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See all of the “I Am A Gun Owner” portraits here.  Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. Sigh, another Obama voter that is a born again 2A lover. How many more of these are we gonna see as I’m growing tired of these folk that prioritized free birth control and gay marriage over the 2A in the last election?!?

    Before you pull the Romney/AWB/MA B.S. meme remember which of the two presidential candidates was endorsed by the NRA.

      • I’m with you Mike S. MangledHorns seems to think since we don’t care who gets married and what a women does with her body we had to vote for Obama….He is starting to smell like a troll.

        • If it quacks likes a duck, walks like a duck… If you didn’t vote for Obama or other politician that has a F grade from the NRA then you’re OK. The others here that did the opposite are who I have the problem with.

          Riddle me this! How can we count on the Obama voters to support the 2A??

        • TT, you’re not getting what we’re saying. Nowhere did she state she voted for Obama. You are making that assumption.
          Her sign isn’t designed for you. It’s intended to make the point to folks in the other side that people, including gun owners, don’t fit into the tidy little groups that the MSM, and both of the major political parties would have you believe we do.

        • Divide so they can conquer. Good work.

          By the way, where’s your picture? Don’t tell me that, like most bullies, you just like putting other people down from the safety of your keyboard without ever putting yourself out there for the same ridicule.

      • My point is that having certain social views does not automatically suggest a certain voting pattern, but having liberal social views and feeling the need to pronounce these views to the world generally indicates an Obama voter. Which is what my problem is, not certain social views, but the Obama voting.

        • To my knowledge not a single picture has included “I voted for Obama”. You’re just looking for people to pick on, and ones that are on the right side of the cause this website is here for.

        • We encourage people to share views that are outside the stereotype right wing rural male gun nut. That is the whole point of this series.
          When candidates that oppose gun rights see how diverse we are they will change their position to curry our favor.

        • Dude… It says right there “Fiscally Conservative” Even IF she voted for Obama the first time, after him and his family blowing 6 trillion dollars in 4 years shows that Obama is NOT fiscally conservative.

    • Democrats basically spent 2011 and 2012 lying about their position on guns. I don’t know how many times I saw some version of “Obama’s not coming for your guns” or “the Democrats aren’t going after your guns” on Facebook?

      So for people who are for gay marriage, pro-choice, against discrimination against women in healthcare (no coverage for contraception, but coverage for ED drugs), and pro-gun, it was a matter of voting for someone who agreed with most of your views and who’s been telling you he won’t go after the one point where you disagree (Obama), or voting for the guy you disagree with on almost everything, because he’s better on the one issue where you do agree.

      As for me, I’m a single issue voter and that issue is the Constitution, and what I knew of both the major candidates convinced me they’d both treat it like toilet paper. So I didn’t vote for either one of them. I should have voted for Gary Johnson, but just sat out instead.

    • TT, you make this accusation anytime someone does not agree with you, just like you did with me. It is this kind of narrow mindedness that is the biggest danger to the Second Amendment. When we fight amongst ourselves instead of working together, we allow our opponents more time to make there point.

      She, like me, is showing the diversity of 2A supporters, that our numbers are larger and that we are in the right. I would not have voted for Mitt Romney for 2A reasons. Anyone who capitulates to anti-gunners and signs an AWB in the state he is governor of is no friend of the Second, I don’t care who endorsed him. Harry Reid has an A rating and the endorsement of the NRA and he is just as likely to capitulate to pressure from his party.

      If you want to discuss the abortion issue or the marriage issue, there are a number of conservative blogs and forums out there where you can do that. This site is about guns, gun ownership and we should stick to that.

      Can you rely on us? I have written over 100 letters to my Senators and Congressman in the last month. I was the first of (at this point) over 2000 people to weigh in on the AWB on Popvox, where I opposed the bill. My Senators and Congressmen get regular messages from me on Facebook and Twitter. And I hung myself out to ridicule by narrow minded people with that picture. I am doing my part, what are you doing?

      To the lady in picture, welcome to the cause, glad to have you.

      • So I am right about the Obama supporters here. And they call me a troll. You guys owe J&D and myself an apology for the error of your vote. After that, we can move on.

        • Who? Me? I voted for Gary Johnson, and for Bob Barr the election before. I would never support a Democrat, specifically because of the gun issue.

          The Libertarian party supports more issues that I support than either the Republican or the Democrats. You should remember it was a Republican who first screwed us on semi-autos when the first George Bush banned the import of semi-auto rifle imports by executive order. Anyone remember that?

          If you want to protect only some of the bill of rights, then pick them and join the Republican or Democrats, which ever protect the ones you agree with. I want to protect all of them, with the Second being the most important, so I am a libertarian.

          I speaking of my beliefs upsets you, then I apologize. I will not apologize for my vote.

        • That’s where you’re wrong. No one from these last few IAAGO discussions “owes” you or Jokes & Dagger an apology for votes which may or may not have been erred. They beauty of this country is that people are free to vote for whoever they choose to, whether or not you agree or like it (if I knew how to that would all be in bold or italics, because it’s an important point which seems to be missed right now).

          The wasted vote in this democratic society is the vote which isn’t cast. I readily admit to regretting my vote for Obama, because he moved against the 2nd Amendment, but that doesn’t make it a waste – just a mistake, a mistake which I will in this case learn from. Or do you and J&D never make mistakes?

          It saddens me to see ourselves at each-others throats *on a gun-blog*. We have plenty of enemies, including the President of the United States – should we be adding each other to the list? This is the absolute worst time to be squabbling over social views and who voted for who (I don’t claim to be innocent of that, by the way). The point of including all of those non-conservative views is not so that we rip each other to shreds, but so that peoples – maybe not regular readers – can see that we’re not all right-wing gunnuts. I know plenty of people who think that we all fit the stereotype.

          And poster of the picture, thank you for your service. Can’t say I agree with you on the bacon, though.

    • Stay out of my property, like my guns.
      Stay out of my sex life, and what I do with my body.
      Stay out of who I marry.
      All sounds good to me.

  2. Bacon Sandwich, candied bacon, Bacon Sundae, Bacon and eggs (scrubbing floor with toothbrush) Grilled bacon, floppy bacon, crispy bacon, smoked bacon, maple bacon (running at boot camp) Bacon casserole, bacon with toast, hehe Bubba Gump Bacon

  3. There is a myth out there that only uneducated, woman-hating, racist, rednecks think gun rights are important.

    The more pictures we can put up of people outside that group, the more we fight the stereotype.

    So, no, I don’t think they should keep their social views to themselves. I fact, people with a wide range of social views should be the target of this gun owner photo push.

  4. Oh, and I find it hilarious that just because this woman supports gay marriage and is pro-choice, that makes her a “traitor to the 2A.” Some people must have missed that the fact that she’s a veteran, and she’s served this country protecting our freedoms and our rights, including the 2A.

    Conservative gun owners need to learn that not everybody who owns a gun shares their narrow-minded views about social issues. You’re alienating our allies.

    • Colin Powell is a vet and self described Republican so…

      The true 2A supporter understands the 2A has priority over EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL ISSUE.

      The Obama supporters here must own up to their mistake. Perhaps we can learn from this.

      • The true 2A supporter understands the 2A has priority over EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL ISSUE.

        To you, maybe. Many of us don’t see the world in black and white.

        Not to mention the fact that you pulling this shtick in every one of these threads is tiresome, unhelpful, and really feeding the view that many have of you as a troll.

        How many times do people have to explain to you that inclusion is important and busting the stereotype of gun owners as racist cousin-humpers is doubly important?

      • Unfortunately TT we need to convince Obama supporters on the 2nd Ammendment more than anyone else….we are setting ourselves up for a loss if we only take anti Obama people on our side.

        • I’m not saying cast the Obama supporters out, I just want evidence that we can count on their support that will go beyond taking a webcam photo of themselves holding a piece of paper.

        • I’m starting to think you’ve got a crush on Barry. You’re the one who keeps bringing him up.

        • I’m not saying cast the Obama supporters out

          There is a substantial body of evidence (your own comments) strongly indicating otherwise.

          Seriously, STFU about the “Obama voterz OMGWTF” thing. You and Joke are the biggest enemies to a united 2A coalition here on TTAG. You are both completely missing the point of this exercise.

          I’m starting to suspect that you might be an anti-2A troll who is working to splinter the pro-2A groups.

        • Elections have consequences. This guy was a known quantity in 2012! I’m not buddying up with Obama voters now. Period.

        • Yes, J&D, elections have consequences. That’s why Second Amendment support has to reach beyond the GOP alone, so that whatever party is in power, the right to keep and bear arms is not threatened.

          Automatically attacking anyone who expresses views that might indicate a vote for Obama in 2012 is counterproductive to that, in my opinion. So you’re completely comfortable voting GOP. Good for you. A lot of people don’t agree with most of what the GOP stands for except for gun rights. That puts them in an uncomfortable dilemma: vote for the other rights you believe are important and leave gun rights vulnerable, or vice versa. Since you don’t care about (or actively oppose) those other rights, the choice is easy for you.

          The way forward for the Second Amendment is not to force people to give up on rights they care about, it’s to give them the tools to make others care about the Second Amendment as well. It’s to get gun owning Democrats calling their Senators and Representatives opposing bills limiting gun rights.

      • Profiling someone just from a few lines on a piece of paper is just plain ignorant. You can bring up Colin Powell and others like him all you want but the fact is you’re running on sheer assumptions.

        The nice lady believes in our cause enough that she took the time to write up her list and post the convictions she has every right to have and I for one am very happy to have her here.

        Instead of picking on a lady why don’t you tear me down. I’m pro-choice (with limits), I think gay marriage is about the last thing our country needs to worry about and I’m an atheist. Textbook Obama voter here by your assumptions.

        • Gotta agree with the sentiments above. J&D and TT seem to be at the least trying to drive away supporters from our cause. They may be trolls after all.

          Even if someone voted for barry is it against the rules for them to have seen the light and join our side?

          And if the gay and pro choice issues are that much of a bother to you maybe you should look for like minded friends elsewhere.

        • Again, these pictures are nothing but feel good exercises that Obama, Feinstein and Biden are not listening to. The problem is not whether we are united on 2A, the problem is many of the gun owners here are seeking absolution for voting these known gun grabbers onto office.

        • Congratulations for missing the point entirely. It’s not about Obama, Feinstein, or Biden. It’s about showing who gun owners really are, which at the same time refutes the stereotype that gun owners are all white, Christian, conservative men. A tiny, privileged subset of America, who want to keep their guns so they can keep oppressing everyone else.

          So there are people who both own guns and believe in marriage equality. What’s the proper response? Freak out because they might have voted for Obama or start thinking about how to push the Democrats away from gun control?

  5. love the 2A Taliban! where do I sign up?

    Glad 2A takes precedence over any other religion, especially those christians who put god over country

    • Isn’t it a great enough ill that our so-called two-party system, not at all a Constitutional design, has attained such entrenched power in the US? The two-party system tries exactly to break the possibility of issue-by-issue coalitions, via “party discipline.” Why do you suggest I must accept one party platform or the other in its entirety? Is that what I’m offered as “freedom of conscience”? If the 2nd Am. is under attack by urban union leaders and the ultra-rich, let that be the issue we declare upon individually, hiding behind no party, nor coerced by it. We can vote on abortion another day. I strongly wish my opponents on tax issues, for example, would join with me on 2nd Am. issues, if they are with me on that issue, without threat of retribution by their “party” or rejection by you of their support.

      • J&D and TT, name an American Elected or appointed politician who has NOT tried to take away any supposed “god-given” freedoms. Not just 2A but any. At least she is consistent in her views on government roles. Something many of us here lack

        • By your logic it’s OK that Obama is tearing down the 2A? I had no idea Obama supporters were this submissive. This isn’t a debate about other freedoms, this is about the 2A. Get your priorities straight.

        • J&D, West voted to reauthorize the FISA act, so his freedoms and my freedoms are two different things.

          TT by your logic, anyone who disagrees with you is an Obama supporter. Therefore we can no longer have a reasoned debate.

          My point is that if you can take away any freedoms you can take away all freedoms.

      • Lets see. I can vote for the guy who says he won’t take our guns away. Or, I can vote for the guy who took guns away. I wonder which would be the smartest to vote for?

        And yes, I know none of them tell the truth. If they did, they would never get elected.

  6. Sorry, but there’s nothing the Republican party has to offer me, at least not on the national level. If it wasn’t for fervent activism on the account of myself, my fellow gun owners, and the gun rights groups they wouldn’t have anything to offer gun owners either. It all started going down hill when the religious right took over, and it still hasn’t recovered.

    Local politicians are a different story.

    • +1. The GOP is our best friend and our worst enemy. They are the largest party to support our rights, but their 16th-century views on women’s rights, gay marriage, etc. serve only to alienate them – and consequently, us – from the majority of the public.

        • Just so I know where we stand here, J&D, what is your feeling towards most of the GOP’s positions? Agree or disagree? I need a baseline here.

        • No baseline for you Carlos. None of your business. Lets just say I’m still not over being demonized by the progressives during the election for being a white male conservative. No, we can’t all get along.

        • J&D, I literally burst out laughing when I read your response, since you answer my question in your refusal to answer my question.

          I only asked because I realized I was working off assumptions from your previous comments and I didn’t want to keep doing that. Where I’m going is that as a white male conservative, casting a vote for the GOP is a natural choice.

          You’re berating people for (maybe) choosing, in your opinion, the wrong fork of a dilemma. It’s a dilemma you’ll never face yourself, but of course this doesn’t stop you from congratulating yourself for making the choice.

  7. In fairness, Obama did a pretty good impression of a guy who wanted to avoid the gun control fight in his first term. I never bought it, but I have friends who did. We had some heated discussions about it in election season.

    • I believe he did want to avoid it, but then Sandy Hook happened and the groundswell of support for gun control became too much for him to ignore.

      • Agreed. I guess what I mean when I say I “didn’t buy it” was whether he’d seek a ban should the political situation become conducive. I had no doubt he would, should there be a shift in opinion, or get a hard push from the party in his 2nd term.
        And we all know how that worked out.

      • Swarf, the “forced by the groundswell after Sandy Hook” just isn’t credible. Obama selected Joe Biden as VP running mate, Joe who wrote the last AWB. The President chose Rahm as his first chief-of-staff, and Rahm has been an anti 2nd Am activist since his congressional days, despite his love of verbal aggression and steak-knife table-stabbing death announcements. Clearly Obama stated his hope an AWB could be enacted despite the fact, he noted, “that it is really cheap handguns in the cities” that are the problem.

        • Is it just me who can’t respond to people, or is it a general problem?

          TangledThorns, despite your snark, thank you for that; I had not seen that. As I have said a bit on previously, in my dorm there is no TV, and the whole campus is trying to stream the debates – it just doesn’t work. I try to get my news from one source or another, but over the years I have heard too many lies from Fox, MSNBC and CNN to trust any of them.

  8. Ah bacon!!! I should have thought of that!! Thank you for doing this. +1 on the pro choice and gay marriage, and fiscally conservative and for what it’s worth I did NOT vote for Obama neither times because of his crippling crippling debts policies . Im a moderate on social issues but likely will always vote Republican because 2A is a basic right that trumps any social views…. Isn’t the whole point of this campaign gun owners are from all walks of life & we vote and will protect our rights and yet to show the gg that we are not the villains they are making us out to be…..

    • 1911 Girl: the people who want to grab our guns are not open to discussion. Do you remember the raucous Town Hall demonstrations and Capital Hill demonstrations during the Obamacare fiasco. Didn’t make a difference. They don’t listen!!! The only thing that can change these gun grabbers is to vote them out of office. Hence, some of our disgust with Obama voters. I did enjoy your presentation yesterday.

      • Ya I know you can’t change their mind, most of my Canadian( Quebec) friends & family thinks imma gun nut! Which i am but the the way they think i am… Anyway, gg always seemed to throw spaghetti on the wall & not too much has stuck, but now i really am worry that too many of the ridiculous proposition will stick. I’ve taken a couple friends that were on the fence ( as in gun are scary because i just don’t know what to do with it) & took them to the range , teach ’em in a very relax have fun with it, then 2-4-1 margaritas at Chili’s so they have good memories & hopefully not so quick to jump on the gg bandwagon

        • Range trips for the uneducated are ALWAYS a great idea. And the margaritas afterwards? Brilliant.

  9. It’s a small thing, but good on you for putting LEGAL in caps. It’s a detail that’s something to be proud of.

    For what it’s worth, my father is a gay New Yorker and got married to his partner last year (I was his best man) and probably hates Obama more than most here. He raised me to be the liberty-minded person I am. So, yeah, while generalizations may be true sometimes, certainly not always.

    • My generalization depends upon whether your Dad feels a need to scream to the world that he is gay and we better accept him, or, does he go about his business without all the drama. The first types are usually Obama voters. The second types are fine with me.

      • Do you feel a need to scream at the world that you’re a gun owner and we’d better accept you, or do you go on about your business without all that drama? Ever open-carried? Do you have an NRA bumper sticker?

        Because what you’re complaining about doesn’t seem much different to me from “being politically active.”

  10. “Fiscal conservative”
    “Small business owner”
    “I am a gun owner and I vote in every election.”

    So we’ve got four stereotypically Republican aspects.

    “I am pro-choice and support gay marriage.”

    I’ll call that two stereotypically Democrat aspects. Honestly she doesn’t sound much like an Obama supporter to me, based on this. Use your heads and don’t spew knee-jerk libel about people who don’t fall into lockstep with you.

      • Okay, if we count those, it evens out, so you are still making baseless assumptions and setting the gun rights movement back. Yes, you, personally.

        Wake up.

        • Also, “Latino” doesn’t count because she did not identify herself as such. You’re assuming because she’s a brown-eyed brunette immigrant, she’s a Latina. Wow.

      • Latino is my best guess. I certainly am willing to be corrected. You pull the race card quick, just like the lefties taught you.

  11. Unnamed but awesome photo contributor, I salute you. That is a great portrait of both you and your beliefs.

    Sorry about the brouhaha with some of the bitter clingers regarding last year’s election results.

  12. Y’know…. I’m gonna stand up for our mugwump members, who ran afoul of others because of their conservative stance. We need them as much as we need everybody else.

    I’m not pulling a “can’t we all just get along?” I had a friend, now deceased, who used to say that whenever guns came up. I think his dad shot himself fatally; he coulda done it with a hose and exhaust pipe. Or a car.

    But when “CWAJGA?” came up, I’d pause, shake my head sadly and reply, “gee, Frank, apparently not.”

  13. “No baseline for you Carlos. None of your business. Lets just say I’m still not over being demonized by the progressives during the election for being a white male conservative. No, we can’t all get along.”

    …you must be a troll. You can’t be serious.

    You’re demonizing this woman for being a socially liberal woman because poor widdle you is so OPPWESSED for being a white male conservative. Your attempts at playing the victim here are absolutely pathetic.

    People like you are the Carolyn McCarthy’s of the pro-RKBA side. You are not doing yourself, let alone the rest of us, any favors. Get some perspective or leave us in peace.

  14. I’m no victim. I’m just explaining to Carlos where I’m coming from in not getting into bed with the Obama Nation. Call it whatever you like.

    • I call it a cranky, emotionally stunted crybaby that may or may not be trolling with two screen names. I’m so happy to see so many different faces and schools of political thought, even the ones I vehemently disagree with, here to support the 2nd amendment. It gives me a great deal of faith in our cause to know that we are that diverse in all aspects, and that you are quite lonely in your hateful and separatist rantings.

      And for what its worth, I’m still glad you’re on our side.

    • You basically said you’re turning your brain off because you’re butthurt about “being demonized by the progressives during the election for being a white male conservative”. Yes, you’re playing the victim.

  15. Dear Lady,

    I appreciate your support for the second amendment. However, I find it highly offensive that you also support the wholesale slaughter of 800,000 children every year. I would ask that you consider these two questions, at what point does a child become a living human, and why is that the point at which he/she becomes human? Is it the point when the child has his/her own set of unique human DNA (conception)? Is it the point in which he/she becomes male or female (also conception)? Is it the point in which he/she has his/her own heartbeat (about 18 days after conception)? Are you even aware that a fetus frequently doesn’t even share the same blood type as his or her mother?

    In the majority decision of Roe v. Wade, Justice Blackmun wrote that “if the humanity of the fetus could be established” it would void their decision. 40 years of prenatal science has done nothing but affirm the humanity of the fetus. I’d urge you to contemplate your positions.


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