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In the UK, you can’t shoot hares, rabbits or other game animals on Sundays or Christmas Day. And I’d give up my Toyota Tacoma to own a pair of Purdey shotguns — after which I’d sell one of the guns and buy a better truck. There. I’ve done the UK gun bit. ‘Cause this story is about hunting with dogs . . .

The Hunting Act 2004 banned wild animal hunting with dogs in England and Wales.(The British PM promised a “free vote” on repeal — and then changed her mind.) But hunting dogs remain, mostly occupying their time with howling, eating, reproduction and relatively bloodless “drag hunts.”

As we all know, tree huggers are known cat hoarders. And so the Mirror reports that the twain met: More than 20 cats missing after “out of control” hunting dogs rampage through animal sanctuary. . .

“Out of control” fox hounds ran wild at a cat sanctuary for an hour-and-a-half after rushing onto their land during a hunt, horrified staff have claimed.

More than 20 cats are still unaccounted for at Celia Hammond Animal Trust’s Greenacres branch near Hastings after staff claimed it was swarmed by “large” fox hounds yesterday afternoon.

Staff say they were forced to fight off the fox hounds with broomsticks as they tried to protect the 130 cats and one goat that live on the sanctuary set over woodlands and fields in East Sussex.

Footage recorded at the scene shows a large hound bound across woodland as it is chased off by one of the four members of staff on site at the time.

“Last night the sanctuary recorded 60 cats as missing but near 40 have returned, although many have been left traumatised by their experience, staff say.

Celia Hammond, [former model and] founder of the sanctuary claimed the hounds had split into two groups, one chasing a deer and the other a fox.

In his 1993 book HypnoHealth, RF profiled Ms. Hammond in a chapter entitled “Obsession.” I wonder if he can hypnotize traumatized cats. OK, back to shooting things with bullets . . .

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  1. Out of control dog packs invading your land and killing your animals. If only there was an invention that would have stopped this atrocity in it’s tracks.

    Apparently broom sticks are not as effective as boom sticks.

    • There are quite a few inventions, in addition to firearms, that could discourage a marauding dog pack. Since this was the United Kingdom, the first one that occurs to me is a cricket bat. But that would require striking, and possibly injuring, a dog which they probably would have refused to do.

      • These were fox hounds, so they weren’t that large. Probably trained as well. So maybe the people would have a chance.
        A cricket bat vs. my flock dogs, 3 large Great Pyrenees and an Turkish Kangal, plus the shepherd, a Belgian Malinois, and that bat would do nothing but serve as a tooth pick for them later.
        Guns, big ones and fast ones, are your only hope.
        They end up killing a stray dog or two every year. The dairy cats keep their distance. It’s sad to watch, but also frightening and awe inspiring in how fast and brutal those dogs can be when they are doing their job. It’s usually over in seconds. No training necessary.

        • I can only imagine your pack. Our two (Treeing Walker Coonhound/? mix, and a beagle/Australian Cattle dog mix) escaped awhile back, and I came across a well-chewed stray cat in a snow bank the next morning.

          I’m not happy that they (presumably) nailed it, but I was kind of impressed that the two foot-warmers had it in them.

        • I call BS. Look up in the trees gals or wait for them to come down. Ever seen a cat skeleton up a tree? NO

          My kids have a foxhound it’s scared of cat claws and spitting. Maybe these cats are eurowussie wimps.

        • Great pack! I’ve got three German Shepherds, and a Catahoula Bulldog running the farm, and now THREE chihuahuas inside. The latest my wife just HAD to have is a 1.5 lb teacup named Peanut that, if it doesn’t steal your heart, you should check your pulse. I’m obsessed with GSDs, incredible dogs, the CatBull has stamina like I’ve never seen and tangles with whatever she runs into. But for pure heart and loyalty, I’d put the Chihuahuas with the shepherds, never thought I’d like ’em but they love you so much you can’t help it. I’ll always have one, and I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to ride around town with ’em.
          I had a Treeing Walker Coonhound in my previous pack, she was quite something. She’d cut loose at 3 a.m. and it sounded like the very gates of hell opening up. You could here her five miles away, checked.
          Tried a cat once. Didn’t work out.
          One time at band camp….

  2. Nice to see they have taken up cunting (cat hunting) in jolly ol england. I would pay good money to see some hounds terrorize a cat sanctuary; whatever that is. Wh one would want to gather and protect hundreds of those fox eared assholes is beyond me.

  3. Domestic cats are far more prolific predators than dogs – why were they allowed to wander around an animal sanctuary? Do these loons have any idea how many protected species likey met their end via sharp feline claws?

    • Good point BL. Cats are ambush predators, it’s why they have binocular vision like humans. I think I read somewhere that they kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds each year. Cats loves them some killing. Hell, cats are part of the Ecological Axis of Evil doncha know.

  4. Poor cats, their safe space was invaded by those nasty brutish, deplorable hounds. I didn’t read anywhere that any of the cats were killed, they’ll come crawling back over time. By the way, domestic cats kill sh*tloads of birds every year, so I don’t have much sympathy for them.

  5. Well it would have been funny to watch, that had to have been bedlam. I live in the country and there are a few feral cats,getting more now that my two best friends passed on( my dogs). During this cold weather a feral cat parked one of her kittens under my cabin. I saved the little bugger and enjoy it very much. City cats might be pussys cats, but these feral cats are pretty damned tuff. … My nephew is moving to Liverpool UK, he’s been in Mexico with some Zapatista’s, I’m more worried for him in Liverpool

  6. There’s an old saying in the agricultural community:

    Good neighbors make good fences, because good fences make good neighbors.

    Someone needs a better fence. Rogue domestic dogs notwithstanding, domestic cats not protected by a good fence are easy prey for any number of larger predators.

    • HERESY! Someone is speaking common sense. Call the inquisition, the ministry of truth! We must purge the heresy!

      I stay on my side of the fence, my neighbors stays on their side, so far, no problems.

    • Well, good thing we are in the United State of America, were it isn’t up to people like you to decide what someone else’ pursuit of happiness is. Europe or China seems like it would be an ideal fit for that kind of thinking.

      • This story is in Europe you moron. I wasn’t advocating forcing people not to have cats. I was freely expressing my opinion that cats are no good, terrible, bad creatures.

      • You must be a liberal. Someone expresses a dislike of a certain thing and you immediately assume they are saying it should be banned. Because for liberals, “I don’t like it” is the exact same thing as, “it should be banned”, and vice versa

  7. More irresponsible people with mental health problems sending one animal off to kill another for giggly fun. Jail time would be a suitable punishment in this instance.

    Keep control of your animal, especially when its trained to kill other animals.

    On a sarcastic note: We should have a drag hunt with the owners of the dogs being dragged through the public square. The road rash should be a lasting reminder to maintain control over their animals.

    • >More irresponsible people with mental health problems…
      Ah you must mean the lady with 130 cats.

      >Keep control of your animal…
      Yup definitely talking about the cat lady.

      >…maintain control over their animals.
      Really upset at that cat lady…

  8. Aw, hell, that video, tho.
    “Get out!”
    “Here comes another one!”
    And best of all, “did you call the police?”
    I mean, c’mon, ladies, solve your own damn problems!
    Those dogs were just loping around, they weren’t scared of the damn broom.

  9. I wonder if these cats had all been declawed? On the farm, the barn cats didn’t have a problem with predators, but of course they had the defensive tools God gave them.

    If you need to declaw a cat to make it a suitable house pet, maybe that should be a clue that cats aren’t suitable house pets.

  10. Reading these responses reminded me of a study that linked hatred of cats with repressed homosexuality… Lot of closeted peter puffers here apparently.

  11. My female hunting line Airedale terrier made mincemeat out of a large cat that kept jumping into the yard. I saw the evidence and it wasn’t pretty. I have also found an uncounted quantity of squirrels and once a very unhealthy looking fox that she took care of. I was glad she had her shots! The dog is always dirty and sometimes she has some cuts and bites but (if a dog can be so) quite proud of the half buried carcass that I find her victims in. People that think a cat can deal with a dog have never seen a dog at work doing what it was made to do. As for this case, England is such a mess I am glad that the hounds got into the cat colony. Maybe a little bit of unvarnished nature will help people break out of their urban government mommy fog. At least one can hope.

  12. The right solution would be to let the dogs and their humans hunt the foxes, rabid little cat-killing beasties as the foxes are. Until the cat died, we had both a small cat and a mid-size dog. The dog loved to chase the cat, but she also liked the cat. The problem was that she wanted to play with the cat as if were a dog. We would marvel when the dog would get in play position and slowly move up toward the cat, hoping it would reciprocate the posture. The cat claws came out when the dog got too close and the cat always won without ever making contact. Eventually a state of peaceful coexistence developed where each animal adopted its respective sofa and eyed each other, the dog with longing and the cat with wariness, both mostly concerned about getting the most attention from the people. The little cat was a prolific killer of mice, voles, frogs, baby squirrels, birds, and bunnies. Always ate half and left the rest for us. The larger feral cats in the neighborhood were and are miniature mountain lions. The dog could recognize our cat from the strays. She would aggressively chase the strays while our little cat just sat there and watched. We have no stray dogs. We have fox and hawks. We were always much more concerned about a feral Tom cat, fox or hawk going after the cat than any dog.

  13. “Relatively bloodless drag hunts”???

    You mean the ones where they dig out a den full of fox cubs and throw the to the pack of dogs – where they are ripped limb from limb and gutted while completely alive?

    Yeah, it’s not as bloodless as pro-bloodlust people proclaim.

    Eat what you kill.

  14. Feral cat lovers are some of the easiest people to beat in an argument. “They should just be left alone.” You know what else should be left alone? The native animals. “But humans are more destructive than cats!” Are you equating humans with cats??? Are you really to tell millions of people to get out of their houses, and turn the homes back to forest all so some feral cats can live on?

  15. Question: Why is it cat “owners”(I use the term lightly) are allowed to let their animals roam free, and ostensibly to do what the dogs in this article did to cats, to squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc.?

    Secondly, I’m not sure these UK flavour of animal rights activists understand that an “animal sanctuary” with cats is nothing more than a “cat sanctuary”(see above).

    Thirdly, what were “pets” allowed to be doing unchaperoned wandering around an “animal sanctuary”?

    Additionally, I hazard to guess that some 130 cats being housed and kept on one property? I have some concerns what constitutes an “animal sanctuary” “near hastings in East Sussex.” I have a hard time believing any of those 130 would pass the muster for living in conditions or behaving in a manner that could be described as “pet-like”.

    I also remember reading a blurb a just last Nov. about the government telling Brits to quit leaving cat food out for strays because it was making hedgehogs so obese they couldn’t ball up and defend themselves…

  16. Maybe the UK could import Coyotes and then have a cat killing villain to point at instead of dogs. Why were there 130 cats outside? People here that keep cats, have them inside(at least at night) and you keep your pet until death. These pets were obviously taken to a retirement center, it is not like their owners cared for them.


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