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Today is the last day of the “I Am a Gun Owner” series on the blog. We’ll continue to post all photos we receive on our Facebook page here. Please send your statement photo to [email protected] with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous.

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  1. I may be completely clueless, but don’t you have to be 21 to “own” a pistol? Not knockin’ him, just asking.

    • depends on the state. in Virginia, you only have to be 21 to buy one from an FFL. under 21, you can legally possess if it’s purchased via private party sale, gift from the family, etc.

      • That makes sense. Like I said, I am probably being clueless. I am on medication from the surgeon, so posting on my meds may not be a good idea.

    • Isn’t it that an FFL can only sell to a 21 or older person, but a private sale can sell to an 18 year old?

      • As someone stated above, depends on which state you live in. Some states an 18 year old can buy a handgun in a private sale legally. In others they can receive them as “gifts” from family at 18, but cannot buy them. And then of course in others you cannot “own” a handgun until you are 21.

  2. I’m totally shooting from the hip here, but in some states I think you can own but not possess a handgun if you are under 21. An example would be if your father possesses your handgun that you paid for to use for competition or maybe hunting.

  3. I live in FL. The law says you can own a handgun at 18 but you can’t buy one from an FFL. My dad gave me his 1911 on my 18th birthday and it was my first gun.

  4. You can never be too young to stand up for what’s right… especially when it’s your future at stake. Thanks for speaking up, Brian!

    As for the other posters who worried about age, I’m sure many of us were younger than Brian the first time our families took us to the range or gave us a firearm as a present. I still have the bolt action .22 rifle my father gave me when I turned 10.

    • I literally don’t remember a time when I wasn’t around guns. And welcome to you young man. May you live and thrive long enough to be an OFWG.

  5. A 19 year old Glock Armorer. This would make most Anti’s shit themselves in consternation.

    I approve. You have my support, young pioneer.

  6. I was 19 once, what, 40,000 years ago. Good to see you here young man, you could at least have the decency to dye a few hairs gray though,lol, Randy

  7. Stupid laws. My father gave me a .22 rifle when I was 14. The manual doesn’t have a single word in it about safety. Back then it was “common sense” that guns are potentially dangerous and the f*cking obvious didn’t need to be stated.

    I was not given any safety instructions, I kept my rifle on a rack on my bedroom wall with my air gun and ammo in the drawer. Never once did a thought enter my mind that this rifle could be used to shoot a person. It absolutely never occurred to me.

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