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Citizen disarmament messiah, CNN chat show host and resident alien Piers Morgan is a bit of a lightning rod these days, accidentally on purpose. Giving InfoWars impressario Alex Jones air time was a clever ruse; Morgan knew full well that Jones would be Jones. (You might say “bat shit crazy” but I couldn’t possibly comment.) Buzz Bissinger, a sports writer for, seems to think Morgan should have been a bit more proactive. And if not then, now. “I don’t care what the justification is that you’re allowed in this country to own a semi-automatic weapon – much less a handgun. But what do you need a semi-automatic weapon for? The only reason I think you’d need it is, Piers, challenge Alex Jones to a boxing match, show up with a semi-automatic that you got legally and pop him.” Abby Hunstman at says “I would love to see that.” I think Mr. Buzz should be arrested for making a threat to Mr. Jones. Or maybe we should sick James Yeager on . . . someone. Or not.

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    • How come gun owners, besides Yeager, don’t sit around fantasizing about shooting people we disagree with?

        • I wouldnt say zero. But I would say that people like Yeager and Alex Jones are on the fringe of gun owners. Simply put they are crazy people. Just like Piers Morgan is an excellent example of a fringe crazy the right points at and laughs.

        • Yeager vented frustration, as ill advised as that was. He however did not say he wanted to shoot (insert name here).
          Buzz however on national television did, and named the person. Last I checked that was threatening to kill someone, or at minimum a terroristic threat.
          Now it is human nature sometimes to think, or say to one’s self, “oh I am so mad I could kill you”. But we do not act on it. We also do not say this in front of millions of television viewers, who might act on the suggestion. We also do not suggest the method of killing be with the tool we despise most.

          • It was a stupid joke, Dan. Is your side of the argument so weak you need to seize upon this and make a big deal of it?

            Complain about his ignorance of guns, I’m with ya. Complain about his gun control positions in general, and I can at least understand what you’re saying. But pretending this was a real threat makes you a very silly man and dishonest.

        • I don’t fantasize about shooting them, that’s too good for the scum. I fantasize about them getting slow, painful cancer….

          People like Feinstein, Morgan, MikeB, Obama, etc want to see those who have the guts to take steps toward defending themselves to suffer, it’s only fair for me to want to see them suffer.

        • Look mikey, if even a small portion of us legal gun owners were the slavering killers you and your kind portray us as, it stands to reason that there would be none of you left.

        • Mikeb, yes, it was a stupid joke. How would you react if someone on our side made a joke like that? How often have you attacked our side by claiming that’s what a lot of us fantasize about? Get your own house in order before commenting on ours.

          • Not if, but when those on your side have done that I treated it like a stupid joke and did not pretend it was a serious threat like about a dozen guys around here are doing right not.

        • Mike, the only guy I’ve ever fantasized about shooting was… nope, not you. Just that one guy that always wants to drag me into the “caliber war.” And I only want to shoot him twice. Once with a .45, once with a 9mm, and only so I can then ask him which one he thinks is more effective now.

        • Thank god they don’t have guns. I still do not understand why these threats are not even being investigated. Were the same threats made against the leaders of the grabbers, heads would be on pikes. These threats start out hollow, but many times overflow into actions. Some of these antis are getting frighteningly hysterical.

          • Yeah, like Ted Nugent’s head ended on a pike? Is that what you mean? I will admit that many on my side pretended what he said was a real threat. His was not a joke, it was just exaggerated tough-guy talk, but it wasn’t a serious threat.

  1. If someone like say, me, were to say that, I would be arrested!

    The alternate universe is here, and I’m just shaking my head..

  2. More of the same from the ever peaceful, tolerant and benevolent Left.

    Like when a Playboy columnist said he wanted to “hate-f***” Sarah Palin.
    Or when Jamie Foxx spoke of his latest movie as him getting to “kill all the white people. It’s great.”
    Or when…hell, I could go on for HOURS.

  3. More of the typical, “We need to ban guns and if you don’t like it I’ll shoot you!”

    These people do realise that they are essentially threatening a people known to be armed with bodily harm right? And they call us unintelligent…..

  4. This seems distasteful at best and criminal at worst. What is it with these people and wanting to kill gun owners? Most of them would be out gunned in that fight I think.

    • Just another typical ignorant response from people who have no idea how guns work, let alone have actually held or fired a gun.

      I think this balances well with Alex Jones.

  5. It was just a stupid joke, an inappropriate attempt at humor. It’s less than honest to pretend it was a real threat.

    The real problem is that the blowhard Buzz obviously did not know what a semi-automatic weapon is. It sounded like he was confusing it with an automatic weapon. Such ignorance about the subject he’s pontificating on is unforgivable.

    • I’m just appreciating the irony that someone who wants to ban guns would make a “threat” against someone known to have them for defense. And to carry out that threat, the gun banner would have to possess what he wants to have banned.

      As someone who has had my life threatened, carrying a gun makes sense.

    • Yeah, the gun grabbers/leftists/progressives always get a pass don’t they? Had a member of the NRA said the same thing, the media and the left would’ve ripped him to shreds.

      You and I both know it.

    • “Ignorance about the subject he’s pontificating on…”

      And then the pot says to the kettle, hey, you’re black.

    • This comment is beneath you. You know very well if Alex Jones, who I think is either a con man or nutcase, said that in “joking” way you know that Piers and co. would be up in arms. In fact you know that you would be saying that proves your point about gun owners.

      I know there are some naive people who believe we would live in Eden if all those nasty guns went away but I agree with those who believe Progressives are homicidal at heart.

      • That’s no true at all. Ann Coulter has said things like that, and Glenn Beck too, just to name a couple. In fact your side is much worse at this than mine. That’s why you overreact when Pfleger, or now this Buzz guy whoever he is, says something stupid.

        • mikeyb, your side is calling for the murder of NRA people. And your side made a map showing the homes of legal gun owners in NY.

          Look up hypocrite mikeyb.

        • Treating bad jokes that have a threat of nuance like actual threats is lib ploy all day. In the words of every grade school kid who has ever been in a fight “he started it.” It’s called “reciprocity” Mike, it’s a Feinstein but even squirrels practice it.

      • I don’t know about Beck, I don’t listen to him, but you are lying about Coulter. Sharped tongued yes but not homicidal. All you have to do is look at the postings in the Daily Kos, the Democratic Underground and the Huffington Post to see the hate and murderous intent of the Progressive base.

        While you Progressives were accusing Sarah Palin of being responsible for the Giffords shooting you conviently forgot the “She’s dead to me” post on Markos Molitas’s hate sheet. Oh, did you know the Loughner was a Daily Kos fan? Perhaps that is what send him over the edge.

        • Look, I know you think she’s hot, but she’s also a hot head. You called me a liar, what you really meant was that I was mistaken. That’s different from lying. But as it happens I was not.

          That took about 10 seconds to find. I’ll bet there are more.

          About the Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground, maybe you don’t know but guys just like you control the RKBA and gun control threads. I really don’t care who’s side is worse, I think it’s yours and I’m sure you think it’s mine. The only thing I want is a retraction and an apology from you about calling me a liar. Honesty and integrity demand it.

        • Your response is just the standard tactic Progressives use to avoid answering the question posed — you guys do it too. But we don’t as I explain below. So I will give you 50% credit (that’s not a passing grade) Coulter immediately let the audience know that she was punking the media. Now if Buzz said the same “Heah, that’s a joke for all you rightwing gun nuts out there” then it would be equivalent. He didn’t do that.

          So, Mikey, no apology, just a acknowledgement that you could pull a quote out of context and make a claim. Now it’s time for you to address the Daily Kos post that may have touched off the attack on Giffords.

          • I expected nothing less from you. The fact is, no one really believes these things are real threats. Both sides use them to attack, sometimes pretending they were real. The true problem is the lunatic fringe among the listeners and followers. That’s why Ann Coulter’s remarks were exactly as bad as any other in spite of her disclaimer. You remember Adkisson who shot up a church in Tennessee a couple years ago? He wrote a manifesto in which he credited the right-wing hate rhetoric for his actions. That’s the real problem with this stuff and Coulter is as guilty as anyone else.

            About the Daily Kos, I don’t know what that’s about and I don’t care really.

          • All this coming together, you and me. It’s starting to remind me of what Mr. Wolf said to Jules and Vincent when they were done cleaning up the mess in the car.

        • Maybe it just says that I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong. Now are you man enough to admit that the UK has a serious violent crime problem?

    • Mike,

      “The real problem is that the blowhard Buzz obviously did not know what a semi-automatic weapon is. It sounded like he was confusing it with an automatic weapon. Such ignorance about the subject he’s pontificating on is unforgivable”.

      Your slipping son, you almost sound reasonable.

    • It was just a stupid joke, an inappropriate attempt at humor.

      Hey, mikey, you little spaghetti bender, go f^ck yourself.

      Ha ha! Only kidding! 🙂

    • Yes, he is ignorant or pretending to be so. I know some of these people have to be willfully ignorant, trying to confuse the public into thinking people are buying “machine guns” at the local gun store. I can’t count how many times I have explained to non-gun owners that AR-15s are not fully automatic. I think most believe they are, at least in liberal Seattle.

      The media continues the myth by calling AR-15s assault rifles. An assault rifle is is a definitive term describing a rifle invented and named by the Germans during WWII that has certain defining features chief among them is that it is selective fire. The AR-15s commonly available do not have this feature. The media must know this but they continue to mislead the public.

  6. I can’t listen to one more libretard. Their ignorance is annoying the hell out of me. They talk guns like they know anything. “a semi-automatic bushmaster!” As if it’s the only dangerous gun. They don’t get that every gun is dangerous. We all know that a .223 round won’t make a person any deader than a well placed 38 special round. Why doesn’t anyone mention how “scary” and “devastating” a 12 gauge shell is? I’m so sick of these fools pointing out the AR as if it’s the only lethal gun. Most of us don’t even choose it as our first line of Home Defense. It’s more of a recreational SHTF gun.

  7. The only way conservatives & law-abiding pro-2A folks are going to win these battles is if there is an alternative to the statist media & entertainment industries. As long as liberals have a monopoly on the news & culture, the double standard will continue and Piers Morgan, Bill Maher, David Letterman, Jamie Foxx et al will get away with making mysogynistic, hate-filled, sexist, racist, bigoted, idiotic comments about conservatives, pro-2A folks & their families. The liberal media pick their targets and pounce on anyone who makes a comment that doesn’t fit their world view, not just to report it, but for the malicious purpose of destroying them personally. Anybody remember Jimmy ‘the Greek’ Snyder? He was destroyed by the liberal media for making a racist comment. And I would say Sarah Palin is/was the recipient of more hate-filled diatribes from the liberal media than anyone in the last decade or so, for nothing more than having the nerve to be a conservative female. We are at a tipping point in our society, America, and we must choose whether to passively sit by and let intolerant, tax-and-spend, wealth-redistributionist, nanny-state, gun-grabbing liberals control us, or take charge, put a stop to the madness and restore our country to greatness.

    • Sorry Rock, but they have already won. See Nov, 2012 election. We are outnumbered. Therefore, we may lose the House in 2014.

      There were lots of voters for the “Progressives” here among us TTAG’ers prior to the election. They didn’t listen to us prophetic types. Now look where we are. And Obama hasn;t even started his second term. Very disturbing.

      • They have not already won. The last time Congress went after guns, there was hell to pay in the midterm elections, and the guns they banned then are far more popular now.

        Furthermore, history has not been kind to most presidents in their second terms. They generally mistake a win for a mandate and overreach, stirring up a hornet’s nest and bringing Washington to a crawl (not a bad thing).

  8. I think, whoa, there I go thinkng again; that Alex and Piers are both a couple of “bat-shit-crazy” folks. They just have diametrically opposed opinions. Morgan, in the past, has acted like AJ did in the “debate” on Monday. AJ didn’t do the guns rights folks any good by the way he conducted himself. I am beginning to think that AJ is a disinformation shill to make the good guys look like the bad guys. He has appeared in some venues acting like a crazy man. Something that no one needs.

    • I was thinking the same thing as I watched AJ. I don’t think Piers could have found a worse example of a pro 2A, law abiding gun owner. AJ was a clown and only served to bolster the gun grabber’s perception that lawful, pro 2A gun owners are incoherent, uninformed, intolerant, psycho’s.

      AJ is all those things as well as a dupe for not recognizing that he is being used by the left. In his effort to gain publicity, AJ is only gaining access through the liberal media. Thoughtful, pro 2A, dare I say conservative, outlets aren’t giving him any voice, thankfully.

  9. “I think Mr. Buzz should be arrested for making a threat to Mr. Jones.”

    Not going to happen, someone from the ATF probably has a permission slip typed up in case the local police come knockin.

  10. Mike,
    The main problem we have is the portrayal by you gun control advocates that we desire to shoot people, which is a complete fabrication. Then, members of your camp start advocating violence against us law abiding members of the public. Whether it’s a joke or not does not matter as you would take offense and ask for us to be thrown in jail if we made similar jokes. Contrary to your belief, we are peaceful people who want our rights and lives left alone.

  11. Anytime a gun control advocate calls us any type of deragotory names we need to file a class action lawsuit against them for slander, defamation of character, and anything else we can throw on the pile!!
    It does not matter if they are media or politicians!! You can’t sue the Big Government but I bet you can sue the individuals!!!
    “I love my country but the government is a bunch of Idiots”!!!!

  12. Interesting that Alex Jones “thinks” his 2nd ammenment rights trump Morgan’s 1st ammendment rights (even though he’s a “visitor”). Even more interesting, no, actually appalling is that he has “listeners”. They can’t ALL be “keeping track of the enemy”, like I sometimes do with Savage & Gallagher, can they? Alex Jones, like so many who share his “belief system”, needs, expects, demands simple answers to complex problems, and apparently has almost ZERO impulse control. And he’ll accept, and broadcast, the most laughable bullcrap, rather than concede that his “belief system” might need some adjustments, as a concession to reality. BTW, I’ve used firearms for almost 50 years, have 3 right now, have no intention of giving them up, but I still think Alex is a horribly failed experiment in evolution.

  13. Oh look, it’s mikeb! Why won’t you argue with me on your facebook page? Is it because I’m not intimidated by your profanity and namecalling? Please answer the questions mikeb. Swearing at me and calling me names isn’t an answer, and neither is dodging my questions simply because I provided proof of what I was saying.

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