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Will Hayden Sons of Guns

No more “reality” TV for Will Hayden. A judge today sentenced the former “Sons of Guns” reality show star to life in prison. Hayden, founder of Red Jacket Firearms, had starred in Discovery’s gun-centric reality show that debuted in 2011. In 2014, Discovery abruptly cancelled the show after his arrest on sex crime charges. Following his rape conviction last month, a judge has now decided he’ll spend the rest of his life behind bars.

WBRZ reports:

Former “Sons of Guns” reality show cast member Will Hayden has been sentenced to life in prison for charges of rape.

Hayden was sentenced to life on two charges of aggravated rape and sentenced to 40 years for one charge of forcible rape. Both sentences will run concurrently. Judge Mike Erwin presided over the case.

Hayden was accused of sexually abusing a young child and another child in Livingston Parish in a separate case.

The People of the Gun have precious little respect for a child molesting rapist. The people of Louisiana will be well served keeping this convicted offender behind bars for good.

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  1. He was a fraud, too. Got exactly what he deserved. He’ll get more in prison. They don’t like rapists in the joint.

  2. So let me get this right he got life without parole because the charges they were listing said 40 years for each charge running concurrent so does that mean 40 years then another 40 years or 40 years. Either way is probably going to die behind bars where he belongs. What a douchebag.
    He looks really mad damn evil in that picture on the left.

    • concurrent means “at the same time”. So if you’re sentenced to two 5 years sentences that run concurrently, then you’re only doing 5 years.

      • Except this article was only partially correct. He was convicted on 3 charges. The 2 aggravated rape convictions will run concurrently (at the same time) for life. The forcible rape for 40 years is consecutive and will begin after life, lol.

        • In Louisiana, a life sentence is for Life and he will probably serve his term in the notorious Angola prison. Unless he wins an appeal, the only way he will ever get out of jail (1) commutation by the Governor – not gonna happen or (2) rarely, they let people out of jail when they have terminal diseases.

          Many people would argue the death penalty would be a softer sentence.

  3. Louisana had the death penalty for child rape until SCOTUS overturned it and said you can’t get the DP for it.

    But Hayden will go to Angola Prison (google it). Angola is one of the most dangerous and nasty prisons in the country. It’s not your typical max prison, it’s a very very bad place.

    • He will spend the rest of his days chopping weeds in a sweet potato patch, unless he catches a shank.

      • No thanks, no tax dollars wasted if he just “goes away”.

        Just to be clear though, he should absolutely be raped beyond belief first.

      • Call it the “green weenie” – I think Will once was a U.S. Marine, after all, and he’s gonna get it once he’s in the joint.

    • I would agree Angola is probably the worst prison in the US to go to, these days. The old Rock of the south, in FL, was probably the worst of them all in its heyday. But, I know Louisana is also the worst state to be locked up in period. The state managed to retain its Roman heritage of law from imperial France. Life, means life in Louisiana.

      • From what I understand, Parchman prison in Mississippi is considered even worse than Angola. Raiford in Florida is no picnic but better than either of those two.

        • Well, comparing Parchman to Angola is like comparing being shot in nuts with a revolver versus a pistol.

          Both are amongst the worst in the nation, and that is POST-reforms. Even 10 years ago, certain units of both were literally hell on earth. Reform has improved much of both to merely hell-ish. The real difference is that with Angola/Louisiana, life means you are going to die in prison, whereas in MS/Parchman, you might get parole. Let’s put it like this: life at Angola is going to be a real game-changer for this POS, assuming he wasn’t getting reamed harder and more often than his ex-customers already.

  4. I’m confused. I thought Stephanie initially said the kid was lying and Will never did anything, then said she supported the kid’s allegations and added that Will felt her up once and she made sure he knew never to touch her again, and now I read:

    The 37-year-old woman testified that Hayden raped her in the early 1990s, when she was 12 and 13.

      • The North American Man Boy Love Association openly marches in Gay Pride Parades. And no one complains.

        But there are still complaints about carrying guns in pride parades.

    • That’s one twisted statement… God doesn’t protect pedos…

      But whoso shall cause one of these little ones who believe in Me to fall, it were better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

      MATTHEW 18:6…

      • “From there Elisha went up to Bethel. While he was on his way, some small boys came out of the city and jeered at him. “Go up baldhead,” they shouted, “go up baldhead!” The prophet turned and saw them, and he cursed them in the name of the Lord. Then two shebears came out of the woods and tore forty two of the children to pieces.”
        -2 Kings 2:23-24

        As long as the kids never make fun of the priest molesting them…

        • Obviously unfamiliar with the differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament. Jesus was a nice dude. OT God was not to be @#$%ed with. But the whole truth isnt important to you. Just enough to wrap your fist around, thats all you need.

        • There’s at least half a dozen times Jesus says that all the laws and rules of the OT apply until the end of time.

          “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.” – Matthew 5:17

          “Know this first of all, that there is no prophecy of scripture that is a matter of personal interpretation, for no prophecy ever came through human will; but rather human beings moved by the holy Spirit spoke under the influence of God.” 2 Peter 20-21

          “It is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for the smallest part of the letter of the law to become invalid.” – Luke 16:17

          Interestingly, there was no “hell” before gentle Jesus showed up. The God of Abraham killed you, and that was that.

          Believe whatever you want, I really don’t care (as long as you aren’t required to destroy Western Civilization). But you should know what the texts from the deity you swear fealty to actually say.

        • What I find amazing, well, not amazing, perhaps Typical is the right word, is that people just LOVE to find one particular passage of the Bible, out of context, and use it to justify their hatred, or extremist beliefs. Much like liberals do to the constitution to discredit it as “outdated”, “racist”, or “illegitimate.”

        • The problem is you are reading the OT, but not understanding what the law is. The Law is the Law which Moses brought to the Israelites. The Ten Commandments.

          Your entitled to your contempt. But, also know the number of child molesters among the ranks of priests is less than that of the public, even teachers.

        • Hank, do feel free to explain how the “context” matters when a statement is complete, and unto itself I did a coupla years of Catholic school, so I am well versed in the verbal/mental gymnastics religious devotees use to tell you that ‘despite what it says, the meaning is really different’. Just like the loving muslims.Thankfully, the priests knew what they were really doing, and explained (in a roundabout way) that this was how we (the 1%) were to use religion to keep the proles in line.

          JohnE, Thanks, I am quite comfortable with my knowledge of “the law”. Perhaps you should learn what it meant, and means. Regardless, there’s not a week (or even several days) that go by without tales of “youth pastor” diddling his “flock”. Priests are just a little better covered up for. Regardless, shouldn’t your God prevent this? Or can’t he? I assure you if you run the numbers, it’s far more than the aggregate for society. Priests? Well the Catholic Church has sort of dealt somewhat with the molestation problems by leaning heavily towards recruiting homo dudes. The average Archdiocese is much akin to an SF bathhouse these days. Everybody’s gotta bust a nut every so often (unless you’re some asexual freak) and it’s eventually going to be in someone. It’s cheaper if it’s in one of your coworkers and all.

        • 16v, you have to understand how criminology works. The fact that numerous priests have sexually abused children, has nothing to do with the religion of Christianity, and everything to do with how a criminals mind works. Criminals, especially pedophiles, seek out professions they have the best access to their prey, and best alibi for their cover. If you want to harm children, being a priest, or teacher, or daycare worker is where you go. You become someone children, and their parents trust, and would never suspect. It’s disturbing but that’s how they think. It works that way with other criminal types and professions too. Phsycopaths try to choose a profession in which they can harm and over power people. So they become doctors, lawyers, and law enforcement. Narcissists become politicians and CEOs. Serial killers get off on the rush of killing alone, so they choose weak and desperate victims, such as prostitutes and bums.

        • 16V, the Catholic Church does not recruit homosexuals to solve it’s pedophilia problem. It’s more like the “pray the gay away” thing, since priests are supposed to be celibate. However, homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to be pedophiles, and the Vatican really doesn’t care all that much.

  5. Reality TV usually isn’t, so I never watched it… more of a history/science programming viewer. I’m here all the time because I want the truth about guns, not something dreamed up by a TV producer.

  6. “Reality” TV doesn’t bring out the best in people, nor does it tend to bring in the best of people. It holds out the lure of celebrity without the qualifier of having to actually be good at something. It’s a playground for fakers, narcissists, sociopaths, and jerks of every variety.

    This guy is the quintessential example.

  7. “Bein’ a pedophaale! NEVA BEEN DUN BEFOW!!

    Rot in prison buddy. Hope what goes around comes around in the shower.

  8. Never liked him, watched a few episodes but couldn’t take hus attitude. I don’t know how much was an act, but it was douchey and unprofessional, browbeating the emoyees. One way or another I could tell he was a dumbass fake. Destroyed any value the show might have had to me for technical or pure entertainment reasons.

  9. Sons of Guns was a great teaching tool about “Arms” in the second amendment, and not just about guns. Gunsmithing is very interesting. It was good for me as a gun generation 2.0 guy. I hope the prisoners “take care” of this child molester.

    • I too watched a few episodes, just to see how some of the problems of gun design are worked out.
      The drama was just ignored, though. It wasn’t as much fun as that in Hell’s Kitchen.

  10. Wonder what kind of jail house gun he might make in there. A guy with his skills would be pretty sought after to make some jail house weapons.

  11. I have a question…
    How do you rape “underage” girls for TWO DECADES? Did they stop aging?
    I’m assuming they were 17 or 18 years old when this started, or they would have said he was a child rapist.
    Does that mean they were 38 years old and still getting raped? Huh? They were adults and didn’t say anything? Does that make sense to anyone? Are they married, and was this guy still raping them?
    Sorry, if he did indeed rape, then he is filth and should suffer….
    Something doesn’t add up here.

    • This trial covered the rape of 2 people. One was a 13 year old girl. Those rapes happened over 20 years ago. She just now came forward. The second was a 13 year old. That occurred fairly recently. She is now 17, I believe. There are also other outstanding rape indictments that were not covered in this trial, that I believe include his own children.

      • Indeed. Further, it’s pretty much garunteed there’s about 10-20, possibly more victims that have never come forward. With rapists and child molesters, there’s never just one. There’s dozens. He’s likely been sexually abusing people since he was a kid/young adult.


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