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The Brazilian copter shooter almost waited until the white pickup was clear of other traffic before opening fire, so…safety first. Oh, and iron sights!

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  1. Pretty damned good shooting from a moving chopper.

    And once again illustrates that automobiles for the most part are concealment NOT cover.

    • Also noticed there is a TON of blood! Like Jesus put a tourniquet on that leg wound! I don’t even know how that kid was even talking because I thought he would be unconscious or dead. I get that it is in another country though but something worth pointing out.

      • That was my thought. Unless this guy was lance armstrong and had recently had an infusion of his blood for the tour de france, he should be dead. However, it does look like some hits were to the front of the truck so it may be blood and coolant.

        • Everything on the ground under/next to the truck was coolant and such except for two drops of blood. Most of the blood was inside of the foot well around his sandal and then around his ankle where he was being detained. Wasn’t even a trail going from car to where he was lying on his face…

    • The cop asks if he has been jailed before, he said yes, article 157, that means armed robbery. The cop asks if he has a gun “Where is the pipe/barrel?”, the criminal denies having one.

  2. Like Chris Rock said: If you run from the Po-lice, they’re bringin’ an ass kickin with them. Or in this case, sharpshooters from a helicopter.

    Either way.

  3. I think funker 530 posted this about a month ago. Some awesome shooting from a chopper door with an FAL.

  4. I guess it’s good training for the door gunners to do it with rifles for a while before moving up to choppers carrying machine guns and rockets. But then, of course, the perp woulda caught more than a mangled foot.

    • Looked like a lot of blood. Didnt see them rush to tourniquet it off. Hmm its Brazil. Good odds he bled out before getting him on the wrong side of a cell

      • Likely as in the US where EMR can’t do tourniquet as might lead to the victim loosing the limb. In the meantime the patient might bleed out die but ……….

        US EMS service has not heard that the Army rediscovered the tourniquet in SW Asia.

  5. Nice shooting, and some decent flying too. Video is a little old, but still entertaining.

  6. He wasn’t gonna run from the cops.
    But he was high.
    He was gonna pull right over and stop.
    But he was high.
    Now he’s a paraplegic, and he knows why.
    Because he got high, because he got high, because he got high.

    • 100% of the police chases in the US [this includes casual stops between 2200 and 0600 BTW] involve drugs and alcohol…..and that only slightly decreases in other hours…
      Yep! Let’s legalise drugs….

      • Alcohol is responsible for 10x the driving fatalities of marijuana. Are you suggesting we ought to make alcohol illegal? It sounds like you think we made a mistake there.

        • One could argue that PEOPLE are responsible for nearly 100% of the traffic fatalities. Mechanical failures being a possible rare exception.

        • “Alcohol is responsible for 10x the driving fatalities of marijuana.”

          a/ nothing like pulling stats out of your *ss.

          b/ EVERY study of marijuana shows delayed reaction time, inappropriate for driving, shooting, posting stupid comments or voting for obama.

          PS – smoking grass is worse for your lungs than cigarettes.,,, it has TEN TIMES THE TAR.

        • @SOL

          “b/ EVERY study of marijuana shows delayed reaction time, inappropriate for driving, shooting, posting stupid comments or voting for obama.

          PS – smoking grass is worse for your lungs than cigarettes.,,, it has TEN TIMES THE TAR.”

          None of reason are viable as to why we should keep pot illegal. Well, except the Obama one. But, people can pop prescription pain killers, eat fast food, use tobacco, and drink, all of which are unhealthy, none of which are illegal. And, as long people don’t use drugs and get behind the wheel, who gives a sh*t.

      • Because “getting busted with drugs vs getting busted for running w/drugs” is a calculation that goes thru the pothead’s mind as he’s getting pulled over for no tail light. Sometimes the punishment for possession is so bad, the option “F it, we’ve gotta TRY to get away” seems like a viable option.

      • Some police chases are senile old ladies. Some are sober Asian females who literally don’t get that they are supposed to be pulling over. In others, the registered owner gets kidnapped and is driving for the kidnappers. At gunpoint. Many involve stolen cars or property, and the drivers are completely sober.

        The 100% involve guns are drugs is pretty easily debunked.

  7. As the band ‘Filter’ once said in a song:

    “Hey, man, nice shot…

    Nice shot, man…”

      • Yeah, but it sure fit that video…

        And the second line should have been:

        “Good shot, man…”

    • The song isn’t quite a fit here; the song was about the suicide of R. Budd Dwyer.

      • Thanks for the refresh on that, the fog of time blurred that out, (mumble) years ago and all…

        Does this mean TTAG’s resident reference gunsmith has hard rock cranking in his shop?

        I have this image now of back when you were running the farm listening to The Cult’s ‘Sonic Temple’ in the cab of the tractor…

  8. Nice FAL. .308 ought to do the trick. I love how he gets out of the chopper to admire his handiwork. No really, otherwise it would have been a cliffhanger ending.

    This is why folks are worried about police getting drones.

  9. WTF? Summary execution for burglary??

    And everyone commenting here is like “yay, shoot the bad guy, kill him, yay!”

    Due process anyone?

    There’s little information here. Was he an iminent danger of harming others?

    Burglary does not involve another person like pointing a gun at someone (that’s robbery), it’s a property crime.

    • It ain’t our country, it’s Brazil. They have their own rules. Don’t like it, move to Brazil and loby for change.

    • You need to study up a bit on the violent crime epidemic in Brazil. It’s quite bad, and people there are quite fed up with it. The homicide rate in Brazil is over 25 per 100,000, last I looked, and it’s double that among young males.

      The police in Brazil appear to have a shoot-and-kill policy on criminals. There are vids of Brazilian cops shooting criminals, most of them robbers, in all manner of situations. There are the situations of off-duty cops behind some punk kid who pulls out a gun on a retail clerk who don’t bother getting into a game of 20 questions with the punk. The off-duty cop will just pull out his service pistol and execute the punk right there in the store, one shot to the back of the head.

      Then there are vids of cops chasing down thieves who have stolen motorcycles – and the cops pursue the thieves and shoot them down like dogs in the street.

      There’s no shortage of videos of thieves and criminals getting hunted down, shot and killed by the cops in Brazil. The police in Brazil appear to not screw around with intricate legal arguments. When a criminal is running from the cops in Brazil, the police aren’t bringing an ass-kicking with them (to quote Chris Rock). No, they’re often bringing everything from some wunder-9 pistol to full-on rock-n-roll sub-guns, M-16’s, FAL’s and other weapons with them, and lots of ammo, which they intend to use with gusto, to lethal effect.

      Gun control fetishists here in the US would love to point to Brazil as a model of gun control. There is no right to own guns. Full auto possession is outlawed. Owners must apply for a license. Ammo purchases are regulated. Minimum age to own a gun is 25. And yet, Brazil’s rate of gun violence is epidemic. Brazil is an excellent example of how the fetish for gun control won’t do anything to control crime. Their courts are basically revolving doors, with only about 8% of homicide cases being solved and the perp brought to justice. There is an air of criminal arrogance in the country, that the brazen can get away with nearly anything – murder, rape, robbery, etc.

      So the cops in Brazil become the judge, jury and executioner at the scene.

      • I have seen similar videos in other South American Countries where the criminal who is stealing a car gets shot by the police when they pull up along side.

      • This. I’m literally sitting at my father in law’s listening to the drug dealers early warning fireworks and watching these police helicopters fly by and circle in the distance. This is a daily occurance in Sao Jose do Rio Preto. Citizens are scared of the criminals and scared of the police. Ignore the wikipedia stats on legal ownership Brazil. There is no such thing unless you’re a government worker with a particular set of skills. Criminals and cops have guns.
        And forget about defending yourself. Using a kitchen knife against a home intruder will land you in jail.
        Outside of a revolution. There is no changing things here. Politics are corrupt and skewed in such a manner that the people don’t get a voice. Only the rich upper classes. They want the populous disarmed for obvious reasons.

        • The situation you describe is entirely typical of Catholic-majority countries. Has been forever. Will be forever, unless and until the citizens wake up and toss the papists out on their ears.

          Another reason for my disgust for the Catholic Church: political corruption, writ most large, fostered and supported from the Vatican on down.

        • “And forget about defending yourself. Using a kitchen knife against a home intruder will land you in jail.”

          Just don’t get *caught* defending yourself. Why knowing someone with a backhoe who doesn’t ask a lot of nosy questions can be valuable.

          Neth, are there any parts of Brazil that aren’t that bad or any chance of emigrating to another South American country as an option?

          • Any country with such a disparity between upper and lower classes will have these problems.
            And it’s not the Catholics fault. My friend blames the Portuguese ruling class of old. Despite regime and politics changes, it seems they are still ruling the masses. I don’t know how accurate that may be, but he’s a history professor of Portuguese decent … so i give his words weight.
            Brazil is a beautiful country with fantastic people. But situational awareness is paramount.
            For my wife, son, and I, we happily fly out today and return to the States. I look forward to strapping on my CZ and open carrying in Starbucks. 🙂

        • @Dyspeptic – It’s “the papists” fault? wow. I usually look forward to your posts. You usually say something insightful or informative. This is naked bigotry.

          There are plenty of countries with Brazil’s problems that are not Catholic majority. And Brazil has plenty of problems that are in no way connected to religion. I don’t have any idea how you drew that connection.

        • South American countries suffer from a particular perspective of Catholicism that is straight out of the 1500’s, and it forms the bedrock upon which the rampant corruption of their governments and the overwhelming stratification of their cultures between the very rich and the very poor is built. Brazil is now especially suffering from this.

          The recent pronouncements by Pope Francis on the subjects of capitalism, global warming and air conditioning (!) are excellent examples of this epistemology, and they go to the heart of South American catholicism. Go read the Pope’s latest treatises on various things. I have, in their entirety. I’ll bet not 1 in 100 American Catholics has read as much out of the current “South American Pope” as I have. He’s a wonderful living example of the mindset, and is a fascinating figure to study.

      • Not to mention a lack of funds AND desire to “properly” (in a western sense) house convicts. Getting sent to certain South American jails can be almost equivalent to a death sentence unless you are incredibly tough or incredibly lucky. Criminals are looked at as just that – criminals. So having .308 rounds chucked at you for burglary and fleeing is the usual because the cops don’t care (and are usually poorly paid), don’t want to put out the effort; the .gov doesn’t care because the people don’t care. You do something illegal – all bets are off. Especially because there is so much violent crime, it is easier (and cheaper) to just put a bullet in the perp and go on to the next one.

        • “Getting sent to certain South American jails can be almost equivalent to a death sentence unless you are incredibly tough or incredibly lucky. Criminals are looked at as just that – criminals.”

          If you have access to money you can survive prison down there.

        • Indeed, that’s one of their central problems in central/south America. The justice system works very differently for their wealthy and well connected than it does for other people. As a result, many people operate with an outright contempt for the law.

          At least here in the US, even the wealthy can get caught up in the bizarre and idiotic nonsense legislated by our kakistocracy. eg, Martha Stewart getting sent up for her stock trades.

    • It’s their country. Anyway this is not summary execution and one could argue fleeing the police at high speed through traffic is creating a clear and present danger to the public. Before we get all high and mighty and American, how does this compare to shooting that guy in the back in South Carolina or the James Boyd killing in Albuquerque (killing a homeless guy for camping without a permit)? I think the Brazilians look pretty good on this one compared to some of our police.

  10. Everyone is focusing on the FAL from the helicopter and police work and whether this was excessive force, I get all that. But the thing that stood out the most for me in the video was once they got the guy out of the vehicle and cuffed, you’ll notice the cops went ahead and put his head right in the puddle of water despite all the dry road around him. He’s in no danger of drowning or anything, I think they were just being dicks.

  11. Brazil is the number 1 place I would not want to piss of the police. North Korea is probably close behind.

  12. Did you notice, the first shots endangered oncoming traffic? Then the sniper seemed to wait for opportunity.

    • I am surprised that no one else seems to care that the pickup was RIGHT next to another car when the officer took his third shot.
      In the youtube comment section, most people claim that he’s an expert and knows what he’s doing, but TTAGers should know better.

      And to all those who say: “It’s Brazil, they can do what they want”:
      Being in Brazil doesn’t take away anyone’s human/natural rights. Shooting someone for burglary without due process is wrong, and endangering innocents is wrong, no matter where you live (unless there’s an imminent danger that somehow justifies these actions, which apparently wasn’t the case here).

      • Chris, what are human/natural rights? Do you get a printout at birth? Natural rights are real simple, survival of the strong, kill or be killed. Until people organised into societies and created artificial rules you had the rights that you were strong enough to take.

        • Of course the concept of “natural rights” is somewhat artificial and its definition somewhat arbitrary, at least for an atheist like me, who does not believe in God-given rights.

          But well, we have evolved beyond the primitive state you described, and to keep our civilization going and worth living in, a certain ethical matrix is required. No matter whether you prefer Kant’s categorical imperative or the wording of the American Declaration of Independence (which names “Life” as an unalienable right), I hope that we can agree that you should not risk shooting an innocent person when you could just as well open fire 5 seconds later, when they are out of view.

          It’s a little more difficult to argue that a burglar should not be shot, I give you that. Still, my subjective interpretation of what’s right and wrong tells me that he should be given due process, and I bet that over 90% of Westerners would agree. You don’t really disagree, do you? Maybe the next “criminals” to be refused due process will be gun-owners in a non-free state who failed to register their so-called assault weapons…

        • Fortunately I did. Laid out in a document we call the Constitution. Only applies to legal US citizens.

        • We have the constitution here, for which I’m gratefull. And I’m all for due process. But I’m not going to lecture or condemn Brazillian cops for not playing by our rules.

          We only have the rights that society agrees we have. In our case we are blessed with a document and tradition that gives us individual rights. Most of the world isn’t so lucky.

      • Brazil, and indeed all of central and south American nations, operate under a very different mindset and legal foundation than we do.

        The assertion of “natural” legal rights that are inherent in all men and dependent upon no other men is a Protestant idea born of writings and pondering from the 1600’s to the 1800’s. It was unique in expression at the time of America’s founding. The idea itself doesn’t exist in other cultures. The US is utterly unique in the assertion of same in our foundation documents and philosophy. Brazil had a brief flirtation with the idea in their copying of the US Constitution in their 1891 constitution, but alas, it could not last. They’ve been through at least five re-writes of their constitution since that time, in particular drawing in the 1930’s from the constitution of the Weimar Republic, which inserted a whole bunch of stuff about people’s personal welfare into their governance. That didn’t last either.

  13. Helo hog hunting, Brazilian-style. Sustainable hunting at its best. Do they cater to tourists?

  14. Judge, jury and executioner – yep. At least there was video to justify the abrupt ending to the chosen career of these two armed Brazilian robbers. Obviously this police force is not interested in social work and rehabilitation:

    • In that case, I applaud how the cops made their shots count. It’s easy to see bullets (esp. low sectional density pills, which are typical in pistol rounds) get deflected going through glass. Those three cops made their shots connect on two suspects through glass, without hitting the bystanders, and they dropped those two punks before they knew what was happening.

    • First time I saw this I commented that it was like a military ambush. I’ve seen a ton of shooting videos since then and still looks like these guys were in the killzone. Not saying it was a wrong shoot, but if it happened in America it would of probably turned in to a 10 hour barricaded suspect with hostages scenario.

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