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Texans buy one out of every five pickup trucks sold in the US. Last year over half a million pickup trucks were sold here. And Texans really love their trucks. Which is why you should probably pick another target if you’re going to hijack a vehicle.

From abc13.com:

A suspected carjacker is dead after the man he tried to rob shot and killed him in southeast Houston, police say.

According to the authorities, this all started at the Sweetwater Point Apartments, where the man was returning home around 2 a.m.

Not much that’s good happens after midnight. In this case, three men tried to take the victim’s pickup truck.

As they were leaving, they tried to run over the man with his own vehicle.

Officials say the victim was also armed and fired shots at the suspects, who tried to get away, but couldn’t exit the apartment complex’s gate.

When the owner ran over and tried to get his truck back, at least two of the gunmen opened fire on him.

He shot back, hitting one of them. That suspect died in the middle of the service road.

The dead man’s two accomplices got away. Fortunately, the truck owner was armed and could defend himself. More fortunately, he wasn’t hurt by his own truck or during the exchange of gunfire.

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  1. A truck, or any possession, is NEVER worth getting into a gunfight over.

    Funny how people never think they can die in a gunfight.

    • Agree! You’re in Texas! When he’s getting in your truck, shoot him in the back a few times, thus avoiding the gunfight. In TX that would be legal.

      • “…shoot him in the back a few times, thus avoiding the gunfight.”

        And make sure he falls backwards so he doesn’t bleed all over and stain the upholstery and carpet in the truck….

        • 6 rounds in the back. Worst case of suicide I’ve ever seen! In the republic of Texas, night time protection of your property laws are more lenient. Might as well try to steal a man’s horse!

    • For some people, it IS worth fighting over. Especially when resources are scarce or you are reliant on property to live. Circumstances.

      You do you.

      • “You do you.”

        Simple. Succinct. Perfect.
        The very basis of humanity.
        Play it off the Ten Commandments, and have fun.
        A few guidelines to happiness for all.

        “You do you…”
        But we know that some just can’t play nice on the playground.
        And that’s why there’s sheepdogs.
        And it will always be that way.

      • From strictly an economic standpoint, there is a danger that you did something wrong, or an unfriendly jurisdiction is going to prosecute regardless. It’s best to assume you’re going to get hit with $100k in legal bills, lost work time, etc. Is it worth the value of whatever property you’re defending, especially if it’s insured? Maybe it makes economic sense if the property is uninsured, worth millions, and is most of your net worth (in which case, you should insure it).
        Outside of economics, what is the possibility that the criminal is going to fight back, and will he use a deadly weapon? If you could legally shoot someone, they must pose a threat to yourself or others. This was a gunfight, so the good guy was on the wrong side of the bad guys’ weapons. You could get seriously wounded if things don’t go your way. Is the cost of your hospitalization, lost wages, pain and permanent disability worth it? What about your life? How many would volunteer to be shot a couple times to get $30k? Not many outside of those who would make their suicide look like murder for the insurance money.
        Fighting back to defend the lives of myself or those I care about? Definitely. Defending the life of a stranger? Maybe. Keeping my car or wallet? No.

        • That kind of thinking is what got us to where we are today, or at least where we were until 9/11. Just give in, don’t ever resist, its not worth it, and on and on. Just let the hijacker take control and do what he wants. OOoops! Finally found a reason to not do that. Now, you just let some thug rob you, rape you, kill your neighbors, hey! It’s not worth it. So one useless punk terrorizes hundreds of people, getting more and more out of control until he’s killing people. Naw, just shoot the mofo. He’s a POS without redeeming values.

        • “That kind of thinking is what got us to where we are today . . .” Exactly. And the cops are becoming complicit encouraging this attitude. An adjacent upscale neighborhood near me has a police department that has decided that responding to property theft calls—even while the act is being carried out—is just too much trouble. They’re instructing the tax-payers who employ them to “let the insurance take care of it”. This of course emboldens petty criminals who quickly learn that they can steal from people in that neighborhood without any real consequences. Crime starts increasing because of this and soon spirals out of control. But, hey, it’s just stuff . . .and they need money because they don’t have enough.

        • I do think there is a point in life where we have to make a stand for something, allowing criminals to get off easy is wrong, Risking ones life is foolish. We do not know if this man was indeed risking anything, as we were not there and do not have details. I commend him for taking a stand, and not socializing a criminal act because he has insurance (by the way, yours goes up too with such crime).

      • When I had a beater sedan I kept nothing of any real value in it, I would not have risked my life over it. Now I operate my own truck for work, with thousands of dollars in equipment. It is quite literally my livelihood, Don’t know unless the time comes exactly how far I would go to protect it. I work out of town frequently, so it is not like I can lock it in a garage or stash my tools elsewhere. Fortunately I have only worked in states where my SC permit is recognized.

    • I would agree that a physical possession is not worth shooting over, but he was was justified in the state of Texas, and well within his rights once the thieves started shooting.

      • Might be justified by Tx law, but people never think of the potential consequences:

        -Death- family without a spouse, dad/mom, child
        -Disabling injury
        -Getting shot
        -Financial costs of lawsuit $200,000+? even if you win
        -Multiples of above

        Might want to keep those in mind when deciding to get into a gun fight over property.

        • The hell with thinking about all that
          If your stealing from me and try to hurt me in the process. I your gettg shot

        • Right! And when criminals get the idea that should be considered, crime will drop. Until then, just shoot the mofo.

        • Well that settles it. I’ll print off everything you posted, and next time someone car jacks me and tries to run me over with my own truck, I’ll pull out that checklist and a pen, and go through it line by line before deciding what action to take. Because real life is like a role playing game where you can sit back and contemplate each move you’re about to make and the repercussion they will each have.

      • Not to mention, attempt to run over would seem to qualify as deadly force. Also, how will the perps react when they are not able to get out of the apt complex gate. I’m not disagreeing with his actions in defense

    • A Texan owned truck is by extension “Texas” and well as the T-shirt says . . .

    • You must have missed the part where they tried to kill him by running him over first.

    • If I recall correctly in Texas the law allows you to shoot a fleeing thief after dark. Can’t in the daytime but you can at night. I could be wrong.

        • IANAL, but I don’t think so. If a thief has something taken from you which is worth more than $500, time of day is unimportant, just shoot him. Perhaps he does not need to have your property at night, or something.

      • In Arizona one is allowed to shoot to “Prevent a Forcible Felony”. Armed robbery certainly counts.

      • Close. You can use deadly force to stop theft during the night time in Texas. But you can use deadly force to stop a robbery any time of the day. The difference between theft and robbery is theft is illegally taking property, robbery is taking property by using a weapon, putting someone in fear of their life, or injuring someone during the theft.

    • Thanks for sharing Nancy. I believe that in Tx it still written that Some bastards just need killin. True words.

    • I”m a Texan. I’m a CHL holder. I’m 66 years old. My truck is my livelihood and I couldn’t possibly replace it on what I earn at this age.

      In Texas, it’s legal to use deadly force to prevent theft of vehicle after dark. This happened after dark.

      So, if I used deadly force it would not have been to protect property, but rather, to protect my livelihood and the welfare of my family.

      Dear originator of this thread, please don’t assume you know all you need to know to take exception to this truck owner’s actions.

      • I live in Texas and I am concerned as to whether his truck was damaged. If any of the critics ever lived in Houston then you would agree with the defense of his property.

    • Never? Sooner or later you’ll have nothing left when you let people take everything away from you.

    • It isn’t really about the truck or any other possession. It is about people thinking they can be criminals and get away with it.

  2. I don’t know. I don’t like my car enough to get shot over it.
    Now try taking one of my motorcycles and if I can. Youd be in a world of hurt.

  3. I don’t think this guy was a Texan. If he was armed, why did he let them get in the truck in the first place. Rule #1 is “SHOOT the mofo.”

  4. I want to drive around Texas in a Toyota pickup with a Rising Sun flag on the tailgate.

        • Yes Sir…since late 2006. My 2011 Tacoma is a Proud Texan. Toyota must like Texas…they moved their USA HQ to Texas from LA a couple of years ago (I guess the Califas taxes finally got to them).

          Too bad both of the armed jackers were not successful Darwin candidates…we’ll have to settle for only one nominee this time.

          Hopefully the grand jury will not find just cause to prosecute the vehicle owner for firing those shots.

        • You know Japan attacked China and Korea whilst flying the Rising Sun flag? Koreans and Chinese do not take kindly to seeing the Rising Sun being flown or posted. Koreans will even attack their own beloved celebrities if they are seen with the symbol.

          You can say it’s like when black people see the Confederate flag…

  5. I’d like to see someone try to jack my car.

    It has a stick shift.
    Might be highly entertaining.

    • Are there any sedans sold nowadays that have stick, besides performance cars?

      • About 2% of Chevy Cruze production is manual.
        Higher percentage of Sonics.
        Malibu and Impala don’t have a manual option.

      • Yup. Had an 05 Cadillac CTS with the V6 and a 6 speed manual. Awesome car. Finally wore out with 212,000+ on the odo.

        • 212000?? Change the oil and any decent US brand car today should be good for 300k+ without major problems.

        • Well, shoot. That’s a bunch more than I thought there would be! And that list was just 4-door sedans! Coupes, convertibles and such would make the list even bigger!

      • You can still find Subies and Mazdas with them. I recently was in the market for a car and manual was my primary criteria. There are a fair amount of models that offer it but it can be difficult to actually find a model available. Looking at some new ones, the dealership would get one in and then sell it within a couple days. Which makes me wonder why they didn’t order more when they had 40 CVTs sitting around!

        It is dwindling, though, in part because autos are getting better gas mileage (AND acceleration with many performance cars- DSGs, etc) and play nice with driver assist safety systems like collision detection braking, traction aids, etc. Hell, even off-road stuff is now better served by some type of auto.

        Just not as fun though.

    • Your comment made me think. It’s been about 30 years since I drove a stick.

      I’d probably embarrass myself if I tried to jack your car.

  6. What was he returning from at 2 am? I’ve worked a lot of late shits, double shifts and 2 jobs in my younger days. To say that nothing good happens after a certain hour is a smug statement that has no real basis in the way many Americans live. Just because I’m on the street at midnite doesn’t mean I’m up to no good.

    In the days when I lived in a seedy ass neighborhood and worked 2 jobs and lived check to check I would have shot your ass over my Metro. It was a hoopty but it was the only ride I had and it was paid for.

    • Agreed, I work nights doing IT support for hospitals. I’m in parking lots at 2am all the time.

      “Nothing good happens after midnight” is something day people say until they have to roll into the ER at 2am with a sick child or spouse, or have to call an ambulance when they have chest pains.

      Then all of a sudden they’re grateful some of us work something other than banker’s hours.

      • Not bad, M.B.! Thanx for the input. I expect to be able to wander aimlessly anywhere and everywhere, at any time of day or night, without criminal fuckups expecting me to be a defenseless victim.

      • Taking a sick child to the hospital at 2am or needing an ambulance ride doesn”t sound like a good thing to me. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate that the services are there, I would be grateful if I had to use them. However, needing to use them isn’t a good thing. Taking my kid to the park or riding a roller coaster is a good thing. I’ll continue to support the saying.

        • Getting medical help for someone that desperately needs it is a good thing regardless of what the clock says.

        • You’re looking at this backwards. Needing to take your kid to the ER at 2 am is not a good thing, but people who are working there when you arrive certainly would be a good thing, no?

    • Jesus. How many times have you complained about snowflakes being triggered? Cuz you just did it. Does everyone have to be offended all the time?

  7. I disagree with the idea that no object or possession is worth getting into a gunfight.

    The more important a possession is to the normal continuance of a person’s life, the more likely that person will defend it. And, it is an inalienable right to do so.

    Most of us have replacement insurance and can financially and emotionally afford to say goodbye to a car, home, etc. But what about that guy who’s trying to keep his family housed, clothed and fed and is living paycheck to paycheck. He can only afford the government required liability auto insurance. That carjacker represents a tremendous threat to his ability to keep life on track.

    And of course, there are other reasons to fight back, even when retreating is an option. And even when a legal firestorm threatens to consume you. But the one reason in paticular that I would like hold up is this. Are we really a nation of apathetic or spineless boys, or are we men? Criminals are more brazen because they know we are less likely to fight back for what is perceived as simply a replaceable commodity.

    A man’s pride, his sense of what’s right and what’s wrong is at stake. In a stand and fight or retreat what will you do?

    • I would only pull the trigger if someone’s life was imminently in danger. They can have the truck. Besides, hollow points are expensive. If that makes me less of a man in your estimation, so be it.

      • It kind of does if you are willing to allow another man to take your property from you, your wife and your kids. Your kids won’t think highly of you when they see daddy always getting his lunch taken by the bigger man — they don’t think about the government’s law like you do. Also, a lot of women like a confident protector and provider. You’re not protecting and providing, in one respect, when some teenage boy can take your stuff…

        • With all due respect, I’ve never heard a single firearms instructor, LEO, or soldier say that preserving your image is a good justification for deadly force.

          To be clear, I was responding specifically to the claim in the original comment that we should shoot because that’s what real men do. Obviously if the robbers tried to run the guy over, it’s a different ballgame.

      • Instructors will tell you it’s up to you to decide whether to shoot or not and to look-up your state laws. They frown on giving you a definitive answer on what you should do. They simply give you skills and tell you what they would do.

        What’s the point of taking classes that put you in a situation where property is being taken from you if property isn’t worth fighting for or taking a criminal’s life? Don’t take the class, just save the money for the criminal… Broken window fallacy.

        Of course you shouldn’t shoot someone because of ego. Shooting someone over your ego doesn’t make you a man.

        A man fulfilling his role of protecting life, liberty and property isn’t toxic masculinity even if it becomes illegal.

    • Before you become spring-loaded to surrender anything requested, try to imagine someone who just wants $20 realizing that you are willing to grant a few hours with your 12-year-old daughter. In your house. Followed by departing in your car, with your wife and your 10-year-old daughter. If you will not stand up for ANYTHING, then somebody just expecting to beg for $20 will take EVERYTHING.

    • “Are we really a nation of apathetic or spineless boys, or are we men?”

      We are not men. We are Devo…

      And we shoot Creedmoor.

  8. If your going to be stupid you better realize there are consequences for for stupid decisions. One less bad guy on the streets..

  9. Balls. As at as I’m concerned, horse rustling rules apply. Fuck ‘em.

    You take a person’s transportation, and you may very well be taking their means of livelihood, their means of supporting themselves and their family. As far as I’m concerned, car theft should be a hanging offense.

    • Swarf, I’m with you on the horse rustling rules.

      Also, I’m all for public whippings, or caning, as some Asian countries still do. Its not barbaric, and its putting the perpetrator in the reality adjusted frame of mind of “I do this, then I get that”. “Let’s just incarcerate the bad guy” doesn’t work.

      Public hangings should come back and should offend the “sensibilities” of all. I could go on and on but I would never shut-up.

      The firing squad, still a good idea. But, not with a 6.5 Creedmoor. Can you imagine the devastation that would occur? A firing squad of 6 men with 5 live rounds pointing and firing simultaneously the Mighty Creedmoor into a man only 15 yards away would create a super vortex of anti-matter that could pull the whole town into collapsing dark hole. No, prudence is warranted here.

    • As far as MANY of we Americans are concerned – One’s transport is the very means to survive.
      We rely on our vehicles to get us to work and pay the bills.
      Many of us likely keep a firearm in the car/truck! It’d be foolish to let someone root around in there!

  10. “As they were leaving, they tried to run over the man with his own vehicle.”

    I’ll go ahead and give the victim the benefit of the doubt that this is true, but I can’t help but be a little suspicious this was a case of “it’s coming right for us!”

  11. All thieves should be shot dead on the spot. In fact, if I was a religious man, then I’d believe there’s a special place in hell for vehicle thieves. Good on that guy, especially since they made at least two attempts on his life. Shoot them all, and let them rot.

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      • Word. No sense in getting hyper. Trump will have the office in 2020 if he wants it. And if not him, then Pence.

        The dems and the left are destroying themselves at a rapid pace.

  13. I was disappointed in this story in that I thought it might finally be a happy ending; but then I read two got away. I’m being totally serious here, because the two are just more likely to arm up now than turn their lives around.

    Shooting someone is something serious and not to be taken lightly. Stealing is also serious and not to be taken lightly. Hopefully we POTG have run some scenarios through our mind before we need to react so there is no hesitation. I wouldn’t shoot a kid for stealing from my garden, I might shoot someone for taking my vehicle, and I’d damn sure shoot anyone in my house.

    I support defense of all property with up to deadly force where warranted and I would never convict anyone for doing so. Jury nullification.

  14. The dumb ass got EXACTLY what he deserved!!! I wouldn’t have hesitated to shoot under these circumstances, either. Guess it all depends on how comfortable you are with your weapon….I decided long ago I would NOT be a victim, with no way to defend myself. Threats to me, my home or family constitutes a problem for the thugs who decide it is okay to hurt others to steal. This is going to happen more and more often, and it amazes me how ignorant these losers really are, since they have no way of knowing whether someone is armed and able to defend themselves!! No fix for stupid!!!

  15. Your property is not simply stuff. Rather, it represents your accumulated excess labor…your investment in your own future as insurance against future hard times or infirmness. Loss of your property today will have a negative impact on your future well being, and could mean the difference between surviving and dying. Theft of your property is a threat to your future…your life. Your mileage may vary.

  16. That’s the same as stealing a man’s horse – at a minimum, that’s a hanging offense in Old Texas.

  17. I remember an old story from Houston that a fellow shot a car thief from his second story apartment window after his car alarm went off. Had lever action 30-30 next to his bed. No bill by the Grand Jury. I live in Texas. Don’t mess with other guy’s trucks. It is a simple concept. It maybe just stuff, but it’s my stuff.

    • Not really old, just a year or two back, guy looked out his window at night and saw someone forcing his way into his truck, got his rifle and shot him dead. Dead guy turned out to be there to repossess the truck for nonpayment, found it easier to do at night with stealth, but was legal. Too bad, grand jury no-billed the shooter who was not advised of the repossession, thought his truck was being stolen and was *already* in financial trouble, just too bad for the dead guy. Really great example of “play stupid games …”, he could have done things the right way, but no.

    • Um, I’m not thinking you can shoot trespassers. That might be a few miles over the line.

  18. There would be far less crime if we went back to the old west days when people did kill over the stealing of private property.

    Criminals are willing to kill a person over private property. And in some cases have not gotten the toughest sentence from the judge. Many people steal because they know there is very little punishment, if any, if they are caught.

    Simply killing the thief would reduce the size of government. No need for a very large court system or jail system or prison system. Libertarian logic.

  19. Most children are concieved after midnight.

    My brother was murdered by an armed robber who intentionally ran him down with a Doge van to get away with stealing a garbage can.

  20. 1st if someone if someone is stealing ur property in Texas u have a right to shoot them as it should be its only the liberal brain washing that make people think someone can just steal all ur Stuff and u have to let them.
    2nd when ur getting jacked at gun point how do u know they are not going to smoke ck ur ass?

    Take Cover and shoot their ass.

    Be aware of ur surroundings

  21. Having lived in south Texas and had a break in called the Sheriff he advised me too close my gate, any one that opened that gate and passed through gate was a trespasser and legal too shoot!

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