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An intelligent bullet that “knows” what material it’s penetrating? To quote Wallace, that IS clever! Combining self-defense ammo marketing mishegas with images of downing Bambi, Dumbo and Thumper? Not so much. Still, I found my moving ammo.

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  1. How about we just market these bullets with a Jolly Rodger on the box and a tagline “Kills Anything that Needs It”

  2. Tell me the two guys standing there with that elephant charging didn’t sh!t their pants. I almost did and I am on a laptop.

  3. elephant hunting is fine with me. It provides meat and money for the locals. There is limited habitat for them and there has to be some control on the population in areas where they have reached carring capacity.

    • Agreed. But that’s no reason to put it into this video.

      I imagine that a significant proportion of potential Critical Duty ammo buyers are put off by watching an elephant fall to its knees (and/or a bunny exploding in mid-air).

      I mean, was that really necessary? Unless of course they used Critical Duty ammo to fell the pachyderm. Now that WOULD be impressive. Disturbing, but impressive.

      • after giving it a little thought , It seems to me that the one thing the elephant sequence adds to this video is a prespective of the immediacy of the danger. It is very clear that a miss or a bullet failure and the shooter in line with the elephant is dead. Its the same immediacy that you have in a shootout. If you are unsucessful in stopping the immediate threat, you could be killed. civilian or LEO, its the same. Its a very visual emphasis that sometimes It had better work or your’e done for.

        • This. Their tagline is “Accurate. Deadly. Dependable.”

          Their imagery is intended to show that, whether you’re just using a sacttergun on foul, or a double-barreled rifle on an elephant who is intent upon charging your ass down and grinding you into warm, wet, red pulp, that their ammunition will function as intended and with deadly results every single time. Of every use for a firearm I can think of at the moment, the charging elephant has the least margin for error, especially at the ranges shown in that promotional video.

      • I’m with ya Robert.

        I have never hunted, but plan to go deer hunting this thanksgiving with my fiancee’s dad.

        It’ll be interesting because while I’m 100% ok with responsible hunting, it’s hard for me to watch anything die, much less suffer.

        I’m the guy who traps spiders and roaches and release them outside most of the time.

  4. +1, anyone remember the last time elephant killing was prominently featured in media? The Go daddy CEO got all kinds of grief for it.

    • Honestly though, there’s a difference between footage of an elephant hunt in a commercial for a webhosting company, and the same footage being used to advertise the brand of ammunition used to kill the charging elephant. The video above is clearly the latter, and as such it is entirely appropriate.

  5. But what if you need to kill a zombie hiding BEHIND an elephant, behind a plate of glass AFTER somersaulting over the hood of a car? What is the best ammo to use?


  6. If you are offended by the images, write to Hornady and ask them to precede the video with a warning such as: “WARNING; Animals were harmed during the filming of sequences contained in the following video”.

  7. Personally, I find the generic “metal” soundtrack to be the only offensive part of this video.

  8. I don’t care much for killing elephants but that’s not the part that pisses me off(though I did almost mess myself when that thing came out of nowhere.).

    The part that pisses me off is the “cops need better ammo than civilians” bullshit. I am getting super f@&king tired of companies licking the damn boots of law enforcement and acting like us “second class” citizens aren’t worthy of the same gear. I like hit ady critical defense, and this stuff looks even better, but if they try and restrict it to law enforcement like so many companies are doing with their products lately then I will not buy hornady products anymore. I don’t carry critical defense in my m&p but that’s only because they dot make it in .357sig so i carry gold dots. Bt I do have CD loaded in my .45. Depending on hornady’s behavior, that may change.

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