1. someone actually converted a full auto Thompson to look like one of these and it worked. (didn’t fire lasers though just .45acp)

    • They used Thompsons to make the guns for the movie, with a cut down SPAS-12 for the underbarrel ‘grenade launcher.’ I love movie guns; so many unique ideas that hardly ever get manufactured.

      This is just going to show how big a dork I am, but in the movie, it was supposed to be chambered in “10mm explosive-tip caseless.” Now with the TDI Kriss Vector and its inertia-based compensator design, and Frag-12 ammunition, a real version of this thing is a possibility. IIRC, the latest military request for solicitation for a new combat rifle included a suggestion for some kind of remaining ammunition counter (like in the movie).

      Kinda trippy to think that in 10 years or so, someone could be watching Aliens and the only strike to the weapons’ credibility will be that it doesn’t eject spent casings… assuming the firearms industry gives up on the caseless designs they’ve been developing off-and-on.


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