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“Outside of RamRodz gun cleaners, we are a full scale tool & equipment manufacturer,” TTAG reader Dan Engelsen writes. “As such I subscribe to a ton of industry newsletters. Saw this one today: School bus safety videos show responses to shooter. We recently had a bill [Senate Bill 229] that allows bus drivers to carry on a bus if they have a concealed carry permit and they’ve been authorized by the school or school district to possess a firearm. Click here [or on the image above] to see the website video teaching bus drivers how to deal with an active shooter on a school bus. According the the video, the driver should abruptly apply the parking brake and/or swing the vehicle left and right, and then run or physically engage an armed individual. There’s no mention of a defensive firearm.”

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  1. Shoot the bus driver first. Boom pointless post.

    Or maybe create a Federal Bus Marshal service and find adults that look like they are in elementary school, middle school, and high school.

  2. Don’t worry about the kids, as the driver, you should stop immediately and save yourself. Be sure to dial 911 on your way away from the scene.

  3. OMG, you have to watch the video, it is absolutely pathetic. I am pretty sure it was made by some high school senior that thinks they will be the next big director in Hollywood.

    1. Apparently all mass shooters are so enamored by the gun that it causes them to shoot people.

    2. Teenagers apparently have no desire or means of fighting back an obvious killer that has them trapped, while the person the furthest away from them (the driver) will.

    3. Buses are now equipped with super brakes that fling everyone on the bus head over heels, disorienting them long enough t be charged and taken down by a person that is going to be traditionally old, un-athletic, and just as scared as the rest of the unarmed riders, as well as having to wade through the piles of riders that have now been flung in his way by said super brakes.

    • I don’t know about where you are, but here bus drivers are typically young to middle aged women. Benefits are good and working days are the same as their children.

    • Bus drivers where I live range from late 40s to 60s.
      They might hustle to save the lives of the students but good luck relying on that.

      • Nice comments about old people. Most fifty year olds are more competent and physically able than many fat younger cry babies.

  4. Not nearly foolish and expensive enough. They need TSA style checkpoints at every bus stop in America. For the children.

  5. Jack the parking break, spin a 180 and charge the shooter?
    And they say gun owners are action star wannabes.

  6. More likely:

    Driver has a heart attack; other kids beat the crap out of shooter until out-of-control bus runs off the road and crashes.

  7. Did I miss Scenarios 1&2? I did see George Costanza leaping out like the bus was on fire.
    Classic shooter: Nerd with glasses and a dark hoodie.

  8. Mooresville had a school shooting a couple of years ago. This is their response. I bet every single one of their bus drivers will now be armed. Thanks Indiana for getting it.

  9. All I could think, seeing the still image in the article, was “All right people, this bus is now going to Cuba!”

  10. I can sum up their active shooter advice with one phrase. “Die in Place.” You have to meet force with equal or greater if you want a chance to survive.

    • In this case greater is probably the only chance. These types are not common hoods or opportunistic predators that usually turn tail when the victim turns out to be not so helpless. I would be happy enough not to kill a carjacker when he turns tail but if the incident has the markers of a mass shooting I wouldn’t let the guy retreat to a stronger position kid or not.

  11. Oh man, I quit too soon! Always hated driving naked, not like we ever had anything like that in our district, but you never know. Of course they’d probably be very parsimonious with the permission here as well. Bunch of soccer moms they are, and that includes the dads.


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