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Phone gun thingie (courtesy idealconceal.com_

“No one wants to be in a dreadful situation that may require you to defend yourself with the use of deadly force,” opines, deploying a distinctly British tone. “Yet as the old adage goes: ‘It’s better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one’. With the newly created Ideal Conceal you can carry your pistol with you on any occasion.” Four weddings and a funeral perhaps? Let’s just hope it’s not your funeral. To avoid that fate you have to trust that . ..

the Ideal Conceal will Transformer itself from faux phone to fatal firearm with the click of a button. And that the “high velocity .380 caliber for great stopping power” firearm can git ‘er done. Specifically, that the [theoretical] Ideal Conceal owner can get two rounds of “high velocity” .380 on target on time. Hopefully, not mistaking his gun for a phone. Or the other way around.

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      • This thing gives a whole new meaning to getting a “wrong number.” It’s a novel idea, but two rounds of .380 do not impress me very much. I see too many reports of bad guys shot multiple times by police officers with 9mm pistols and continuing to shoot back. I think two rounds of .380 would just p**s off a determined criminal. I’d be more inclined to buy one in .40cal or .45acp. I do have a couple of mouse guns, but they hold six rounds and are about the same size as the Ideal Concealed.

  1. Cool concept. But, the model on their website pulling it from his back pocket is disconcerting. I do not put my cell phone in my back pocket because I have almost lost cell phones by doing that.

    • Yeah that was my first thought. Sort of large for a two shot handgun and there are smaller options that can have up to 6 shots. If this is all you want to use its better than nothing but its just a derringer which can come far smaller than this.

  2. They flattened out the Taurus Curve and swapped a magazine for a second barrel.

    Without dimensions I cant be sure but the Curve is smaller than most newer cell phones, holds more rounds is about the same price has more concealment options.

    You can’t carry it places a gun is not allowed, it’s still a gun if a place actively checks for and disallows firearms it doesn’t matter if the gun looks like a gun or a phone (x-ray machines show the rounds pretty well and either will set of a metal detector). For anywhere you can (or choose to regardless) carry, a host of mouse/pocket guns have holsters that make it print like a wallet or phone (and don’t require manipulating the grip in weird ways to get into a shooting position once drawn).

    So not only is this a meh idea they’ve made me go some way to making the Curve look good, for that I truly hate this concept.

    • It actually elicits hate from you? You sure that is appropriate response for such a subject? Wrapped a bit tight?

      • The last line was snarky. The rest are actual notes as I see it.

        If however I wanted to show some hate, I’d point out the cookie cutter website with the gmail contact address whilst reminding everyone a gun is a controlled explosion very close to your body. Or point out the clearly paid for or made up reviews such as;

        “Finally a gun that is easy to conceal that will be effective in stopping the bad guy.”
        – Some guy who refuses to believe the lcp, lcr, tcp etc. etc. etc. exist.

        Or I could suggest a thug in the process of mugging you won’t take kindly to you grabbing your “phone” and messing with it. So perhaps if you wanted to disguise a defensive weapon, perhaps a plastic case that can pass for money in a clip may be a better option

        • The last line may have been projection more than snark on my part. I come to petty hatefulness when I drink too much coffee sometimes. I like the money clip idea. Or course, you could then give them the money shot.

        • Oh, and yes, those “reviews” from people who have not even touched the product yet are irritatingly lame.

        • Mmm….exploding money clip. Hand over money clip to bad guy, push remote button, bad guys loses hand, if he’s lucky. If you’re lucky, he stuffed the money clip into his front pocket, and the bad guy gets a mangled pelvis. That’d slow’em down.

          You’d have to have a rock solid mechanical safety on such a thing though. I wouldn’t rely on just electronics to keep it from going “pop” when you didn’t want it to. How much C4 , do you suppose, would it take to provide a “mangle” charge but not injure yourself because of the proxcimity?

  3. Clever design where the trigger is completely covered up by the grip when it is in “phone” mode, eliminating the need for a holster. Looking at area beneath the muzzles they could easily integrate a laser sight and/or led flashlight into the design. $395 price is not bad either. Cheaper than many derringers. I’ll keep my eye on this one.

    • I agree. About the only thing it needs are two matte -rubber plugs for the barrels to keep anything from becoming wedged in them, and increase concealment….and maybe some alt colors.

      • Shutters that move away when the grip is deployed. Sort of like on the later point-n-shoot cameras. Couple of rods, a piece of plastic, and a groove. Pretty simple.

        • That would work, but would make the thing more expensive and tricky to design. The plugs would be cheap, simple, and just fly out when you fire it. If that ever happens you can replace them.

      • I am sorry. But putting an obstruction in the barrels seem very dangerous. Its like getting mud jammed in your barrel. And if you were to go with the plug idea, that would be another step before you were to shoot it. Don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate the idea. A sliding cover that works in conjunction with dropping the grip seems to be a far safer idea. If you were to carry it in your pocket and are worried about lint getting in the barrel, have a sleave of some sort made for it.
        And I am sorry. But worried about lint in your barrel and you want to stick a rubber plug in it instead?

  4. I’d like it better if you didn’t have to extend a grip. It looks like that might require some dexterity and time (if not much) though I guess I’d have to see what operation looks like.

    • I mean, if I was a mugger, it might make me nervous if someone started to manipulate their phone. At the very least, I might grab for it.

    • The need to extend the grip and make it look like a gun before it can fire is what allows this design to dodge being classified as an AOW.

    • Depending on how it’s done, it may be possible to force it open single-handed with a flick of a wrist; kinda like many non-assisted folding knifes can still be opened quickly with one hand with a little practice.

  5. Great, another excuse for the police to hide behind. We hear of the occasional police officer mistakenly shooting someone with a cell phone. They claim that the black object in the suspect’s hand looked like a handgun. Now they’ll just claim they shot them because it looked like a cell phone gun.

  6. Wonder if it stores cocked, or if flipping the handle back cocks it. With anything this much focused on form, I’d want as many safeties against putting fashionable holes in my skinny jeans as possible, as part of function.

    I was initially thinking it would be better if it actually worked as a smartphone, or at least a smartphone case, but then started to think about issues related to brandishing…… but, if you cannot really take it out of your pocket anyway, why the elaborate design and functional compromises? In pocket, a holster with a squarish shape looks indistinguishable, and you can draw a “real gun”, like a Seecamp, out of it.

    Anyway, what really sucks, is even “free” states seem to have all manners of bans on carrying mechanical knives/switchblades. This thing reminds me of how annoying it is to try to get around that by training to approximate similar functionality from a legal tom carry folder. I want to draw my gun and have it operational with as little futzing as possible. Ditto for my knife. But increasing futzi is the raison d’etre for government, it seems. Even so called free state ones.

    • There are issues with this… even in an open carry state like Texas, you are required to have the firearm in a holster. Not sure if this thing clipped to your belt is 100% legal? Does folding it and covering the trigger count as holstering? Maybe, maybe not.

    • If it’s a pistol with a rifled barrel, then I think you’re legally good to go. On the other hand, I think it still is an AOW — as in I’d rather have Any Other Weapon than that.

      • It’s not an AOW. It had to fire in a configuration that doesn’t look like a firearm. Same concept as the stinger pen gun.

  7. Not crazy about it. BUT as long as 5-O doesn’t start shooting folks pulling out their wallets(more than usual) it’s OK to me. I do agree about no butt carry. Or those wallet type holsters for 380 which don’t cover the trigger. Or “appendix” carry… Or you could just get a Double Tap in 9 or 45.

  8. I can’t comprehend some of the negativity towards law enforcement on here. Wilsontx, your statement is generalizing that every cop wants to go out and shoot someone for no apparent reason. Of course there some are bad/corrupt cops, just like there are some bad/corrupt people. But making a statement like you did just shows your lack of intellect.

    • If you had been shot by the cops as many times as Wilsontx has, you’d be singin’ a different tune, boy-howdy;-)

    • Seriously? Didn’t detect someone being facetious?

      Even if I was dead serious, did I infer every cop? I think my second sentence started as, “We hear of the occasional police officer mistakenly shooting someone…”

    • Can someone tell everyone to drop or don’t pull out your fing cell phone if police stop you! Then it won’t be an issue. And if you are not up to no good you shouldn’t have to worry anyway.

  9. “Hopefully, not mistaking his gun for a phone. Or the other way around.” And, there have already been cases where officers have reached for their taser but mistakenly pulled their gun instead.

  10. It’s lame.

    Now, take a manual action with toggle activator like the HK P7 add Boberg feed, fold that up, and you might have something. If I have to be limited to something, having to manually feed it is no different than a revolver. Two shots isn’t worth the money.

  11. It really doesn’t look all that smaller than a LCP or CW380 in pocket holster. At with a conventional 380 you can draw with one hand. (and you have 7 rounds, not 2)

    • Agree. If you conceal in a pocket there is no need for a shape shifting gun and besides where do I carry my cell phone if shape shifter is on my hip?

  12. Cops already shoot at pretty much everything in your hand because of a few zipgun deaths from decades ago. That’s why they say “let me see your hands,” “keep your hands out of your pockets,” etc.

  13. I think the point of this is that not only it can be pocket carried, but if it falls out, everyone will still assume it’s a phone.

  14. isn’t something like this and “Pen guns” “Cane gun”, along with other “NON” GUN LOOKING guns considered NFA items?

    • It’s only an NFA item if it can be fired in the “non-gun looking mode”. Since here you have to unfold it before firing, and it looks like a gun when unfolded, it’s not an NFA item.

  15. This is a dangerous and not well thought out weapon. You could have it in your home but if you want to take it outside every state would require you to have a ccw permit. You would not be able to go near any school or federal buildings, post offices including grocery stores that have a post office inside them, any federal owned lands, courthouses, park and recreation areas just to name a few. Good luck if you have one in your back pocket or purse and a police officer makes contact with you. Ideal carry had no disclaimer in their website informing people about these things and that toy would be required by law to have a ccw, and after calling several states and taking to ccw instructors this type of weapon wouldn’t even be allowed in the classrooms âs it holds only two rounds making it impossible to qualify with it in the time allotted. If you have the money to throw away so you can brag that you have one then fine. But only having two rounds to defend yourself against someone with a real gun that hold anywhere from 9-60 rounds or more, well good luck with that!

    • So it’s just like any other concealed weapon, just a crappier version? Firearms aren’t normally allowed at most of those places anyway. One correction though, just because there’s a post office in the grocery store, doesn’t make it illegal to carry there. Unless the property is owned by the Feds, you are fine. Not sure about the actual USPS area, but the USPS renting space inside a store doesn’t make the whole store off limits.

    • Your concern is noted, but it is a firearm, not a cellphone. Any person that buys a firearm should be well aware of the limitations of where you can and cannot carry a firearm. The fact that it is not immediately obvious that it’s a firearm does not change anything.


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