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This video is from 2013 is a graphic illustration of the results of what happens when extreme gun restrictions are imposed, as they have been in Australia. When it’s prohibitively expensive or nearly impossible to import firearms, criminals will resort to making their own. The guns in the video are of a simple design and are easily made. Homemade sub machine guns are commonly found in Brazil and Israel, and have turned up in Canada, too.

In 2015, Australian police estimated 10 percent of the guns they seized were homemade. In 2009, copies of the MAC machine pistol were confiscated. The MAC is a little more sophisticated than the guns in this video, but is well within the capability of any metal working hobbiest. The underground manufacturer admitted that he made as many as 100 for the black market before a sting operation caught him. The MAC homemade guns included a homemade silencer and two magazines.

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  1. History proves that when government radically restricts the availability of desirable products in legal markets, illegal markets will be created to satisfy the demand.

    As we used to say in the 1970s: “Duh!”

    • Not only that, but when you ban semiautomatics of all types, criminals will just get or make full-automatics, cause they’re breaking the law anyway.

  2. Good to see there is some industry the government has not strangled with red tape yet.

    Looks to be too high a cyclic rate to be effective long term. Breach block needs to be heavier.

    Unfortunately media here mostly does the usual and tries to tie this into legal firearm owners. I still meet people who are surprised that the number of legal owners and firearms is still going up

      • Dyspeptic is who to ask, but I understand it, yeah, up the mass on the reciprocating bits or soften the spring should slow it down…

    • Interesting products, horrible website.

      Whatever high-schooler built that site should get a D- for his final grade.

  3. Paging Willy_Lunchmeat/A_Concerned_American… he claimed, under some of his names, to have lived there or even be a native of that nation.

    How is your gun control working now?

    • My M1A uses M14 magazines and I have an attachment that allows me to load those magazines from ammunition stored in 5-round clips. With a little practice I have in fact been able to unload one of those clips in about 1/2 second (into the magazine.).

  4. Actually, they found the watchmaker that had been manufacturing these for years. He was first coerced into making them for biker gangs who were notorious for selling drugs and it was estimated that he had made over 1500 of the weapons and was selling them at $5K a pop.

    Ever play the Fallout video games? Many of the firearms in the game are completely hand-maid, ranging from revolvers to semi- and full-auto – some of them even having wooden frames, and all of them completely feasible for a HS student to build in shop class. Democrats thinking they can limit firearms by legislation is just ludicrous when we have so much raw material available at our disposal. People who think like that have no business being responsible for public safety.

    I’d say that I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes popular here in the states, but knowing what I already know, that statement would be disingenuous because I’ve already seen hundreds of them in my lifetime since the 1986 FOPA debacle. That’s what happens when the 14th Amendment is ignored and the government restricts the supply and ownership of anything because limited availability of a commodity causes massive inflation, resulting in a financial divide that creates a vacuum for … an instant black market economy. The ATFE would get a very big surprise if they ever opened up the registry – even if only half of the new registrants decided to register their weapons – and they are not junky water-pipe guns, either – most are converted from commercially-manufactured firearms and work very efficiently.

    That reminds me … I need to shop around for a few thousand more rounds of 9MM subsonic … gotta keep my guns warm in the winter time!

    • As soon as I saw the word Crikey, I re-read that whole sentence in my head as the crocodile hunter…

      With a touch of southpark…”Now I’m really gonna piss him off…”

  5. Frank

    10 to 15 rounds a second is not unusual in a blowback sub machine gun. Video says 12 round magazine so for once the police statement was almost accurate.

    The breach block was the heaviest part of the one I carried for a while in the army and it did 12 rounds a second

    If DG is around he can probably give the full explanation

  6. It went by fast, but I’m pretty sure that was an Uzi, and it probably wasn’t made in a garage in Perth.

    On the other hand, most of those showed some nice work for shade tree gunsmithing. Take note, Royal.

  7. As I’ve said before, guns are state of the art turn of the 20th century technology. If your culture is advanced enough to build bicycles, it’s sophisticated enough to build guns. Even “modern” designs such as polymer pistols or ARs are decades old at this point. Magazines are nothing more than stamped, folded, and welded sheet metal. These are pretty trivial manufacturing techniques in the grand scheme of things. We’re not talking about tens of thousands of dollars in investment. We’re talking about guys in garages, barns, sheds.

  8. Turn me loose in a Home Depot and I’ll have a working firearm in about 30 minutes if I’m working slowly and have wander around looking for hardware. I’ll grant you that it will be a single shot “slam bang” shotgun but it will kill people – and it will get you a more modern weapon. Once self contained ammunition and smokeless powder were invented, semi and full automatic weapons were pretty easy. Machine guns were invented in the late Victorian era. The famous line “Whatever happens we have got the Maxim gun, and they have not” was written in 1898 and those early water cooled machine guns shot forever as long as you kept the cooling jacket full.

    As the article illustrates an inexpensive and reasonably effective smg can be built by anybody with access to metalworking tools and some shade tree mechanic skills. Stens, PPSH 41s and M-3 grease guns were designed to be easy and cheap to make. The goal is to manufacture or more preferably find a length of 9mm or .45 acp barrel,, Turn out a bolt, spot weld a stamped receiver together that will accept some kind of common extended pistol magazine and you’re in business.

    Since the penalties will be the same for illegal possession of any firearm in that fantasy world where the liberals want us to live you might as well build full auto if you’re going to jail anyway. You probably can’t do this if you’re a communications major but the guys and gals who know how to work with their hands can buy the machine tools they need at Harbor Freight and become the local merchant of death.

    The technology to make all of this happen exists. People discovered how to build submachine guns about a hundred years ago and short of confiscating every lathe and drill press in the country there’s no way that this knowledge can ever be suppressed.

    • “Turn me loose in a Home Depot and I’ll have a working firearm in about 30 minutes if I’m working slowly and have wander around looking for hardware. I’ll grant you that it will be a single shot “slam bang” shotgun but it will kill people”

      While what’s at Home De(s)pot will get you a black pipe slam-fire, what’s available at ‘Harbor Freight’ or ‘Northern Tool’ will absolutely let you make a functional semi (or full) auto firearm…

      • For around 2k it is possible to have a shop capable of turning out some very nice pieces. My current puzzle is a .44mag upper with my special sauce hi cap rotary mag that Ruger was kind enough to lay the ground work for. I got tired of waiting for someone else to make what I wanted.

  9. Yep. That’s a simple open-bolt SMG. It’s actually easier to make a semi-auto than a full auto.

    On a side note, you can still get pre-1986 sten fire control groups at a decent price (plus the 200 dollar NFA extortion tax). They also sell semi-auto groups that you can ship right to your door, as the tube with the bolt is the receiver (super easy to make with a drill press and a store-bought pipe). Just don’t forget to use a 16+ inch barrel, so the ATF doesn’t get a hard-on for you (or the bull-queers in Club Fed, for that matter).

  10. Where does the ammunition in a country like Australia come from for these guns? My understanding is that while guns are simple to manufacture, the ammunition is a lot more difficult.

  11. The Oz Govt in their infinite wisdom never bought any small firearm parts, ammo or components in their infamous gun buy backs (steal backs). Keanan doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. A dealer in Melbourne still has thousands of Owen & Austen mags for sale. Most of the blame for importation of guns & parts can be actually laid squarely at the feet of Customs & AFP. Do you really think they fall out of the sky?

  12. First of its a sub machine gun, big difference. Secondly it’s a magazine not a clip, huge difference.

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