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Hornady launched a new cartridge yesterday on their Facebook page. Only it was buried in Photos. Which is kinda cool, given the stealth motif surrounding the new 300 Whisper round. In case you’re wondering (so to speak), the 300 Whisper is based on the 221 Remington case necked up to .308. The gun Whisperers are designed for firearms chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. The cartridge’s available in both subsonic and supersonic variants and it can be used with or without a can. (Yes we can!) So who needs this stuff? As Hornady’s sole commentator commented, “I’m tired of paying over $40 for a box of .300 Whisper factory ammo. Thanks you Hornady!” Shhhh.

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  1. You know you’re only halfway through your morning coffee when you read a posting as “it can be used with or without a gun” until you take a second look.
    That said, with some of the marketing hyperbole we see these days, it wouldn’t surprise me…

  2. Hey, I bagged 2 deer with 2 shots in less than 5 seconds with the Cor-Bon 150s last year before I bought dies. Good stuff, but not worth $40/box. I am going subsonic for hogs with a can this year so I will try the 208s compared to my loads for grins. I am going after the whole pack to make sausage with my venison! Good luck to ya’ll & happy hunting.

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