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To all the pants-wetters and hand wringers out there who fret about their kids even forming a pistol with their thumb and forefinger and yelling “POW,” it’s time to get the hell over it. Teach the kiddies some basic safety and responsibility lessons and good things will happen. It turns out Ralphie and his Red Ryder can do more than daydream about warding off Black Bart and his band of marauders. Just ask Kobe Sturgeon’s mom…

Kobe was in bed Monday night when he heard his mother being attacked by the man who’d been renting their basement spare room. reports:

Kobe, a fifth-grader, acted quickly. He said he swung a board at Newman, who then chased him throughout the house. Kobe said he was scared, but that he managed to lock the man out of the house.  But then the man tried climbing into the bathroom window.

Kobe’s mother said Newman slammed her head against a bathroom door, and that’s when Kobe ran and grabbed his birthday present, his BB gun.

“I hit him a couple times with it; he wouldn’t go away so I shot him. He finally stopped and then we went out the front door to our neighbors.”

Young said the boy shot Newman “in the face as many as four times — this action proved to be effective.”

It looks like Kobe’s probably put himself in line not only for a turkey leg tomorrow, but something special for Christmas as well. Apparently you don’t need a Gunsite scout rifle course or years of bowling pin matches under your belt. Sure, those things are useful. But all you really need is a home defense gun and the testicular fortitude to use it. Whether or not they’ve dropped yet.

“I’m just happy that she’s OK,” he said of his mother. “It was just first thing that came to my mind, help my mom and me. So I just tried my best. I’m just happy she’s OK.”

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  1. This kids lucky he doesn’t live in the “PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF MA” because he and his mom would both be in jail and the bad guy would be suing them.

    • I appreciate your concern for my son’s well being. I agree with your sentiment althoughn this person was known to our family for over twenty years, was a very close family friend, and at no time in the past ever had provocation to cause harm to us . I believe that people need to be responsible for their own actions but in this case I’m afraid his alcoholism resumed at an unfornunate time for us. I’m also deeply sorrowed that CPS agrees with you and has taken my most precious gift from me. They apprehended him via Bellingham Police (real firearms drawn) on Thankgiving Eve. I’m working on getting him home. Please pray for us. I saw Kobe on a supervised visit this morning and he thanks the community for their support. Also just so it’s known the offender is locked up and protection orders are in place and my basement is no longer for rent. L. Sturgeon, Kobe’s Mom.

      • I’m sorry to hear of the subsequent actions taken after your son’s heroic efforts. It’s sad to know that the police still blame the victim in theses circumstances when they are criticized in the media. Best of luck to you both.

  2. Here’s hoping he shot the jerk’s eye out.

    His mum ought to get him a 10/22. That way he wont have to hit the guy with it first, he can just plug him a few times.

  3. Not that I would have wept over the guy’s demise, but I am glad the kid did not have to live with having killed someone, though the first part of “live with” is “live.”

  4. I just read this to my 5th grade son. It’s good to see young people in this light and not as hoodlums.

  5. ” because he and his mom would both be in jail ”

    Already happened. Within days Kobe was wisked off to Foster care. Mom is very upset, and may well go to jail, as you know, once you are involed with “Family Services”; they drive one insane, legaly. She may flip-out one day and resort to vigelantism to get her kid back.

    It will all end in death.

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