BREAKING: Alex Jones of InfoWars Makes American Gun Owners Look Really, Really Bad

This just in: “Frankly, RF, this looks *really* bad for all gun owners. You and I are both libertarians and share like-minded politics, and we may even agree with Alex Jones from time to time. But the rant Alex Jones went on during this ‘debate’ will be used by the antis to discredit us for a long time coming. I can’t help but feel sick. This sets our movement back so far. I can picture the left using Alex Jones’ soundbytes from Piers Morgan for a very long time. I only hope . . .

that as this is replayed that the American people see how absurd Alex Jones was acting that they feel he must be an extreme representative of gun owners and can’t possibly speak for the majority of us.

Piers was very smart to choose Alex Jones, someone Piers knew would go nuclear at the push of a button and hang himself with his own rope. Notice how Piers let Jones speak and monopolize the entire ‘debate’?

In all other debates, like with Pratt, Piers would monopolize the conversation and speak over his pro-gun guests as they used intellectual arguments.

With AJ, Piers didn’t even have to do that, he let Alex Jones discredit himself with his ramblings. I think this is really bad, bud. “