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Regular readers may recall that I had some problems loading the North American Arms Black Widow .22. After practicing a few dozen times and leaving the bong alone for a few days (JK) I now find loading the NAA mini-revolver easier than asking Alexis Bledel for a date. I was going to make a video demonstrating the process (of loading the gun, not getting in touch with Ms. Bledel’s agent), but TTAG reader EJ20Legacy beat me to it. Two thoughts for the TTAG reader and YouTube videographer. One, thanks for the almost hat tip. And two, please send me the name of your manicurist. My review of the Black Widow will be up this week.

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  1. I’ve got one of these on my list, someday soon. Enthuasim has been dulled by lack of ammo on shelves. Thus a CC .45 ACP and a 30-30 are above it (I can find ammo for those.)

  2. This is my carry gun. It is the only gun I feel comfortable carrying 100% of the time in an inside the waistband holster. The fact that I can carry it all them time makes it the most practical gun.

    I have replaced the grips on my with the “boot” grips that come standard on the NAA Earl. The grips only increase the size of the gun by a very small factor, but increase accuracy by a great deal because you can now get your ring finger wrapped around the grip too.

    The gun only has a front sight. You have to imagine where a rear sight would be when shooting. Once you master that, the gun is accurate enough to consistently hit cans within 15 feet.

    NAA now make this gun with a swing out cylinder that I very much want to get. It is called the “sidewinder”.

    • +1 on the boot grips – they really help. And a definite + on the Sidewinder. That one is on my want list.

      • I usually carry mine in my jean’s 5th pocket. Fits in there great! There’s a link to a photo of that in the YouTube video description. Can’t think of any attire where the NAA won’t fit. Heck, I’ve had it in my board shorts while hiking (and swimming!) at various lakes. It’s all stainless steel and has held up to this abuse without any ill effects whatsoever.

        They ARE actually accurate — meaning they actually shoot straight — but the lack of real sights on most of the models makes lining them up consistently quite difficult. There is supposed to be a rear sight: the notch in the frame into which the hammer seats when it’s down. It’s hard to use, but it does work.

    • The 380 from Keltec and Ruger are pretty small as well and quite a bit more effective…..though not revolvers, which may be what your after.

  3. This video explains why so many of us have flat foreheads – from slapping ourselves there while going “Duh! That makes it look easy.”

    I have, in the past, put the hammer in the half-cock position, inserted the cylinder, put the pin in, then fiddled with the hammer/trigger and carefully lowered the hammer into the safety notch. That has now ended. GREAT video, and my thanks to TTAG reader EJ20Legacy.

  4. Hahaha thanks for posting. I’m JMS on here but EJ20Legacy most other places, including YouTube I guess.

    “One, thanks for the almost hat tip. And two, please send me the name of your manicurist.”

    I did it as a “video response” to your video, so hopefully that counts as a hat tip! Kind of new to the who YouTube thing though ;-)…. Are my nails beautiful or horrible? On the day I took this video, I literally spent the morning cleaning out the winter’s horror from my gutters with my bare hands, and was taking apart and F’ing with the [so-far fairly worthless] USFA ZiP .22 LR right before I took it. It’s a miracle my hands didn’t look like a coal miner’s haha

    • Okay RF, I added links back to TTAG in the video description 🙂

      Ralph, thanks. I have no clue what I’m doing yet — or what I should be doing — RE YouTube videos so that’s nice to hear.

  5. Got this little darling as my “Happy CCW” gift from my guy. Replaced the rosewood with an NAA grip that folds over the little dear like a folding knife. It doesn’t add to bulk and stops its ability to flip so easily. For a hoot, we put a LaserLyte on it, to help with the practice of quick point and shoot. Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat says he’s NEVER without his (Literally? What an understanding wife! (joke).

  6. Half cock remove cylinder. Load replace cylinder. Position at notch. Pull back hammer slightly. Hold trigger and put hammer into notch gently. Takes practice.

    • That’s much harder than how I have been doing it. I don’t touch the hammer or the trigger. The thing just rolls right in and indexes perfectly. For the first few months, I was doing it the way you described as per the owner’s manual, but I’ve had it for like 4 years now and the way in the video is just so much easier and faster, and maybe even safer since there is NO cocking of the hammer or touching the trigger. Give it a shot.

    • I think that’s what the owner’s manual suggests, right? In no way does this sound easier than what’s in the video. In fact, it’s significantly more involved. Not only that, but this method involves cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger. I don’t think you can argue that the method seen in the video isn’t significantly safer.

      I started out doing it as per the owner’s manual, but I’ve had the gun for 4 or so years now and this ‘roll in’ method is significantly quicker, easier, and safer. Give it a shot.

  7. I carry my NAA PUG .22mag just about every where I go.
    I am not to concerned about pin point accuracy as this firearm
    is for close range fighting. Loaded with solid and hollow points
    with a shell shot thrown in for good measure it is always ready
    to go.

  8. Would never consider carry a 22mag for defense. Don’t understand for the life of me why anyone would

    • 380 from Keltec and Ruger are far more effective……though not revolvers.
      You wont notice them on you, but I think those 22 revolvers are smaller, but not enough to justify (for me) the severe loss of power over the 380 ACP (which most view as minimum).
      A 22lr would be WAY more effective coming out of a rifle with a barrel over 18″ or so.

    • Size, weight, easier to conceal in the summer. You can carry it in an elastic armband when you are running. “Shooting Times” article a while back showed that the Hornady Critical Defense .22mag round will penetrate and form a temp wound cavity almost the same as a .380, out of a 1.75″ barrel.

      All your choices for a concealed carry gun represent compromises – that is why you may want to have more than one, so you can adjust for the weather/clothing/activities you are engaged in.

      • Agree! Besides, at the low price, it does a lot for the money. Again Bill Wilson/Wilson Combat – mr 1911 – swears by it, and I trust his judgement, too.

  9. Very effective little mini revolver with 22 mag. I love the little Pug and never leave home without it. Carry it in cargo shorts etc. don’t even think I’m carrying. Pretty accurate at short distance which is what it is designed for. Folks at the range are always interested. I should be on the payroll at NAA.

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