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I hope to God I’m never in a gunfight. I have no desire to shoot anyone, ever. If nothing else, can you imagine the paperwork? At the same time, I’m determined to be as prepared as possible for worst case scenarios, so that I can protect myself and my family from harm. To those who say that they only occasionally carry, I say nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Did Florida resident Keliseious Reese expect three armed gunman to rob a Wendy’s? I don’t think so. Did he do the right thing as the deal went down? Again, I’m not so sure . . .

Three masked men burst into the restaurant with their guns drawn. One crook demanded cash from the register, while the other two ordered customers to the ground. One by one, customers were robbed of jewelry, wallets and watches. The three gunmen made a dash for their getaway car when one brave customer followed them out. “They bolted out. I jump up, run out to go to my truck and try to get a pen to get the tag number and they start shooting at me,” said Keliseious Reese.

Reese ducked for cover behind another vehicle. Police said he crawled to his car, pulled out his licensed firearm and returned fire. “They shot at me first. I had my gun and I shot back,” he said.’s account of the incident leaves little doubt that Mr. Reese ignored an important¬†opportunity¬†to . . . do nothing whatsoever. Did you think I was going to say wear his gun and stop the robbery? No, of course you didn’t. Given the odds, presuming that Mr. Reese didn’t have his gun drawn when the robbery began, that would have been suicidal.

No, what he should have done is stayed in the Wendy’s and thanked God that no one, including himself, was shot. Instead, he chased three armed men. Well, he says he just wanted to write down their number plate. But the three armed men must have thought he was chasing them, as they tried to shoot him to death.

How would you like to be Mr. Reese, crawling on the ground, fearing for you life, listening to bullets whiz by, hearing glass shatter, desperately reaching for your firearm to fend off THREE armed men? Not me. Not unless I absolutely have to.

Again, I’m ready for those members of our Armed Intelligentsia who will laud Mr. Reese’s public-mindedness and criticize me as a coward. But you have been warned. Playing the hero is best saved for when you have no choice. Avoid gunfights as much as possible; be prepared to win them when required.

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    • If I was an off-duty cop, I would "hide" (not cower) and/or seek cover until it was safe to engage the perps, or I judged it too dangerous to NOT act, or the perps left. Even as a cop, you don't want to start a firefight unless it is absolutely necessary to defend life and limb.

      • I second that motion. Plus its three armed criminals against one. Who knows if they have any sort of military training, or a get away driver covering the door.

        Unless your own life is in danger Don't be a hero!

        The situation was resolving itself, the element of danger was dropping rapidly why raise the stakes over probably less than $10,000?

  1. Depending on how the robbers were behaving, if I had a weapon on me in the restaurant, I might shoot. Once they left the premises without hurting anyone, no way. What if they came back?

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