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[h/t Bryan]

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    • Ice T, Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice…something about the name “‘Ice” fails to instill trust in me.

      For that matter, I don’t like ice in my whiskey, or my coffee.

      “Celebrities” really need to put a sock in it. Feel me dawg?

  1. Its refreshing to hear someone from Hollywood acknowledge the importance of the 2nd Ammendment. I loved how direct and quick his answers were. The liberal host who’s clearly for more gun control didn’t know how to handle such honesty.

    • “The liberal host who’s clearly for more FUN control didn’t know how to handle such honesty.”

      Maybe not what you intended to write, but still the truth.

    • The host was in England, which is where he was at the time of that piece so there you already can’t own guns.

  2. I’m not quick to sign him up as the next spokesperson for the NRA but its helpful to acknowledge his background and perspective. When you grow up in an inner city combat zone, you’ll feel differently about protecting yourself from gang members and corrupt cops than those that grew up in Mayberry.

    • The NRA speaks for the NRA and its staying alive.

      Ice T spoke for/to the people. Staight up and honest.

      Nous Defions

    • Why the hell not? It would greatly broaden the scope/membership of the NRA to have Ice T up front. Just cuz a few OFWGs would get pissed is stupid. The NRA would be much more effective if it could represent a greater segment of the population of the US.

      • +1

        It’s hard to see guns as anything other than a gang banger thing, when the only person telling you different is standing in a marsh with a $2000 shotgun over his shoulder.

        Ice-T would present the “it’s not all about hunting” side.

  3. If this interview was held in either the UK or in Australia, I can understand the shocked silence from the presenter. Both countries’ gun control factions successfully used similarly tragic events to push through laws to disarm their people.

  4. ma- man Ice-T…he had that guy totally shut down for words especially when he mentioned strapping a bomb to yourself like “they do”

    • When terrorists attacking inside Isreal with guns encountered concealed carriers much to their dismay, that’s when the terrorists switched to bombs.

      • stolen land. i would like to know if there’s a country anywhere on earth that wasn’t created by violence and one group or tribe encroaching on another. even the people that were here before the europeans stole land from one another. stolen land my ass. i did agree with the rest of what he had to say.

        • Indeed. Before the Europeans, native American tribes spent a lot of their time fighting one another for land and resources.

      • Comments from people with American Indian ancestors (however small the percentage is) are starting to increasingly aggervate me to no end. Almost as much as Black people using slavery as a crutch. We are the United States of America. Not the United States of African Americans/Anglo Americans/Indians . I will remind you that American Indians didn’t just pop out of thin air in the Americas, they came from elsewhere just as my ancestors did. It just so happens that my ancestors were stronger/smarter than yours. No reason to be upset about it.

        *Note: I hope you sense my sarcasm in the last two sentences.

        • Almost as much as Black people using slavery as a crutch.

          If they ever bring it up, remind them that they were enslaved by black kingdoms, whitety simply purchased them, brought them to the US, and taught them English and Christianity, and eventually gave them their freedom. It was called the North Atlantic Slave Trade for a reason. Then offer to subsidize their boat ride back to Africa if they want to repatriate. You can also remind them that one of the few places were slavery is still widespread is Sudan in Africa.

        • Well, I don’t agree about smarter. More advanced maybe. I have small amount of American Indian in my blood; however I do agree with you about slavery and the subject of Indians. The Indian and slavery arguments get old, the longer we dwell on them the more harm and less healing takes place.

          No one alive today in the US has kept a slave legally or killed Indians for land. There are embarrassing things about the USA’s past for sure; however there are just as many embarrassing things about the present.

        • Guinea was one of the first places whitety got slaves:
          Though the Kingdom of Portugal had claimed the area four years earlier, Portuguese explorer Nuno Tristão sailed around the coast of West Africa, reaching the Guinea area in about 1450, searching for the source of gold and other valuable commodities that had slowly been trickling up into Europe via land routes for the preceding half century. Sometime later, slaves were also added to the list. Portuguese Guinea had been part of the Sahel Empire, and the local Landurna and Naula tribes traded in salt and grew rice. Like in many other regions across Africa, powerful indigenous kingdoms along the Bight of Benin relied heavily on a long established slave trade. The Ashanti exploited their military predominance to bring slaves to coastal forts established first by Portugal after 1480, and then soon afterwards by the Dutch, Danish, and English. The slaving network quickly expanded deep into the Sahel, where the Mossi diverted an ancient slaving trade away from the Mediterranean towards the Gold Coast.[1] With the help of local tribes in about 1600, the Portuguese, and numerous other European powers, including France, Britain and Sweden, set up a thriving slave trade along the West African coast. However, the local black African rulers in Guinea, who prospered greatly from the slave trade, had no interest in allowing the white Europeans any further inland than the fortified coastal settlements where the trading took place.

          Slavery existed in Africa well before the Atlantic slave trade and even before Islamic slave trade. Slavery in Africa more than likely originated from wartime. When a kingdom won a war or battle, opponents were taken captive and used as slaves. Another reason for slavery was to increase ownership of land by increasing the amount of laborers available to work the land. It is for this reason that slave raids became common on neighboring villages.

          Slavery in Africa decreased immensely due to the effects of the Atlantic, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Trans-Saharan slave trades abolition. Complete legal abolition of slavery did not cease in Africa until the 21st Century, with Mauretania outlawing the practice only in 2007; however, according to the UN slavery still exists in much of North Africa.

          As of 2007, there was still wide spread reports of slavery

      • Dagney Taggart built the land for her railroads, by herself, before she inherited Taggart Transcontinental from her grandfather.

        Taggart Transcontinental didn’t have any help from anyone.

    • Just about every inhabitable place on Earth was claimed by some people who were run off it by other people at some point in history.

        • Depends how you define “ok.”

          It’s human nature, the human condition, and simply the way survival and expansion were done in the past. Applying modern morality to humanity of the past is foolish, unproductive, and only serves to keep wounds open. But, that’s the way some people like it; where would Sharpton and Jackson be if racial wounds closed?

        • Considering the last 200-odd years of human achievement, including everything from the light bulb to modern medicine was a direct fruit of it, including your very ability to question it– yes, that makes it okay.

        • …where would Sharpton and Jackson be if racial wounds closed?

          Probably preaching. IIRC, that’s what they did before they got into (founded?) the grievance industry.

    • If you lose one freedom, or some freedoms, or all freedoms, you are left with nothing but stolen land. Watch what you and your government does, for you may be left with nothing, not even the land on which you stand, for it is “stolen land”.

      Nous Defions

  5. I especially like the raising of the eyebrows as a response to the interviewer’s astonished silence as if to say, “Surprised you, didn’t I, you limey twit?”

    • While respecting the ritghs of law-abiding gun owners ? In Mayor Bloomberg’s mind, that would mean the right’ to wait months to purchase a .22 rifle which would then (of course) be safely’ stored at the police station?No thanks. I like my ritghs the way they are.

  6. He makes one of the most logical, and truthful statements I have heard in some time.

    Essentially, if you want to kill lots of people, the most effective way for a single person to do it, isn’t with guns. As proven time and time again. Look at all the mass killings around the world, guns would rank below bombings, gas attacks, arson, etc. etc.

  7. Perfectly stated. Succinct, candid and to the point. No preaching soap box. It is great to see an increasing number of black Americans voicing our support for the right to bear arms. Well done Ice!

  8. Love the stunned silence against the “last defense against tyranny” line, as if a Brit simply can’t fathom standing up to governmental tyrants and oppression.

    • The Brits will never understand the concept of standing up against government.

      These are, after all, a people who think that strange women, laying in ponds and distributing swords, is a rational basis for government.

    • “…as if a Brit simply can’t fathom standing up to governmental tyrants and oppression.”

      That’s because the interviewer is part of the tyranny, not someone who would want to be defended from tyranny. Sort of like the main stream media is here.

    • All the comments I’ve seen here, presumably uttered by Americans, identify the interviewer as a “Brit” (which he is, a loyal Subject of her Majesty I would assume) in spite of his physical appearance, which does not indicate a pure Anglo-Saxon genetic background.
      Is this an American way of thinking, extrapolating how we think about others with different racial, ethnic, etc. backgrounds still being as “American” as we are?

      • I don’t care what color my fellow Americans are. I just want them to love individual Rights and liberty as much as I.

      • LongPurple: The interviewer’s name is Martin Bashir. He is identified as a Brit because he is one. He is of Pakistani origin, but he was born in South London. The term Brit in most of these comments is being used semi-pejoratively, because he possesses opinions (about guns and much else) that would be called, by the American standard, very liberal. He works in the US now, primarily for NBC and MSNBC, and much like Piers Morgan, whose tweets were publicized in a previous post, he tends to bring his British political sensibilities with him into the interviews/stories that he does. He is, however, usually much more low key about inserting his own opinions than Morgan; he appears to try to be a neutral interviewer most of the time. Note that neutral does not mean “gun-friendly,” it means neutral.

        • Thank you Matt, for the additional info.

          As I said (parenthetically), I consider him a “Brit” — in a non-pejorative sense — whatever his genetic or national heritage, as I consider the wide variety of people in this country as Americans.

          I have self-identified myself as a “Yank” to “Brits”, and never thought either was a demeaning term. But I see your point, either Brit or Yank might be used in a “semi-pejorative” sense, depending on context.
          I recall an elderly Polish lady, who would call anyone she despised a “Russian”, whatever the person’s background. She used no slur, just the quite proper term for a person from Russia, spoken in a tone that conveyed extremely strong negative feelings.

  9. I’m surprised in a good way. In all respect, I usually only observe African-American celebrities calling for more gun control. Nice job Ice-T. I suspect that part of the interviewer’s inability to try and argue more forcibly back was simply because Ice-T is an AA.

  10. He was clear to the point and didn’t waist time letting him know it has nothing to do with hunting it is against tyranny. Sure protect your family and self, hunting is in there too, but honestly it is so the people can over throw the government. That puts a whole new light on things doesn’t it. you can’t over throw a government with 22 rifles now can you.

  11. Wasn’t he on that SVU episode where they shit on the graves of all the Fast and Furious victims by trying to pass off the real-life events as rogue agents instead of what it obviously was, a false flag conspiracy enabled by Obama’s blank check for “gun control”?

    • Oh you mean that show where he was contractually obligated to appear, saying lines he was contractually obligated to say, on a drama show with no basis in reality whatsoever?

      He’s an actor. By acting, he feeds and shelters his family.

      I generally do not patronize or spend money in places that prohibit firearm carry. Yet I work in one, and when I’m at work I follow the rules. That makes me a whore. If you do the same thing so are you, just like me and Ice-T. If not, congratulations.

      BTW, we agree on F&F.

  12. Wow.

    I remember 20 years ago, when the NRA was using Ice-T as a scapegoat for violent crime, in an attempt to deflect criticism from themselves.

    How the times have changed.

    Published: Saturday, June 13 1992 12:00 a.m. MDT

    The National Rifle Association, whose defense of gun ownership often puts it at odds with law enforcement agencies, joined police Friday in condemning a best-selling rap music album that contains the song “Cop Killer.”

    NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre urged members and concerned citizens to write to the record label, Warner Bros. Records, and the distributor, Time Warner Inc., asking them to withdraw the “Body Count” album, by Los Angeles rapper, Ice-T.The song “Cop Killer,” contains the lyrics, “I got my 12-gauge sawed off. I got my headlights turned off. I’m ’bout to bust some shots off. I’m ’bout to dust some cops off.”

    LaPierre called the song “an outrage,” adding in a statement released here: “Researchers indicate a causal link between violent behavior and violence in the media.

    “Time Warner uses its (Time) magazine to depict violence in our streets and promote gun prohibition, and then they turn around and use their music label to sell songs about murdering police officers.”

    LaPierre said if Time Warner really cared about reducing violence in America: “They would put an immediate end to distributing this disgusting album.”

    • Somewhat off-topic, but Wayne Pierre was still a head honcho at the NRA 20 years ago? Isn’t he still in that same position? There’s one problem with the NRA: need some new blood and new ideas.

  13. Yup, I didn’t care much for rap or Ice-T but like Eric (above) and I suspect, a whole lot of other people, I am now firmly a fan of this guy.

    • Next time you’re on Pandora, might want to give Sir Mix-a-lot a listen too.

      He’s a pro-2A Gun Guy, a Car Guy, and his lyrics are anti-domestic violence.

      “I don’t believe in gun control, the theory is proven
      Give a criminal a gun, and your public is losin'”–Hip-Hop Soldier, Swass

      In the same song he talks about moon clips in his S&W revolver, a Mini-14, an M-16 and a Sterling Mark 6. Good stuff.

  14. I like Ice-T as an actor, and I understand where he’s coming from–by observation, not personal experience. What I see here is a man who isn’t wandering around inside a bubble. I also appreciate his clarity. He answered the questions without ranting and without blithering.

  15. Brilliant, simple, true and to the point. Well said Ice! The problem with most political debate is that most people who pontificate on them are uninformed or mislead. Ice T is definitely an intelligent, informed free thinker who uses his own critical thinking when debating. The interviewer is more like the uninformed sheep who just follows the herd straight over the cliff. “last defense against tyranny” absolutely right! Amen Ice T!


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