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By David Schlake

A home invasion in Houston ended with one suspect dead and two others fleeing the scene. According to police, three suspects assaulted a man and invaded a home last week on Houston’s southwest side. Officials have indicated the three initially hid in the bushes and grabbed the father when he arrived home, before pistol-whipping the man and demanding that he open the front door.

The man’s two daughters, 21 and 15, were able to close themselves in a closet after hitting a panic alarm, hiding while the invaders raided the house for valuables. However, the intruders eventually found the two while scouring the property.

But the girls’ brother had arrived with their mother, immediately noticing something wasn’t right.

Acting quickly, he retrieved his gun and shot at the suspects as they scattered.

Two of the thieves jumped on the hood of the mother’s car while she and another child were inside, prompting her to speed away to a nearby Whataburger where she found a local police officer. The two suspects tried to steal a Mercedes parked at the home, but settled for the father’s Toyota Sienna instead and took off.

The 20-year-old son connected with the third suspect, though, shooting the armed attacker in the head. An ambulance later transported the home invasion suspect to the hospital where he died.

Police told KHOU11 News the father also went to the hospital, but didn’t suffer any major injuries, nor did any of the other family members.

A neighbor told reporters they heard at least 11 shots.

“There were five, then a a short break,” she said. “Then another five, a slightly longer break, then a single shot.”

Authorities don’t have much information on the two fleeing suspects at the moment, other than that they were wearing all black left in the father’s silver Toyota Sienna minivan.

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  1. The family got lucky. I hope the other two and found and charged with murder, robbery, assault and unlawful imprisonment.

  2. Hmm, sounds like a revolver and reloads? That would be the most fascinating part of this, where that to be true.
    Anyway- I’m glad he liquidated at least one of these savages. Anyone who can break into a home, knowing the people are home, gets no sympathy from me because instinctively I believe some really bad stuff could happen.

    • Agreed. Knowingly targeting a house where people are raises all sorts of red flags beyond intending theft of property (which is bad enough).

      • This type of situation makes the second amendment (the right to own and carry a gun
        more revelent today in the face of criminal activity than it ever was.

  3. Dunno. If this doesn’t appear shortly in NYT or WaPo, or CNN, then it is obviously just Texas gun-lover fake news. They do that, you know. Them guys will say anything, including the pro-gun cops who were probably paid by some gun group so there would be some video of cops doing something, somewhere, that looks something like an investigation. Until the non-partisan, unbiased, objective standards of journalism (NYT, WaPo, Detroit Free Press, etc., investigate and agree it happened, I reserve my opinion.

    We can’t have just some small audience, home-grown, low wattage TV station putting out propaganda like this, and getting away with it. Ya know what I mean?

    Guns bad, orange man bad, gun owners bad, fake news bad, everybody bad.

  4. 5 rounds,,, pause,,, 5 rounds,,, pause ,,,, 1 round,,,, VICTORY… sounds like a large caliber wheel gun… good choice.🔫

    • Or one of the many 38 snubby revolvers. They do the 5 round count.
      Either way, If I am getting shot at I don’t care if it’s .22 or .454 cas, I’m leaving.

        • “20 rounds better, just like a New York Cop?”

          Umm 😐 he didn’t say it had to be a G19 with a NY2 trigger. Plus NYPD cops are limited to 15-round magazines. In fact, they even made Glock develop a 15-round G17 magazine for them! LOL (It is Glock part MF17015B.)

  5. “A neighbor told reporters they heard at least 11 shots.”

    Damn good thing there is no 10-round magazine bullshit in ‘The Great State of Texas’.

    (Yet, anyways….)

  6. One take away: “transitional spaces”. Have a plan in mind, and pre-assess you surroundings before that door (house front, car, store) opens.

    • “Have a plan in mind, and pre-assess you surroundings before that door (house front, car, store) opens.”

      Not having bushes near door ways would make a good start. We also have solar pathway lights along the front and back of the house. Most of the other houses have lush, window-height shrubs in front, and are dark at night. Thinking ne’er do wells will find other houses more inviting for attack, than one where they are highlighted before they get to the porch.

    • Well Put. Plan and plan well. Constant Evaluation and adjustment, and never let down your guard. Our family only travels together, no solo trips anywhere. I always park down the street and send my two boys to “scout” out any would be danger. We have our routine that we practice on a regular basis. If there is a breakdown to our defensive efforts, then we can seek safety in our fully stocked vault, not some insecure closet neither.

  7. Pistol whipping doesn’t seem very smart to me. I’d be afraid of losing my gun doing that. Grabbing at something someone is trying to bludgeon you with seems like a fairly natural response.

    • Given how many people carry blades, pistol whipping someone is a great way to get a knife in the gut….

  8. I bet that 20 year-old had gone through tons of training, just every course out there, bought all kinds of gear, rolled around on the ground, and ran through fake houses, weekend Rambo.

    • Maybe if he had, he would have put all three down. The fact that gun people look down on training is just astonishing and sad.

      • I’m guessing his comment was related to the fact some people think if you don’t have seal level training you shouldn’t be armed, or the other side which is ‘citizens will never experience any situation like this’ so any tactical level training is stupid. First comes from the anti-gun left.. second comes from the military guys who for some reason think they own all combat situations.

      • Maybe he could have and choose not to. Maybe he is a soldier on leave. Maybe he is just a kid home from college. Maybe a lot of things. The larger point remains. You don’t have to be John Rambo to understand how to use and operate a gun. I am not saying training does not help mind you but to the many around here who think they are operators operating operationally because they took a one course from a retired cop is getting ridiculous.
        If you need to feel important kicking down people’s doors, go join the military or law enforcement. Goon squad always needs more goons.

    • Actually he recently learned to shoot for personal protection as he is openly gay, a tough way of life in Texas. A true man- willing to fight for his right to stick things up his ass.

  9. Never, ever chase a perp. Case law, you become the agressor once they disengage. They can turn around, kill you and plead self defense, they were in “bare fear for their lives”. Look it up, “Mantle of Innocence”. I don’t like it much, either. This in real life, not a book, movie or television show. Hell, don’t believe me, good, I don’t care, look it up, take notes, find a GOOD, criminal lawyer, one the line cops go to when the brass throw ’em under the bus. Retain ’em, talk to ’em, listen to ’em and do no more and no less than what they tell you. The most expensive thing in this world is second rate legal representation. -30-

    • JOE HORN – Houston TX

      “In Texas, a person has a right to use deadly force in certain circumstances to protect property … and that’s basically what the grand jurors had to deal with,” Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson

  10. Overlay this on the previous story about home invasions and see what worked and didn t.

    Head shots don’t care abouht caliber choices either.

  11. “Acting quickly, he retrieved his gun and shot at the suspects as they scattered.”

    Every time I read something like this in one of these stories, I cringe. If this means they were running AWAY from him, then he had no legal grounds to shoot them or shoot at them (unless, for example, in the course of “scattering” they posed a risk of SBI or death to his mother or sisters). I’m not concerned about some POS getting shot; I’m concerned about a 20-year old facing a manslaughter wrap.

      • Agreed! I would hate to think this young man would go to prison for a lengthy time because he was found guilty of manslaughter.

    • olivehead,

      Reminder: the standard for legally justified use of deadly force is having a reasonable fear of imminent death or grievous bodily harm.

      So, let’s look at the circumstances. Three physically fit male attackers have a significant disparity of force advantage over the women in the home as well as the single male defender (the 20 year-old son) even if the attackers had no obvious weapons. The attackers forced their way into the home AND they had physically assaulted the dad (although the son may not have known that the attackers had assaulted the dad) which indicates that they are an imminent threat. Combined, those attackers presented a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm in my opinion.

      Unless the attackers had surrendered and were laying down on the floor, I would still consider them a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm. Which direction the attackers are moving or how fast they are moving does not change that fact. For all the son knew, the attackers were moving to a better position, regrouping to continue their assault, or were going for additional weapons. And if the handgun was visible in one of the attackers’ hands, then all three attackers are definitely a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm regardless of which way they are facing, which way they are moving, or how fast they are moving.

      If I were on a jury, I would NOT find the son guilty of anything.

      • WARNING: I am not an attorney and my comment above about the standards for legally justified use of deadly force is my opinion and not legal advice.

    • Wrong. If they were still in the house he’s good to go in most non commie states. Just by entering “unlawfully and with force” deadly force is allowed. You are confusing being at home with out on the street. Out on the street they run and you are done, they broke into your house or car it doesn’t matter.

      (b) The actor’s belief under Subsection (a)(2) that the deadly force was immediately necessary as described by that subdivision is presumed to be reasonable if the actor:

      (1) knew or had reason to believe that the person against whom the deadly force was used:

      (A) unlawfully and with force entered, or was attempting to enter unlawfully and with force, the actor’s occupied habitation, vehicle, or place of business or employment;

  12. Counting shots, and heard five. That’s pretty good especially when they come quick. I must say I’d bet that was quite exciting. Pistol whippings, hiding in closets, son to the rescue, riding car hood hoodlems. What a day

  13. I’m sure if Chief Acevado has his way the brother who shot the perp will be charged with negligent discharge of a fire arm and disturbing the peace. Art doesn’t like armed citizens. If you don’t believe me Google it

  14. why dial 911 when this?

    “””speed away to a nearby Whataburger where she found a local police officer. “””

    just drive to Whataburger!

  15. As a proud Houstonian, I have the following comments

    – My CCW instructor told me that all shootings in Houston, regardless of circumstance will go to a grand jury. I hope that the kid has CCW insurance to pay for his lawyer

    – Look at the photo. Why are so many of our HPD officers fat? The fact that that the responding officer came from Whataburger makes me ashamed.

    – I will definitely share this article with my wife to reduce the “you’re just paranoid” comments.

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