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I don’t have enough information or pictures for a full review of this gun, but I get the feeling that I will not too long from now. The person holding the camera for me is Kevin, founder of Advanced Armament Corp., who invited me down to their Atlanta, GA. shop to take a look around, fire some of their stuff, and report back to all of you. The HK 416 in .300 AAC Blackout was a fun to shoot and surprisingly quiet, completely controllable even on fully automatic fire. I wasn’t a huge fan of .300 AAC Blackout before, but I may be a new convert.

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  1. Just as soon as BATFE goes and dies in a pit somewhere, and all the related legislation is repealed, I’ll be able to have some fun with my own automatic rifles. Nice.

  2. Bumped into a guy at a gunshop just outside of Charlotte, NC – with an unspecified (i.e. unverified) connection to someone who recently returned from Afghanistan and he said we was told by the returnee – with conviction – that the SEAL Team VI that took down O.b.L. used H&K 416’s with ultra-special one-off, M-4 -type short-barreled 300 BO modifications and the 220gr. sub-sonic ammo. He said the long-standing fear that the 5.56’s were just too loud and too light to make a sure-kill in a “now or never” close-in operation – like, say, inside of bin Laden’s concrete-walled compound – drove the SEAL’s to source 40 or so special-ops guns thru USMC special weapons channels … and all “under the radar”.

    Thousands of test rounds convinced the decision-makers to use this “skunk gun” over the best military issued stuff.

    Makes perfect sense given the pathetic performace of 5.56’s – of course, unless you can send dozens and dozens of ’em down-range – which is exactly what these brave SEALs could NOT afford to do! They absolutely, positively had to carry nothing much heavier than standard M-4’s, get in, make every shot a kill shot, and get back out – knowing they’d be facing death from AK-47’s from O.b.L.’s guards – stay alive and with full mission goals accomplished.


    Or is it “!!!!!”


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