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Not sure if Hogg mispoke or they wrote it down wrong. Either way…I laughed.

A round with 30 magazines is a deadly instrument. … We need to address the gun show loophole.

Young people can change the world as long as they believe in themselves and never give up. I hope to be working with the new Congress in the fact that we’ve taken back over 40 seats from the NRA in this midterm, to fund gun violence research at the CDC, the NIH, the NIJ, and the National Science Foundation and just as Americans to work together to research an issue that kills over 40,000 Americans annually. – David Hogg for NH Register, Parkland Teen Talks Gun Control at SCSU)


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  1. Young people can change the world as long as they believe in themselves and never give up.

    Yeah – but will it be for the better?

    Gun control’s inherent argument is people can’t rise to the challenge of being moral and responsible, so their freedom must be taken away. I think that’s the wrong road to go down. Wouldn’t it be better that rather pursuing ignorance (of firearms) and the reduction of freedom (banning things), that we instead improve ourselves, our children, our people? Which is better? A harmless rabbit, or a formidable and dangerous person, who chooses the nobler and moral alternative?

    • If we get the beta male change hogg offers us we will be much worse… And then a lot of people will probably die to make it much better again until the devolution of that idea slowly kills it, and so on.

      Times change, tyranny doesn’t.

    • Speaking of mags, whatever happened to that 60 round Schmeisser stanag magazine that was shown over a year ago?

    • Back home, used to have this steer. Sonova bitch was meaner and ornerier than any bull one ever did see. However, he tasted damn good.

      To the point: Just because something has no testicles, doesn’t mean that it isn’t dangerous or capable of inflicting harm.

    • The Left is a force of chaos and they destroy everything that they touch.

      It’s always easier to tear down things than to build them.

    • Sad that he is too stupid to realize that there is no “gun show loophole”. The inmates are in charge.

      • The fact that Meso-American pottery shards actually exist indicates that your knowledge is the greater.

  2. We need to get that constitutional amendment to end the 35 year age limit on the presidency so we can get that David Hogg / Alexandria Occasional Cortex – 2020 ticket going.

  3. I wonder if Cruz will have anything to say about Hogg during his trial.
    Was Hogg one of the bullies who drove Cruz nuts ? We know that Gonzalez was.

  4. Gee I fot 3 thirty round Pmags yesterday…I don’t feel deadly. BTW it’s “Hoggboy”.

  5. Kids, here’s some advice that’s been proven good over millennia, by old and wise people, who’ve proven themselves.

    Don’t believe in yourself. It’s pure ego, and you haven’t earned it yet. If you are young, believing in yourself is a sure sign that you are too foolish to be trusted. You’ve done nothing that proves you are worth believing in.

    If you are under 25, you’re an idiot.
    If you’re under 35, you’re probably an idiot.
    If you’re under 45, quite possibly an idiot.
    Over 65? Retired? Kids on a good career path, raising their families? Now you’re worth putting some faith in.

    Until then, recognize that you are unproven, and just get to work.

    • “Idiots” can be frighteningly capable of doing some very terrible things. Even more dire when they gather en masse. Especially if all that is required is a ballot and pencil.

      Still correct. Makes not the slightest bit of difference who said so, how long ago it was, or how funny it was or wasn’t. Truth doesn’t need to be popular for it to still be truth, and no matter how many times a lie gets repeated, or how many foolish sheep can be made to believe in it, it will not become the truth. But… some one, some where, will make a shitload of ill gotten gains off of those panicky sheep.

    • Ain’t this the truth. I vote at the polls and with my wallet I keep my yap shut and it keeps me out of trouble… My sibling and I are looking to put our parents into that 65+ category you mentioned.

    • Alexander was 20 when he ascended the throne of Macedon, and 33 when he died, having conquered everything (outside of Arabia because he hadn’t gotten there yet) between the Adriatic Sea and the Indus River. I have to believe he believed in himself.

  6. I think it’s time for youth-in-asia again. Bring back the draft. 2 armies; professional as we have now and an army of useful idiots on permanent KP, police call, guarding non sensitive areas from domestic terrorism, called out to clean San Fran, etc. Issue them a 5 shot revolver with 1 round. and maybe a bayonet like the Webly pistol had. With no point and no edge a la UK. Can’t have the poor babies hurt themselves. Maybe have some of them cleaning bedpans at the VA.

    • Make them all keep their one round snapped in their breast pocket at all times and I might be able to agree. But no taking it out and playing with it so he can get a ND. All Barney Fifes must never be allowed near anything pointy or dangerous. They’re such children.
      One can easily tell by the glee exhibited when they do get even near to something dangerous, like a firearm. And then confirmed by watching their glee turn into disrespect with the mere mention that it might not be loaded. Then they begin playing with it as a toy. So very like a child.
      That’s the attitude that brings on NDs, and I see it all the time, even in professionals. If a ‘professional’ carrier exhibits this he simply MUST be fired, because he is NOT a professional(no matter how long he’s been faking it), but merely a dangerous, irresponsible child.

    • “I think it’s time for youth-in-asia again.”

      We have even better. Fentanyl…

  7. I think your stats are wrong mr hogg…there were 15k non-suicide gun related deaths in 2017. But there were over 40k auto related deaths the same year. Are you going to go after drivers and auto companies for that? Of course not, because that would affect you and your ability to drive whatever and whenever you want, for any reason you want.

    • I saw a stat on TV a week or so ago about how 13 pedestrians had been killed this year in a single county – intriguing enough to look up the nationwide stats.

      Cars kill around 4000 – 6000 pedestrians each year (and that number has been climbing) [and injure 60k per year]. Cars also kill almost 1000 bicyclists each year.

      Both of those number DWARF so called ‘assault-weapon’ deaths – less than 500 per year. Basically, you’re more likely to be killed crossing the street in the US than be shot by an AR-15 or similar rifle.

    • I heard there are much less young people getting licenses and cars because they rather use contracted ride services. The government wants more features in cars that will take away the need for the driver to do the work. There is a plan to transition from human operated vehicles to autonomous vehicles, public transport and government licensed ride services sooner than later. Insurance companies are in favor of the move because it will decrease pay outs. Government and corporations are still undecided about the idea of transitioning to mandatory all electric and bans on petrol vehicles.

      Let’s not rely on the vehicle argument because there is vehicle control on the state and federal level and they plan to increase it to the extreme. Even Trump is arguing “national security” to impose controls on vehicles…

      • There a fewer teen drivers because of mandatory car insurance and smog inspections. The states that have mandated these also have much higher fuel costs. It is all about not wanting young adults to enter the labor market and replace the middle aged workers.

        A high school diploma is not worth much more than a job flipping burgers, even with an AA, it is hard for a man to get a job to support his girl friend and baby – he can’t afford to get married. He can vote with the other kids his age, but is expected to vote with them, for more welfare, since he can’t get hired on a “real job”.

        • Commiefornia and tech companies leading the way in the U.S.:

          Governments in Europe do it the old fashion way:

          Remember they like to say, “We should treat guns like we treat cars!” They would love to have a “modern” kingdom like North Korea. People don’t realize they are actually slowly winning.

        • You don’t need a gun because we have government workers with guns to protect you. You don’t need a car because we have government workers and autonomous cars to drive for you.

          It doesn’t stop there. There are other strategies in the works for other things.

  8. Is there some reason this waste of oxygen is not in school? Has he decided this is his free ticket to fame for the rest of his life? What a moron.

    • Esoteric Inanity would argue that David Hogg isn’t so dumb. Shortly after the Parkland shooting, he was quick to appear on any network that would interview him on air. Though he initially wasn’t very familiar with any “gun violence” talking points, he was well spoken and articulate. Likely more so than almost anyone else there, including the local politicians and reporters.

      It was this capability and eagerness that brought him to the attention of statists like Everytown and co, and rocketed him to the forefront of the children’s crusade. This shows that he can sense an opportunity and jump on it. In turn he has garnered fame, notoriety, admiration and admonition. He has also cashed in on his image with book deals and appearances.

      Likely he realizes that this gig will continue to be profitable and will go with it until such time to shift course. After all, he has already gained more from this path than he would likely ever get out of a humanity’s related degree. It was a golden hog of an opportunity.

    • Because he now has a career as Bloomberg’s sock puppet. There’s Mike’s hand and something else up his behind.

  9. A tuba is a blunt instrument, but a trombone is a deadly instrument. People can do a lot of damage with those elbows and baboons, too.

  10. I would be willing to wager that when David isn’t trying to capture the spotlight , he is most likely one of those kids that sits at home pulling the wings off flies. Maybe torturing small animals. The family pet. I mean seriously , look at that face !! I personally cringe every time I see him. We all know what they say about children that enjoy hurting small animals , they grow up to become serial killer’s.

  11. Whatever gains happened in the House, were lost with a +2 Republican gain in the Senate (53/47).
    People like to conveniently forget this fact.

    • You are forgetting something –

      Republicans will be defending 22 Senate seats in 2020, while the Democratic Party will be defending 12 seats.

      In 2 years, the Leftists can control the Presidency, House, and Senate…

  12. Yo, Dummy, if you haven’t read the Constitution you’d best get started. And then you check the stats on where most of the deaths take place and discover it is people problem not one of steel, wood, and plastic. The CDC discovered some of that. I’m not going to tell you what the stats are, you need to see for yourself. Read Ronald Dworkin regarding the social costs of certain rights and rights with social costs include the 4th through 8th amendments. You go after guns and I’ll go after them and watch the ACLU and the liberals squeal like stuck pigs. Include the misnamed Center for Constitutional Rights in that group, too. They call themselves that but their biggest bitch seems to be U.S. support for Israel.

  13. Hogg is a political hack only looking to raise his YouTube hits. Its possible to sue him for defamation of America culture and 2A rights.

  14. From the article, it appearas that Gov. Malloy rather than [attention] Hogg made the statement regarding the “round with 30 magazines”.

  15. Every time I see a picture of David Hogg (with that constipated look), I just want to throw a laxative at him.

  16. A Deadly Instrument:…… post What’s worse then a Skunk in your piano? …………………..A diseased Beaver on your organ

  17. I suspect we have underestimate how well orchestrated the attacks on gun rights are.

    Gun ownership in this country is all that stops communism from being implemented full-scale and out in the open. Our guns are THE major obstacle.

    Whether it’s Hogg, this amendment, that petition, this ‘celebrity’ …. oh, then another shooting, and look, one here, too … it’s an onslaught of attacks against gun rights, and it’s endless.

    Hogg likely doesn’t show up ‘just all of a sudden and out of the blue.’ He’s someone’s puppet, probably paid, and he’s doing his job for awhile, will disappear, come back later.

    It’s not the substance of what they say that matters; they don’t have substance. it’s the relentless pounding into the heads of the masses that ‘guns are bad, gun owners are evil.’ Communists are in control of the media. They put front and center whoever they want, time and again, and there is nothing they will not do to achieve their goal.

    • Yep. They’ve got a nationwide network of people ready to spin up news and PR on a moment’s notice.

      The whole post-Parkland children’s crusade is a product of that machine. Gigantic rallies with big stages, klieg lights, crowd control, amenities, and full media coverage don’t just pop up within days because a few snotty teenagers used the magic of social media.

      Hogg Boy may be an idiot, but the people who keep him in the spotlight know what they’re doing. This is a multifaceted, deep-pocketed, and expertly coordinated assault. It’s far more dangerous than most people think.

  18. I, for one, would be happy to see further CDC research on DGUs, like the several million a year they found when they investigated ’round about the Assault Weapons Ban. (Which ban statistically did less than nothing, per similar sources.)

    The suppression when they come up with the wrong answers, not so much. Can we fund the one, not the other?

    Little Hoagie there sounds like he has his conclusion: just looking for a fig leaf. Maybe he should stay away from research, if we want honest findings?

  19. “A round with 30 magazines is a deadly instrument. …” No more so than that vacuous space between Mr. Hoggs ears.

  20. Guns are the single most effective instrument of freedom. Gun bans are the single most effective means of oppression.

  21. “A round with 30 magazines is a deadly instrument.”

    As a somewhat round guy with more than 30 magazines, I’d have to agree. And yet, I’m amiable, kind, and haven’t shot anybody recently. That must count for something, even in Hogg’s wallow.

  22. I really hope David Hogg moves to NYC after graduating high school, gets a job with one of Bloomberg Media’s online portals, gets a nice place in Brooklyn with all the hipsters—then gets his apartment broken, his bicycle stolen, and gets mugged for his iPhone on the subway. I don’t want him hurt, I just want him to feel helpless.

    But if he happened to get his ass kicked by some big guy, I wouldn’t feel too badly.

    A trip to North Korea would educate him about why we have modern sporting rifles.

    He’s a threat. He’s a danger. And I wonder if he knows how very gay he really is?

    • There are things I’d rather happen to him, but I’ll keep this clean and family oriented. But let’s just say that I’d like him to have a nice chat with BUBBA, the ex-con.

  23. I could have done nicely without seeing that squid on my screen. There are people who I’d rather floated out into space, including Feinstein, Bloombag, Watts, Hogg boy and at the top of my list, Hildabeast.
    There’s more obviously….like Pelosi and Waters, but this is a start.

  24. Forty (40) thousand? 40,000? Does this little prick even do a second of research before he spouts off?

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