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With instant access to the joys of social media via the handy-dandy smart phone that’s always in your hand, the impulse to fire back (verbally, of course) at a Facebook post or tweet that’s caught your eye is something most of us would do well to repress. Too many people spout unfiltered, ill-considered stupidity that they’d never say to someone if they were looking them in the eye.

Take for example, Kentucky Republican Carl Nett. You’d think that being a former Secret Service agent might have taught him the benefits of self restraint and considering your actions before pulling the trigger (again, just a metaphor). Unfortunately . . .

Carl Nett, a former U.S. Secret Service agent and CIA contractor who is running for Kentucky secretary of state, responded to a tweet from Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) boasting about his “F” grade from the National Rifle Association, reported the Courier Journal.

And here’s how Nett responded:

The outrage pitchfork mafia is, predictably, in high dudgeon over Nett’s non-threat. They know a juicy opportunity to damage a political opponent when they see one. Starting with Yarmuth himself.

A Yarmuth spokesman told the newspaper the tweet was reported to Capitol Police, saying lawmakers must be hyper-vigilant after the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) last summer.

The Kentucky Democratic Party issued a statement calling Nett “unfit” to hold elected office, and linked the candidate to Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin through campaign donations.

In an attempt at damage control, Nett took the tweet down and tried to establish his constitutional bona fides.

“Friends, I protected Barack Obama, John Kerry, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Clinton,” Nett later tweeted. “I voted for none of them. I would have DIED for any of them. My oath is to the Constitution. ALL politicians should keep that oath, first and foremost.”

But as we all know, the Internet is forever. Deleting that tweet won’t do him the slightest bit of good and candidate Nett can expect to hear about his stupid comment from now until the election. Tweet in haste, repent at leisure. You have been warned.

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      • Nett’s error is his echo chamber. He tweets like he’s hanging out with his high school buddies.

        Even if you ignore half you constituents, you cannot act like it. And when you only listen to those who share the same beliefs and attitudes, its easy to get blindsided by the reality that a potential majority of your fiends and neighbors disagree with you.

        Remember Palin and Gifford.

        • What about Palin and Gifford? Are you attempting to rehash the repeatedly disproved story?

      • Yeah, it’s sad how people seem to consider the color of the jersey as being a reason to handwave away any given politician’s transgressions.

        • It’s not the political party it’s the content of their soul. Dems have outed themselves as baby killing socialists for which there are historically effective solutions… One of which does involve center of mass delivery of freedom

    • I’m assuming you’re fine with real profile pictures, right?

      P.S. How does one get a profile picture? Is it a privilege TTAG gives out, or what? Do I need to update my browser? Because I didn’t used to be able to edit my posts, but now I can.

      • The avatar is third party, but now I can’t figure out who. I checked Disqus but it’s not saved as my avatar there, so I have no idea where it’s stored. I guess I’ll have to be happy with ‘swimming baby Obama, Nevermind cover’.

        Since I got a Twitter account (@GovPetomane) a couple weeks ago my wife decided to get one and follow me, so I convinced her to go with Miss Stein. But now I’m not totally anonymous there anymore…

  1. Rule of thumb, joking about killing someone is only funny within a personal circle. Blast that shit in public and you’re just asking for trouble.

  2. ….Declared an “Enemy of the State….” By the DNC….So, How long before TTAG commneters are targeted too….? Will there be a knock on someone’s door late at night or early in the morning….By “Heavily armed Commandos of some Police gun 🔫 🚫 Confiscation Squad….?!” Will liberty and freedom just suddenly end on day at the hands of the DemoCRAPs and Globalist RINOs…? Will just post and comment till it happens…? Or will we become political? And fight the future….?

  3. If there is only one thing other politicians should learn from Trump, it’s don’t ever back down. It was a mistake to take down the tweet. Trump has many flaws, and was not the candidate I would have preferred, but I loved it when they tried to call him out for the things he would say and instead of backing down he went right at them. It was entertaining.

  4. Ummm, Unless you’re DJT you should not be doing anything on social media that’s not carefully filtered.

  5. Yarmuth is a useless POS Liberal jerk and is my Congressman and I’ll vote for Nett or anyone else who will run against him. I may actually give Nett a contribution.

  6. Meanwhile Wayne LaPierre can send out press releases and say on TV he supports gun control and he STILL has a job defending guns.

  7. His joke? Kinda funny. His political acumen? Sorely lacking.

    I read his bio, after finally finding his campaign website in a sea of google hits on this flap. Some things seem off. I don’t trust him.

  8. Hell yeah I’ll vote for Nett. Yarmouth (also my Congress – critter 😝😭 ) owes his tree an apology, the worthless oxygen thief. But given the vapid lib/prog airheads in The ‘Ville, he’ll probably die of old age, still in office.

    My cat hacks up hairballs that are of more use than Yard-mouth.

  9. I’m sure a bunch of slack jawed yokels will love it. You know, the same ones that loved Roy Moore.

    Looks like another dumbass who apparently thinks a public twitter account is like making a joke with friends at a bar. I say “dumbass” because he must be a certified one if he was a Secret Service agent and didn’t learn that you don’t talk about shooting politicians. Especially on social media. Especially in public. Especially as a public figure.

  10. So, what about the Democrat Congressman from NY who suggested his constituency take up arms against President Trump? I guess threats of violence and insurrection are only a joke when they come from the left…

  11. You wanna know why he’s going to lose? He retreated. He should have followed up by calling the SOB a traitor to America for his stance of firearms. Instead he cucked out. The result is that the people who weren’t gonna vote for him either way still aren’t going to vote for him, and now the people that would have voted for him had he shown some backbone will now stay home.

    We’re not going to win this by being nice. We’re going to win this by reminding them that America was founded by common folk SHOOTING gun grabbers[at Lexington-Concord]. Freemen/citizens have use of arms, slaves/subjects do not. America is the land of freemen, and as such any attempt to restrict firearms is nothing short of treason, and should be dealt with accordingly.

  12. The thing that killed the budding political career is the asinine attempt at damage control.

    Never back down when the Democrat Outrage Machine goes after you. Double down instead.

    “Oh, take a joke! I’m not a Democrat, and only Dems shoot their political opponents.”

  13. More than likely, USSS agents are primarily trained in kissing butt and tolerating illegal behavior they observe

  14. “Too many people spout unfiltered, ill-considered stupidity that they’d never say to someone if they were looking them in the eye.”

    Isn’t that what the internet is for?

  15. He should never have apologised. An apology means you think you did something wrong. An explanation means you think you did something wrong. The people criticising you AREN’T GOING TO VOTE FOR YOU ANYWAY. Your groveling just makes you look weak.


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