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The anti-gunners would have you – and everybody else – believe that theirs is a popular grassroots movement. Clearly, they are not. Even the billionaire Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America can’t physically assemble anything remotely resembling a large crowd of supporters. (Click here for their Facebook page profile photo from the last NRA convention, which shows less than three dozen supporters.) In the bloody shirt-waving anti-“gun violence” march above, I’m not seeing “more than a hundred people,” and I heard the reporter mention people who joined the march en route. Note: this group didn’t call for civilian disarmament. This group was made up of people who live in the community where the firearms-related crimes occurred. Which why it was at least as big as anything the Moms can muster, even their own backyard.

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  1. If you think their numbers at public gatherings are sparse now, just wait until it gets cold outside.

    • They’re moms. They will put on sweaters.

      And put sweaters on anyone else they can because the moms are cold.

      • No one “needs” more than 10 sweaters or other high-capacity warming layers. That should go over real well around NY, IN, and IL.

  2. Let’s hope that the anti-gun wingnuts’ inability to muster a crowd will continue through November 4th.

    After six years of Obama, if we cannot roll the Democrats like a bunch of crippled drunks in an alley, we won’t have much to brag about either.

    Our chance is coming, people. Strike a blow.

      • Yes – the ‘Merican Electorate’ has been intermittently voting for either of two parties for two hundred or so years, and seems outraged that continuing to choose one or the other side OF THE SAME COIN never seems to produce significant change or improvement.

        I believe someone called this the definition of insanity – doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.

    • Mike from St. Louis, I was thinking the very same thing while reading this. Why don’t POTG march with these people ever? Bonus for open carrying.

      • it just became legal this weekend to Open Carry in Missouri jurisdictions that prohibited it before (as long as you have a CCW permit). . . . .

        • Been wondering about that, and you are probably a good person to ask… Does the new amendment mean that a person has to have a ccw permit to open carry anywhere, or does it only apply where it was banned prior? I’m covered either way, but want to make sure I inform others correctly.

      • Someone should try that. Hope it doesn’t cause a riot! But seriously, guns aren’t the problem, said Captain Obvious. That could do a lot to discourage the antis who would have to rub shoulders with- gasp -POTGs!

  3. Looking at all those people I have 2 observations.

    1) whatever gets you off the couch and back to exercising…

    2) I’m glad that everyone could take that day off work.

  4. Indiana, first state in the union to offer lifetime licenses to carry handguns (concealed or otherwise). Enough said.

    $uck!t, MDA. I have lived in Indiana more than a decade, the economy as well as Liberty is rockin’ here (central Indiana).

    Neither she nor her group are a valid representation of Hoosier’s.

  5. I at least give them props for doing their march in one of the crime-infested neighborhoods. MDA would never do that.

  6. Seriously, how can you be so fat? And I am not even the judgemental type (I will roast ya but not judge). I am referring to the woman in pink shirt.

  7. Here’s what I did in Indy over the weekend:

    I’m all for citizens standing up for the safety of their communities. And the west side is bad. My dad grew up near 38th and Georgetown; I don’t think it would be safe to drive by that house anymore. But merely marching through the streets chanting won’t accomplish anything.

    Arm yourselves. Set up active neighborhood watches. Stop harboring drug dealers and gang bangers. Only then will those communities have a chance of turning back the violence.

  8. Maybe the “hundreds” reference was a collective count of all those walking within a certain radius.
    Since their licenses are suspended.

  9. I can say with confidence that the anti-liberty people pictured herein are most definitely in the minority in “317.”

  10. This wasnt even on local news and I live an hour from downtown Indy. Seriously overblown situation.

  11. Like others here, I live in a suburb of Indy and heard nothing about this. That group should be extremely unpopular — Indiana has about the best gun laws going, with each legislative period loosening restrictions. Gun ownership is extremely common, and nobody thinks anything about it. Our crime is bad, true, but it’s mostly former convicts and gang bangers killing each other. Those of us who stay out of trouble usually don’t have much of a problem. Not to say bad things don’t occasionally happen to the innocent…

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