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Just in case you thought the post-Supreme Court McDonald decision fight for gun rights was done and dusted, the Illinois legislature sent a stark message to those who’d exercise the “bear arms” part of the Second Amendment. The proposal to allow The Land of Lincoln to join the other 48 United States that recognize the right to armed self-defense failed to achieve the 71 vote super-majority it needed to head to the Governor’s desk—who had pledged to veto HB 148 (another story). The anti-concealed carry legislators’ pre-vote rhetoric was just about as asinine as you’d expect—providing you’re the kind of guy who expects Mr. Bean-like levels of intellectual acumen . . .

Rep. Monique Davis, D-Chicago claimed she “couldn’t get beyond the violent deaths of Chicago police officers”—despite the fact that the cops were shot down by criminals (not legal gun owners) and all the IL chiefs of police were in favor of concealed carry save Cook County. What’s more . . .

“I, too, like the John Wayne movies,” Davis said. “I like those movies about the Wild West where everybody’s carrying a weapon and everybody’s shooting at each other. We don’t live in those days any more… America is no longer the Wild, Wild West. I urge a no vote.”

And I vote no for the remake of the Wild, Wild West. And if you want some really low-rent entertainment, wait ’til you hear the huzzahs from The Brady Campaign via the Huffington Post et al.

NRA Lobbyist Todd Vandermyde—the man who fought them in the trenches and fought them on the beaches—sent us a quick post-mortem. “I’m just wore out. The antis seem to be gloating on this that they beat us, but them getting their tails whipped 2 – 1 is nothing to gloat about.”

Which, as I mentioned, will not stop them. Vandermyde and the pro-carry forces will be back (obviously). Perhaps they can pass a less conciliatory bill next time ’round, as this one failed to exclude Cook County crooks from exercising “discretion” over the permitting process.

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that it will not be any more difficult for criminals to obtain guns today than it was yesterday, or for the last decade. Nor will it be any easier for Illinois’ residents to defend themselves against those criminals. In fact, the politicians who denied Illinois residents their Second Amendment rights will be responsible for leaving Americans defenseless against violent crime.

Check this from, of all places, the aforementioned Huffington Post:

On Tuesday, State Representative John Cavaletto told the House Agriculture and Conservation Committee that concealed weapons could save lives. He told a disturbing story about the murder of his daughter-in-law, and said that she could still be alive today if she were allowed to carry a weapon.

“I had a daughter-in-law walk three years ago on a Saturday morning and she never came back home,” Cavaletto said, according to WJBD Radio. “She was hit by a car and drug into the bushes. The man came back a few hours later and stabbed her 13 times . . .

I always said if Michele had a gun in her fanny pack when she went for a walk she may have been able to save herself. She lived on a farm and knew how to shoot a gun and if she would have had one things may have been different.”

And someday they will. Just not today.

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    • Unfortunately, a saying that Chicago 2A supporters (and Cubs fans) know all too well…… 😐

      • Yup. That’s why I’m moving the hell out of this state(dear god I hope I can).

  1. It’s a start. Remember that in the past 10-15 years, in states that adopted shall issue laws, many years of lobbying were required in each state to pull it off. If Illinois can do it in two years (this and next) that would nearly be a record.

  2. Its amazing how politicians EXPECT armed guards yet vote for regular joe’s to not be allowed to have firearms for their own protection. Complete hypocrisy that for some reason they still get away with.

  3. As I said in a previous thread that during the 19th Century the Wild West was a safer place then the big cities of the East largely due to the presence of a [necessarily] armed population.

    Despite what the gun grabbers say the high rates of gun violence are product of gun grabber [non gun] policies that have destroyed the social and economic fabric of a particular demographic group. When the demographic lives in an environment that is not dominated by the gun grabbers they are as peaceable as anybody else.

    Let’s face it. With the exception of deep blue areas controlled by the gun grabbers, the nation is exceedingly safe whether you are armed or not. Most violence is demographic on demographic not demographic on the rest of us. The only time that we face higher risk of crime is when we live in close proximity to the demographic and even then the increased risk in generally slight. The only time we face a serious risk is when we must enter the demographic’s turf.

  4. What happened? I thought this one would at least get through the legislature. Sounds like Illinois needs to get some fresh blood in the legislature, and try to get enough people outside of Chicago that have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the libs in the Windy City.

    I’d like to see the Illinois-based gun manufacturers band together and announce plans to relocate their factories to other states, and see what effect THAT has on the conceal carry legislation. Nothing like taking a serious hit to the tax base to make the Liberals wake up and smell the cappuccino.

    • The word on the street is that x number of Reps. that had pledged support reneged on that pledge during the vote.

      As the most populous region in the state, Cook County/Chicago possesses considerable clout and the 35ths super-majority was a bridge too far for this legislation.

      Rep. Monique Davis’ district is the one in which Otis McDonald resides. Telling is the quote from her on news radio last night, [paraphrased] “…of course I’m voting no, I’M FROM CHICAGO”.

      Unfortunately, I think if the Illinois-based gun manufacturers were to pull up and leave (Springfield Armory is in Geneseo, IL and there are at least 1 or 2 others in the state), the only impact would likely be that folks will become unemployed by such a move.

      In unrelated news, someone was found shot to death in a Loop (downtown business district) convenience store.,0,5810847.story

  5. As much as I love Chicago, I don’t think I’ll be visiting again anytime soon…

  6. I don’t know why half that state doesn’t hang a right and go live in Indiana.

  7. Illinois. New York. New Jersey. California. Maryland. Rhode Island. Around 42-45 states in total. That’s the number of states that don’t even come close to constitutional compliance on the matter. Not even in same frigging universe as anything even remotely resembling liberty. What a sad fucking world we live in.

  8. This in my opinion was a setup. The democrats knew it would’nt pass. But it makes the down state democrats look like they tried to get it passed knowing it would’nt pass. That’s so they can say at the next election they tried so they can get elected. Only solution I see is to let the republicans get the majority so it will pass. Like I said my opinion.

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