.

      • After they make an example of you, your friends and neighbors will obey. We all have something to lose….kids….house….savings…..job. Only a very brave soul or stupid gang banger with nothing to lose will defy this “law”. I applaud the guy from Clay County suing the governor over this.

        • Did you just put defiant patriots in the same category as gang bangers? lol. Fuck it, I’d rather live in dangerous freedom instead of peaceful slavery. Can I wear a red bandana? I always look good in red.

  18. State PoPo said, basically, “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It” this morning.

    1. COVID-19
    The Governor’s Executive Order regarding the wearing of masks or protective facial coverings in public settings during this serious global pandemic was not intended to negatively impact permit holders under the Illinois Concealed Carry Act while legally carrying firearms. The Executive Order does not require or suggest that law enforcement should arrest or criminally charge conceal carry license permit holders for wearing protective masks while in public as long as they are complying with the other provisions of the Illinois Concealed Carry Act and are not committing any other violations of Illinois law. ISP has confidence that law enforcement officers across the state will use appropriate judgment and that elected State’s Attorneys will likewise exercise sound prosecutorial discretion.

    Is there a conflict with UUW law? yes. But that conflict has existed prior – think wintertime bundled up, summertime with a full-face motorcycle helmet.

    It’s not something I’d worry about. YMMV

    • Yes but when a local anti gun mayor ( like in Champagne) sees an opportunity to smash gun owners there might have a problem. All it takes is someone in a store seeing a carry piece and the wearing of a mask and gloves and while clutching pearls calls 911 and says someone is about to rob the store. Cops in a city might be told to arrest anyone carrying a gun and wearing gloves and mask because robbers have pulled this caper in other locales.

      An attorney can weigh in on such a situation.

  19. “masked in such manner as to conceal his or her identity”

    Just wear a “Hello my name is…..” tag when carrying and wearing a mask. No prosecutor could reasonably argue in court that you were attempting to conceal your identity while wearing a name tag.

    • Because there is just no way to write fake name on your name tag, right? Mine would say “Hi, my name is Mickey M. Ouse”

  20. Here’s one for employers and CEOs:
    If your job is out and in the public like plumbers, electricians, automotive repair, cable/satellite/telephone repair, etc.

    Talk to your employer about taking some of that federal money to pay someone or a handful of internal employees to make company logo’d cloth face masks just for employees and their families.

    This would not only make people less nervous it would ease the burden on the system over all. If an AT&T technician had a logo’d mask, they would be more trusted and the legal issues presented in this article become a much smaller problem. Not that this is a cure-all but there ARE things that can be done.

    How about this law just not be enforced during the mask requirement?

  21. If you are wearing the mask as a way to protect yourself from Covid as mandated by the governor, you are not violating the law because you are not attempting to conceal you identity. Poorly written piece, Boch (par).

    Also, failure to cover your face is a violation of exactly which law? And failure to do so results in a fine/imprisonment as determined in which ILCS?

  22. If you expect Illinois to be reasonable and understanding about any of this you are mistaken. I wouldn’t go out in Illinois masked carrying concealed and if I lived in Illinois I’d be planning on leaving before the debt bomb they have goes off.

    Most of the state is lovely but they have no way to kick Cook County out.

  23. I don’t care.


    Stop being a pussy and complaining you selfish fucks.

    Also, do it while carrying, because fuck them.

  24. I don’t care.


    Stop being selfish and stop complaining.

    Also, do it while carrying, because fuck them.

    • Better now without those f bombs, but still – no, thank you. But don’t refrain from wearing yours. And if you are scared of a virus that we all will get sooner or later, stay home. Or wear spacesuit just to be sure.
      This is not the bubonic plague you are looking for.

  25. “Because plenty of skeptical people think the Governor has no problem creating a legal bear trap for gun owners.”

    Skeptical? Hmm, nope. Pragmatic would be my chosen word of the given status quo.

  26. I’m all about safety, but if you can’t pass a bill and make it a REAL law, is it a fake law? Or perhaps, that’s what they mean by executive order. Yawn.

  27. Leftist sure are devious. How far are we from WORL? Leftist season will begin without a bag limit.

  28. The term “as to” within the law implies “with intent to.”
    Also since law enforcement is not exempt that means that all law enforcement officers that wear protective masks are violating this law as well. It would be ironic if a person arrested for this by a cop were to publicly declare a citizen’s arrest of their arresting officer in the police station since he or she is also violating the law by wearing an N95 mask while carrying knowing full well that law enforcement is not exempt.

  29. As far as I can tell this law has no law enforcement exemption so all or almost all cops wearing protective masks are technically in violation of the law unless the term “as to conceal your identity” means “with intent to conceal your identity.”

  30. Since law enforcement is not exempt from this law will we see an onslaught of law enforcement being imprisoned over this law for wearing protective masks

  31. It appears a lot of folks see this Leftist over reach for what it is. Pure BS. Remember: Leftists lie, take, destroy, and kill. Those are the only tools they use. US Lefties seek to destroy the Constitution, destroy America, and destroy Americans. No different than what Obama provided. The “Deep State” has continued.

    What will the Leftists offer when we start starving for lack of food? It isn’t far off. A lot of food production and food processing has also shut down, on the order of Leftists.

    Wake up. We know who is the enemy.

  32. I am not concealing my identity if I write my name on the outside of the mask so it can easily be read.

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