The first order of Official TTAG Merchandise has shipped. Some of you may have already, in fact, received your swag. (If not, you should have it any day now. Promise). And as a special treat for being soooo patient, we’ve eaten the shipping costs. 

Just don’t expect us to be quite so generous next time, now that we’ve got our order fulfillment house in order.

Mosey on over to the TTAG Store, and you’ll see that we’ve devised a (less than perfect, but still) system for adding in shipping costs to the order. We’re using USPS Priority Shipping (yeah, the “if it fits, it ships” deal), so shipping costs are actually quite reasonable. Unless you live in, say Canada or Italy. Still, the early adopters got quite the little bonus. Everybody else, buy some stuff anyway. It’s what the best dressed Armed Intelligentsia members are wearing this season. (Black is the new ‘black.’)


  1. Was there more than one order from Italy? Frankly I was surprised there was no mention of shipping costs, and I’m even more surprised thay you’re gonna let me have one. I’m still thinking, I’ll believe it when I see it, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I do.

    By the way I would have paid 100 bucks for it, that’s how much I like you guys and your blog. And if I spot one on the street, I’ll be sure to lot you know that too.


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