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Robbers who use clubs are very dangerous. Broken limbs and cracked skulls are nothing to play around with. And those who wield them often believe that they have to strike their victim to demonstrate their seriousness. In this case, the would-be robber made a mistake in the victim selection process. When choosing a hold-up victim Sunday evening, Bobby Dean Hall chose a CCW holder who drew his gun when threatened. Hall then beat feet, but the armed citizen was able to give a good description to the police, who quickly made an arrest . . .


 “I am extremely proud of the good police work that came into play,” Carden said. “They all did an outstanding job and they did it in a safe manner. I’m also extremely proud of the victim whom I spoke with today and thanked for his service.”

It is nice to see Sylacauga Police Chief Chris Carden praise the armed citizen for his service in making the community a safer place. Perhaps this is a trend that will continue. We have Sheriff Clark of Milwaukee County, in Wisconsin boosting armed victims who resist. And we can’t forget Chief Craig of Detroit.

Chief Carden said that the 40-year-old suspect, Hall, is in the Talladega County county jail on a first degree robbery charge.

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  1. Yet another incident that our side(gun owners) will never be able to use as statistical evidence that gun control is moronic.

    It’s still good to see this sort of thing though. If only the anti’s would open their eyes.

  2. That poor man probably only wanted directions to the community ball field where he teaches the principles of baseball to orphaned youth.

  3. So how”s that whole CC working for people versus OC in not becoming a target for a human predator?

    Now I did hear recently about an OC guy being mugged for the gun he was carrying. But in the many years of reading about DGU’s, I believe that recent incident is the only one I’ve heard about in over seventeen years of involvement in Pro-gun rights. But cases like this where a CC person is targeted because the criminal doesn’t know the person is carrying a gun is pretty much the norm.

    • I see benefits to both. At a personal level, if you have good situational awareness, OCing is likely a deterrent for most criminals. That being said, it teaches the criminals to be more situationally aware themselves before picking a victim. CCing, on the other hand, may make you a more likely target than if OCing, but that depends as much on where/when you are as anything. Individually this may not be as desirable, but at the macro level you help to condition criminals as a whole to not take a chance even though the prospective victim seems unarmed. This is why GFZs are so alluring to criminals – they virtually insure an unarmed victim.

      Please note I am purposely avoiding the issues of nervous-nellys crampin’ your style.

  4. You know, that just stinks! Here a guy wanna get paid, goes out with his club and thinks he finds some poor sucker he can intimidate and if need be, smack him around a little, except the guy pulls a heater instead of money and gets the guy arrested. This is seriously taking the easy money out of the equation for being a crook! Heck, it’s not even fun anymore!

  5. Shoulda done the taxpayer a favor and stopped Batman with 2 to CoM and one to the skull.

    “He was still moving and holding the bat, I feared for my life!”

  6. I just have to make a comment. But first, please don’t flame me – I am very pro-RKBA, pro-Constitution, etc.

    The ONLY problem I have with this article is the headline “Gun Beats Stick…”. I have a major problem with a lot of gun guys (again, I am a gun guy) who have slightly irrational view of self-defense. The problem is what this headline alludes to, that self-defense is almost like rock, paper, scissors. It definitely is not.

    I am very happy that this situation ended well for the CCW guy and that the bad guy is behind bars. However, and without knowing the exact details as the article was a little vague in spots, this situation could of ended up much more poorly for the good guy if the bad guy was a little more motivated and in a tighter CQB situation. If the bad guy would of closed distance quickly and surprises the good guy, he could of very well ate his lunch. The same goes if he had a knife and was within contact distance of the good guy. Even if you can quickly draw and get your sidearm into the fight, a motivated and skilled bad guy with a stick, knife, etc., could ruin your day.

    And I’ve seen far too many good folks believe that gun trumps all other weapons in every situation, and it’s just not true. It’s just common sense. If I’m behind cover and/or have enough distance to engage the target with my firearm, then I’ll use it. But if the bad guy is within contact distance then I may very well need to use my empty-hand skills to at least initially put the odds in my favor or at least reset his OODA loop.

    Bottom line: Yes, have a gun and a skill-set but also obtain relevant skill-sets such as empty hand skills to be able to deal with contact-distance threats. Also, abstaining from slightly hyperbolic headlines such as “Gun beats stick” would be helpful.


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