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Michael Bloomberg is the Mayor of New York and the nation’s highest profile gun control advocate. The founder of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and majority owner of the Bloomberg media group is a wealthy man. In March 2009, Forbes magazine (not clip) pegged the Mayor’s fortune at $16 billion. And yet Hizzoner has no compunction about using taxpayer money to pursue his anti-gun—sorry, “common sense” gun control agenda. We know his press secretary doubles as MAIG’s spokesman. We know he’s got a “special advisor to the Mayor on gun control.” And now tells us that Bloomberg spent big bucks from the New York City Police Department budget to send his “investigators” to Arizona to prove that yes, you can buy a gun at an Arizona gun show. Legally. How much you ask? (For the sting, not the gun) . . .

Complete with locally hired private investigators and hidden cameras, the project cost $100,000 — out of the NYPD budget — to demonstrate that it’s really, really easy to buy a gun in Arizona.

Who’da thunk it?

. . .

Bloomberg, of course, has never been bashful about putting taxpayers’ money where his mouth is.

As the Pink Ladies in Grease urged, tell me more, tell more more. Nope. Instead of launching an investigation into the “real” cost of the barb-less sting operation, and the furtive funding behind MAIG, the Post shrugs its shoulders and renews its call for the NYPD to boycott Glock. ‘Cause politics is more important than officers’ lives, apparently. I think they call that a lose – lose proposition.

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  1. I’ve never seen a bigger smile on Bloombergs face than the one he has while holding the Uzi in the picture…what a frickin turd.

  2. Check the photo — fantastic muzzle discipline, yer honnah! Pointing the gun directly at Ray Kelley’s nether parts is an obvious ploy to covert the police commissioner to Judaism.

  3. If I were to travel to NYC and try to illegally purchase a gun do you think I could just call it a “sting operation”?

    I’m guessing that my first open discussion about it would not be a press conference but would be a charging hearing….

  4. Since all the tax money being wasted is coming directly from the fools who voted for Mayor Blamebag — and had to repeal New York City’s term limits law to do so — my answer to “How Much Does Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Crusade Cost Taxpayers?” is: not nearly enough. And if anyone thinks that hizzonna da maya is a total douchebag, just wait for the next mayor. I guaranty you, he or she will be far worse.

  5. I don’t think we should call people like Bloomberg “Anti-gun”. “Anti” is such a negative word we should switch the name just like the anti abortion people did. So since they call it “pro-choice” now we should call “anti-gun” people “pro-crime” instead. Seems like the most PC thing to do.


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