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What’s with Michael Bane’s voodoo shirt? Whatever it is it has no apparent effect on Ted Nugent’s ability to simulate a cocaine-fueled rant, pro-gun though it may be. At 5:47, Bane does the “we’re blood brothers now piss off” shoulder pat thing and uses the words “Before you go . . .” Eleven minutes later, well, as Martin Luther King said, “I may not get there with you . . .”

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  1. Think we should invite The Nuge to the hog shoot? Apparently, if there’s hogs to shoot in Texas, he’s up for it. I think it would be a fascinating experience for all of us.

  2. I love Uncle Ted. I wish you could do one of the web interviews where we could all ask him some questions, I think that would be a lot of fun.

    • We’d get to ask him one question and he’d run out the webinar answering it. He sure can talk! Good thing about him is you don’t mind listening.

      …those hogs had a TED problem…


  3. The arm-flailing is kind of distracting, but I love the message and the enthusiasm. The Nuge is livin the dream and God bless him!

      • If only Gary Busey and Iggy Pop had the same interests and all 3 would open up range time…

    • Fast forwarded a few times. Rewound a few times too. Uncle Ted threw out a couple colloquialisms I had to hear twice.

  4. I think he talks how most of us country folk do as we have these problems. The average joe who is a recreation shooter from California or Maine or any state for that matter has no idea what is really going on, where a hunter, land owner, farmer knows how bad things can get. For instance on my farm in Ohio we have an extremely bad groundhog problem. They will actually dig up the ground so badly that tractors will sink into the ground if they run over a big hole.

    This also resembles the kind of situation that us non-city folk are in when it comes to gun control in general. Some of us still use firearms like the AK, AR, etc for putting food on the table. It might sound dumb to some but I know here in Ohio where I live we still have two large black bears roaming around and I assure you I take a rifle that is mag fed everywhere I go. My mama did not raise a fool when it comes to protecting what I hold dear.

  5. You know I want Ted’s barn. Then again, he can just ship to me all the free wep’s and ammo to me anytime. I never have enough…

  6. Ted is vehemently anti-drug and anti-alcohol and that is a well known part of his character. Why imply that he is on a coke fueled rampage during this interview? Smear much?

    • I was not implying that Ted was coked to the gills. Only that he sounded like he was coked to the gills.

  7. I remember Ted swinging around a stage somewhere wearing something that looked like Tarzan’s diaper, and nothing else. I was so scared that I couldn’t sleep for weeks.

  8. It’s kinda sad hearing Ted do his gonzo rocker-rant with a pronounced denture whistle.

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