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A Sign of the Times: DIY Primers

The continuing ammunition shortage is making people of the gun a tad desperate.  Perhaps it’s time to think about ammunition as a long-term proposition...

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Heads-Up Comparison: P365 vs. Hellcat vs. MAX-9 vs. M&P9 Shield Plus

TTAG's Managing Editor, Dan Zimmerman, and I took all four of the hottest, most in-demand concealed carry guns on the market -- the four...

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Holosun HS510C reflex sight

Gear Review: Holosun HS510C Reflex Sight

Ammo prices being what they are, I've taken to trying to review multiple items at a time to get the most out of my...

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Gun Control

ar-15 assault weapon AK

Beware Clueless Politicians With the Power to Legislate Away Your Guns

Today's gun owners are an increasingly diverse segment of the population. Associations like the National African-American Gun Association, the LGBTQ+ group Armed Equality, and the Well-Armed Woman have seen record...