I Am a Gun Owner

courtesy Freddy Thomas

Freddy Thomas

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  1. avatar g says:

    Thanks, Freddy! I don’t blame you if you move, but NY definitely needs more gun owners like you.

    Thanks for speaking out!

  2. avatar William says:

    Welcome, Freddy! LOVED “…Queen’s English and have all my teeth”. Even though the Queen IS a degenerate parasite.

  3. avatar Benny says:

    Welcome to the fold, Freddy. And kudos for ditching the overalls lol

  4. avatar AlphaGeek says:

    I’m a liberal gun guy and I’m still going to say thank you for sharing your portrait and your beliefs. Great statement.

    1. avatar Wyndage says:

      Seems likely he meant “liberal anti-gun folks”?

      Regardless, any man who has read the Federalist Papers and believes in our Constitution is a friend of mine.

    2. avatar Randy Drescher says:

      +1 on that AG although I’m getting more conservative as I go on here, Ill have a portrait of bush up in no time, Randy

    3. avatar blinkypete says:

      Wait, you aren’t going to have a temper tantrum because you disagree with something he said?

      +1 on the apparent typo; I think he meant “anti-gun”, though only he can confirm that.

      Thanks for your post dude!

  5. avatar Lance says:

    Prof again that Hispanics are NOT a all liberal voting block like the media says they are. I think many many Hispanics like whites like guns seen many like to shoot and guess what many own AR-15s. Think we need to show the truth about minorities and gun rights.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Believe he wrote “Haitian” not “hispanic”. Welcome to the family Freddy.

    2. avatar g says:

      I dunno what he self-identifies as, but most Haitians I know don’t consider themselves Hispanic… they’d rather identify with other Afro-Carribean countries, or hell… Haitian. Haiti is a Francophone country (French, OMG!) and the 2nd oldest republic in the Americas after a successful slave revolt back in 1804.

      Sadly, the history of US-Haiti relations is rocky. Even that great advocate of freedom, Thomas Jefferson, imposed an arms / trade embargo while he was president because the Southern states feared that US slaves would follow the example of the Haitians… ironic.

  6. avatar Fyrewerx says:

    Good one Freddy…. best one so far.

  7. avatar Freddy says:

    Thanks all! I actually meant folks with liberal gun views. Limited space. Sorry. And yes, I’ve been mistaken for Dominican or Puerto Rican more than once. I speak French. Sorry to disappoint =)

    Hatians are not Hispanic. However, many Mullatos (the lighter skinned minority) have similar physical characteristics. That said, Queen Isabella’s loyal followers, as well as the French, Portuguese, and English, had their way of forcing themselves upon many women folk, you know? So if you dig back a few hundred years, there actually may be a tinge of pernil.

    If you’re interested in reading up in the region, I’d suggest picking up a copy of “The Uses of Haiti” by Paul Farmer.

  8. avatar My name is Bob says:

    Welcome friend!!

  9. avatar schizuki says:

    Smart, funny guy with well-thought-out core principles. A testament to the virtues of legal immigration. Well done.

  10. avatar Silver says:

    Great paper

  11. avatar Greg says:

    Hear hear Freddy!

  12. avatar Ron Mexico says:

    Nice… I enjoy how these are becoming more detailed.

  13. avatar hattz says:

    Freddy, you sound pretty cool, but I gotta say: a C.A.T. cap really looks best when paired with overalls.

    1. avatar Freddy says:

      Maybe. As long as they’re not filthy and are backed by some kind of undershirt… The point was that under-educated, PMS’ing North East libtards have this sort of vision in their heads of what “gun lovers” are supposed to look like.

      1. avatar hattz says:

        agreed. dudes wearing overalls with no shirts makes me feel a little queasy.

      2. avatar Drus says:


        Thanks for painting “north east libtards” with that brush you don’t want to be painted with.

        By the way, as a homeowner and married father with two children you do get government assistance!

        You get a mortgage deduction on your house a deduction for each of your children and maybe even a marriage deduction!

        Something all of us, “north east libtards” who chose not or cannot; marry, raise children and own a home currently underwrite.

        1. avatar Freddy says:

          Libtards paint themselves all pretty well, without any assistance from my dumbass and my infinitesimally tiny voice on the Interwebz. New York City in particular, while being celebrated as a cultural Mecca, has an immensely high concentration of supposedly well-educated folks who don’t question much, and who are routinely unable to distinguish PMS from stats, studies, knowledge, and plain old logic. More Northerlly states like NH, VT, RI seem to be dominated by people who can evaluate a situation a bit more objectively.

          Your mortgage deduction point is laughable and pointless. You know EXACTLY what I mean. I could also choose not to drive down Federally subsidized roads, nor tan my heiny in public parks and beaches, nor utilize a myriad of other “assisted services” on my fellow taxpayer’s dime.

          My substantial yearly “donation” to the government coffers underwrites all kinds of services and benefits you and your peeps surely receive as well. So what?

          I am neither Conservative nor Liberal; can’t be described as a Democrat or Republican. I espouse HUMAN values.

        2. avatar Drus says:


          You forgot to add that, “you do not eat with your fingers” to your post so we would all know “exactly” what you were writing about.

          Everyone benefits in some way from the gov’t. That is what I was stating. If you research the issue, you will see that us NYC people pay in much more than we receive, both in state and federal taxes.

          If human values mean profiling entire cities and states, I do not have those values.

          Also interesting to see that someone who speaks, “the Queen’s English” and is supposedly well read suddenly retreats to being a “dumbass” with a tiny voice when being questioned about his writings.

          You are a proud gun owner, good for you. Doing exactly what you say the libtards do, does not help anyone with any sort of human values

        3. avatar Freddy says:

          Retreat??? Clearly, you can not read nor decipher plainly written English nor see. That’s my picture, my real name, and my own words. I challenge you to put forth the same and quit trolling a pro 2a gun blog, hiding behind an goofy, anonymous handle.

          I’m far from sorry Libtard offends you so. Your cowardice exemplifies the branding. Stick with your fists, pots, and pans for self-defense if you’re … umm unfortunate enough to be in a life-threatening situation.

          Enough said. Troll on dude.

        4. avatar drus says:

          You called yourself a dumbass, I did not.

          You do not know what my feelings are towards the 2A.

          You assume I am a coward.

          You have no facts to support either statement.

          Yet you profess the intellectual and moral high ground…inconceivable.

  14. avatar John says:

    That is the best write-up I’ve seen yet!

  15. avatar Bear says:

    Hell yeah, Freddy.

    Show ’em what for.

  16. avatar Ric Hubbard says:


  17. avatar Evan says:

    Great haveing you here!

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