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In 12 days, President Obama will leave the White House for the last time, taking his civilian disarmament agenda with him. While we don’t know whether Mr. Trump will eye the underside of a passing bus when considering gun rights, the indications so far are all positive that the reality TV star will work with Congress and do something to roll back gun control.

Meanwhile, here’s a chance for you, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia, to say goodbye to Mr. Obama ahead of the transfer of power to the Trump administration next week. In the spirit of that undertaking, we’ll relax the no-flaming policy slightly. No racist remarks, etc. What would you say to Mr. Obama as he exits stage left?

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    • My special Obama moment was when I realized that Trump would replace him.

      I will get a new and better Obama moment, when I see it happen.

      Good riddance you wretch.

      • I’ve had a few of those. Had one tonight Infact. The mother in law is a huge Hillary worshipper. And she spent half the night crying about Trump. She knows I voted for Trump and I primarily ignore her unless I’ve had a few. Anyway, I just ignored her tonight, then realized, she, and every lUberal I know is this absolutely miserable, and will be miserable for years. Warms my heart.

  1. Thanks (not) for what you’ve done for race relations, the rule of law and throwing all law enforcement under the bus.
    Then there’s the Middle East.

  2. Don’t let the White House door hit you in the derriere on the way out – and make sure you don’t swipe the furnishings and dinnerware!

    • “Don’t let the White House door hit you in the derriere on the way out”

      Damn, beat me to it! (I was going to say “dear” from “Mary Poppins”.)

    • On January 20, as Marine One lifts off from the White House lawn for the last time for Obama, I *really* hope I hear from the crowd assembling for Trump’s inauguration…

      (singing) – “Hit the road, Jack (Clap), and don’t you come back, no more, no more…”

      My eyes would well up with tears of *joy* if I heard that…


  3. Barry,

    Nothing brings me greater pleasure than knowing it haunts you that you failed to get any meaningful gun control passed and had to let the mask slip while you tried to do so via executive fiat. Good riddance, you repugnant, disgraceful, aspiring dictator. Maybe now the country can finally start repairing itself from the incredible damage your reign has wrought. You were a demagogue who will ultimately be remembered as a failed president and a blemish on the ass of America. At least you won’t have to pretend to care about the country any more, that has to be a huge weight lifted.

    • +1 I can’t wait to see what else is posted. I am going to read every post. This thread is going to be epic.

    • And by the way, Barry, I hear Cuba is looking for a new leader to take Fidel’s place. You should fit right in.

    • NO!!!

      Hollywood is our very best friend when it comes to gun rights!

      Every time they show an action hero use a gun to dispense justice, it cements in the audience’s mind that guns are *tools* to be used for good or evil, and a Hollywood movie where the bad guy gets his in the end proves guns aren’t in themselves evil.

      The same goes double for the first-person-shooter video game industry.

      You rarely see cigarettes in movies nowadays, that is a deliberate decision by Hollywood to not glamorize them.

      They will never do that to movies and FPS video games. They will go bankrupt.

      Capitalism is a *wonderful* thing to behold… 🙂

      • If Hollywood goes bankrupt, movies won’t go away; they probably will get better, however, without the prog/left establishment dragging them down. Capitalism, remember. 🙂

  4. Thanks (not) for what you’ve done for race relations, the rule of law and throwing all law enforcement under the bus.
    Then there’s the Middle East, health insurance and claiming to lowering unemployment while having the lowest labor participation rate.
    And on and on.

  5. I can’t remember anyone from Hollywood making a farewell video for our previous president. I’m sure I just missed it…

  6. And you know we at really rid of this motherfucker. He’ll be writing books, giving speeches and championing progressive causes. For years.

    Every time there’s a shooting some msm turd will run to get his opinion.

    • You are right that he will be doing all of those things, but they will be for his Progressive audience and we, for the most part, will not be bothered by them, or him.

      I am very much looking forward to not seeing his picture in the paper or hearing his voice on the radio anymore.

      • You have every right to exist within the confines of a left-wing echo chamber if you desire. Enjoy your manufactured reality.

  7. OK, I’ll admit that I could make it to the end as my lunch was coming back up.

    Still, is he so desperate to be remembered as something other than a divisive and hateful leader that these sorts of videos (and exit interviews and thrills up people’s pant legs, etc.) need to exist?

    To borrow from “Ferris Bueller”, “Go home. Go on, get.”

    • Fine. But, please, not funded by my tax dollars. The media can bankrupt themselves, and Hollywood as well, worshipping the worst President in American history because of what he “could have done but did not”, but not with taxpayer dollars, which is how these jackasses want to do EVERYTHING! Any station broadcasting such nonsense should be cut off of federal funds for at least 5 years.

      • Wilson was worse. Income tax, federal reserve monetary system, bought off senators, treaty of Versailles, league of Nations, etc.

        FDR and Johnson were pretty damn bad as well. Social security, Medicaid, Medicare, Vietnam, NFA, GCA68, gold and silver de-monitizing, New Deal, Great Society, (Kennedy death?), Japanese internment camps, debt, inflation, destruction of the black family (Great Society, and no fault divorce laws).

        Nixon, Bush 1, Bush 2, and Teddy Roosevelt were pretty shitty as well. EPA, War on Drugs, Iraq 1 &2, debt,debt,etc.

        Obama has only built upon the tyranny of these men. He is truly a horrible president

        Still, Obama is one of the worst Presidents ever. Top 5 for sure. Top 2 or 3 perhaps.

        Carter sucked too.

        Still, I think Wilson takes the prize.

  8. “… Mr. Trump will eye the underside of a passing bus when considering gun rights”

    What the heck does this even mean?

  9. I think I’ll be listening to Etta James (the original) singing “At Last” all day long. Maybe longer.

    • Especially since Etta personally objected to “her” song being played at his inaugural. She really did NOT like him very much.

  10. Your epic failures on so many fronts just makes me smile. I, for one, will not miss your blatant disregard for the Constitution in an attempt to further your agenda.

    Buh bye.

    • He might run into OJ when he gets out of jail and restarts his search for the real killers on the golf courses off America.

  11. This is a professionally made video. It was designed to tug at the heart strings, but it came off strangely antiseptic to me. 3/4 of it was how he made people feel (supposedly), not anything of substance. The other 1/4 was stuff of substance, but with the absolutely wrong result.
    One good thing. At least we won’t have people voting for the first black president again. That’s out of the way.

    • The press made a note to remind people George Zimmerman was a “White Hispanic”.

      We just had a “White African American” for president, the first “Black” president is still out there waiting to be elected.

      I kinda like the way “President David Clarke” rolls off the tongue, don’t you? 🙂

    • I seek candidates for the presidency that are serious, conservative and well-qualified. I really resent the concept of “first” black, African-American, Hispanic, woman, etc. None of these things has anything do do with whether or not they should be elected or will be any good at the job. We have had a whole bunch of really crappy Caucasian presidents, too. (Jimmy?)

      At some point in the future, however, when the voting public has gotten over how abysmal a president BHO actually was and how he tarnished the concept of competent black men, I do hope that the first man or woman of actual negro heritage who is elected to the presidency is a strong and intelligent Conservative who is absolutely qualified for the position on his/her own merits and ability.

    • The MSM and Hollywood ignored the fact that Barack had a mother. It’s like that white woman from Kansas never existed, nor her parents, the white liberals in Hawaii who raised Barack.

      He was genetically as much white as he was black, but the truth never matters when perception furthers your agenda.

    • Started to watch it, fast forwarded, and then hit stop. Could not stand watching this piece of garbage about this pile of crap with his hag bag.

  12. I look forward to reading about your tradgic auto-erotica asphyxiation death… oh, this isn’t for Bill Clinton?

    Nevermind. Go f yourself Barry.

  13. I was going to say, “With all due respect…” But wait. Then I realized who I was talking about. So instead, it’s this: “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

  14. May the lens of history expose your time in office for the travesty it was. May you be the type of man to hear that criticism, accept it, and learn from your mistakes.

    I don’t expect either of these to happen, so just go away soon.

  15. What I’d like to say can’t be printed. So I would simply turn my back on the sh!tbag and walk away.

  16. President Obama, as I reflect on your presidency, I’m reminded of a line from the movie “Ted” in which Mark Wahlberg’s character, John Bennet, really captures the essence of my feelings toward you:

    “As one gentleman to another, I just want to say, I really hope you fucking get Lou Gehrig’s disease.”

  17. Dear Mr. President,

    I really wish it wasn’t like this, the fact is you seem like a decent guy, a good father, and a well spoken and educated man. Unfortunately that does not change the fact that many of your policies are frankly untenable and unacceptable to me. While I recognize that you may have meant well, they have not worked for the average American, and your foreign policy has left the USA in a delicate and difficult position. I do not like Trump, I don’t think I ever will, and in all honesty I did not vote for him, leaving that space blank on the ballot. However, I am still hopeful that things will get better, and I wish you a peaceful retirement to enjoy with your family.

    With respect,
    Anthony O’Nan

  18. Don’t go away mad. Just go away.
    I’m just a bit peeved that some of my taxes will be to fund this Islamic, anti-American sub-human.

  19. Goodbye President Obama.

    Thank you for what you have done for our country.

    Thank you for championing human rights and liberties.

    Thank you for increasing our economy and jobs.

    Thank you again for protecting us against those who wish to harm us.

    Thank you for your fight to protect America and it’s rights and wills of the people from those especially the gun lobby who wish to take it away from us.

    Thank you for inspiring millions of Americans to fight for what they believe in.

    Thank you for giving Real, Hardworking and Patriotic Americans like me to fight for what I believe in against the unfair and hateful Anti-American demagogue like those on this website.

    Thank you for what you done for all of us.

    I can see what Adolf Trump and the fascist sympathizers will do and it is a nightmare that I do not want to describe after seeing many of his supporters going out committing gun attacks, rioting, vandalism, rapes and sexual assaults and intimidating those who to stay away from the madness.

    • You really should study Fascism and learn what the word really means. Otherwise, when you type the word “fascist,” you just look stupid.

    • I can see what Adolf Trump and the fascist sympathizers will do and it is a nightmare that I do not want to describe after seeing many of his supporters going out committing gun attacks, rioting, vandalism, rapes and sexual assaults (Huh? Oh you meant the Chicago Hillary Gang) and intimidating {those who to stay away} from the madness. Hahaha another butt-hurt, semi-literate liberal troll, that has his little girl panties in a bunch. Boo-hoo snowflake…your side lost…I hear Canada is nice this time of year.

  20. Argggg! That video started
    and I couldn’t turn it off for a few moments! Any who may you end up in the dustbin of history and deservedly be named The Worst
    President in history. That’s the best thing I can say about Satan…

  21. Dear Mr. Obama,
    Please walk your talk, be a community activist and move to The great city of Chicago, start preferably in Austin, Englewod or Garfield neighborhoods and enjoy your retirement, health care and gun control.laws.

  22. Thanks for promising to lead “the most transparent administration ever…” and then expanding the Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA surveillance programs, and going on a warpath to prosecute whistleblowers.

    Thanks for promising to usher in a “post-racial America,” and then dividing the American people the farthest apart they’ve been since the ’60’s.

    Thanks for befriending sworn enemies of western culture (Castro, Chavez various Mohammedans, etc) and making a spineless ass of yourself and this nation on the world stage.

    Thanks for preaching “tolerance” while encouraging the growth of an SJW insurgency on college campuses nationwide.

    But most of all, thanks for claiming your place as gun salesman of the century. Millions of Americans woke up after witnessing the blatant hypocrisy of your administration, and armed themselves properly. I guess there’s a silver lining after all…

  23. You arrived selling hope and a promise of change

    We’ll celebrate your departure with a day at the range

  24. All I can say is: Ditto (read everyone else’s comment). I know it’s lazy but true none the less lol.
    I’d also like to add: ALL HAIL OBAMA (insert sarcasm for the slow ones among us) Praise be to the greatest firearm salesman to ever live… now G.T.F.O. while the working class tries to rebuild and repair the damage you’ve done to this country.

  25. If I was ever close enuff to speak to it, I wouldn’t say anything…. but my Ruger SR45 would say “bang!”

    But then, there is no reason I’d ever want to get that close to a POS.

  26. Out of all the things about you that annoy me Mr. Obama I can’t decide which irks me the most. Your smug condescension towards anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% or the celebrity status conferred on you in which you seem to revel.

    • Cling bitterly, my friend, cling oh-so very bitterly.

      (Glock will sell no gun, until you pay for it…)




  28. Thank you president Barack Hussein Obama for overturning the ban of firearms in National Parks.

    Thank you president Barack Hussein Obama for being the best firearms salesman EVER!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you president Barack Hussein Obama for not dying and leaving Joe Biden at the helm.

  29. Dear Obutthole,

    May your loins be infested with the fleas of 1,000 camels,
    and may your arms be too short to scratch.

  30. It’s about time.

    BHO, you have done irreparable harm to this nation. You have divided it; denigrated half of it; and lied to all of it. I don’t know if our nation will ever be able to heal.

    Over history there have been many presidents who did not hold this nation’s interests as the most important aspect of their presidencies. We survived. But you did your damage at a time when communications happen at light speed and political positions are measured by “likes”. Your ineptitude was incredibly effective.

    You can “feel” sad about not “doing enough”. You can continue to wage your fatwah against the “deplorable” fly-over people who “cling to their Bible and their guns”. But let me tell you, you’ve done more than enough damage. You should stop now.

    Remember this: you were elected to represent ALL of the people. You promised to unite our nation. And you failed miserably; as if it was your goal all along.

    It was, wasn’t it.

    Good riddance.

    The video: A lot of Hollywierd “entertainment” I don’t have to waste my time with now. (I had hopes but should have known Tom Hanks was worthless.) They ruined “Amazing Grace” for me. “President Obama put sexual violence on the map” but apparently didn’t want victims of sexual predators to defend themselves. But at least he’s a “good dancer” (never doubted that – saw a lot of tap-dancing during his terms as president). That’s about as far in the video I could stand.

  31. Obama is a race traitor.
    Black people are worse off now. But if you are a white homosexual you are doing very well in deed. Gay marriage for you.
    But not for single women on welfare. And white homosexuals can have and keep guns in the home. In less you live in San Francisco or some other gay run town.
    But if you live in public housing you can’t have a gun because it’s against the rules.

    Obama and white homosexuals are both socialist progressive in their political orientation. They have only helped themselves and their enablers.
    And for those that don’t know. The black vote was up for republican Donald Trump. But is was black men who voted most for Trump. Black women voted for Hillary.
    I look forward to the great white hope, President Trump taking charge.

  32. Get thee hence Satan! (offering hand held wooden cross and urn of holy water forward as he runs from the building….)

  33. After Trump cleans up all of Obams’s disasters, the only person in America still grateful to Obama will be Jimmy Carter.

  34. Mr Ex-President
    Just remember your legacy will be that you were the greatest gun salesman during your tenure. In all other aspects of leadership you were an ABSOLUTE FAILURE!

  35. Thank you Barack for being so uniquely terrible, thank you for aligning with Hillary Clinton, thank you for illegal warfare, thank you for signing so many executive orders, thank YOU for being you. Thank you for allowing the Trump administration to hopefully wrap up your rotting putridity (legacy) and destroy it utterly before the end of this month.

    Thank you for being so wonderfully useless, thank you for being spineless, thank you for the lectures about how the rest of US need to act, thank you for saying that only victims of specific melanin counts, “could be your son” but a victim of a crime this past week could NOT be, because his melanin count wasn’t the preferred. Thank you for revealing the modus operandi of the Democratic party elites, thank you for leaving; thank you and don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split ya. Good riddance, fake tears, fake outrage, fake fire, fake everything. Fake you.

  36. Every adult should try to build their vocabulary a bit every day.

    For me, today’s word is hagiography..

    noun (pl) -phies
    the writing of the lives of the saints
    biography of the saints
    any biography that idealizes or idolizes its subject

  37. Thank you for being the greatest gun salesman in American history. That feat will not ever be matched likley. More new gun owners now than ever. Gun rights will likley be on the ascention for several decades. You’ve been humiliated and defeated in the process, at home and abroad, bringing discrace to America. However, you and Hitlery destroyed the Democratic Party and the GOP is stronger now that it has been since reconstruction. Your legacy: Donald Trump. The “great liberal generation”, or “mellenials”, have Infact split politically, with many rejecting liberalism. You breathed new life into gun rights, and conservativism. Many who voted for you, voted Trump. I am one of those. Because of you and Hitlery, I will be voting straight Red the rest of my life. It’s truly morning in America again.

  38. Gtfo loser. You have been an embarrassment for 8 years. You could have been great. But you decided to act a petulant child.
    January 20, 2017 is the end of an error.

  39. Thanks, Barry, for all the racial healing you brought to these United States.

    Now GTFO of my White House.

  40. Congratulations on being history’s greatest gun salesman, Barry!

    Now piss off and enjoy watching your legacy get bleached by Mr. Trump.

  41. Mr. Obama, when this country comes to its senses, I look forward to the day you are convicted for the crimes you have committed against the people.

  42. Your 8 year presidency has created a rift in America worse than any other I can remember in my lifetime. You were a liar, a con man, a coward on the international stage and an enemy to both Americans and our allies. I thank you for two things: 1. You almost surely garunteed that a conservative would be our next president 2. You were the greatest gun salesman in modern history. Now please exit stage left and return to whatever hell spawned you.

  43. So is nobody going to acknowledge that he took over an economy on the verge of collapse and steered the country back in the right direction? Osama bin laden is no longer vertical something that Bush wasn’t able to do. Was he perfect… NO but his legacy overall is pretty damn good.

    • 1. Obama didn’t save the economy. If he did, explain how he did it. Obama did Infact also keep many Bush era economic policies in place.

      2. Obama didn’t kill bin laden. The US military did.

      3. Daesh grew and succeeded because of Obama and Hillary foreign policy, not Bush’s. When you foster rebellion across the jihadi landscape and praise it as a “liberal awakening” you are simply delusional, or evil. Supporting the “Arab Spring” will go down as the single worst foreign policy descion made by any western leader, short of Angela Merkles invitation to the barbaric horde.

  44. Sadly, I don’t think he is going anywhere. He will be the whiniest ex-prez ever and the MSM will continue to carry his complaints and “concerns” far and wide…

  45. Hey Barry, its time join the annals of our great nation on the list of worst presidents. Dare I say worse than J. Carter. As a Christian, I wish you the best and hope the sunset of your career is at the least…as fulfilling as the last 8 horrendous years. You’ve been nothing but unfair to the majority of the nation with your partisan and strong arm tactics. Guess what? It’s time for a dose of your own medicine, though I doubt you will appreciate much of what is coming. Can you say, “Bye-Bye ACA”? I may throw a party in its honor…to officially say…”ok, Buh bye”.

    Why don’t you go find a community that wants you…and go…organize it (i.e. T.A.L.W.O.A.S.P)

  46. In the words of a member of Parliament To Neville Chamberlain after the Norway fiasco, “GO, for God’s sake go!”

  47. Go, go, go far far away. Why don’t you & your bitches go live with your 1/2 brother in his hut since you hate America so much. But I must thank you for revitalizing the firearms industry & getting MANY more people to own guns. Got me involved again after a lapse in ownership, but not interest.

  48. Just think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars private universities will each pay him for a 45 minute speech. Something to remember the next time you are contemplating a gift of money to your university.

  49. Dear Mr. Obama,

    Now that you are unemployed, if you find yourself in need of funds for basic living expenses I suggest you reach out to the many firearms manufacturers in the U.S. They have been enormously enriched by your efforts, and frankly, they owe you big time.

    I am so thankful that the U.S. Constitution did its job, despite your best efforts to undermine it. Because of that Constitution, you were unable to completely destroy the nation that elected you.

    Good bye, and if we never hear from you again, it will be too soon.

  50. Dear, well, not President Obama, but I’m not sure who just yet…

    On the upcoming departure of President Obama from office, I am torn what farewell to hypothetically write to him. While I disagree with his policy preferences, and practice of politics, he has been the most effective booster of his own otherwise feckless opposition, and most effective disruptor of the institutions and ideas that he has supported. Assuming ex-President Obama’s involvement will continue to trash organizations he works “with”, turn people off to ideas he champions and enervate movements he supports, my goal with any message is to goad him into doing more of this hectoring he so much enjoys. With him bereft of the means of casual imposition that come with office, I’d still like him to keep talking.

    This shouldn’t be hard. Indeed, he can’t help himself. (I would consider troll-tweeting him, but somebody’s already doing that.) President Obama will continue to be wrong, as he was. He will continue to erode what he seeks to support, which he did. He will continue to motivate and provision opposition to the ideas, programs and organizations he champions, as he has. Without authority of position, his only ability is self-promotion. The only risk is that he might shut up.

    Fortunately, keeping him talking is easy. President Obama has shown himself incapable of learning & adjusting on either policy or approach, so we don’t risk that. He likes hearing himself talk. We will have a glorious negative example to point to for decades, as he compulsively injects himself into any spotlight that gets close.

    President Obama also has a (an, ever-diminishing) cohort of sycophants who will provide him platforms. As the Golden Globes demonstrated, again, some more, ineffective people, ineffectively posturing can’t seem to stop themselves even when they’ve been shown their own ineffectiveness. The celeb speechifying didn’t work. The solution to that is more speechifying, apparently. They are Obama, and he is they.

    There will be no shutting up. I am happy, and sad for us.

    President Obama was not as powerful, influential, or, indeed, correct as he thought himself. That will get worse out of office. His frustration will only grow. His need to lecture on what he would do better, to deny, deny, deny anything reflecting poorly on him, will only increase. Having lived bubble-wrapped before and during his tenure, the harsh realities of contradictory evidence will be unbearable.

    I’m not arguing what is true or right in any of this, simply that without the guy in charge bubble, and the bully pulpit, the take-downs of ex-President Obama’s few lazy forms forms of analysis, and over-used rhetorical tricks will be epic, relentless, and pervasive. Without the protection of the dignity owed the office, there’s no cover left. The foaming abuse thrown at President Trump will only encourage people to call out ex-President Obama as never before.

    It’s going to be epic. I should have bought popcorn futures.

    Fortunately, ex-President Obama won’t be able to stop himself from shooting off his mouth. The only question is how best to ramp this up. I can’t decide which of telling him he’s done a fine job, or mocking him for his frustrations and failures will best bait him.

    Ah, well. It seems that in laying out the problem of writing the right “open letter” to the departing President, I’ve done something better — trolled his palace guard. The fact that I did this, when I didn’t mean to shows how easy and inevitable that is. They, too are in for disappointing times.

    I might as well go with it, now that I notice, so…

    Dear Useful Idiots:

    Live with the bitter truth. You were suckered by a glib smile and delivery, playing to what you wanted to see: politically inept, policy illiterate, duplicitous, feckless, self-serving and more. He selfishly gutted what you believe, but was only ever a means to him, and now you’re left with the hulk and knowing how you were suckered because you wanted to be. He’s on the “consulting” and “speaking” circuit that made even the Clintons rich, and what do you have? The thing is, worshipful followers of a hollow god, you *were* the change you wanted to see.

    You were rubes. (With h/t to The Blogfather.) And now it’s President Trump. (More popcorn!)

    Those of us who disagree with the outgoing President’s policy only had to endure the assault and tolerate the preening. You, however, got taken, and this Lightbringer who was going to usher in your 1,000-year Reich, not only failed utterly, but dirtied up your cherished “changes”, crippled your movement, and emptied your party. 2A support state and local has only been boosted by his ineffective, high-handed attacks. The party apparatus and bench have only been gutted by his self-interest and self-regard. Federal intervention in this or that has only been dirtied up by all the stuff that hasn’t worked, or worse … loud. Etc.

    President Obama gave us the military adventurism about to unfold as a reaction to North Korean nukes. President Obama gave us the last deal we’ll be able to make with Iran for a generation. President Obama give us the coming showdown with the UN. And the defections of Jewish, Black and Hispanic support for the D-party – his work. President Obama dirtied up the notion of government intervention in anything, especially health care. The D-party congress-critters are reduced to critiquing the R-party initiatives with “Yeah, but will it work?”

    President Obama didn’t topple anything but your “permanent majority.”

    When I say President Obama did these things, I mean you did these things. You made him, supported him, enabled him, preserved him, forgave him.

    You did this. You gave us President Donald Trump.

    So, really I only ask one thing. Just make sure you’re always there when former President Obama wades in with some pompous pronouncement. Make sure he gets the air time. Make sure to inject the old talking points as the world unfolds. Plant some ferns, so he has somewhere to keep talking. Please.

    It turns out I did figure it out the best way to troll ex-President Obama into keeping talking … troll you.

    And my work here is done…

  51. Dear Mr. Prez, as you exit the Whitehouse, and are hopefully moving to your new residents in the People’s Republic of China. (PRC.) Please take all these pandering Hollywood parasites with you as you leave. Thanks, American voter…

  52. Obama,

    You’re a freedom-hating statist that takes from the people and gives to the government and your voters. You took my money by means of the law and the leverage of a gun (law enforcement) so that you could give my money to people you deem less fortunate (your voters). Your a socialist/marxist. There are over 250 countries that would be better suited for your socialism/marxism but you hate diversity. You want to make the United States like all the others. You apparently hate classical liberty and the US constitution. Racially, the United States was more unified in the 90s than they are today. When BLM and other black racists killed cops, burned convenient stores after looting them, and set vehicles ablaze, you should have vehemently reproached them, but your silence only encouraged them and your media played right along.

    I’m glad that you are exiting the office. I’m glad your white female equivalent didn’t get elected, and although doubtful, I hope that Trump will undo at least some of the damage that you, your party, and your parties philosophical ideas of anti-responsibility, has done.

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